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  •  Hotel Alegro Varadero  Varadero Beach

    Hotel Alegro Varadero Varadero Beach

    • Destination: Varadero Beach
    • Address From: Autopista Sur, km 12 Varadero.
    • Telephone: 045614535
    • Economic-Manual /KIA Picanto and similars

    • Availables car models in category
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      TOTAL PRICE 5 DAYS: 415
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      • Current reservation summary
      • TOTAL PRICE 5 DAYS: € 415

      • From 2019-05-25 to 2019-05-30

      • Category: Economic
      • Model: KIA Picanto
      • Car kilometer: Unlimited Km
      • Days: 5
      • Cars: 1 Minimum day rental: 5 Days

    • Extra possible charges (Payable in Cuba)
    • Deposit & Insurance (Payable in Cuba)

      When picking up your car a warranty deposit must be made at the rental agency. This amount will be refunded to you at the end of the rental period. The warranty deposit prices may vary between 200.00 CUC and 800.00 CUC. The Car Rental companies offer a single general coverage insurance policy covering all risks, legal responsibility and medical expenses, following the filing of a police report. If you do not take out an insurance policy, you will be required to leave a deposit of 600.00 CUC. The insurance prices may vary between 10.00 CUC and 35.00 CUC a day depending on the car and the rental company in Cuba.The payment for the warranty deposit and the insurance can be made by a credit card not issued by American banks. Credit cards Visa & MasterCard are accepted locally in Cuba.

    • 90.00 CUC daily for a chauffeur max 12 hours per day.
      Each additional driver: 3.00 CUC per day.
      At least 21 years old. Years of driving experience: One.
      Specifics for the model Peugeot 406: you must be over 27 years of age and have a minimum of 3 years of driving experience. Return Tariff

    • Return tariff

      Out of the province: From 1 to 6 Days is +/-0.15 CUC/km. More than 7 Days is +/-0.10 CUC/km
      On the Same Province: +/-0.20 CUC/km.
      Drop off at another agency than the agency one picked up the car: 10.00 CUC
      The cars must be dropped off at the same hour they will be picked up, an extra will be added for each late hour, till the 4th hour, when the price for a full day (at a grater value than the contracted one) will be added.

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  • Varadero Airport

    Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport was built in 1989 and inaugurated by Fidel Castro,[3] thus replacing the old Varadero airport located in Santa Marta, currently known as Kawama Airport. The airport was named after a journalist, fighter for the Cuban Independence and black rights activist in Cuba Juan Gualberto Gómez (1854–1933). The terminal building has shops for tourists (including rum, cigars, T-shirts, books, carvings, pharmaceuticals), a large departures lounge cafeterias and a VIP lounge. A VIP card is available by paying $30/person to the local tour company representative. This allows the departing passenger to bypass the queues for check-in, have an agent take your departure tax to the correct official for you, and bypass any lines for passport control. The passenger is then taken to the VIP lounge which provides free food and drink (including alcoholic beverages).[4] The ground handling equipment is imported mainly from North America. There are four jet bridges, but air stairs are used for the remaining aircraft parking spaces on the apron by the terminal. Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport (IATA: VRA, ICAO: MUVR), formerly known as Varadero Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto de Varadero), is an international airport serving Varadero, Cuba and the province of Matanzas. The airport is located closer to the city of Matanzas than to Varadero. The closest airport to Varadero is Kawama Airport. In 2009, the airport handled 1.28 million passengers,[2] making it the second busiest airport in Cuba after José Martí International Airport in Havana.

  • Car rental offices next to Hotel Alegro Varadero
  •  Blau Marina Palace Varadero Beach Blau Marina Palace

    Carretera Las Morlas Final. Punta Hicacos Varadero

     Calle 30 Varadero Beach Calle 30

    Calle 30 entre segunda y Autopista Sur, Varadero

     Casa de la Miel  Varadero Beach Casa de la Miel

    Ave 1ra entre 25 y 26 Varadero

     Casa de las Americas  Varadero Beach Casa de las Americas

    Ave 1ra esq 59, Varadero

     Hotel Alegro Varadero  Varadero Beach Hotel Alegro Varadero

    Autopista Sur, km 12 Varadero.

