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  • Cadillac Hotel View details

    Cadillac Hotel
    Very good 1 Reviews

    The historic Cadillac Hotel was rescued and re-opened in late 2008, after languishing and idle for decades. Great care has been taked to restore it to its orginal state and with period style fixtures,…

    • Destination: Las Tunas
    • Address From: Calle Colon esq. a Francisco Vega, Las Tunas, Cuba.
    • Telephone: (5331) 37279


  • Rancho Club Hotel View details

    Rancho Club Hotel
    Very good 0 Reviews

    Located only a few minutes away from the city’s central historical area and characterized by its incomparable landscape value and its accessibility to different places of interest, this singular…

    • Destination: Santiago de Cuba
    • Address From: Carretera Central , Km 4, Altos de Quintero
    • Telephone: (5322) 663202/663280


  • Villa Bayamo Hotel View details

    Villa Bayamo Hotel
    Very good 1 Reviews

    Hotel Villa Bayamo, This hotel is located in the suburban area of Bayamo, surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Also, it offers lodging in comfortable houses and an exquisite service that is crowned by…

    • Destination: Granma
    • Address From: Manzanillo Road 5 km. Bayamo, Granma, Cuba
    • Telephone: (5323) 423102


  • Punta la Cueva Hotel View details

    Punta la Cueva Hotel
    Very good 0 Reviews

    This comfortable tourist facility is located on the east coast of Cienfuegos Bay, which turns it into one of the city’s most pleasant spots. It’s a quiet place, surrounded by gardens, with…

    • Destination: Cienfuegos city
    • Address From: Carr. a Rancho Luna , Km 3 y Circunvalacion Carr. a Punta la Cueva, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
    • Telephone: (5343) 513956


  • Ciego de Avila Hotel View details

    Ciego de Avila Hotel
    Very good 1 Reviews

    Its privileged location, near the center of the city of Ciego de Ávila, provides easy access to the region’s history, culture and nature. Rooms have all you need for a good rest. In the evening,…

    • Destination: Ciego de Avila
    • Address From: Carretera de Ceballo, Km 2, Ciego de Avila, Cuba
    • Telephone: (5333) 228013


  • Santiago Habana Hotel View details

    Santiago Habana Hotel
    Very good 0 Reviews

    This cozy facility is located in the heart of the city of Ciego de Avila, a few meters away from the Coliseo Teatro, the Jose MartiCentral Park, and the shopping center of the city’s historical…

    • Destination: Ciego de Avila
    • Address From: Honorato Castillo, esq. a Carretera Central
    • Telephone: (5333) 225703


  • Deauville Hotel View details

    Deauville Hotel
    Very good 43 Reviews

    The Deauville Hotel, located in the heart of Havana and across from the famous Malecón Avenue (seaside promenade). It is 15 kilometers away from José Martí International Airport.…

    • Destination: Havana City
    • Address From: Galiano esq/ Malecon.Ciudad Habana.
    • Telephone: 537 8668148


  • Mercure Sevilla Hotel View details

    Mercure Sevilla Hotel
    Very good 6 Reviews

    One of Havana’s Oldest hotels (the establishment turned 100 in March of 2008), the Sevilla has many stories to tell and is privileged in more ways than one. A popular meeting place for Cuban high…

    • Destination: Havana City
    • Address From: Trocadero No 55, Old Havana, Cuba.
    • Telephone: 53 7 8608560
  • Villa Gaviota Santiago Hotel View details

    Villa Gaviota Santiago Hotel
    Very good 0 Reviews

    • Destination: Santiago de Cuba
    • Address From: Ciudad Santiago de Cuba
    • Telephone: (53 22) 64 1368


  • Chateau Miramar Hotel View details

    Chateau Miramar Hotel
    Very good 12 Reviews

    The Boutique Chateau Miramar Hotel is located in the Havana residential neighborhood of Miramar, just a few meters from the sea, in an area where most commercial firms and diplomatic missions have their…

    • Destination: Havana City
    • Address From: Playa Avenida 1ra, Miramar,La Habana
    • Telephone: (537) 204-1952 al 57


  • Comodoro Hotel View details

    Comodoro Hotel
    Very good 43 Reviews

    “ In the the sea...Bliss in the Tropics…”. Thus read the original advertising of this Hotel Complex, that nowadays constitute the Flagship of Cubanacán Hotels. Open…

    • Destination: Havana City
    • Address From: Ave.3ra.y calle 84, Miramar,La Habana.
    • Telephone: (537) 204-5551 / 54


  • Copacabana Hotel View details

    Copacabana Hotel
    Very good 43 Reviews

    The hotel is located in the residential neighborhood of Miramar, where it harmonically integrates into the urban environment, giving a touch of class to that Havana area. It is close to the offices of…

    • Destination: Havana City
    • Address From: Ave. 1ra. No. 4404 e/ 44 y 46, Miramar, Playa. Ciudad de La Habana.
    • Telephone: (537)204 10 37


  • La Union Hotel View details

    La Union Hotel
    Very good 44 Reviews

    Built in, only 50 years after the foundation of the City of Cienfuegos, and refurbished in 2000 maintaining the neoclassical style that the French settlers brought to the City. Hotel La Union is without…

    • Destination: Cienfuegos Ciudad
    • Address From: Calle 31 esquina A-54, Cienfuegos, Cienfuegos, Cuba
    • Telephone: (53432) 55-1020


