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  • Nature Trails: Aguada de Baga Trail

    Aguada de Baga Trail, Cayo Santa Maria. Cuba

    • Destination: Cayo Santa Maria
    • Open: Daily
    • Address From: Cayo Santa Maria, Villa Clara. Cuba
    • Telephone:
  • Description Nature Trails: Aguada de Baga Trail, Cayo Santa Maria. Cuba

    This path it crosses a mosaic of six vegetal formations of great scientific value where in these conditions the plants grows very little, and doubtless aesthetic value because it simulates a small and natural field of bonsais adorned of orchids and curujeyes (Tillandsis sp.)

    In the route there is a lagoon that gives name to the footpath. In the border of the lagoon grows the tree of bagá (Annona glabra). In addition, the white palm (Saval japan) exists solely located in this area.This area characterized by 63 species of birds as zunzún (Chlorostilbon ricordi), torcaza cabeciblanca (Geotrygon sp.), the small bobito (Contupus caribaeus) and doves (Geotrygon sp.). Every year arrives at this place innumerable migratory species.
    The footpath concludes in a beautiful beach in waters of the Atlantic.

    Time 1:50 hours
    longitude 930 mtrs
    Capacity 10 pax
    Complexity Medium
    In Key Santa Maria is located this footpath destined to the observation of the flora, fauna and the typical
    landscapes of the zone.

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  • Aguada de Baga Trail is located in Cayo Santa Maria
  • Cayo Santa Maria, which is 13 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide, boasts 11 kilometers of excellent beaches and is linked to the big island by a causeway on the sea. For those visiting the area, Ensenachos boasts one of the best beaches.

    A 48-km-long road on the sea connects the largest island of the Cuban archipelago with Santa Maria, Las Brujas, Ensenachos among other keys. There is an air terminal on Cayo Las Brujas to receive small- and medium-size planes.

    The islet, which was designated a "Biosphere Reserve" by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), is inhabited by a wide range of animals, including ten endemic species.

    Cayo Santa Maria is also home to large colonies of flamingos, seagulls and anhingas, as well as iguanas, mollusks and the so-called shrike bird. Other birds living on the key are the tocororo (Cuban trogon), which is Cuba's national bird, as well as woodpeckers and hawks.

    Animal diversity is complemented with the region's exuberant flora, made up of 248 species, including 91 medicinal, 72 timber, 41 resign-producing and 40 ornamental species.

    The key holds remnants of pre-Columbian cultures in caverns near the beaches, which boast beautiful underwater seascapes.

    Another singularity of the region is the San Pascual boat, which ran aground near Cayo Frances almost 70 years ago, and has become a naval rarity, since it was made of reinforced concrete in San Francisco, California, in 1920. Also known by the local people as El Ponton, many consider the ship another islet. It offers vacationers the amenities of its 10 cabins and an enviable location to enjoy the region's attractions.

    Nature itself has created the conditions for leisure, including a coral reef that attenuates the force of winds and waves, thus creating a unique environment to welcome thousands of vacationers who visit the region every year.

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    Baga Trail
    The nature and cultural park is the only thing that qualifies as a tourist attraction as such on Cayo Guillermo. This interesting property features a series of scenic nature walks traversing lagoons, mangroves and littoral forests. An indigenous village has been recreated at the Parque Natural El Bagá, where live shows of traditional (topless) Taino dances can be enjoyed.