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Sunbeach Hotel, Varadero Beach Cuba. 3 stars,

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  • Destination: Varadero Beach
  • Address: Calle 17 e/ 1ra y 3ra, Varadero, Cuba.
  • Phone: (5345) 667490
  • Accept child:Yes
  • $ No pricePer person
  • Description: Sunbeach Hotel Cuba

    This family hotel is located in the best coast line of Varadero beach. Its infrastructure is a combination of both modernity and comfort. 272 air-conditioned rooms with private bathroom, telephone, radio, satellite television and mini-bar (upon request); out of them 127 with balcony or terrace. Restaurant with buffet, 2 bars, snack bar, shop, executive hall, swimming pool for children and adults, money exchange, safe-deposit box, tourism bureau, taxis, parking lot, facilities for handicapped, post office and medical services.

  • Mapa de Sunbeach Hotel

  • Room facilities
    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
  • Facilities

    24 hrs. emergency medical service, business centre, car parking, conference rooms, disabled facilities, hotel shop, laundry & dry cleaning service 24 hrs., luggage storage, no smoking rooms, room services 24 hrs.,

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    Review about Sunbeach Hotel
    Awfull Rowfin2014

    “Never again...”
    I went with 3 friends for a week Feb 26-Mar 5, 2014. Pro's: The beach - it was across the street which was less than ideal, but a nice area, they have a dessert called a Flam (flaun) it was the only thing in the buffet I cold eat by the last day. That is it. Cons: Old, run down and in desperate need of updating, buffet was boring and the same every day - literally so pack alot of snacks in your luggage! The service was slow and the staff unfriendly for the most part and often would have conversations while you stood waiting for service. The snack bar" served 2 things - pizza and hamburgers and was SLOW, if you spoke Spanish they would serve you before any other guests and hold minutes long conversations with them instead of filling your order. 1 umbrella at the pool...that is it, so get up at the crack of dawn if you want shade at the pool, the beach is not much better with 3, but there are some trees you can use..we had to be at the beach at 6:45am daily to reserve one of the shaded spots, otherwise you were out of luck. There is no bar on the beach you have to walk back to another spot - it is not far but not convenient. The entertainment was sad - a magic show that spent 15 minutes showing us how a man can untie knots in a rope - the first and last show we watched. They are stingy with toilet paper, so bring some when you leave your room, the hotel bathrooms run out and they do not replace. Beach towels were not easily replaced, we had to wait 3 days before we could get a clean one and that was after my friend refused to leave the desk without one so they sent a staff to pick some up - he came back with only 10. Not a place for kids, nothing to do aside from swim - and for adults NOTHING to do at night other than the boring show - the staff costumes were ripped and in terrible shape as well which took away from the show. We paid $530 for 7 nights so all in all we had a nice beach and drinks so not bad, we met other Canadians who paid 800+ and when they found out what we paid we even more angry. Nobody we met said they would return to this hotel. Sadly, none of our group want to return to Cuba. Gorgeous beaches yes, but that alone won't bring me back.

    Awfull Jelena R

    “Horror! ”
    Worst hotel I have ever stayed in! Room was dirty the whole 4 days we were there, very noisy, stuff unhelpfull,safety deposit box was out of oreder, we couldnt get clean beach towels for 4 days, cleaning lady only came in to see if there is any tip for her-she didnt even give us clean towels-she would pick up dirty ones from the floor and put it back on the bed. Why on earth wouls I tip her??? First day on our arrival the toilet was dirty if you know what I mean. On any question or demand that we had-we got the answer "tomorrow" from the recepcion. That tomorrow never came. Food was disaster, they never have clean plates or glass, or anything...They never, ever smile...One day all caffe machines were broken-no coffe at all...Most of the times there were no most of the coctails at the bar. I havent seen one Mojito in that hotel. But I have seen cockroach. Big one. I will never ever go to Varadero again because of this hotel. We stayed in Cuba for 22 days, at casas and hotels, and every casa was better then this hotel.

    Awfull 2chikitas

    “stay away!!! ”
    i have been to alot of resorts all over cuba but this one was by far the worst ever, from the terrible food yes its cuban food but most resorts you can atleast find something to eat not there!! the airconditioner had to keep shut off it madde som much noice got up in the morning with a welcome pile of puke outside my door by a partier, it was just awfull also they had no drinks at all even ran out of beer!!! advertised as on the beach not!!! you had to cross the road and walk down a long path even to get to the beach i would not recomend this resort to anyone

    Awfull TPJG

    “To be avoided ”
    Tired looking hotel, deck access to rooms of a reasonable size which look grubby but are a actually spotlessly clean. Poor quality fixtures and fittings and no extras in the rooms. Clean towels and that is it. We arrives at lunch time. Food was being served in a room which was like a poor canteen, with no ambience. Food was actually unrecognisable and unidentifiable. Dinner was no better. Breakfast was good though and served in a much more pleasant room. We ate out and on our return discovered by over hearing another guest talking that there was no hot water in the whole hotel. So to reception who confirmed this and also said that it may be fixed next week. We moved out and cancelled the remainder of our stay and went elsewhere