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  • Car rental offices next to Varadero Beach
  •  Aeropuerto Internacional Varadero Varadero Beach Aeropuerto Internacional Varadero

    Aeropuerto Internacional de Varadero

     Aeropuerto Varadero Varadero Beach Aeropuerto Varadero

    Aeropuerto Interncional de Varadero

     Aeropuerto Varadero  Varadero Beach Aeropuerto Varadero

    Carretera a Regalito, km 5, Carbonera

     Blau Marina Palace Varadero Beach Blau Marina Palace

    Carretera Las Morlas Final. Punta Hicacos Varadero

     Calle 30 Varadero Beach Calle 30

    Calle 30 entre segunda y Autopista Sur, Varadero

     Calle 36 y Autopista Varadero Beach Calle 36 y Autopista

    Calle 36 y Autopista, a Varadero

     Casa de la Miel  Varadero Beach Casa de la Miel

    Ave 1ra entre 25 y 26 Varadero

     Casa de las Americas  Varadero Beach Casa de las Americas

    Ave 1ra esq 59, Varadero

     El Rancho Varadero Beach El Rancho

    Ave 1ra, entre 58 y 59. Varadero

     Havana  Varadero Beach Havana

    Havana Cuba

     Hotel Acuazul Varadero Beach Hotel Acuazul

    Avenida 1ra y Calle 13. Varadero

     Hotel Aguas Azules Varadero Beach Hotel Aguas Azules

    Carretera Las Morlas km 12. Varadero

     Hotel Alegro Varadero  Varadero Beach Hotel Alegro Varadero

    Autopista Sur, km 12 Varadero.

     Hotel Barcelo Solymar Varadero Beach Hotel Barcelo Solymar

    Carretera Las Morlas. Varadero

     Hotel Bella Costa Varadero Beach Hotel Bella Costa

    Carretera de las Americas. km 3 Varadero

     Hotel Blau Varadero  Varadero Beach Hotel Blau Varadero

    Carretera Las Morlas km 15. Varadero

     Hotel Brisas del Caribe Varadero Beach Hotel Brisas del Caribe

    Carretera Las Morlas. Varadero

     Hotel Coral  Varadero Beach Hotel Coral

    Calle k reparto la Torre Varadero

     Hotel Cuatro Palma Varadero Beach Hotel Cuatro Palma

    Ave 1ra entre 60 y 64. Varadero

     Hotel Dos Mares  Varadero Beach Hotel Dos Mares

    Calle 53 y 1ra Avenida. Varadero

     Hotel el Caney Varadero Beach Hotel el Caney

    Autopista Sur. km 12 Varadero

     Hotel el Patriarca  Varadero Beach Hotel el Patriarca

    Parque Natural Hicacos Varadero

     Hotel Herradura  Varadero Beach Hotel Herradura

    Ave de la Playa, entre 35 y 36. Varadero

     Hotel Iberostar Varadero Varadero Beach Hotel Iberostar Varadero

    Las Morlas, Km 16, Punta Hicacos

     Hotel Iberostar Varadero Varadero Beach Hotel Iberostar Varadero

    Carretera Las Morlas, km16. Varadero

     Hotel kawama Varadero Beach Hotel kawama

    Calle 1ra. Reparto Kawama. Varadero

     Hotel Los Tainos Varadero Beach Hotel Los Tainos

    Carreteras las Morlas, km 12. Varadero

     Hotel Mar del Sur Varadero Beach Hotel Mar del Sur

    Ave 3ra y Calle 30. Varadero

     Hotel Palma Real Varadero Beach Hotel Palma Real

    Ave 2da y Calle 64. Varadero

     Hotel Paradisus Varadero  Varadero Beach Hotel Paradisus Varadero

    Parque Natural Hicacos, Varadero

     Hotel Playa de Oro Varadero Beach Hotel Playa de Oro

    Carreteras Las Morlas, km 12. Varadero

     Hotel Riu Varadero ( Laguna Dorada ) Varadero Beach Hotel Riu Varadero ( Laguna Dorada )

    Autopista Sur Final, km 19 Varadero

     Hotel Sandals Hicacos Varadero Beach Hotel Sandals Hicacos

    Carreteras Las Morlas. Varadaero

     Hotel Sirenis las Salinas  Varadero Beach Hotel Sirenis las Salinas

    Autopista Sur Final km 19 Varadero

     Hotel Sol Palmeras Varadero Beach Hotel Sol Palmeras

    Autopista Sur, Carretera Las Morlas, Varadero.

