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  • Birdwatching Trails: Sierra del Chorrillo Birdwatching Trail

    Sierra del Chorrillo Birdwatching Trail

    • Destination: Camaguey
    • Open: Daily
    • Address: Sierra del Chorrillo. Camaguey, Cuba
    • Telephone:
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  • Description

    Sendero de las Aves: located in the "Sierra del Chorrillo" Managed Resources Protected Area, this is a fascinating trip where visitors can find a great variety of birds such as the blue heron (Egretta caerulea), mountain sparrowhawk (Buteo jamaicensis), quail (Colinas virginianus), torcaza cuellimorada (Columba squamosa), white-winged pigeon (Zenaida asiática) parrot (Amazona leucocephala), catey (Arantiga euops), owl (Tito alba), hummingbird (Chlorostibon ricordii), tocororo (Priotelus temnurus), cartacuba (Todus multicolor), woodpecker (Colaptes auratus), blue swallow (Progne subis), mockingbird (Mimos polyglottos), tomeguin de la tierra (Tiaris olivácea), along with torcaza boba, pitirre real, cao pinatero,cao montero, tomeguin del pinar, siju sijú cotunto, carpintero churroso, sparrowhawk, guariao, etc.

    Category: Trail
    Maximum Capacity: 15persons
    Time Length: 3 hours

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  • Camaguey Airport

    Ignacio Agramonte International Airport (IATA: CMW, ICAO: MUCM) is an international airport in central Camagüey Province, Cuba. It serves the city of Camagüey and the resort village of Santa Lucía.

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    Carretera Central km 530. Florida
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    Hotel Taraco, ave Turistica Playa Santa Lucia Camaguey
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    Playa Santa Lucia. Camaguey
    032365216 8,669km 269m

    Car Rental office Hotel Club Santa Lucia

    Avenida Tararaco. Playa Santa Lucia. Camaguey
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  • Sierra del Chorrillo Birdwatching Trail is located in Camaguey
  • Camagüey is the birthplace of some of the most relevant personalities of Cuban Culture: Nicolás Guillén, Cuba's Laureate Poet; writer and poetess Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda; Ballet of Camagüey, the second company of Cuba, and the Folkloric Dance Group; famous painters Fidelio Ponce de León and Flora Fong are only some of the examples worth mentioning. Popular festivities like the San Juan Camagüeyano, a traditional festival that started in the 18th century, have transcended until our days.

    Camagüey City, the capital of the province, treasures one of the most important historical centers in the country, recently declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO; and is one of the Cuban cities that better preserve the Hispano-Arabic features regarding urbanism and architecture. Its several churches have significant examples of the art and religious-funeral customs of colonial times.

    Santa Lucía Beach, located in the northern coast of the easterncentral part of Cuba, is the main tourist destination in Camagüey province. It has some 21km of warm transparent water, fine white sand and a well preserved environment that serves as habitat to important pink flamingos' colonies. It faces the Old Channel of Bahamas, surrounded to the east by Las Tunas province; to the west by the Jardines del Rey archipelago and to the south by the flat lands of Camagüey. The coral formations, located just 2km off the coast, display a surprising biodiversity that invite to contemplate the undersea beauties. There are 35 diving points at Santa Lucía Beach that allow divers meeting with the remains of sunken ships from the 19th and 20th centuries as well as enjoying a curious show in which experienced guides feed with their bare hands friendly sharks near the Nuevitas Bay.