    Awfull Monickh

    “Sunbeach and it's new manager ”
    I have been many times to Varadero, Cuba, always stayed at the Sunbeach and alwyas enjoyed it. BUT... they now have a new manager who does not fix anything. I was told by the staff that a few months ago they had a 1 of 3 boilers (for water) that broke. The staff was assuming it would get fixed, but no. Then a few days later boiler #2 broke. Still did not get fixed. And, of course, a few days later boiler #3 broke. So they had to evacuate everybody and bring them to another hotel. When I went last week they had no beach umbrella; they were all broken and not being fixed. The bar by the beach was not open. There were only 41 guests in the whole hotel. So, needless to say, not a big variety on the menu. I had brought my son, his girlfriend and my granddaughter as a Xmas present. I had told the kids that they would love it, always a bunch of people in the lobby by the bar, they would meet people their own age, same for my granddaughter... but no, the lobby was empty, the most I saw at the pool were 6 people (including us 4). The place was a ghost town... If this happened in Canada, the manager would have been kicked out real fast... but this is Cuba, another story. The staff is hoping the manager will be replaced in February. If I go back to Varadero I will definitely go to another hotel, but I will visit the Sunbeach to see if they have a new manager and if the place has improved because deep down I really like that hotel. The staff is excellent, always a smile and some have even become my friends. I feel bad for them because now there is no money to be made at that hotel since there are no guests. The place is also in desperate need of a coat of paint. So my advice is: for now avoid the Sunbeach but if you go to another hotel, go check to see if things have changed.

    Awfull paul237

    “please save that little bit more. ”
    omg do not go to this wife and i stayed here for 2 weeks.we thought we got our selfs a real bargin.big mistake number 1.number 2 we should of read the reviews.the place is falling to bits we were on the 7th floor in 702.the room was fine and the maid did a great job,but the outside was crumbling away quiet scary to look at to.barman at pool bar ok and 1 waitres in buffet was ok the rest of them were rude.the food you wouldnt of fed it to your pets let alone humens.the smells that came from there was enough to mke you sick.this is not the first time weve been to cuba we got married in cuba last year so we knew the country.or so we thought russians are now the worst not the germans they every where and are rude intimidating.wots sader is that the cubans in varadero love them.restaurants are your best bet for some realy good food at realy cheap prices.if you want to see the best of cuba go to the cayos or playa pesscaio.the beech is the only good thing about this place.flew back on 11/10/2012.if you save just that little bit more you will get so much better.

    Poor kingpaddy99

    “Must be very cheap price to consider ”
    I will not go at this hotel paying more then 600$ for a week for the all-inclusive. The hotel is old, dirty and not well maintened. The don't have enough staff to give a good service and some of them should learn to smile, especially at the bar. The rooms were old, not that clean. The bathroom was in an excessive bad condition as well as the elevator. The buffet was below average, but the snack by the pool was good. The beach is located on the other side of the street, but it's not a problem. Paying more than 600$ for a week is way too much for what you get, but under that it will worth your money.

    Poor Dimitris A

    “Opt in for a casa ”
    Food offered as part of the "all inclusive" service was well below average (actually found mold in bed served with a sandwich). Beach sunbeds were too few for the customers of such a big hotel. Could offer cheaper non-all-inclusive rooms. A good casa would probably be a better selection.

    Poor Sylvanne_75

    “Hotel delapidated, but clean ”
    This hotel was clean, delapidated, 8th floor shower never had hot water, and very poor water pressure; however, on lower floors pressure was just fine. Food was very repetitive, but we never got sick on it, and could go out on the street and find very good restaurants not too expensive to cut the repetitiveness. If you like action at hotel, forget this one unless you are willing to go into Varadero to find a nightspot. I would never spend more than 500$ for a week here. However, it was much cleaner than any other place in Cuba, even including some 5 star hotels. Beach is across the street, but I never found any inconvenience to this. The pool was very cold, but clean. If you`re looking into a cheap vacation, it's not a bad place.

    Poor Annsab

    “Depends on who you are ... ”
    Food is food in Varadero. At Sunbeach : Simple, zero gastronomy but good. If you like to party, good place for you. Animation is so loud, forget going to bed early. Party is like in your room until 11pm. If you want to stay in bed late in the morning, forget it, dogs are barking all around the hotel starting at 7. 80% of the rooms have no balcony. Even if you ask for a room with a balcony when you make your reservations, you'll probably won't have one when you get there. If you argue with them night and day, you might end up changing rooms in the middle of the week if you're lucky. First room we got was really small on the 8th floor. Was not clean either. Second room was bigger and a bit cleaner. No smiles from staff unless you tip like crazy. You pay cheap, you get cheap. Go at the beach early to get your towels. This guy disapears constantly. I got my beach towel 3 days later. Not enough chairs for everyone, neither at the beach or at the pool. Personnaly, I thougt Villa Lamar was cheap but it's still much better there than Sunbeach. If I go back to Varadero, I'll go again to Villa Lamar. Be drunk at all times, you'll like Sunbeach. Good luck !

