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Moron Railroad Station Architecture, Moron. Cuba

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  • Moron. Ciegto de Avila
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It was built in 1923 according to eclectic styles but with a neocolonial influence that resembles structures built during the first years of the republic. It could have a North American influence according to the use of wood and French tiles covering. It is considered a local monument representing the city of Morón.

Mapa de Moron Railroad Station

Moron Railroad Station is located in Moron

Also known as the City of the Rooster (Ciudad del Gallo), it is the closest settlement to the isles of the King’s Gardens (Jardines del Rey) and Turiguano, a Dutch settlement founded in the sixties decade of the XIX century, and the lagoon of La Redonda (45 square kilometres) where there is an international fishing centre. These are places the visitor must see in the province. It features the remains of the Trocha fortresses from Júcaro to Morón, which were used by the Spanish in order to divide the island during the War of Independence, trying to avoid the insurrection fighting for Cuba’s freedom spreading to the west. In the local museum, there is an exhibit of archaeological pieces found in 1947. Near the city is the famous Milk Lagoon (Laguna de la Leche) that harbours wild fauna. Its milk like colour is due to deposits of sodium carbonate.

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Review about Architecture: Moron Railroad Station
Excellent Alice

Archicture Moron
One of the architectural gems in mellow Morón is the town's railway station, which was built in the 1920s. It looks exactly as it did nearly a century ago, and makes a great photo shot. Next door is the town's municipal museum, giving you something to do after viewing the station

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