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Jagua Fortres Architecture, Cienfuegos. Cuba

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  • Cienfuegos Bay
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One of the tourist attractions in the city of Cienfuegos, its reconstruction was finished in 1745 and it was opened with the name of Castle of our Lady of the Angels of Jagua (Castillo de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles de Jagua). It has a circular tower with narrow vertical crenels. Its majestic cupola features a loophole that resembles an alert eye over the calm marine waters. This attractive castle has been restored so that the visitor can appreciate the original chapel as well as its damp cells and its deep moat, impossible to cross if the ramp is raised, all the while listening to the delicious legends of the place. The ancient old building, next to the Jagua Hotel that rises up at the far end of the Prado, boasts its condition as a National Monument.

Mapa de Jagua Fortres

Jagua Fortres is located in Cienfuegos


French émigrés from Bordeaux and Louisiana founded the settlement of Fernandina de Jagua on a large, calm bay on the Caribbean Sea on April 22, 1819. In 1830, when it was upgraded to a town, its name was changed to Cienfuegos, in honor of José Cienfuegos, the Governor-General of Cuba. Fifty years later, it was proclaimed a city and, for its beauty, was called "the pearl of the south." By the end of the 19th century, it had become the fourth most important city in the country.,

Considered the crowning jewel of Cuban architectural in the 19th century, Cienfuegos stands out for the perfect design of its streets and for the refinement and good taste of the buildings in the historic center of the city, which has been declared a national monument. When visiting, stop by the Casa del Fundador (the Founder's House); Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción (Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception) Cathedral; the Tomás Terry Theater; the Ferrer Palace; and the José Martí Park, which contains the only arch of triumph in Cuba.,

Other attractions include the Prado Promenade, the Valle Palace, the museums of Naval and Provincial History, and the Reina (Queen's) Cemetery.,

Farther out from the center of the city, tour the Nuestra Señora de los Angeles de Jagua (Jagua for short) Fortress, the Tomás Acea Cemetery and the Botanical Gardens.,

In addition to these cultural and historic attractions, Cienfuegos has excellent facilities for scuba diving and other water sports, nature tourism and thermal baths.

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Review about Architecture: Jagua Fortres
Average AfromN

“A slice of history ”
THe castle is restored the later years and it was interesting to hear the story about the bay and the castle/fort. Nice view to the entrance of the bay.

Average Rejse

“Don't rely on the ferry from town! ”
Makes a good trip if you combine with the beach, but I think a bit of trek just for itself. Amazing views give you a real sense of the importance of this bay in history. We went to the beach by taxi and planned to return by boat to town, to discover it had been out of action for weeks,... More 

Average homefreeUsa

“The jam-packed ferry ride is half the fun ”
Interesting Spanish fort...if it's your first or second one. Museum is OK. Ate homemade lunch on the waterfront while waiting for return ferry & wandered through dirt streets away from town.

Very good silviaomega

“...pulling up the bridge.... ”
the fort has some nice little exhibitions going need to speak spanish though....or take one of the english speaking guides. The spectacular thing we did and made it worth the visit fro sure: we pulled up the bridge and brought it back down! Just ask the lady at the entrance, probably you may have a go also!

Very good Pescadorbill

“Arduous but interesting trek ”
went there with a Cuban friend from ciefuegos.we got there by bus which was a complete heap.went across the bay by boat which costs 1 cuc each way.there was the annual festival going on when we all got there.recieved a guided ,and nicely informal, tour of the castle which was informative by a young Cuban guide with good English as... More 

Very good Michael M

“great old place to see ”
We really enjoyed the ferry ride across the channel and the walk up to the castle. It was an interesting slice of history. It is being restored at the present time (I think that is true almost everywhere) things take a little time in cuba. It was interesting to see the old fort and roam around inside it with little... More 

Very good raf c

“Jagua Castle ”
We stayed at Rancho Luna. There is a bus that takes you to the ferry dock at Pasacaballo. Jagua Castle is nice, not as big as the one in Santiago de Cuba or Havanna, but still nice.

Excellent Dan_JeanVancouver_BC

“Sunset views ”
The beautiful sunset viewed from the rooftop terrace while listening to a live salsa band. Priceless. Buy the bands cd and bring home the memories

Excellent techwill

“Enjoyed the tour ”
We had to take a boat over to this castle and the receptionist that worked there gave us a tour and the history; it was amazing to see that this was the only castle in Cuba to still use a drawstring to close and open the castle.

Excellent George E

“We Made Our Own Tour ”
Due to a comedy of errors with a cheap watch we had a hard time to make the ferry which is a definate fun part of the trip, the 1CUP charge and the freindliness of the the Cuban people made it a great adventure. The Castillo is under renovation and you can pay to have the tour guide or walk... More 

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