    Poor Qanknit

    “So glad we didn't take a longer trip this time! ”
    Food: beyond bland, though some of it is traditional cuban, minus the usual spices Restaurants: limited hours, don't oversleep! Bars: no one knew how to make a drinkable Spanish Coffee! Beds: we slept in two different rooms, so tried four beds/sets of pillows The beds were ... probably OK if you're a skinny youngster. We're far from skinny and we're 66. I slept, but awoke often to try to find a comfortable place where the springs and boards below them didn't bother as much. I've had more restful nights in my recliner! Service: excellent - towels changed daily; beds made daily; extra towels immediately upon request; fridge in room upon request (They call it a mini-bar, even though it's empty. I needed it to keep my insulin cold.) Big smiles from all the personel. However, it did take three nights of complaints about the shower leaking all over the wall before they finally unearthed a plumber, who fixed it in short order. (Broken pipe where the one attached to the shower-head connects to the one inside the wall.) Will we stay there again? Not if I have any say in the decision, and never again in summer! (I told him summer was not the best time, despite the lower price! NOW he believes me.) Beach and pool: One cannot cool off by entering the blood-warm water, only by getting wet and then finding a breezy, shady spot to let the water evaporate. Airconditioner: We ran it non-stop and kept the room at about 22C. I never checked what it was outside, but it was bleeping hot! Mosquitos: I saw one in our room, none outside, and - for a wonder! - did not get a single bite. :-) Amenities: there was a single, unwrapped-but-new small bar of soap in the room. We were given two more upon request. No shampoo, no hair dryer, no tissue paper (though there was toilet paper - kinda rough), no iron, no washcloth. Safe in room: NOT included; it cost 2CUC a night and was the smallest such I'd ever seen. It also works with a key, not a code you set for yourself. His camera only fit with the lens removed! I have no idea if things can be left at the front desk for safekeeping. Power: all the outlets I saw in the room were clearly labeled as 110V. (No blown hair-trimmer this time.) This was our third trip to Cuba and our first at Varadero. The food and comfort at the other two resorts was superior, even though they were located far from anything similar to a town. I got the distinct impression that one is expected to eat at the nearby restaurants rather than in the hotel's. We stayed from the 9th through the 15th of September, 2012.

    Poor Daniel S

    “Shocking start for a beautiful Cuba roundtrip ”
    After 11 hours of flying, imigration and 1 hours of car driving we finally ended up in the Sunbeach Hotel in Downtown Varadero. This hotel is far away from it's best times, no elevator was working and we had to pick up our luggage to the 8th floor. The room was ridiculously small and in very bad conditions, the air conditioner did not work at all. Worst thing was a significant smell which is generated by oil industry located close to Varadero downtown. After our roundtrip we came back the Varadero but more to the end of the peninsula --> If you want to enjoy some relaxing days you better pay a little more a go there.

    Average Brianne P

    “Definitely lower then 3 stars ”
    My friend and i stayed at Sunbeach for 7 days in february. Pros: good location. Right across the street from the beach. : nightly professional dancers are very talented : rooms are clean : great cappuccino : food not horrible for cuba Cons: the whole building and rooms need an upgrade. Very scary at first walk in. : elevators are the slowest ive ever witnessesed : if u need clean towels in ur room good luck. You have to complain to front desk : bar is sad. Only well drinks and beer. Dont expect fancy vacation drinks. Not even mojitos. : Nightly music ends at 11pm. But only starts at 945pm, then nothing to do : beds are as hard as a rock. :staff not very friendly. In one week I only found a handful of nice staff : Never any toilet paper in handsoap in lobby and poolside bathrooms : Pool looked yellow most days : window in bathroom over looks the neighbors balcony. So they could see u shower. My advise is spend the extra money to go somewhere else. Even if its for the alcohol. This hotel is definitely not a 3 star. If you do decide to stay, ask for a room with a balcony. A tad bit better then one without.

    Average Aneta L

    “february 2014 ”
    Me and my 3 friends visited Varadero 2 weeks ago. The location of the hotel is comfortable and beach amazing. We stayed 8 nights and paid 200 GBP. It did NOT rain even for 5 min. The hotel itself is old but the rooms surprisingly spacious. Service is very basic, very often not even hello or bye from reception staff! Rooms were not cleaned at all. The only thing cleaners did was to fold the bed sheet back on a bed. The sheets itself were maybe changed only once in 7 days! They gave us 1 tiny towel for 2 people and changed it every 2-3 days!! It happened very often that I had to go to reception to pick up a clean one. And when I left a dirty towel on the floor, they hung it back instead of changing it!!! I was located in a tower without a balcony. I had no problems with beach towels as was getting fresh ones from reception everyday (15CUC deposit). Food is boring and monotonous but its because of Communism I think. Restaurant staff brings drinks to the table which is great ,however plates and cutlery are missing all the time. DO NOT BOTHER to use internet as it does NOT work and is overpriced! I spent 8CUC and 1 hour on checking my email and trying to print 4 pages. NOT WORTH. In case you need anything extra, reception manager and people from the office are helpful. It is very loud in the rooms at night because of the show they do every night. In general , the stay was Ok but I would not pay more than i did.

    Average hipncool

    “Great Value But Where Are My Favorite Alcoholic Drinks.... ”
    Location is excellent. The hotel is right next to the Artist's Marketplace and is surrounded by numerous restaurants. We especially liked the restaurant Casa Du Chef on 14th ave which offered a complete lobster meal for the bargain price of 14 CUC. The hotel itself is average.Check-in was quick and going to our room (#437) we took one of the tiniest elevator ever! The room we stayed at had no balcony but it was a very large room (family suite) I should note that it was a bit noisy @ night due to its proximity to the stage area but the A/C drowned out the music. So, if you prefer a more quiet room, I would suggest getting a room in the other tower block. Food was of typical Cuban standards. The grill in the main dining room offered fish, shrimps and pork on alternating days. Service in the main dining room is @ a minimum. The reason for this is that there is only 3-4 waitresses to serve everyone. Its not their fault, I blame poor management. So, my companion and I just served ourselves. The choices @ the bar were disappointing. They served no Pina Colada and Mojitos. Basic rum with punch, beer or wine. That would be my only complaint about Sunbeach Hotel. I should add that access to the beach is very close by but if you would like to get a beach towel, you would need to leave a 15 CUC per towel as a deposit.

