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Havana City, Cuba

Cristal Voyages S.A.
14 rue Rousseau, CH 1201 Geneve

Nautical Activities: On board life

On board life

Destination: Havana City
From: Havana City

excursion: On board life
excursion: On board life
excursion: On board life
excursion: On board life


Renting of air-conditioned, furnitured ships to live a unique experience on board. You can enjoy excursions to Varadero or preferably to Pinar del Rio northen keys, as well as to combine snorkelling with fishing activities. It includes air-conditioned ship with two rooms, a living room, tv set, video recorder, kitchen, bathroom, bedclothing and food service by the cook-sailor. It also includes snorkelling and fshing equipment, fishing instructions, ship provisions, water and fuel.
It does not include: food and beverages on board, which can be acquired through direct payment at ship -chlander available at the Marine.

Destination: Havana City
Hours: 12
Allow Kids:
From: Havana City
Days: 1
Minimal Pax: 1
Kind of Excursion: Nautical Activities
From: Pick Up time: 07:00:00

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