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  • Varadero Beach - Playa Rancho Luna

    Private transfer / 1-2 Persons

    Direct transfer Varadero Beach - Playa Rancho Luna in a Private Taxi with Transtur Company. The estimate distance is 220 KM.

    Total price: €€204 One way Book Add to Cart
  • Distance from Varadero Beach to Playa Rancho Luna, 220 KM
    How much a taxi cost from Varadero Beachto Playa Rancho Luna, 204 €
  • Varadero Beach

    Varadero is the famoust beach in Cuba and one of the most important destinations in the Caribbean. Varadero is the main tourist destination of the country. Its total area is 14.4 km square and its most important natural potential is the beach that is 20 375 m long with a sand strip of around 22 km wide and an average dune height of 1 m.

    Playa Rancho Luna

    Small beaches washed by the Caribbean Sea, like Rancho Luna and El Inglés are located on the shores of the urban area, and constitute ideal places for the practice of Scuba Diving; especially in the stretch between the canal of the entrance to the Bay of Jagua and Boca Ambuila, where, besides the Notre Dame Column Coral (6 meters high and named so because of its extraordinary structural similarity to the famous Cathedral of Paris), there are more than 50 diving sites for snorkeling even around sunken ships.

  • Gas stations next to Playa Rancho Luna
  • El Trébol

    Carreteras Cuatro Caminos. Cienfuegos City. Cuba
    (5343) 551706 15km 242m

  • Restaurants next to Playa Rancho Luna
  • Palacio de Valle

    Calle 37 esq. a 0, Cienfuegos. Cuba
    9km 725m

    Club Cienfuegos

    Ave. 37 e/ 8 y 10, Cienfuegos City
    (53432) 512891 10km 253m

    El Nicho

    El Nicho, Escambray Carretera Trinidad, Km 59, Cienfuegos. Cuba
    30km 151m

    Villa Caburní

    Topes de Collantes. Sancti Spiritus. Cuba
    +(53 42) 54 0330 41km 559m