    Average Stepan L

    “Terrible bar service”
    Perfect value hotel, clean rooms, wide choice of food, but terrible bar service. The stuff was not very willing and had only liters of ron and beer, but no tradition cocktails which I expected in Cuba.

    Average Mike C

    This hotel is in a good downtown location, close to little shops and the beach is situated across the street. As for the service and cleanliness, its definitely average. The staff seemed uninterested when you arrive and aren't as friendly. But as time goes on and the more you tip, magically everyone becomes a little bit nicer. Food here is quite basic and if your picky don't go, as for someone flexible its good for value. The hotel is certainly between a 2.5 and 3 star in all areas. Special thanks to Mariela for keeping the room nice and clean. In the restaurant Anay, Tania, Daisy and Cindy were wonderful. One thing to note, the supervisors treat them like garbage at times, and the overall atmosphere suffers because of it. Was fun, but would not go back.

    Average W_Wyman_Toronto

    “Good value ”
    If you are looking for a budget hotel and are willing to accept the limitations this implies, you may be pleasantly surprised. We spent our first two days here before touring the country. For just over $100 per day we got an air conditioned room, all meals, access to pool and the marvelous Varadero beach, use of non-motorized water craft and endless free drinks at the lobby cafe/bar. This seemed to us like good value. Now for some of those limitations. We were surprised to find the staff had very limited fluency in English, and that most of the guests were from non-English speaking European countries - so we were kind of on our own. Every night it seems, there is a very loud open air dance - great for young folks I am sure, but not so much for us oldie mouldies. The biggest limitation in our view was the food. At first we thought this was our difficulty in adapting to Cuban cuisine, but after two weeks of travel round the country and some truly excellent meals we have to say that this place just doesn't make it food wise. We found the food to be edible (just) but I expect if we were staying for any length of time we would be eating out quite a bit. On the other hand, we really enjoyed the lobby bar/cafe where we had half a dozen really good free Cuban style cafe con leche. Most of the rooms seem to have balconies, but we arrived late in the day to a full hotel and got one of their least desirable rooms with no balcony and right by the exhaust from the kitchen. Still, we enjoyed our stay - after all we were there for the beach which is the same wherever you are staying. If you are an experienced budget traveler, I expect you will be fine.

    Average andoura

    “max 600 4 a week”
    The hotel is decent old but clean, big rooms, our third bed was very tiny, u cannot move the bathroom hudge, plenty of hot water, and always perfectly clean I don't give tips to the lady, but put every day some surprises for her or her kids, toothpaste, toys, etc.... if u are looking for a quiet place, I don't recommend this hotel, the animation is very loud at night, and it was playing inside our room until midnight, I am so glad I brought my ear plugs. Some tourist are also very noisy at night, talking very loud, no respect for the others, at any time, 1 or 2 in the morning. The food, is decent, u can always find something, as we don't eat much meat, we always found some black beens, chick peas, lot s of fresh vegetable, and cooked vegetables, u don't come to Cuba for the gastronomy, remember that, and thanks God for all the goodies you have at home. We always appreciate much more our luck, when we are in our country back. For 6 days we did not get butter in the morning, but we found a spreadable white cheese, so it was perfect, very good sort of hard cheese also, omelette eggs. Meat lovers are spoilded with bacon, and all kind of meat. The service is not very great, many will ignore you, we became friend with a nice lady, and he had an excellent service We always give tips, as we know, that Cuban are very poor, and tips will help them a lot I loved crossing the street to the beach, 3 mts for our room, and u can always see the lovely new car, and people are so nice, will always stop and let you cross. The beach was even closer from our room, then some resorts we visited, and we hat to walk 15 minutes to reach it As for the petrole smell, we had it twice, inside our room at night, but very acceptable. And trust me I as was soooooo stressed before leaving, as I am allergic to perfume and all chemical odors. I had no problem. Conclusion, I would go back, for under 600 a week, and ask for a room not in front of the stage

    Average Redrock55

    “Good Value for your money ”
    This was my third Trip to Cuba. Spent 2 weeks this time. Stayed at Sunbeach for for 0ne week then travelled to Cienfuegos and La Habana for the second. First I should say that I am not a big fan of all inclusive,Second point is that Cuba is a poor country, and there are shortages of everything at various times. Had booked a Balcony suite on a higher floor. As others mention it didn't happen. Got the 5th floor, no balcony. When I asked if I could be moved when something came available they said to ask the following morning. When I returned the next morning got the same story. Gave up at this point. People at front desk were not very friendly. Most of the rest of the staff were great. Tanya and Cindy in the Restaurant were awesome. and always wore big smiles. Food was aveage to poor, pretty much to be expected in a lower end AI in Cuba. Lineups were pretty long for food at times. However there are many decent restaurants in Vara where one can have a great meal for a very reasonable price (Lobster 12 cuc) . The Lady in the inside coffee bar, morning (forgot her name) was great. as was Osmando in the Afternoon Judy my maid was excellent and always left her a little gift and/or a tip. Beach is the best in Varadero nice and wide. lots of chairs available. The Evening entertainment was pretty poor. but they try. the Bartenders appreciate a little tip and will give you excellent service if you do. Overall Sunbeach is OK , The place definately could use a serious makeover,to get rid of that early 60s look. you won't starve ,but much room for improvement in food department. great staff, awesome beach , fair location. For the price $600-$800 cdn a week this is good value. If you are looking for a 4-5 Star this is not your place

