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Codina Park, Sancti Spiritus. Cuba

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  • Topes de Collantes, Sancti Spiritus. Cuba
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Located 8 km from Topes de Collantes, Codina Park's feature is its denomination as an "anti-stress and ecological refuge." The Encantos de Codina you to learn about its natural values, among which are a garden with a variety. Here, activities such as trekking, hiking, bird-watching, camping, horse-back riding and cave tours can be carried out. Roast pork and its inseparable Congri make its specialized restaurant one of Codina's charms.

Mapa de Codina Park

Codina Park is located in Sancti Spiritus

Cuba Sancti Spiritus Cuba The settlement of Espiritu Santo-now Sancti Spiritus-is the birthplace of troubadours and one of the Cuban cities where it is easiest to enjoy Nature. It is in the center of the island, near Lake Zaza, important tobacco-growing areas and the mountains.

Its symbol is the Yayabo Bridge, which spans the Yayabo River, on whose banks the old city sprawls. From the bridge, you can see lovely colonial mansions. The Parroquial Mayor (Main Parish) Church is the pride of the townspeople, for it is proof of the antiquity of the settlement-which became a city through royal decree in 1867. Strolling through the city streets, you will be enfolded in a sense of great peace.

Birthplace of troubadours: Songs written in Sancti Spiritus speak of a traditional musical spirit, which is particularly evident in the House of Music and Troubadours' House Cuba Sancti Spiritus Cuba.

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Review about Areas of Natural Interest: Codina Park
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Hacienda Codina
Hacienda Codina, a ranch with several attractions: medicinal mud baths, medicinal and ornamental gardens, the orchid’s collection has more than 40 local species including bamboo; Altar’s cave from where a secret passage ends in a natural lookout facing south of the mountain system and the Valley of the sugar mills, Trinidad and Ancon can be seen

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Tourist trail
Most memorable part was going off the tourist trail with two of our guides in Topes de Collantes, Codina Park in Trinidad. After a day of horseback riding we got caught in a tropical rain shower and since we were already wet we decided to go swimming in a local stream

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