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  • Scuba Diving  Site and Center: Barracuda Scuba Diving Center

    Barracuda Scuba Diving Center, Varadero Beach. Cuba

    • Destination: Varadero Beach
    • Open: Daily
    • Address From: Calle 59 y 1ra Ave., Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba.
    • Telephone: (53 45) 667072
  • Description Scuba Diving Site and Center: Barracuda Scuba Diving Center, Varadero Beach. Cuba

    The scuba-diving area is over 40 miles (64 kilometers) long, including the nearby cays. The diving sites at Varadero have very different characteristics, though patches of coral reef are common to all of them. Sandy areas alternate with coral reefs, making an attractive habitat for beautiful reef fish, among which the Snappers (Lutjanus spp.) and Grunts (Haemulon spp.) are particularly outstanding. The diving área known as the Cayo Piedra del Norte Underwater Park is also of great interest, with many sunken warships whose structures are still in very good condition, though covered with coral.

    Vessels Description: three41-footships Capacity per day: 70 pax Number of departures per day: 2 Services Types of dives: reef, sunken ship, wall, night, cave and scuba diving from the coast Scuba-diving courses: resort and all other levels, including instructors' courses at all level and specialties 

    Other services: photos, restaurants, cafeterías and souvenir shop
    Useful Information Equipment included
    Hotels cuba-diving center transfers included
    Number of diving sites: 30 International certification: ACUC
    ther information: You must present your passport before scuba diving.
    Recommended Diving Sites Playa Coral
    Neptuno Wreck, Patrol Boat Wreck, Cueva de los Peces. Pared de la Bahía de Cochinos, BlueHole

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  • Barracuda Scuba Diving Center is located in Varadero Beach
  • Varadero is the famoust beach in Cuba and one of the most important destinations in the Caribbean. Varadero is the main tourist destination of the country. Its total area is 14.4 km square and its most important natural potential is the beach that is 20 375 m long with a sand strip of around 22 km wide and an average dune height of 1 m.

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    The best in Varadero
    The diving area at Varadero, Cuba's most famous beach resort is extensive and filled with coral formations, caves, channels and passageways. It has a great diversity of fish, coral, well-developed gorgonians and sponges.