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Arenas Blancas Hotel, Varadero Beach Cuba. 4 stars.

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  • Destination: Varadero Beach
  • Address: Calle 64 e/ 1ra Ave y Autopista, Varadero. Matanzas. Cuba.
  • Phone: (53 45) 614450/614460
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Arenas Blancas Hotel Cuba

    The Arenas Blancas Hotel is an All-Inclusive establishment located by the seashore in Varadero Beach. The establishment, which consists of beautiful buildings and attractive gardens, is very close to downtown Varadero, so guests have easy access to the city

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  • Room facilities
    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
  • Facilities

    24 hrs. emergency medical service, babysitting, beauty salon, bell boy, bikes, board games, buffet, business centre, car parking, car rental, conference rooms, cyber cafe, disabled facilities, discotheque, grill, gym, hotel shop, laundry & dry cleaning service 24 hrs., luggage storage, massage, money exchange, motorized water sports, multi-language staff, no smoking rooms, Piano bar, post office, Reception 24 hrs., room services 24 hrs., safety deposit box in room, satellite tv, sauna, scuba diving center, Solarium, swimming pool, taxis, tennis courts, theme Restaurants, tourism bureau,

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    Review about Arenas Blancas Hotel
    Awfull Cuteis

    Very Bad
    I just came back from Arenas Blancas 4 days ago and unfortunately it was the most horrible resort my group had ever seen. When we got there it took them over 4 hours to have our rooms ready, in that time we were forced to stay in our travel cloths (hot track pants) and leave our bags in the lobby because they refused to store them for us. When we actually did get our rooms, we found 2 double beds when we requested 1 king size bed, the t.v was broken,we had a huge rust stain in our bathtub,the pictures on the wall had broken glass in them. Not a "4 star resort" They say that what is in your mini fridge is "complementary" mean when that's gone..that's it. We drank all our water within the first 24 hours and they threw away our bottles so we could not refill them, the bar doesn't provided bottled water and the hotel refuses to provide anymore bottled water. The food was the most vile crap I have ever encountered. If someone served it to me in Canada I would throw it at them! We tried to book a la carte restaurants the day after we arrived and they told us we could only book 1 of the 3 because they were all booked, i don't know when they expected us to book these restaurants but.....welcome to Cuba..where the customer is always wrong. Once we got to the a la carte restaurant we quickly realized it was the exact same gut wrenching food they serve at the buffet only now at least there's good service. You can't sit in the buffet with being nearly carried away by flies. Late one night we found cockroaches coming from the snack bar (the only decent place to eat) The grill, pasta bar, and any other cooking utensils are absolutely filthy! If you have any type of food allergy or sensitive stomach..stay away from this resort.. they have cross contamination like you would not believe. "What do you mean you don't want raw fish on your raw chicken" We tipped every service person we came into contact with and they were still rude! I work in the service industry and typically you get a tip when the service was good-excellent. The Cuban people act like assholes at best and still think they deserve a tip! Our towels and sheets were not changed at all through the week. By the end of our trip we might as well slept in the sand, which might not be such a bad idea since my boyfriends extremities are completely covered in bites from god knows where from this filthy resort! We came home and he has not been able to work for 4 days due to the horrible bites and staph infection he acquired at Arenas Blancas. Because of my groups experience here it's safe to say I wouldn't send my worst enemy to this resort. I think anyone who liked this place must have severely low standard and/or sniffing glue.

    Poor Hilly

    We just returned from Arenas Blancas on Jan 30. This hotel has gone downhill since the last time we visited 2 years ago. Lets start with the food. The food was disappointing at the least. Not much variety, unless you like fish, which seemed to be served at almost every meal, except breakfast. Now, I know you don't go to Cuba for the food, but at least you should have some variety. The best part of each meal, was the bread.............its incrediable There is a lot of theft on this resort. I left a $250 pair of sandals of the beach, while we were helping the beach guy stack the beach chairs. We walked away and I remembered them about 20 minutes later. I walked back to the beach and the guy never saw them. ............yeah right. I offered a reward to the pool and beach staff to get them back, but it never happened even though you could tell by talking to them, that either they had them or they knew who did. I met a lady that had left her sunglasses on the table in the buffet, she walked to the elevator about 100 feet away, remembered them, went back, and they were gone and the staff never saw them. Tourists would never steal sandals or sunglasses as they usually bring their own.

