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  • Cruces Cienfuegos Ciudad

    • €265 (5 DAYS)
      MG5 Manual
      €310 (5 DAYS)
      Peugeot 307 T/M
      €310 (5 DAYS)
      Peugeot 307 T/M
      €390 (5 DAYS)
      Suzuki T/D Jimmy 1.3
      Jeep 4x4 T/D/Manual
      €415 (5 DAYS)
      KIA Picanto
      €420 (5 DAYS)
      Peugeot 208 T/A
      €450 (5 DAYS)
      Pegeout 301
      €510 (5 DAYS)
      Pegeout 301
      €510 (5 DAYS)
      Geely Emgrand EC 820 T/A
      Medium High/Automatic
      €600 (5 DAYS)
      Geely Emgrand EC 820 T/A
      Medium High/Automatic
      €1325 (5 DAYS)
      Maxus G10
    • Extra possible charges (Payable in Cuba)
    • Deposit & Insurance (Payable in Cuba)

      When picking up your car a warranty deposit must be made at the rental agency. This amount will be refunded to you at the end of the rental period. The warranty deposit prices may vary between 200.00 CUC and 800.00 CUC. The Car Rental companies offer a single general coverage insurance policy covering all risks, legal responsibility and medical expenses, following the filing of a police report. If you do not take out an insurance policy, you will be required to leave a deposit of 600.00 CUC. The insurance prices may vary between 10.00 CUC and 35.00 CUC a day depending on the car and the rental company in Cuba.The payment for the warranty deposit and the insurance can be made by a credit card not issued by American banks. Credit cards Visa & MasterCard are accepted locally in Cuba.

    • 90.00 CUC daily for a chauffeur max 12 hours per day.
      Each additional driver: 3.00 CUC per day.
      At least 21 years old. Years of driving experience: One.
      Specifics for the model Peugeot 406: you must be over 27 years of age and have a minimum of 3 years of driving experience. Return Tariff

    • Return tariff

      Out of the province: From 1 to 6 Days is +/-0.15 CUC/km. More than 7 Days is +/-0.10 CUC/km
      On the Same Province: +/-0.20 CUC/km.
      Drop off at another agency than the agency one picked up the car: 10.00 CUC
      The cars must be dropped off at the same hour they will be picked up, an extra will be added for each late hour, till the 4th hour, when the price for a full day (at a grater value than the contracted one) will be added.

  • Airports next to Cruces
  • Airports: Cienfuegos Airport

    Cienfuegos Airport

    The airport is at an elevation of 31 m (102 ft) above mean sea level; it has one runway designated 02/20 with an asphalt surface measuring 2,400 m × 45 m (7,874 ft × 148 ft). Jaime González Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto "Jaime González"[2]) (IATA: CFG, ICAO: MUCF) is an international airport that serves Cienfuegos,] a city on the southern coast of Cuba, and capital of the province of Cienfuegos.

  • Car rental offices next to Cruces
  • Aeropuerto Cienfuegos Car rental officeAeropuerto Cienfuegos Car rental office

    Carretera Caonao km 7 Cienfuegos

    Aeropuerto Internacional Cienfuego Car rental officeAeropuerto Internacional Cienfuego Car rental office

    Aeropuerto Internacional Cienfuegos

    Aguada de Pasajero  Car rental officeAguada de Pasajero Car rental office

    Carretera Circuito Sur. Aguada de Pasajero

    Aguada de Pasajeros Car rental officeAguada de Pasajeros Car rental office

    Aguada de Pasajeros. Cienfuegos

    Calle 39 y 12 Car rental officeCalle 39 y 12 Car rental office

    Calle 39 entre 12 y 14 Punta Gorda. Cienfuegos

  • Hotels next to Cienfuegos Ciudad
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  • Cruces is located in Cienfuegos Ciudad
  • To the south of the central region of Cuba, with its coasts facing the Caribbean Sea, the city of Cienfuegos limits to the north with Villa Clara, to the west with Matanzas and to the east with Sancti Spíritus provinces. Access to this destination by air through Jaime González international airport, and a road network that allows transportation through the whole territory. You can also reach it by sea through Cienfuegos Marina.

    Located next to one of the best bays in the world, thanks to its dimensions, depth and security, this city is considered an architectural jewel having great French influence. A city of remarkable patrimonial constructions, it exhibits a very well preserved historical area declared World Heritage by UNESCO, in which constructions of diverse styles harmoniously stand out, and there is an urban layout that confirms it as the Pearl of the South. Its condition as a seafaring city offer multiple facilities for all type of nautical activities.

    For the enjoyment of days of sun and sea, Rancho Luna beach is a privileged place where the transparency and warmth of its waters, together with the safety and comfort of its hotel facilities and the wide range of services outside the hotels that are offered here.

    People in Cienfuegos love music. Every April 22nd they organize the celebration of the foundation of the city under the name of Villa de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles de Jagua. In September the city is ready to celebrate the Benny Moré International Festival, in tribute to one of Cuba's greatest musicians, illustrious son of Santa Isabel de las Lajas. Cienfuegos is also the seat r the Danzón Festival of and of other cultural events.

    To travel around Cienfuegos is to begin an adventure through time. From this city, it is easy to gain access to areas of remarkable landscapes. Next to the city, the Escambray Mountain Range affords impressive views of waterfalls, as that one called the El Nicho, so that you can enjoy the natural kindness of the region in which colours and different aromas combine.