    Average Garry W

    “Good value for the money. ”
    Stayed March 10-17th,2013. Hotel is definitely run down but then so is everything else in Cuba. Our room had no balcony but was clean. We were on 5th floor, room 503, no balcony. Even number rooms have balconies, odd numbers don't. Ask for an even number when checking in. Walked up stairs most times but both elevators worked fine all week. No bugs of any kind all week. We had hot water most of the time. Beds were comfortable for us but not plush. AC worked fine. Kept it on at night to circulate air and keep outside noise out. We did experience a gasoline smell a couple of mornings around 3am (kind of strong). We knew this ahead of time and brought a plug-in air freshener which took care of that. There is oil drilling close by so the smell must be coming from there. Other resorts smell it too so it's not only Sunbeach. Staff are not the friendliest. Bartenders could smile more often. Food is OK but not great. Neither of us were sick. We never went hungry but we also never over ate. Lineups for the grill at breakfast and dinner. Lack of cups and glasses at meal times. Usually had to get your own drinks. Coffee not plentiful. Lineups at the snackbar too. The chef there could use a better system as it could take 15-20 minutes for a hamburger. That's a long time to be standing in line. We paid a cheap price ($540 each) and expected to eat out a few nights which we did. We had entertainment every night. Dance troops, magician, Mr & Ms Sunbeach contest (a hoot!). Pool was chilly but refreshing after a day at the beach. Beach is great! Beach staff will find you a chair if you ask. It may take 30 minutes but they'll get you one. Only one day for water activities due to winds. We took the kayak out. Others went snorkling on the catamaran. Beach bar is convenient but bring a big thermos mug. The little plastic glasses they use are useless but it saves them having to clean cups all day. The wind blows them around easily too. Beach is accross the street but it was never a problem. Only 1 minute from the resort. Traffic always stops as there is a pedestrian crossing right there. Georgie will give you a great massage at the beach. We liked being on the main street. Just walk out your door and you see Cuba. Watching the local activities from our room was interesting. We did Havana bus tour. Long bus trip for only a couple of hours in Havana. There are some local people who will give you a better tour. You need to ask around. There were no high pressure sales people anywhere. No beach vendors. Nobody in the street doing the hard sell speech. It was pleasantly different. Overall we got exactly what we paid for. Inexpensive trip with low expectations. If we wanted more service and better food, we would have paid hundreds more to stay elsewhere. We didn't have any major complaints for the price. We tipped here and there but not every time. Judy cleaned our room and was pleasant (we tipped her everyday!).

    Average YYZ-Danny

    “We had fun but the place is not for everyone ...... ”
    I'll be upfront. Although my wife and I had a great time at Bellevue Sunbeach, I will not recommend this place to anyone that is : - first time visiting Cuba ,Varadero - traveling with family with kids This hotel is fine for those who know Varadero, the hotel and it's location, or for those who are really on a small budget. My wife and I are not Varadero/Cuba newbie. What we liked: - location. Fantastic beach in front of hotel. Lots of places you can walk to in the area, such as souvenir shops, bars, restaurants,banks. - great hotel staffs. - location , yes, we just love that stretch of the beach. What we didn't like: - the recently relaxed Cuban law allows guest to bring local registered guests into the hotel. This led to a lot of seediness at this premise as we have witnessed during our stay.And ' a lot' is an understatement. We do hope the management will crack down on these things. These seediness always lead to all sorts of other problems at the hotel if management or government does not act on it pronto. - some management type aggressively flirted with married hotel guests at restaurant, in front of their spouse. We know and understand latino culture, but that was just too much. No respect whatsoever ... hope that particular manager is no longer there or anywhere else. Prior to booking, we know the location and the star ratings of the hotel, so there were few surprises other than the above. Our room was clean, and actually quite spacious. Air con leaking was quickly fixed by the maid. Restaurant food acceptable. Attentive staffs. Yes, we tip them 1 CUC per seating. Street side rancho snacks acceptable. You can't get beer there though. Pool side bar is the only place to get beer, other than the restaurant. Lobby bar is fine, coffee, juice, and hard liquor only. Beach bar is fine, for picking up drinks for the beach. We did not use the pool. This hotel actually had it's glory. Years ago in the early 90's, it used to be called Villamar, with it's famous disco on the top floor. I was lucky enough to experience that. It was fun..... and that was then. That part of the building is not being used anymore other than the lower floor. Some info may be useful: - do not leave valuables alone at the beach. We have seen guests had their belongings stolen from their beach chair. During weekends, beach will be a bit more crowded, keep your eyes open. The police patrolling the beach will tell you the same. - hotel is located on the main street ( Avenida Primera ) and Calle 17. - Lai Lai, the Chinese restaurant is just across the street. -there is no currency exchange booth at the hotel. You either walk to hotel Aguazul a couple blocks away to change money , or walk 15 to 20 min along the main street to the bank on calle 32. Bank opens Sunday. Rate was 1 CAD to .975 CUC. - Rincon Bellamar, the rancho restaurant across the street from the hotel serves lobster tail dinner. About 14.50 CUC including 1 drink. National beer 2 CUC each. - very difficult to buy lighters there. I had to use cigars matches, 2 CUC a box ..... LOL. - for souvenirs, they tend to be more expensive at the artisan markets which you will find plenty along the main street. We got ours from other street stores. Between the hotel and the bank at calle 32, you will see quite a few of them. Straw hats 3 CUC each. Crochet dress 9 CUC and up. - bottle water 2L , 75 cents CUC each at local corner stores. A can of Crystal beer is 1 CUC. ( 2 CUC a can at hotels ) - 1.50 CUC hotdog, and 1.50 CUC can of soft drinks at the little snack place outside next to the hotel. - late check out was supposed to be 20 CUC. The friendly front desk staff only charged us 18. - Beer outside airport is 2 or 5 CUC. - Cigars inside the airport, inside the gate, are cheaper than in town. So buy your habanos before boarding. - At the airport, a can of pop 3 CUC, small can pringle chips 3.50 CUC, Cuban ground coffee 5 - 7.50 CUC a pack, Havana Club 7 year rum 11.50 CUC. If you are visiting Varadero for the first time, book something newer up along the stretch. We stayed there in September. Have a nice trip.