    Average Cripian

    We was at Arenas Blancas from July 19th to July 24th. my kids enjoyed their time very much at the sandy beach. the pool is huge and clean. food is ok. clean. but they will close the lobby bar at nights. but pool bar is open 24 hours. some staffs are very friendly but most of them having a communiction problem. this is the second time for us to be at cuba. last year we was at cayo co co. very friendly people. almost every one of them there was friendly. we was little disappointed about that.

    Very good elena

    I stayed at arenas blancas in january it was the best time of my life. i met the sexiest cuban woman ever . she made my trip very memerable. the food was exelent ask for the entertainer tricky nicky he will make sure you have the best crabs in cuba

    Very good noel

    It's Beautiful!!!
    Our first trip to Cuba (previous trips to Jamaica and Mayan) and would recommend this resort; the Arenas Blancas joined with Barcelo Solymar which makes the grounds expansive with three wonderful pools, lots of restaurants and bars. Food acceptable, something for everyone and the room was just fine for all the time you spend in it. Coffee is amazing. Scooter rental big hit, roads not very busy and Veradero markets fun with unintrusive vendors.Banking very convenient in Arenas. Communication does not seem to be their strong point but you're on holidays so take time to figure it out yourself! Would recommend Havana day trip and the Catamaran trip to Cayo Blanco was a blast.

    Very good homero

    A super hotel
    I can only assume that things have changed for the better since some of the previous reviews were written, because we had an excellent time at Arenas Blancas from December 30, 2010 to January 6, 2011. The rooms were clean, the elevators reliable, the food was decent, and the staff personable. We were fortunate to have had great weather. There were items in our room that could use repair, but nothing was so bad as to be unacceptable. We did not get clean towels in our room until the last day, but fresh good-quality beach towels could be obtained from the pool kiosk. I think attitude is an important factor in Cuba. To have a good experience you need to embrace the positives (beautiful beach, safe surroundings, clean bed, interesting culture and people talking to one another instead of texting on their cellphones) and let go of the little irritants. I will return.

    Very good Doris

    Our Vacation
    Beautiful beach, pool and grounds. The ocean was warmer than the pool. The Solymar hotel part of the beach was more lively, the Arenas Blancas more laid back.

    Very good Maria

    Always something to eat. Good strong coffee. Not the same as home or anything I wanted to gorge on, but that's a good thing, isn't it?

    Very good Julia

    Crown Jewel
    Clean, somewhat in need of repair but basically okay. Hotel staff were willing to fix things if they could. Be polite. Nice view from oceanside fourth floor balcony.

    Very good Liliane

    We have stayed at this resort 5 times and they treat you well,food is cuban and good. A little respect to the people goes a long way as they are very polite and courtious. Any one who wants the ritz should stay home, go and enjoy the people and the country.

    Very good Gerritsen

    Very Good
    Buffet always has something for everyone unless you are a picky eater. alacartes are very good. Bar staff are friendly if you know how to say please and thank you

    Very good Carl

    Nice Hotel
    we love this country and the resort treats us very good and the staff are friendly. Don't believe all you hear.

    Very good Gelly

    The beach is amazing. All 20 kms of it is groomed every night and the water is clear and clean. You have the lifeguards trying to sell you cigars which are either stolen or made from bannana leaves. You can buy them single or by the box. The problem with buyiing them by the box, if you are thinkng of taking them home, is you had better have a reciept if you get stopped at customs on the way home. The pool is kept clean . the only problem with the pool is they have way too many lawn chairs around it. You are side by side and have no room the move. They don't have pool bar service or recreational entertainment during the day

    Very good Frank

    Nice Vacations
    This hotel has gone downhill since the last time we visited 2 years ago, It doesn't matter where we went in Varadero, everyone was trying to rip you off. From trying to charge you tax, which doesn't exist in Cuba, to removing price tags if they see you looking at something, then raising the price when you ask about the item, they are all out to try and rip you off, which is very disappointing to say the least, and is the main reason we will not be visiting Cuba in the near future

    Very good Regla

    The animators were great...except when the weather was cold they seemed to have disappeared lol. After the show that starts at around 10, the animators announced which club was popular for that night and would invite anyone who wants to go to meet in the lobby at 11:30 ish. If you go to varadero to have a fun time...which me and my friends did...then you have to go to the clubs outside the hotel. Every night was a different club and they were all so much fun filled with both tourists and cubans. The streets are super safe so no worries there. The clubbing made the vacation absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!

