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Pharmaceutical Museum Museums, Matanzas. Cuba

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  • Milanes # 4951 between Santa Teresa and Ayuntamiento. Matanzas, Cuba
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The Pharmacy of Havana Museum reopened on July 30th, 2004. Permanent exhibitions on its three great halls show the history of pharmacy in Cuba.

The Catalá, Sarrá and Co. society opened the drug store La Reunión in May 1853, at 41 Teniente Rey Street.
It was one of the most elegant and prestigious pharmacies of Havana. At the beginning of 20th century it was considered second in importance world wide and the first in Cuba.

According to the new laws adopted after the triumph of the Revolution, La Reunión is nationalized. It remained working until 1999, when the Office of the Havana Historian decided to undertake its restoration and to turn it into the Pharmacy of Havana Museum.

The first hall takes the place of the old pharmacy, and it preserves all its neogothic style furniture, with its Moorish influence. The room is decorated with beautiful display cabinets, which exhibit reproductions of pharmacy jars with the device of La Reunión and a label with the name of the medicine. Medications like Emulsion of Scott, Spirulina and other natural products can be purchased here. This salon also includes the dispensary and the back room, where bottles of drugs, mortars, machines for pill-making, balances, and microscopes can be appreciated.

The second hall pays tribute to the singular Havana establishments by collecting medicine bottles and other devices related to the art of healing and treating, extracted from archaeological excavations made in the Historical Centre of the city. Data of interest for the history of pharmacy in Cuba could be assessed from these findings. A collection of formula’s copying books is presented here, and constitutes a most valuable document in the study of Cuban pharmacopoeia.

Spices and curative herbs can be purchased in the third hall of the museum.

Mapa de Pharmaceutical Museum

Pharmaceutical Museum is located in Matanzas

For over two centuries, in recognition of its rich cultural life, Matanzas has been known as "Cuba's Athens." For obvious reasons, it is also called "the city of bridges.",

The city was founded on the shores of a beautiful bay in 1693. At that time, it was called San Carlos y San Severino de Matanzas. Its splendid buildings are eclectic in style.,

The area surrounding the city has some singularly beautiful features. The Pan de Matanzas (Matanzas Bread Loaf) Hill and the Yumurí Valley are particularly entrancing. Places to visit in the city include the Sauto Theater, the Triolet Drug Store and the San Carlos Church.,

Immortalized by painters, poets and musicians, Matanzas is just a few minutes' drive from Varadero Beach and near the Zapata Peninsula.,

The city of Matanzas, capital of the province of the same name, is in northwestern Cuba, 100 km. (62 miles) east of Havana and around 18 minutes from Varadero Beach. An excellent highway links Matanzas with the nation's capital.

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Review about Museums: Pharmaceutical Museum
Very good haswells

“Very interesting ”
Nice little museum to visit, lots of history there and great photo opportunities, only 3CUC to enter but the ladies only speak Spanish so it is good idea to visit with your English speaking guide. You can buy very pretty stained glass ornaments there ranging between 5-30CUC.

Very good Tina M

“A step into the past ”
loved the old jars and containers. Our guide was very knowledgable and happy to spend as much time as we wanted describing the old pharmacy. The beautiful wood panelling has been well preserved. Pick a time between tour buses.

Very good Roxanna M

“Pharmaceutical Museum in Matangas ”
A very impressive Museum dating back to 1832. A superb collection of all the medical equipment, old measuring systems of powders, liquid beakers, mortar pestles - smallest to largest, huge mixing/grinding machines, herbs, liquids, oils - liniments, hand-written records, beautiful jars and bottles of all sizes, even homeopathic treatments, just amazing how well it is maintained and collected by this... More 

Very good Woodroad

“Well preserved relic from before the Revolution ”
Pharmacy Museum, on the lovely Plaza de la Libertad, is essentially the same as when it closed in the early 1960s and included not only the display cases but the empty bottles for dispensing drugs and the equipment for making the drugs. Note particularly the doors on the second floor living quarters that leave a four-foot open space above the... More 

Very good newfie212

“Interesting place ”
like many others visited this Pharmaceutical Museum during part of a all day excursion. this place is very well preserved .its still amazing to see so many old bottles and the way a place like this operated in its day. I say there is a lot more here than they have available at the moment. Worth to see

Very good Angie0074

“beautiful place ”
if pharmaceuticals is your thing it would be a great place, it was interesting but i wouldnt have gone if it wasnt part of the excursion package. Had to pay 1 cuc to take pictures!