    Average Paola D

    “you get what you pay for! overall a good place to stay! ”
    first of all i want to state that all those people complainig about sunbeach are forgetting what they paid. this is not a five star hotel by all means! am pretty sure everyone who ends up at this hotel paid anywhere from 230 to 400 to stay here all inclusive for 7 days or more ! so you cant expect to be treated like a king for that kind of money! i have to say it was my first time in varadero! and me on the cheap side tought it was a good deal! me n my husband paid 870.00 canadian dollars to go there 7 days all inclusive! like really? thats flight, stay, food,clubs, and hotel entertainment! i had never paid that cheap for a vacation EVER! we speak spanish! so we had no trouble at all communicating with anyone at the hotel! anything we needed they were there for us! the bars are good, first night we were getting drunk w other tourists their pina coladas and cuba libres are amazing! i had them everyday!! also the hotel provides free tickets to get into havana club! everyday! so we did.. our first night there only 4 hrs into varadero and we were allready partying! on our way back to the hotel the bartender made us some late snack sandwiches! (ham n cheese) which at 4am they were amazing! ( the next morning my head was killing me , horrible hangover) and i had no tylenol nor advil! we headed for breakfast which by the way for all those ppl that complain we allways had something different , tasty , and filling! we allways had different dressing and sauces for our food. ive read people complain for this! but we had everything (ranch,caesar,vinnagrete,mayo,ketchup,mustand!) am not a sauce person but i guess theres people that cant live without this ! you are in another country for christ sake! our waiter was sweet and caring! she even suggested i take her tylenol pills ( which they were named completly different) she insisted as finding a pharmacy in varadero can be a challenge and expensive! as a lit pack of tyenol could cost u about 30 dollars! .... our maid on the other hand was also amazing! all we did ws live her little gifts in the side table! i had a lot of snacks i had taken in my luggage cuz i kept reading that ppl go hungry in cuba! and theres never proper food which i found that to be so (wrong) so i ended up giving them to the maid, things such as ... pretzels....lays....cheetos...gummy worms....twix... and pesos we had left. our room was allways spotless.... everytime we were done with breakfast we came back to a spotless room clean towels and bleach mopped floor! which yes it did smelled like bleach for a bit but i did not mind! ( if u are a clean freak u would know nothing cleans better and kills germs other than bleach) our entertainment at the hotel was the same as the bar in the corner! which if u missed the show from the night before we could see it again the next day at our hotel! the main entertainment guy reccomended us to el circo which is the huge club that looks like a circus! its amazing! there was actually a water party and everyone ended up getting wet after a long salsa night! .....the beach was great! we even slept in sometimes and watched some tv at night! this place is not bad! i have no complaints at all! yes am sure that if u have allways had it all in ur life than it would be a shooker to u the conditions of the surroundings but this hotel is just fine! i have no complains! it is a nice place, clean and i had not once had to get up and go buy food because i couldnt eat theirs! ( meanwhile at the beach i kept hearing ppl complain that even staying at a 4 1/2 star hotel the orange juice was horrible and they had nothing to drink for breakfast!! )) maybe it was just luck but this hotel has nothing wrong!! ppl are just to damn picky! if u want to be treated so special than dont go to a third world country! the only reason why ppl go to cuba so mucbh its because its cheap! well cheap doesnt allways mean better! me on the other hand i would go back to this hotel no questions asked! we even had restaurants and markets next to us.. so close that i would even walk on my own while my husband took a nap! on our last night the bartender at the pool gave us one of his big bongos to take with us... which i was wondering how i ws gonna take it home since it ws as big as my luggage but it was hand crafted with the cuban flag and i loved it! .... Bellevue sunbeach... ill be back :D.......

