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Paseo del Prado (Prado Avenue) Interesting Places, Havana . Cuba

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  • Prado Avenue. Havana City. Cuba
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Once the central artery of the city, the Prado (also known as the Paseo de Martí), is a boulevard with a distinctly European feel. This is where you'll find the renowned national ballet school.

Mapa de Paseo del Prado (Prado Avenue)

Paseo del Prado (Prado Avenue) is located in Havana

Capital of Cuba and the country's administrative, political, cultural and scientific center, it is also the capital of two provinces: City of Havana and Havana. Though only around 280 square miles (727 square kilometers) in size-0.65 percent of the archipelago's total area.

The Old Havana and system of forts led UNESCO to declare it a part of world heritage in 1982. Founded on its present site in 1519, the settlement of San Cristobal de La Habana prospered mainly due to its bay, which was a natural port of call for ships sailing to and from the New World. Starting in 1634, because of its strategic location, San Cristobal de La Habana was considered the key to the New World-as attested to by royal letters patent-and the main defense of the West Indies.

The Cuban capital consists of an immense number of buildings in a wide range of architectural styles, built in the course of nearly five centuries. These styles range from the pre-baroque to the baroque, neo-Gothic, neoclassical, eclectic, art noveau and art-deco, to the modern.

Alejo Carpentier, one of Cuba's most famous authors, called it "the city of columns" and focused attention on its streets, which he considered a perennially rich show of life, humanity and contrasts that was bound to entertain any observer.

Over 14 kilometers of excellent beaches lie to the east of the Cuban capital. To the south, a green belt contributes to a healthful atmosphere.

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Review about Interesting Places: Paseo del Prado (Prado Avenue)
Average Tweetcoz

“A big walkway in the centre of the road ”
Not sure what the big deal is but this is just a wide central walkway in the middle of the road. It has trees for partial shade and seats to rest but the heat still kills. Unpleasant. Just a walk in the middle instead of along the sides. I guess you walk here to look both ways and decide where... More 

Very good SusanTunnacliffe

“Walk down from the city to the ocean ”
Parading down this fine walk way with groups of children playing organised games surrounded by the crumbling splendour. Imagining how grand it all must once have been and may be again if Unesco plans come to fruition. The classic American cars cruising up and down either side of the Prado alongside the red open-top tourist buses, horse and carriages and... More 

Very good ochunmimadre

“great place to people watch ”
Going from the malecon up past the Capitolio, this is a great place to stroll, and to stop from time to time to sit on a bench under a shade tree and watch the world go by. It is frequently visited by tour groups, but also there are many Cubans here, just going about their normal daily life, kids playing,... More 

Very good Mel G

“shopping and real estate ”
The shopping was good, especially the used book sales. Surprising, there were people with signs selling homes and real estate, something new to Cuba in the last two years. You must either be a Cuban citizen or partner 50% with someone who is a citizen.

Very good canoeboy

“walk, sit, watch ”
On Friday we watched a continuous flow of young brides being driven to/from the Palacio de Matrimonio sitting on top of classic old convertibles from the 50's. Then we saw all the arts and crafts displayed on the Paseo on the weekend.

Very good Remandy C

“A Paseo to Paseo ”
Nice to walk, observe the locals living their life, the kids playing in the afternoons and weekends. Interesting restaurants popping up along the way with time and businesses as well. Worth the stroll.

Excellent Robert E

“Sunday Stroll ”
On Sunday, the wide promenade down the center of the Prado is filled with artisans selling their own work. Graphic woodcuts, stitchery, crochet, paintings, photographs, all were there. Several craftsmen/women showed how they were able to create something very special out of nearly nothing. It's a Cuban skill; materials may be sparse, but imagination and effort are evident everywhere. At... More 

Excellent Colors68

“Walking under the shade and enjoying the view ”
This Paseo ( Park) divides the Old Havana and the Central Havana. There are trees all along the Paseo and benches where you can rest and enjoy the breeze that comes from the sea. The area is noisy but it is worthy to walk.

Excellent Greg T

“Hangin' with Habaneros ”
Paseo was an absolute delight to have experienced, as no matter what time of day, or weather conditions, Cubans were out being Cubans! My experience with Paseo was very much like walking along Malecon, another personal favourite, as I had the opportunity to hang with Habaneros. Were we ever approached to buy cigars, rum, etc.? Absolutely! Did we ever feel... More 

Excellent JasonandLynz

“Awesome ”
This marbled street has two lanes of traffic running along other side but the central part is pedestrianised. During the day, the trees which overhang off shade on the seats on the side and you can watch the world go by. We walked down here a few times, once during the day when there was people selling paintings etc, but... More 

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