    Very good Victor

    I spend my vacations there
    The Arenas Blancas Hotel is an All-Inclusive establishment located by the seashore in Varadero Beach. The establishment, which consists of beautiful buildings and attractive gardens, is very close to downtown Varadero, so guests have easy access to the city's daily life. Guests can enjoy the fine sand, hot Cuban sun and crystal-clear waters of the world-famous beach, a true privilege in the tourism industry.

    Awfull jose g

    “Could it get worse”
    We stayed at the Barceló Solymar Beach Resort in Varadero Cuba between Oct 4 2014 to Oct 11 2014. This was our first time at this resort and what an eye opener this was. We arrived late Sat night Oct 4 and we were assigned our room. And that?s where the nightmare began, the room we had the first night was dirty and the door handle to the patio door was broken. On the second day we were given another room 1334 the view got better but that was it. This room was so dirty there was a layer of dust on everything, from the coffee pot to the tray in the bathroom. I spoke to the maid and asked if she could clean the room. I was told that she would do a nice job and she never did. The sofa in the room was so badly damaged and disgusting that we were afraid to sit on it or even put any clothes on it. The maid was always asking for hand outs, for things in our room (make up/hair products), to as far as hiding my girlfriends sandals under the bed the night before we were to leave. This will be the first time of my 7 visits that I say anything bad about food in Cuba but this hotel by far has the worst food in all of Cuba. I got sick from the food and only ate in the hotel restaurant 3 times, 2 of the 3 times we had cockroaches run off our plates onto the table we were eating at. The cockroaches were in the food. The food/drink bar by the pool catered to what looked like anyone that was a local (friends/family/co-workers) giving food/drinks/alcohol before serving anyone else. We would often see workers leaving restaurants/bars with things under their clothes. At one time there were about 10 people waiting for food including myself and what seemed to be about 30 meat patties on the grill, the cook served 3 Latin speaking woman that showed up out of no were all the meat patties and told those waiting the grill was closed. It is nice to hear that locals are allowed to enjoy their local riches of their country, and I wish I had nice things to say about that but I don?t. Every time my girlfriend and I went to get a drink we would be ignored because they would be too busy serving locals, some would be families and friends of the employees working at the hotel. When we could order a drink they would be out of the ingredients for any drink other than beer or rum. On several occasions we witnessed workers passing bottles of alcohol to people where they would put it in a bag and watched them leave the hotel with it. Because we were late arrivals on Sat Oct 4 we were told that on the day we leave we will be given a hospitality suite to shower and change before we leave for the airport at 7 pm on Sat Oct 11. So on our last day we enjoyed ourselves and at 5 pm we went back to the hotel to get ready, so when we asked for the hospitality room at the front desk we were directed to the gym change rooms. I said to the receptionist that we were told that we would be given a room to get ready and she said that that was the room. My girlfriend and I went to see what this room was and why was I surprised, this had been a trip of one bad experience after another. So what the hotel calls excitable for guests to wash up and change in was a workout room were men are working out in a very 60?s looking gym, and woman?s change room on one side and men on the other side, with no privacy at all. The change rooms are very dirty and smelled like an animal had died a week before. I went back to the front desk and waited a long time to get the front desk workers attention and when I did she referred me to the day manager. This is where it gets good; I was asked what seems to be the problem? By the manager, I explained that we were promised a hospitality room to clean up and change before we were to leave for the airport. This is what the guests get to change the manager tells me, I asked, so when guests arrive and are promised are hospitality room before they leave a week later you miss lead them by letting them think that it?s a hotel room they get to clean up. The manager replies ?sorry but this is all we have?. I replied ?this is unacceptable and that you and your staff miss lead us by letting us believe that we would get a hotel room to freshen up before leaving for the airport?. All that fell on deaf ears. We never changed and arrived home wearing the same clothes we had on that Saturday we left. In my 7th visits to Varadero, Cuba, this has been the worst trip and all had to do with the stay at Barcelo Solymar Beach Resort. This resort is dirty, the people that work there are rude and the management is very unprofessional. Barcelo Resorts are not being represented to the best that they say they are in this resort. If anything this was a 2 star resort at best, and if that?s what Barcelo wants? and don?t care then that?s fine. But don?t promote yourself and your resort to be anything more than that. I am done traveling to Varadero, Cuba and will not ever stay at a Barcelo resort anywhere.

