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  • Pinar del Rio

    Pinar del Rio. Cuba

    Pinar del Río is the province with the highest number of protected areas in Cuba, as it contains two UNESCO-DECLARED Biosphere Reservations, the Guanahacabibes Peninsula and part of the Sierra del Rosario Mountain Range; declared a World Heritage Site…

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  • La Habana

    La Habana. Cuba

    Havana, capital of Cuba, is a city of paradoxes and contradictions. Its main attractions are the beauty of its historical center, the exceptional architecture, the revolutionary and Cuban iconography (from the Malecón to the Plaza de la Revolución Square,…

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  • Isla de la Juventud

    Isla de la Juventud. Cuba

    The largest of the 350 islands in the Canarreos Archipelago (Archipiélago de los Canarreos), the island has an estimated population of 100,000. The capital and largest city is Nueva Gerona in the north, and the second largest and oldest city is Santa…

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  • Matanzas

    Matanzas. Cuba

    Matanzas is the second largest province in Cuba after that of Havana and one of the most important due to it contribution towards the economic development of the island. It is located in western Cuba, and apart from the highlands in the northwest and…

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  • Cienfuegos

    Cienfuegos. Cuba

    Cienfuegos was founded in Cuba in 1819 by French immigrant, Don Luis De Clouet. The city maintains a fairly homogeneous urban center full of classical facades and slender columns, which provides an atmosphere reminiscent of 19th century France. Cienfuegos…

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  • Villa Clara

    Villa Clara. Cuba

    Strategically located in the center of Cuba, Villa Clara has always been the nucleus for colonizers and revolutionaries fighting for material goods. Pirates were a problem for the first years of Colonialism in the first city of the island, Remedios,…

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  • Sancti Spiritus

    Sancti Spiritus. Cuba

    The central province of Sancti Spíritus holds the privilege of being the only one in the Cuban archipelago on which territory are settled two of the first seven villages founded at the beginning of the 16th century by the Spaniard adelantado (conquistador)…

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  • Ciego de Avila

    Ciego de Avila. Cuba

    In the 19th century, immigrants from Haití, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Barbados arrived to the province, bringing with the a vast amount of cultural curiosities, like the cricket from Baraguá, voodoo from Venezuela, country from Majagua or fireworks…

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  • Camaguey

    Camaguey. Cuba

    Camagüey is the easternmost, largest and flattest province in the center of Cuba. It has a few mountains and is flanked by the two biggest archipelagos in the country: Sabana-Camagüey (also known as the Jardines del Rey) to the north, and Jardines de…

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  • Las Tunas

    Las Tunas. Cuba

    Las Tunas is one of the provinces of Cuba. Major towns include Puerto Padre, Amancio, and the capital city, Las Tunas (historically Victoria de Las Tunas). Las Tunas, a name coming from the characteristic vegetation of the area, it not a province excessively…

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  • Granma

    Granma. Cuba

    Granma is the Cuban province located in the most southern area of the archipelago, and is made of hills and coast. Its savage nature and its geographic location do not put it in the first position in the rank of places to visit, although it is worth…

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  • Holguin

    Holguin. Cuba

    Holguín is one of the provinces of Cuba, the third most populous after Havana and Santiago de Cuba. It lies in the southeast of the country. Its major cities include Holguín (the capital), Banes, Antilla, Mayarí, and Moa. The province has a population…

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  • Santiago de Cuba

    Santiago de Cuba. Cuba

    Santiago de Cuba Province is the second most populated province in the island of Cuba. The largest city Santiago de Cuba is the main administrative center. Other large cities include Palma Soriano, Contramaestre, San Luis and Songo-la Maya. Santiago…

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  • Guantanamo

    Guantanamo. Cuba

    Guantánamo is the eastern most province of Cuba. Its capital is also called Guantánamo. Other towns include Baracoa. The province has the only land border of the important U.S. Navy base at Guantánamo Bay. Guantánamo's architecture and culture is unlike…

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  • Artemisa

    Artemisa. Cuba

    Artemisa is a new region in Cuba located west of Havana. The region was established after the old province of Havana was divided, creating both Artemisa and Mayabeque. Artemisa is a real breeze of fresh air for the visitor leaving Havana. It features…

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  • Mayabeque

    Mayabeque. Cuba

    Mayabeque is the smallest province of Cuba. It is a productive place: citrus fruits, snuff, wine grapes, and sugar cane for Havana Club rum are grown at the distillery in this province. Tourists, mostly Cubans, travel here attracted by its beautiful…

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