     Hotel Sol Sirenas  Varadero Beach Hotel Sol Sirenas

    Calle k reparto la Torre Varadero

     Hotel Sunbeach Varadero Beach Hotel Sunbeach

    Calle 17, entre 1ra y 3ra. Varadero

     Hotel Turquesa Varadero Beach Hotel Turquesa

    Carretera Los Tainos, km 12. Varadero

     Hotel Tuxpan  Varadero Beach Hotel Tuxpan

    Ave Las Americas. Varadero

     Hotel Varazul  Varadero Beach Hotel Varazul

    Calle 14 y 1ra. Varadero

     Hotel Villa Cuba Varadero Beach Hotel Villa Cuba

    Avenida las Americas. Varadero

     Iberostar Laguna Azul  Varadero Beach Iberostar Laguna Azul

    Autopista Sur, Final, km 19 Varadero

     Iberostar Playa Alameda  Varadero Beach Iberostar Playa Alameda

    Parque Natural Hicacos. Varadero

     Marina Gaviota Varadero  Varadero Beach Marina Gaviota Varadero

    Carretera las Morlas, km 19. Punta Icacos Varadero

     Mediterraneo Varadero Beach Mediterraneo

    Ave 1ra y Calle 54. Varadero

     Melia Las Americas Varadero Beach Melia Las Americas

    Carretera Las Morlas. Varadero

     Melia Las Antillas  Varadero Beach Melia Las Antillas

    Autopista Sur. Carretera las Morlas km14. Varadero

     Melia Peninsula Varadero  Varadero Beach Melia Peninsula Varadero

    Parque Natural Hicacos. Varadero

     Melia Varadero Varadero Beach Melia Varadero

    Carretera Las Morlas. Varadero

     Memories Varadero  Varadero Beach Memories Varadero

    Autopista Sur Final km19 Varadero Cardenas

     Paradius Princesa del Mar  Varadero Beach Paradius Princesa del Mar

    Carretera Las Morlas km19 Varadero

     Plaza America Varadero Beach Plaza America

    Autopista Sur. Km 11. las Americas. Varadero

     Santa Marta Centro de Negocios AUSA Varadero Beach Santa Marta Centro de Negocios AUSA

    Santa Marta, Varadero. Cardenas

     UTE Varadero Beach UTE

    Carretera las Morlas Km17. Punta Icacos, Varadero

  • Hotel Alegro Varadero is located in Varadero Beach
  • Located on the northernmost part of the island of Cuba, Varadero Beach runs along the narrow Hicacos Peninsula for 22 Km (over 13.5 miles). It has a wide strip of fine, white sand that slopes gently into the sea, whose warm, clear waters encompass an incomparable range ofblues.,Varadero began to be developed as a summer vacation resort in the 1940s, but it was not until the last ten years that its network of hotels and other facilities was given an unprecedented boost. Its tourist offer was both diversified and upgraded.

    Its main attraction has always been its marvelous beach, but this is not all it has to offer. You can explore its caves and escarpments, a necklace of virgin keys that are easy to get to and the carefully preserved natural landscape at the northeastern end of the peninsula. In addition, Cárdenas, the nearby city of Matanzas, the Zapata Peninsula and the San Miguel de los Baños Spa offer cultural, historic and naturalattractions.
    Varadero's Plaza America Conference Center has all the facilities needed for conferences and incentive tourism.

    Varadero is a free port and has exceptionally good conditions for scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, yachting and other water sports.You can access Cuba's most visited beach by road. The world-famous resort is 130 kilometers east of Havana. You can also travel by plane, landing at Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport, on the road that links the city of Matanzas with Varadero.

    In addition to traditional sun and beach offers, Varadero has an amphitheater at the entrance to the resort, where major international events have been held.

    Facilities for congresses are complemented by the Plaza America Convention Center. You can also enjoy archeological attractions like Ambrosio's Cave and the Musulmanes (Muslims) Cave.

    In addition, the Varadero Golf Club, designed by architect Les Furber, chairman of the Canadian company Golf Design Services is located in Peñas de San Bernardino. The golf course combines different styles, including classical, with broad streets limited by trees, and wide and unprotected greens.

    The complement to the golf course is the Club House, where players meet after a golf session. The Xanadu Mansion, as it is called, was designed by architects Cavarrocas and Govantes in 1927.

    On your way to the beach, on the left bank of the Canímar River, you will find the Tropicana Matanzas Cabaret, a version of the world-famous Tropicana Cabaret in Havana.

    Dozens of restaurants and cafeterias of different categories are available in the resort area, offering a wide range of gastronomic offers, including popular fast food, seafood and delicacies from Cuban and international cuisine.

    Some 14,000 rooms are available for vacationers who visit the resort. They are distributed in two-, three-, four- and five-star hotels, many of which are run by foreign companies.

    One of the newest establishments is the Princesa del Mar Hotel, which is owned by the Cuban chain Gaviota and offers more than 400 rooms equipped with all the amenities demanded by today's tourism industry.

    Families and couples can stay at the Barceló Solymar Beach Resort, the first hotel run by the Spanish group Barceló in Cuba.

    The oldest logging facility in the world-famous beach resort, the Varadero Internacional Hotel, founded in 1950, is a traditional six-story compact building featuring an architectural design from the 1950s.

    Varadero's seabed is home to more than 40 kinds of corals, hundreds of species of fish, lobsters, shrimps, crabs and turtles, and more than 70 kinds of mollusks. ,

    Marinas such as Chapelin, Dársena de Varadero and Gaviota guarantee excellent conditions and eans to go diving, including appropriate boats, trained personnel, diving centers, hyperbaric hambers and means of transportation in case of an emergency.

    The main diving site in Varadero is known as Hoyo Azul Ojo del Mégano, a huge 70-meter-wide cave that is famous for its underwater walls, coral reefs and schools of multicolored fish.

    In addition, the Cayo Piedras del Norte Marine Park, the first and only attraction of its kind, covers an area of nearly two square nautica miles