  • Las Cuevas Hotel View details

    Las Cuevas Hotel
    Very good 42 Reviews

    Hotel Las Cuevas, mainly composed by cabins, has a privileged location in the historical center of Trinidad city. Facing the oldest areas of one of the first seven villages founded by the Spaniards in…

    • Destination: Trinidad
    • Address From: Finca Santa Ana Sancti Spiritus
    • Telephone: (53419) 6133 al 35


  • Horizontes Los Caneyes Hotel View details

    Horizontes Los Caneyes Hotel
    Very good 43 Reviews

    Caneyes Village it’s located at the entrance of Santa Clara city, it’s architecture recreates a village of Cuban aboriginal inhabitants and it’s surrounded of an extensive natural landscape.…

    • Destination: Villa Clara
    • Address From: Ave. Eucaliptos y Circunvalacion, Santa Clara, Cuba.
    • Telephone: (5342) 21-8140, al 43


  • Versalles Hotel View details

    Versalles Hotel
    Very good 11 Reviews

    To the southern part of Santiago de Cuba, just at few minutes from downtown Versalles hotel is located. From its priviliged geographical location, the visitor can enjoy a special view of the city, with…

    • Destination: Santiago de Cuba
    • Address From: Alturas de Versalles km 1/2 Santiago de Cuba
    • Telephone: 53 22 686039


  • Hostal Plaza Hotel View details

    Hostal Plaza Hotel
    Very good 2 Reviews

    Plaza Inn is one of the places of excellence to lodge in the wonderful city of Sancti Spíritus, distinguish itself due to a simple and attractive decoration that is in harmony with the architecture…

    • Destination: Sancti Spiritus
    • Address From: Calle Independencia No.1 esq. a Ave. Martires
    • Telephone: (5341) 27-102


  • Mascotte Hotel View details

    Mascotte Hotel
    Very good 1 Reviews

    Mascotte Inn it’s a small building located in the county of Villa Clara, specifically in the City of Remedies, scenario of the famous sprees. It possesses a colonial architectural style and decorations…

    • Destination: Villa Clara
    • Address From: Maximo Gomez No. 114, Remedios
    • Telephone: (5342) 39-5144


  • Kholy Hotel View details

    Kholy Hotel
    Very good 25 Reviews

    The Kohly hotel is in 28A and / 49A and 49C in Kohly, Playa municipality, Havana, next to Havana Forest, a green strip of exuberant and beautiful vegetation that crosses part of the city . It is located…

    • Destination: Havana City
    • Address From: Ave. 28A e/ 49A y 49C, Kohly. Ciudad Habana. Cuba
    • Telephone: (53 7)204 0240 204 9232


  • El Bosque Hotel View details

    El Bosque Hotel
    Very good 26 Reviews

    El Bosque Hotel is located at a few-minute drive from downtown Havana, on the banks of the Almendares River, in a quiet sector of the city characterized by exuberant vegetation and known as Havana

    • Destination: Havana City
    • Address From: Calle 47 y 36 Rpto Kohly.
    • Telephone: (537) 204 9232


  • Caribbean Hotel View details

    Caribbean Hotel
    Very good 1 Reviews

    It is located on the street known as Paseo del Prado, very near to the historical quarter of the city or Old Havana. The hotel maintains a personalized service thatgives it a homelike touch, very appropriate…

    • Destination: Havana City
    • Address From: Prado #164 e/ Colon y Refugio,Habana Vieja
    • Telephone: (537) 8608241


  • Lincoln Hotel View details

    Lincoln Hotel
    Very good 23 Reviews

    Built in 1926 and located on the border of both, Havana’s historical quarter and modern area and just few steps away from the famed Havana malecon or seaside wall, this hotel is proud of its years…

    • Destination: Havana City
    • Address From: Virtudes No. 164 esq. a Galiano, Centro Habana, Havana, Cuba
    • Telephone: (53 7)862 80 61/65


  • Lido Hotel View details

    Lido Hotel
    Very good 35 Reviews

    Because of its location, it is an open door to the charms of Habana Vieja or Old Havana. A short walk will take the visitor to the Gran Teatro de La Habana (Havana’s Grand Theater), the Museo de…

    • Destination: Havana City
    • Address From: Calle Consulado e/ Animas y Trocadero. Centro Habana. Ciudad de La Habana
    • Telephone: (53 7)867 1102


  • Santa Clara Libre Hotel View details

    Santa Clara Libre Hotel
    Very good 13 Reviews

    Situated at the very center of the city of Santa Clara, facing the Leoncio Vidal park and flanked by La Caridad Theater, the Museum of Decorative Arts and the Jose Marti library. An hour’s drive…

    • Destination: Villa Clara
    • Address From: Parque Leoncio Vidal 6 e/ Trista y Padre Chao, Villa Clara, Cuba
    • Telephone: (53 42)20 75 48


  • Hanabanilla Hotel View details

    Hanabanilla Hotel
    Very good 14 Reviews

    Situated on the shores of Lake Hanabanilla, in the Sierra del Escambray mountain range - the largest mountains in the center of the island- this is the perfect hotel to leave city stress behind. Nestled…

    • Destination: Villa Clara
    • Address From: Salto de Hanabanilla, Manicaragua, Villa Clara, Cuba.
    • Telephone: (5342) 202399 / 208550 / 202699