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  • Bejucal Havana City

    • €265 (5 DAYS)
      MG5 Manual
      €310 (5 DAYS)
      Peugeot 307 T/M
      €310 (5 DAYS)
      Peugeot 307 T/M
      €390 (5 DAYS)
      Suzuki T/D Jimmy 1.3
      Jeep 4x4 T/D/Manual
      €415 (5 DAYS)
      KIA Picanto
      €420 (5 DAYS)
      Peugeot 208 T/A
      €450 (5 DAYS)
      Pegeout 301
      €510 (5 DAYS)
      Pegeout 301
      €510 (5 DAYS)
      Geely Emgrand EC 820 T/A
      Medium High/Automatic
      €600 (5 DAYS)
      Geely Emgrand EC 820 T/A
      Medium High/Automatic
      €1325 (5 DAYS)
      Maxus G10
    • Extra possible charges (Payable in Cuba)
    • Deposit & Insurance (Payable in Cuba)

      When picking up your car a warranty deposit must be made at the rental agency. This amount will be refunded to you at the end of the rental period. The warranty deposit prices may vary between 200.00 CUC and 800.00 CUC. The Car Rental companies offer a single general coverage insurance policy covering all risks, legal responsibility and medical expenses, following the filing of a police report. If you do not take out an insurance policy, you will be required to leave a deposit of 600.00 CUC. The insurance prices may vary between 10.00 CUC and 35.00 CUC a day depending on the car and the rental company in Cuba.The payment for the warranty deposit and the insurance can be made by a credit card not issued by American banks. Credit cards Visa & MasterCard are accepted locally in Cuba.

    • 90.00 CUC daily for a chauffeur max 12 hours per day.
      Each additional driver: 3.00 CUC per day.
      At least 21 years old. Years of driving experience: One.
      Specifics for the model Peugeot 406: you must be over 27 years of age and have a minimum of 3 years of driving experience. Return Tariff

    • Return tariff

      Out of the province: From 1 to 6 Days is +/-0.15 CUC/km. More than 7 Days is +/-0.10 CUC/km
      On the Same Province: +/-0.20 CUC/km.
      Drop off at another agency than the agency one picked up the car: 10.00 CUC
      The cars must be dropped off at the same hour they will be picked up, an extra will be added for each late hour, till the 4th hour, when the price for a full day (at a grater value than the contracted one) will be added.

  • Airports next to Bejucal
  • Airports: Havana Airport

    Havana Airport

    José Martí International Airport (IATA: HAV, ICAO: MUHA), sometimes known by its former name Rancho-Boyeros Airport, is located 15 km (9 mi) southwest of Havana, Cuba, and is a hub for Cubana de Aviación, Aerogaviota, and Aero Caribbean, and former Latin American hub for Aeroflot Soviet Airlines.[2] It is Cuba's main international and domestic gateway, and serves several million passengers each year. The airport lies in the municipality of Boyeros and connects Havana with the rest of the Caribbean, North, Central and South America, Europe, and one destination in Africa. It is named in memory of patriot and poet José Martí. In the 1960s the airport was bombed by B-26 aircraft from Brigade 2506, a CIA-sponsored group of Cuban exiles attempting to liberate Cuba from Fidel Castro. Cubans are not allowed to own aircraft or use the airport for either private or commercial flight. Only government-owned aircraft are allowed to use the facilities. There are currently four passenger terminals in use at the airport, plus a freight terminal.[3] Terminal 1 is used primarily for domestic flights. Terminal 2 opened in 1988, primarily for charter flights to the United States. Ten years later on April 27, 1998, the International Terminal 3 was opened by Canada's then-Prime Minister, Jean Chrétien, and former Cuban president, Fidel Castro. International Terminal 3 offers many modern facilities and jetways that the former international Terminal 1 did not provide. Terminal 5 is operated by Aerocaribbean. Today, Copa Airlines is the foreign airline with most flights to the airport, operating 34 flights a week (roughly 5 daily flights) from Panama City, Panama, and Bogota, Colombia. The airport is operated by Empresa Cubana de Aeropuertos y Servicios Aeronáuticos (ECASA).

  • Airports: Playa Baracoa Airport

    Playa Baracoa Airport

    Playa Baracoa Airport serves domestic flights scheduled by the local airline Aerogaviota and is situated about 28 km west of Havana, in the village of Playa Baracoa, (Province Artemisa).

  • Car rental offices next to Bejucal
  • 100 y Vento Car rental office100 y Vento Car rental office

    Ave 100 esq Ave Vento

    1ra y 0 Car rental office1ra y 0 Car rental office

    Ave 1ra y 0, Playa. La Habana

    1ra y 14 Car rental office1ra y 14 Car rental office

    Ave 1 esq 14, Playa, La Habana

    1ra y B Car rental office1ra y B Car rental office

    1ra y B. Vedado Plaza de la Revolucion. La Habana

    23 y H  Car rental office23 y H Car rental office

    Calle 23 esq H, Vedado. La Habana

  • Hotels next to Havana City
    • Cuba Tech Travel
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  • Bejucal is located in Havana City
  • To the north it has the Straits of Florida and to the south, east and west it has the province of Havana. It is the biggest capital in the Antilles. It is the city of more extension in the country and the smallest of the provinces. It is surroundedd by more than 15 , Km of coast, which turns it into a destination always refreshed by the day sea breezes and the night terral.

    Founded in 1519, it ´s since 1553, the capital of Cuba, a cosmopolitan city in which melts the Spanish and African marks essentially. Having a great historical, cultural and traditional wealth, the main access is by air, with three airport terminals for international service.

    You can also have access to the city by sea through Hemingway and Tarará Marinas, as well as by the Cruises Terminal at Havana bay. To travel to Havana is a real attraction. The beauty of its architecture, its edifices, and its museums invite to stroll on its streets. In 1982, UNESCO awarded its historical centre and its military fortresses system with the title of World Heritage, acknowledging in this way its patrimonial values and its system of colonial fortifications; the elegance of the churches and its large patrimonial houses, and the beauty of its parks and squares make Old Havana a place of forced reference for the visitor.

    Havana is the main cultural centreer in Cuba. Cultural options in the capital comprise all art manifestations, literature, science and sports. The city is the venu of important institutions bearing international prestige such as the international festivals of Ballet, Latin American Cinema, Guitar and Latin Jazz. The city has the largest hotel infrastructure in the country known by its good professional service. As part of its comfort, it has several 5 stars hotels, among which we have the famous National Hotel of Cuba. A reason for musicians and poets' inspiration, in places like the famous Tropicana cabaret, Floridita and La Bodeguita del Medio restaurants; in theatres like García Lorca and Amadeo Roldán Auditorium; whether in the eastern warm beaches, as well as in places such as the International Convention Center of Havana, where international events are held, you will be able to find a capital that breathes and transmits happiness and culture.