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  • Scuba Diving  Site and Center: Colony Scuba Diving Center

    Colony Scuba Diving Center

    • Destination: Isla de la Juventud
    • Open: Daily
    • Address: Hotel Colony, Isla de la Juventud. Cuba
    • Telephone:
  • Description

    Description of the Scuba-Diving Area
    This is where those who really know and love scuba diving come. All of the main features of Cuba's underwater insular shelf (tape grass (Thalassia testidinum), reef crests, ridges and walls) and a wide diversity of species are represented in this area of around three square nautical miles (3.4 square kilometers). The number and kinds of fish vary from one place to another, but you can be pretty sure to see schools of Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus), Anchovy (Engraulis cubanus), pagualas (Chaetodipterus faber), Horse-eye Jack (Caranx latus), Grunts (Haemulon spp.), Schoolmasters (Lutjanus apodus) and Yellowtail Snappers (Ocyurus chrysurus). Nassau Groupers {Epiphelus striatus) Black Groupers (Mycteroperca bonaci) and Barracudas (Sphyraena spp.) are frequent visitors to this área, and you can see turtles and Spotted Eagle Rays (Aetobatus narinari) on occasion and—less frequently—sharks.
    The diving sites contain sunken ships, coral (including large colonies of Black Coral (Antipathes salix), gorgonians, sponges, caves, passages, hillocks and valleys.

    Vessels Description:Description: three 41-foot ships and one 61-footship Capacity per day: 60 pax Number of departures per day: 1 (all-day

    Services Types of dives: reef, sunken ship, wall, scuba diving from the coast, drift scuba diving and night scuba diving. Scuba-diving courses: resort and all other level, including specialties Equipment rental

    Useful Information Number of diving sites: 20 International certification: ACUC and SSI.

    Accommodations: Colony Hotel

    Other information: You must present your passport before scuba diving.

    Recommended Diving Pared de Coral Negro (buoy 1)
    El Valle de los Guacamayos (buoy 2), Túnel del Amor (buoy 4), Cueva Azul (buoy 7), El Reino Mágico (buoy 12), Pasaje Escondido (buoy 14) El Paraíso de Muky (buoy 36), El Reino de Sahara (buoy 40,

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  • Airports next to Colony Scuba Diving Center
  • Gerona Airport

    The airport resides at an elevation of 24 m (79 ft) above mean sea level. It has two asphalt paved runways: 05/23 is 2,500 by 45 metres (8,202 ft × 148 ft) and 17/35 is 1,623 m × 30 m (5,325 ft × 98 ft). Rafael Cabrera Mustelier Airport or Rafael Cabrera Airport[2] (Spanish: Aeropuerto "Rafael Cabrera Mustelier" ) (IATA: GER, ICAO: MUNG) is an airport serving Nueva Gerona, the capital city of the Isla de la Juventud special municipality in Cuba.

  • Colony Scuba Diving Center is located in Isla de la Juventud
  • Also called "the island of a thousand names" because of the many names it has had since Christopher Columbus discovered it and called it La Evangelista. The Indians called it Camargo, Guanaja and Siguanea. Governor Diego Velazquez called it Santiago.

    Others have called it Treasure Island (because it was where Robert Louis Stevenson set his famous novel); Cotorras (Parrot) Island, because of the abundance of parrots there; and the Isle of Pines. In the 1970s, because of the many schools in the countryside that were built there, its name was officially changed to Isle of Youth.

    It is the second largest island in the Cuban archipelago (2,357 square km. - 910 square miles). Its many attractions include the Punta Frances National Marine Park, Bibijagua Beach, the Los Indios-San Felipe Natural Preserve, the pictographs in Punta del Este caves, the Colony International Scuba-Diving Center, El Abra Farm and the "Model" Prison.

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    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Colony Scuba Diving Center Scuba Diving Site and Center
      Awfull Excellent

      International Center of Diving The Colony
      Numerous tourist attractiveness store the Isla de la Juventud, although without doubts the good known one of all is the International Center of Diving The Colony, located in areas of the National Marine Park Punta Frances, traditional headquarters of the international encounters of submarine picture, Photosub, which testifies the excellent quality of its marine funds.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Colony Scuba Diving Center Scuba Diving Site and Center
      Awfull Excellent

      The Best
      The Colony is an important scuba-diving area in the Francés Point Ecological Preserve, southeast of the Isle of Youth. Here, you can see many species of fish, including Morays (Gymnothorax spp.) Snappers (Lutjanus spp.), Grunts (Haemulon spp.), Tarpons (Megalops atlanticus) and Jewfish; sunken ships; deep channels; coral; gorgonians; sponges; caves; and passageways.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Alan R
      Review about Colony Scuba Diving Center Scuba Diving Site and Center
      Awfull Very good

      “Good hotel and diving, but beware of the hired dive gear ”
      The Isla de la Juventud or in English "Isle of Youth" is not exactly a great tourist destination. The Hotel Colony is the only hotel on the island and most people that use it are scuba divers. There is accommodation in Nueva Gerona, but one of the guests in the hotel Colony had moved out of the Nueva Gerona accommodation... More 

    • birdsofafeather1
      simon f
      Review about Colony Scuba Diving Center Scuba Diving Site and Center
      Awfull Excellent

      “a great place good diving ”
      villa choli in nueva gerona one of the best places in cuba great food and taxi service bike rental they help you with the diving trip thanx to rambe and his family

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Colony Scuba Diving Center Scuba Diving Site and Center
      Awfull Excellent

      “The best diving ”
      I stayed at hotel colony and went on dive excursions with the international dive center. The people are very hospitable. They treated me life a part of their family.