    Average j s

    “Great Trip ”
    I had a great trip,Hotel was not the best but for $30 for seven days it was great Staff very freindly , And most know some english. beach was heaven on earth, food not the greatest but I meet a friendly canadian family that brought , hot sauces salad dressing and soya suace, and barbque sauces made it great so pack you fixings. This hotel has alot of Russian visitors so bring english= russian dic. and you will have a great time with them , I made lots of russian friends You are safe in cuba , and no cubain will bother you. This hotel has free pass to havana night club at the front desk just ask - its a great club change your money at the airport for the best rates , $300- 1400 depending on what you plan to do . every night they have a small show around 8.45 pm Some were great others were so-so I can say I had a great time at sun beach. John

    Average rez j

    “Stay away from Varadero downtown hotels ”
    hello all, first of all I want to say I love Cuba, I have been to the island more then 12 times and I will be going back many times more, however, I have one concern that I wanted to share with you. There has been many oil drilling in the past year in Varadero area by Chinese companies. This happens very close to Varadero downtown area. In some evenings you will find the smell of gasoline so strong that you will be high on fumes, the smell is VERY VERY strong. If you are travelling with children and elderly please stay away from downtown got to wonder why the prices of downtown hotels are nearly 60% lower then the hotel that are farther your research before you go.....

    Very good ohohoh

    “Great Cuban Holiday ”
    We spent seven wonderful days at the Sunbeach Resort in Varadero. We had a group of 16 people so we did entertain ourselves somewhat. We all enjoyed the beach. The sand, the ocean and the lounge chairs. Our weather was great (only 10 minutes of rain all week). The sea was a bit rough with lots of waves most of the days. We had fun jumping in the waves and attempting body surfing, even if we were supposed to be adults. The very last day Ariel was able to take out some people on the catamaran. It was a smooth ride. Then someone spotted dolphins swimming very close to us. I had never seen that before and it was great. We also went on a day trip to Havana. Great air-conditioned bus with a great guide. The buildings are very old and interesting. Our guide was very proud of his country and the history of Cuba. The only problem is that there are a lot of beggars or people appearing to be poor for the tourists. Just beware. Also it is very crowded, like downtown Toronto only no cars. There was lots to see and explore. Our hotel itself is a bit tired looking but it had everything that we needed. The food is okay. They had a lovely roast beef dinner on Valentine's Day. My only complaint was some of the front desk staff only helped you if they felt like it. Tomorrow and later are the favorite phrases. They sold water and pop from the front desk but it was a challenge to get service. We were able to exchange money at the front desk which was a great convenience. They cannot guarantee that they will always have the cash, but we did make several transactions. We also paid for our day trip in Canadian dollars. The rest of the staff were very helpful and everyone could speak English. The rooms were cleaned nicely every day and they delivered fresh towels as well. Our room was in the renovated part so it was quite large and air conditioned. (no balconies in that tower). The evening entertainment was better than last year. The dancers are very talented and do their best with what they have. I would recommend this hotel to ordinary people who are not fussy and people looking for a bargain. The location was perfect for people who want to see all of Varadero. Others in the group visited a cave (full of bats), the mall, Josone Park, the craft market and the skooter rentals. We all had a great vacation.

    Very good ElieBen

    “Low expectation; immense satisfaction ”
    Quality vs Price-Amazing value for what I received. Front desk / Reception-They do not understand privacy. These are basics that we expect as Canadians but this is where the hotel lacked. A guest was trying to locate me and the front desk gave them my room number. They denied it but I in turn did the exact same thing as a test and you guessed it, they very innocently and without malice gave me the room number. I guess that is common practice as I also experienced this in Havana. They were friendly and helpful but oblivious. Beaches-The best in the world, hands down. There are plenty of chairs for you to use at any hour of the day. There is also a beach bar so you can enjoy my favourite beer, Bucanero while basking in the sun. Room-Clean and renovated. It was more than adequate. Bathroom-Clean, lots of counter space and great shower with plenty of hot water and excellent pressure. The cleaning lady was tops. Staff / Crew-In general the staff was friendly and attentive. Giovanni the animation guy did an ok job at night. Super average but he was limited in his resources so I applaude his efforts. Osmany and Gladys in the lobby bar are of course the best of the best! Friendly and service oriented all the way. Beach and pool bartenders were very friendly. Restaurant staff was gracious and service oriented. I really have nothing to complain about. Cleanliness-The place is sparkling. Thoroughly cleaned. Business Services-N/A for me but I heard internet was down Food / Restaurants-If your expectations are fine dining, you won?t get it here. What you will get however, is plenty of delicious, flavourful and varied food that unless you are completely picky (i.e. only like burgers, pizza and North American food etc) you will absolutely not starve. In fact, there is even a place onsite where you can get burgers and pizza. It?s Cuba people, not Canada where we have endless amounts of whatever we like at our disposal. Recognize the realities of the country you are visiting and their limited resources and perhaps then, you can make a fair assessment. Location-Perfect. If you like to explore, you are basically on the main drag. There is cute little Artisan market right next to the hotel so if you never want to leave the area, you don?t have to. There is also a liquor/cigar/variety store connected to the hotel. The pharmacy is within walking distance. FM 17 which is an open air venue that has a live band every day and night is a 10 second walk. Cheap beer and great music! If you want to mix it up, there are bigger clubs/venues $5 cab ride away.

