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Armored Train Museums, Villa Clara. Cuba

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  • City of Santa Clara, Villa Clara. Cuba
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Located in the city of Santa Clara, it is quite a unique attraction for those lovers of Cuba’s history. There, on November 29th of 1958, troops from Column 8 led by Ernesto Che Guevara, struck a hard blow to Batista’s tyranny by derailing an armoured train, carrying reinforcement soldiers to fight the Rebel Army (Ejército Rebelde) in the eastern area of the island. This monument was raised 13 years after the audacious attack took place, and years later on July 13th of 1986 it adopted a new artistic format, created by the Cuban sculptor José Delarra. The complex is made up of five sculptured elements that represent the actions that were carried out, as well as four original wagons, the bulldozer used to rip out the railway and a steamroller. Inside the wagons there are photographs of the events, as well as weapons similar to those taken from the enemy. It was declared a National Monument in 1990.

Mapa de Armored Train

Armored Train is located in Villa Clara


To the north it limits with the Atlantic Ocean; to the west with Matanzas; to the south with Cienfuegos, and to the east with Sancti Spíritus provinces. This is Villa Clara, a destination with more than 800 000 inhabitants in a territorial surface of 7 943 , Km². You can reach it by plane through the airport of the provincial capital and the one in Cayo Las Brujas, both for medium and small size airplanes.

By road you can get here through the National Freeway and the Central Highway. The city of Villa Clara opens up to tourism with a solid proposal supported by the virginity of its keys, more than 17 , Km of paradisiacal beaches and its historical-cultural patrimony that enhances all the natural attractiveness of the territory.

Among the main exponents we have Ernesto Che Guevara Memorial where the Heroic Guerrilla fighter's remains rest next to those of his comrades from Bolivia. The monument depicting the derailing of the Armoured Train, a place linked to the Cuban recent history, is another of the places related to the figure of Che.

Places such as La Caridad Theatre, National Monument and a symbol of Cuban neoclassical architecture, the existence and permanency of one of the oldest universities in Cuba, Leoncio Vidal Park, the boulevard, José Martí Library and the Museum of Decorative Art, are cultural emblematic places of the city. Next to it, we have the city of Remedios, the eighth village founded by the Spaniards in the Island and where the Parrandas de Remedios, one of the oldest popular festivities in Cuba, are originated. In this city there is also located the biggest Parochial Church (16th century) with its Baroque altars laminated in gold, it is the most valuable exponent in the city, where the famous musician Alejandro García Caturla was born.

On the north coast of the province, Santa María, Las Brujas and Ensenachos keys are located, well-known as La Rosa Blanca de Jardines del Rey, deal for the practice of diving. A travel around the spa of mineral-medicinal waters of Elguea and a boat ride on the great artificial lake, a stay in Villa La Granjita, and a typical Cuban lunch Black River at Villa Clara's Escambray, are options to keep in mind for those who arrive to the most central province in Cuba.

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Review about Museums: Armored Train
Average SanctuarySeeker13

“Underwhelming but probably still a must - see ”
This is the site of a pivotal action in the rebel campaign. The museum comprises a series of old railway cars with a limited amount of information about and correspondence between parties involved. Not far from the centre of town and worth a look.

Very good Hailsk2411

“Interesting place ”
i really liked this outdoor museum, but being typically English my language skills aren't great and I would have liked to learn more at this site. Very interesting his this event had such an impact on the revolution and the Cuban people.

Very good Trinigal77

“Very cool monument ”
Was very nice to visit and see how they turned the train cars into a little museum. You have to pay 1 CUC to enter and 1 more CUC to take photos but it was worth it though it doesn't take too long to go through the entire thing. A must see if in Santa Clara.

Very good emrystravel

“Definitely worth visiting ”
We visited this museum because we happened to be passing through Santa Clara. It's right on the spot where the real battle was, with the real armoured rail cars, which really brings the history home. It's great to walk from the museum out on to the rail track beside it, still in use, and imagine the train rolling to disaster.... More 

Very good Elle A

“Become a witness of the important battle of Santa Clara! ”
The site with the derailed carriages does give you the real feel of how it was to be there in that crucial battle. There is not much to see or read here but, after all, this is a battle site and this is the point of it; it has been left exactly as it was on the day the derailment... More 

Excellent MStJB

“Bulldozer changes the course of history ”
With a great leader, careful thought and a well executed plan you can take on the World and win. To the east of Santa Clara, if you have 20 minutes to spare, it is worth checking out a real piece of history. Here, Ernesto Che Guevara and 18 rifle wielding ?kids? derailed a train with the help of a Bulldozer... More 

Excellent JMD15

“Nice tribute to the battle of Santa Clara ”
This is a good little museum and an authentic tribute given its location. We really liked the concrete 'explosions' to simulate the train being de-railed! The ladies at the booth were very friendly.

Excellent Mary38677

“A must ”
It's so atmospheric ,visitors are quiet and respectful being a site of one of the most important battles of the Revolutionary struggle and loss of life .I like that the carriages are as they are it gives you a true feeling of the scale of the derailment .Cuban school parties were being shown around when I visited ,many not much... More 

Excellent guinnessgirlIreland

“great place amazing to think what happened there real sense of history ”
we asked for the guide and im so glad we did she told us the story with such enthusiasm and emotion that i fell in love with Santa Clara. great place great way to spend time there, we would have passed this without even looking twice if our local guide hasn't told us about it.

Excellent RoseF-Yukon

“The last battle of the Revolution. ”
Nothing like defeat of any and all fascists. Che and his compatriots took out the train and captured more than 400 of Batistas' soldiers. How heroic!

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