Very good Christian S

“pay your peso to take a photo... ”
Quite interesting... you'll want to take photos and for that you'll have to surrender some pesos here and there to some of the women guarding the rooms. Questionable whether it's suitable for children... you may not be able to appreciate it as much if you're constantly looking after them.

Very good luciab23

“So interest worth the visit ”
I took a tour from the hotel. I thought it was great. The old building full of history. Old pharmacy books with clients names, prescription and cost. The writing was lovely. From room to room you see old bottles and jars dating back more than 2 hundred years. The upper floors were the residence with antiques. Also a local artist... More 

Very good dondonox

“back in time ”
out of the text books, doesnot take long to see but makes you think of the grand old days of cuba . many other buildings to see in the area. Hang onto your wallet

Excellent Bountyvv

“Nice trip in the past ”
I loved the old objects stored, which are part of the history of medecine. Not only a pharmacy, but a small industry with old instruments to produce medecine.

Excellent Biff61

“A gem. Astonishing. ”
A wonderful museum. A real surprise. Wonderfully presented even if you are not into pharmacy. The only complete 20th century pharmacy shop in the world. Untouched since 1964(apart from cleaned obviously). A lovely lady showed us around who was obviously hugely proud of the lace. Please support this astonishing museum

Excellent Madco

“In Matanzas ”
Part of the day long excursion from Varadero to Matanzas, including a boat ride on the Rio Canimar and the visit of the capital city of that province. A visit not to be missed!

Excellent fabioinmontreal

“Amazing place ”
This amazing museum on Parque Libertad, at the heart of Matanzas. It is opened in 1885 by the Triolet family and now it is cellebrating 50th birthday as museum. Good spending time here, so much to learn. Our guide Pedro was just amazing, on his spanish, french and english translations, and detailled explenations. Bravo,. Super place.

Excellent alleng5

“fascinating look back in time ”
We had a guided tour of the old pharmacy. Well worth a look. It took about 30 mins to look round. Very well preserved.

Excellent Edcorbett

“Incredible attention paid to detail ”
Our visit to the pharmaceutical museum was amazing it is frozen in time . The attention paid to detail was amazing .

Excellent Amanda431

“One of the best museums we saw in Cuba ”
Located on Parque Libertad, with original stained glass windows. Opened in 1885 by the Triolet family. The museum contains rooms that bring alive the work of apothecaries of the time. You'll see displays of herbs they used, the imported early medicines, original instruments, weigh-scales, pestles, kilns, sterilizers, an ice box for storing the products, as well as tinctures, bottles and... More 

Excellent highbrae

“A fascinating glimpse to a place frozen in time ”
One of the first things you will discover about this pharmacy is, the more you read about it the more stories there seem to be. Some say it was originally in Havana opened in 1853, others that it was opened on this spot by the Triolett family in 1882. Some say it was the first in Latin America, however, how... More 

Excellent Toby0

“Amazing ”
This museum is not to be missed. It is a real historical treat. Not very often do you go to a museum with basically everything that was used there from the beginning. We loved our visit here.

Excellent thebossOntario

“A must do ”
As part of the Bellamar Cave tour, plan to spend 45 minutes here. Wonderful to see it being preserved. Old cash registers, pharmaceutical medicines, tools, jars, books, etc.

Excellent ZM227

“Time Stands Still ”
They have managed to preserve a very interesting piece of history, including the original ledgers from the pharmacist! Entry was inexpensive and photos were not a problem. Worth a look if you're in the area.

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