    Awfull Karine T

    “What happened between 2012 and 2014 ? ”
    This trip was our second visit to the Arenas Blancas. We liked it so much in December 2012 that we went with 4 friends. What a disapointment !!! We were always under the impression to disturb the staff either at the front desk, the bars, the restaurants. Nobody smiled of even thanks us for the tips we gave. Our friends had water in their bedroom three days before our departure ; nothing had been settle when we left. I do not recommend this place anymore and I will tell everybody to not go.

    Average Lorna F

    “disappointed ”
    Stayed in bungalow suite. Roomy but in need of renovations and updating as is most of the hotel. Solymar is definitely for younger crowd, very noisy music well into late evening. Major water problems in our area off and on for four days. Food is average for Cuba. Staff were very friendly and helpful, particularly the front desk. Would suggest Arenas Blancas a better choice for middle aged and older crowd. We don't feel this hotel should be given a 4* rating.

    Average Lenora T

    “Meh... ”
    Stayed at the arenas Blanca side of this hotel. Very basic. Clean. Food for Cuba not bad. Nice and close to Varadero so easy to go for a walk. Beaches are amazing. This is a party hotel - so if you are looking for rowdy this is a place to go. Take a towel with you. Beach towels are a hard commodity to come by and chances of getting a fresh one each day is slim.

    Average PJdogcat

    “Stay at 1 play at both ! ”
    Stayed Nov 13th to 20th 2014 w/ two buddies. Booked Sunwing $770.00 3 hr delay ! Did not arrive till 1:30 AM! Booked Arena Blancas, but was transferred to Solymar due to we needed three beds. Big thanks to Tatiana at front desk for the transfer! If you book Sunwing, your beach towels are in your room. Solymar is blue and Blancas is green towels. Solymar is the more adult party place. Arena Blancas is more family orientated, but you get to use both facilities, so bonus! Disco and late night bar and outdoor party bar by pool is at Solymar. You walk from one resort to other from outside past main pool to the middle quiet pool then to next resort pool. Bank exchange - connected outside of Arena Blancas entrance. Better exchange rate than hotel!Keep to left sidewalk upon leaving. They only allow two or three people doing business at any given time. Clubs - two blocks, keep right from Arena Blancas, which is walking distance. Calle 64 - outdoor party place Havana Club - turn left at 64 and you can see Havana Club at end of road! $5 peso entrance and $3 peso drinks. Typical disco with laser lights and DJ. Packed by 11:30pm. FYI - Girls are required to check in their purses, so be aware! Beatles - about two blocks past Calle 64. Outdoor, live band venue. No entrance charge - Hieneken $3.00 Packed by 10:30 - 11:00pm. Bands sings various cover songs from variety of rock and roll bands - U2, AC/DC, Rolling Stones ( nice change from the latin resort music!) The Cave - open Mondays. Need a cab for this! Great Havana style floor show with singers and dancers to start the evening, then it turns into a disco - they place great EDM ! Only place I found Corona available $3.00 pesos La Rumba - 3km away, so need a cab! No Corona. Does not even gets busy till 12:00AM! Another disco, but plays more EDM than Havana club. WiFi - like everyone says! Wifi is crap here! Still 2G and costs $4.00 pesos for 1hr use. Cellular - If you bought text and talk package from Rogers for $50.00 or $70.00, there was no issues with Cubacell. Just remember, you need to add +1 to call Canada! Left my cell on airplane mode till need to text or call to not incur additional data roaming charges or unwanted calls! Shopping mall - only one is located down by approx - Calle #45. Version of Cuban dept. store located down by Calle#41 Food & Drink - Best restaurant meal was the Seafood Rest. reservations required! Full Lobster dinner and $6.00 peso bottle of wine. Book all ala carts early and take what you can get! Mexican rest. next to Arena Blancas buffet does not require reservations, but gets full by 7:00pm for line up. Don't bother with Asian restaurant ! slow service and below average sushi. Both Buffets were on par average, including outdoor buffet by beach at Arena Blancas. Good Pizza. Hot Dogs and fries at both outdoor cafe,bars by both resort pools! The only decent expresso was at the Atrium cafe in Solymar, but Blancas made better specialty coffees with liquour. Rooms - AC works! Just make sure you switch on the lever at bottom of Thermostat. They ran out of Bath towels for several days, so maid left hand towels! We ended up using our beach towels and exchange them several times per day! Beds are brutal. No support for your back. If you are at Arena Blancas, your couch is a pull out bed, if needed! Water pressure was okay, not great on 2nd floor Solymar. Shampoo, conditoner and body wash dispenser in shower stall. There are bungalow suites at Solymar, that I heard are quite spacious, if you want to upgrade? Well, that's the skinny! Met some great people & made new friends from various provinces! Partied and got much needed R&R, so no complaints! Remember to Play Bingo at Arena Blancas at 2:30pm to win a bottle of Cuban Rum, I did! Remember, it does rain in Cuba, so take full advantage of the Sun and the calm beautiful sea, when it's that perfect day! There are schools of fish right there for you! Don't get too attached to the homeless dogs and cats on the resort, they have survived, because they are smarter than you! LOL Hola and remember to tip and bring small gifts for the hardworking staff! Dogcat out!

