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Fine Arts Museum Museums, Havana . Cuba

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  • Calle Trocadero e/ Zulueta y Monserrate, Havana City. Cuba
  • Destination: Havana
  • Open: Daily
  • Telephone: (537) 8620140
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The National Fine Arts Museum was created in 1913 and in 1955 it was moved to the building that currently houses the collection of Cuban art. It has been recently restored and extended. The collections of universal arts are now housed in the former Asturian Center. The exhibition areas treasure collections of Cuban and European painting, which harmonize with works of art of ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome. This is one of the most frequented museums of the city.

Mapa de Fine Arts Museum

Fine Arts Museum is located in Havana

Capital of Cuba and the country's administrative, political, cultural and scientific center, it is also the capital of two provinces: City of Havana and Havana. Though only around 280 square miles (727 square kilometers) in size-0.65 percent of the archipelago's total area.

The Old Havana and system of forts led UNESCO to declare it a part of world heritage in 1982. Founded on its present site in 1519, the settlement of San Cristobal de La Habana prospered mainly due to its bay, which was a natural port of call for ships sailing to and from the New World. Starting in 1634, because of its strategic location, San Cristobal de La Habana was considered the key to the New World-as attested to by royal letters patent-and the main defense of the West Indies.

The Cuban capital consists of an immense number of buildings in a wide range of architectural styles, built in the course of nearly five centuries. These styles range from the pre-baroque to the baroque, neo-Gothic, neoclassical, eclectic, art noveau and art-deco, to the modern.

Alejo Carpentier, one of Cuba's most famous authors, called it "the city of columns" and focused attention on its streets, which he considered a perennially rich show of life, humanity and contrasts that was bound to entertain any observer.

Over 14 kilometers of excellent beaches lie to the east of the Cuban capital. To the south, a green belt contributes to a healthful atmosphere.

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Review about Museums: Fine Arts Museum
Excellent Rob

Fine Arts
Visitors to this museum will be able to enjoy one of the largest collections of visual arts in the country. There is a painting and engraving section, which displays works dating from the 16th to the 20th century. Another section is dedicated to European art, with original pieces by masters such as Rubens, Murillo and Goya, among others. One of the most important collections of Egyptian, Greek and Roman art in Latin America is also housed here. The building was completely renovated and transformed recently and re-opened to the public during the Havana Biennial Celebration.

Excellent Sisi

best Museum in Havana
I don't think you would have been overcharged. Did you notice that there were two buildings? It's 8 CUC to visit both and 5 CUC to visit just one of them.

Excellent Michalle

The finest collections
Even though I'm not particularly a fan of art or museums, I loved the National Museum of Beautiful Arts of Cuba. There were a lot of new pieces but I particularly enjoyed the glimpse at colonial Cuba that was offered by some of the older work. Not sure if I was overcharged for entrance though.

Very good Petjorin

“Interesting collection - no crowds ”
A few hours well spent. The collection was interesting and the place was almost empty. I had a great time chatting with the helpful staff.

Very good minclem

“Who knew Cuba had so many great artists? ”
One of the highlights of our trip to Cuba. Fantastic collection of Cuban artists. Will appeal to fans of late 19th, 20th or contemporary art. Tremendous numb of pictures influenced by Picasso, but many many outstanding paintings. Would recommend it highly.

Very good Salsalitta

“Nice introduction to Cuban art, would help if information provided in English. ”
Small charge for admission. Coat check mandatory and the woman insisted on a tip :). Introduced me to some Cuban artwork that I enjoyed. 3rd floor was the best. Too bad the information sheets in each section were not provided in English considering the numerous international visitors.

Excellent radmarc

“Wow ”
Beautiful museum. Not what you'd expect in a 3rd world country. Cuba takes their education and arts very seriously

Excellent Colors68

“Unique in the island ”
This is the only Museum of its kind in the entire island. It is located in a beautiful building, the collection of painting is well worthy to go see. It is in the heart of Central Havana.

Excellent Robert M

“Great art with an edge ”
there are 2 parts to the Belle Artes Museum, and for me the discovery of the power and quality of recent home grown artists in the Cubana Building was a truly wonderful discovery. The Revolution has brought forth some very powerful works of art and the museum has a very impressive collection. If contemporary art is your own passion, I... More 

Excellent jean b

“Amazing history ”
The whole visit was interesting,the staff very keen to provide you the history of Cuba.They even offered us the option to have a photograph taken behind the scenes well worth a visit.

Excellent mike t

“A very Well Polished Gem ”
This was one of the highlights of our trip. This is a classic museum with many treasures to enjoy. We had a guide and it was very helpful in seeing the most important pieces. The museum is large and spacious. There are a large number of pieces to enjoy. It is a visit worth spending at least 1/2 day. Wear... More 

Excellent Nancy O

“Beautiful Building ”
Had the opportunity to visit and hear a concert of Vocal Ele. It was truly a wonderful experience. The place is beautiful and kept up well. Loved the ceilings and the sculptures.

Excellent psdunner

“Third visit ”
Excellent museum/collection of a private owner before the Revolution. Each time we had a young docent who spike excellent English and added good information.

Excellent 1974AAUU

“Superb Cuban art collection ”
Ina great building, the art collection of this museum is really amazing. All Cuban maestros in one place. Great works of the masters. 5 usd. Very little explanations, no catalog direction, no media support. Ladies on the floor are not trained and just enforce the no photo-policy (with watch dog efficiency) In any case. You cannot miss the large Wifredo... More 

Excellent debrigard

“Two Parts to this Museum: see the Cuban half. ”
The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes has been split into two sections, one devoted entirely to Cuban Art in a "new" (1950's) building, the other to "International Art", in a 19th century building on the Parque Central. Although the International half has a few good things in it (located in a building with a sumptuous turn-of-the century staircase and interior... More 

Excellent Woodroad

“Exquisite building and fine collection of Cuban art ”
We had a tour led by Professor and art curator, Lucila Fernandez, who was extremely knowledgeable and enhanced our experience tremendously. I would have liked to spend more time with the historically organized collection, but time was limited. She traced the development of Cuban art from the more classical artists through the avant-garde period to the current neomodernists. Unlike the... More 

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