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    Visit the Eighth village founded by the Spaniards, in 1515. There is a preserved Historical Center declared National Monument. Churches to visit Nuestra Señora del Buen Viaje (the Good Trip Notre Dame) and San Bautista. The Cafeteria the Louvre, where you can taste a cocktail Ponche de la Parroquia (the Parish Ponch); The museaums of Music Alejandro García Caturla, the History and the Parrandas´s, it is the unique in the country to safeguard the memories of this authentic fest celebrated from the 19th century. Lunch at Mascote Hotel located in the Historical Centre of the city. Two ways trip in air conditioned bus.

    • Destination: Villa Clara
    • Hours: 8
    • Allow Kids:
    • From: Villa Clara
    • Days: 1
    • Minimal Pax:1
    • Kind of excursion: Visit other cities
    • From: Pick up time:09:00:00
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