    Very good BJ S

    “Barcelo Solymar Arenas Blancas ”
    I travelled to this hotel Nov 6 2014 for a week. I had looked at You Tube and read other reviews and chose November because I was sure the University, High School grads would be tucked away in school. The impression I had was the Solymar was Jersey Shore on steroids. I think it is in the season from Dec to May/June. In the summer its busy there with local people. The weather was great only one day with a bit of rain sunny most days and temps of high 28 and lows of 20C. There were lots of European tourists at this time. The only really bad thing I can say is the beach chairs need to be replaced. The property of both Arenas and Soylmar are impeccable, beautiful. I found the service really good I asked to change my room as it was close to the open lobby ceiling and i could hear the band in the lobby at night, and they moved me no problem asap. I was going to upgrade to a bungalow just to be close to the beach once I got there but decided to stay in my room it was quiet, clean ocean view and the maid was terrific. I will do that when I go back. The food was okay I dont live to eat...I eat to live and stay active. The breakfasts are great, I eat food grilled in front of me, try to avoid food that sits a long time. But really ever been to a Chinese all you can eat in Canada???? that food sits around in a buffet... so dont tell me thats a Cuban thing. Its not home you are in another country... the food was good...really. I like to go out to a Cuban spot a few times and theres a few good ones close. Running on the beach was great in the am. The music at Calle 62. There is a big night life for the tourists is you like that. Im going back to to the Arenas next time cause it is a family focus and the kiddies in the pool go to sleep at night. I thought this place was great I'd go back.Love the Cuban people. I dont do tours any more just relax and I got that here. Thumbs up to this place for sure, was not at all like I worried it would be. Real quality in every aspect of a vacation.

    Excellent Mark Anthony L

    “Wow wow wow, ”
    I just returned from another great vacation at Barcelo Arenas Blancas, although some of the staff was new the management treated me amazingly, special thanks to Pedro in reservation on my birthday dinner, going to Arenas Blancas is like returning home to visit family, without them asking you for money and your clothes and shoes, lol, I did not get my favourite room, but I got a great room overlooking the pool and Ocean. The buffet was great, wonderful selection, the seafood restaurant was great, although I had to wait an extra 1.5 hours to eat. The people before us was having so much fun laughing and talking it took what seems like forever to eat. The sun was wonderful, the beach was so relaxing, again I returned home happy and excited to start working overtime so I can returned to Arenas blancas in February, great great great resort, this was my 30th visit to Cuba, 7 different resorts, but whenever I visit varadero. I return home to Arenas blancas, thanks again to all the wonderful people,

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