    Very good LANCE S

    “Best Value in Varadero ”
    4th year in a row.. more to come Starting with Front Desk and Reservation staff, efficient, helpful and friendly and friendly. Thank you Sr.Lliera and all. Dining is as expected: good, plentiful you will not starve, The dining room staff are courteous and very helpful, especially with the vino tinto! While this is an older hotel the rooms are clean and the maids are exceptional. Bar staff, Roberto, Hermany, Gladys and all are super and go out of their way to be helpful.(Mesa at the pool is cool too) The pool, is kept clean and in good condition.Lots of chairs. The beach in Varadero is world class and Sunbeach Hotel is just across the road from it (150 meters) Entertainment at night is what you make of it... fun and good times.. great time to meet fellow travelers from around the world. Have talked to many 4 and 5 star vacationers that prefer the Hotel Sunbeach.

    Very good fiddlehead56

    “We landed xmas day... ”
    Just got home from another great stay at the SunBeach hotel. As always, we felt at home there because of the wonderful, friendly staff. Reuben, at the reception, is very friendly and professional and always ready to help guests with anything they need. Then at the lobby bar/coffee shop there is Osmany. He is also very professional and friendly and keeps guests happy with his great service. All the other staff are great too and really enhance the service and the friendly atmosphere around the hotel. This time the elevators had their "ups and downs" but were quickly repaired. The food was ok, the weather was beautiful 99% of the time, the beach was awesome. We even had an overnight visit from a lost pigeon on our balcony. We thank all at SunBeach for making our stay so great.

    Very good portofinococktailbar

    Nice location!!Very friendly and helpful staff. Beautiful white beach!! Always clean. My room had sea view comfortable bed and clean!! Congratulations for the night entertainment!! Thank you for everything!!!!I recommend BelleVue Sunbeach Hotel and HOPE COME BACK VERY SOON!!

    Very good Jeannine L

    “Great vacation at sunbeach”
    My Husband and I just returned from a vacation to Sunbeach Hotel Varadero, and we had an amazing time. The hotel is getting old and needs a little facelift, but the people working here more than make up for it. We met the most friendly staff, including Pena, who took our luggage to our room and always had time to see that all is ok. Gladys the barmaid always had time to talk to us as she made the best drinks, and coffee too. A very special person. Iris was never very far and always came to talk to us when she could, and we found a friend in her. She invited us to her home, and we became friends with her family. Daisy in the buffet room was always so joyful and nice, and looked forward to seeing my husband every day. The day it was too windy to be on the beach, the gard fixed us a coconut and after we finished drinking, took the shell off so that we could eat the fruit. I am sorry to say that his name escapes me. Marissa, another barmaid took time to take pictures with us and was very friendly too. Our first three days at the Hotel, it rained and was very windy, so we spent a lot of time on the lobby, and got to meet these incredible people and talked to them, and several other guests too. An 82 year old German woman from Berlin,, who comes to this Hotel every year, is known as "Moma" by the staff. They look after her and treat her like family. My husband and I noticed that not many people give tips to the staff, which I find to be truly sad. These people work truly hard to make our stay as pleasant as they can, and are not well rewarded. It takes so little to put a smile on someones face. Some people could barely say hello. A special mention for our maid, Sonia, who always had a smile for us. When we return to Varadero, we will be returning to Sunbeach.

    Very good kyrnic

    “hotel review ”
    We stayed at the hotel for 3 nights all invclusive (drinks and food). It is close to the city center of varadero and the beach. It is clean, the food is ok compared to other meals we had in Cuba. It is one of the cheapest all inclusive hotels, We didn't expect 5-star facilities / treatment, so it worked just fine for us.

    Very good Anne M

    “BelleVue Sunbeach - March 23 - 30, 2013 ”
    Having never traveled to Cuba before, I was so glad my daughter & I chose Hotel Sunbeach! We both wanted to have a truly authentic Cuban experience and from the moment we stepped foot in Cuba, we were treated: well! We were a mother & daughter duo and this was our first trip alone together in over 12 years. The only expectation we had was to: spend 'time together & swim with the dolphins' We read the reviews before booking & some were good, some were bad ... we figured for the price we were paying that 'we would make the best of it, no matter what' ... and we came away with no complaints. Our all-inclusive vacation to Cuba for 1 week was $400.00 Canadian each ... everything included. We arrived on the Saturday morning flight from Toronto. After navigating our way through customs & immigration, we found the Hola Sun representatives waiting just outside of the airport, who guided us to our bus. We were introduced to the social economics & the reality of Cuba quickly as we made our way to the first stop: Hotel Sunbeach! Recalling the pictures I had seen posted online of this hotel ... you cannot ignore the fact that the hotel needs a paint job, that the elevators are slow ... but we never encountered an employee who didn't greet us as if they had known us all their lives. They welcomed us with open arms ... quite literally (I refuse to admit how many great hugs I received, but I do miss them). We did ask for a room with a balcony (even numbered rooms) and much to our delight, they filled our request without hesitation. Not only did we get a room with a balcony, but our room was ready upon arrival and we didn't have to wait until 4:00 PM. Our room was clean, the bathroom was clean and supplied with plenty of toilet paper. We faced out onto Calle 17, so we weren't bothered by any entertainment noise that I have read about, but we were literally living among the Cubans who live in Varadero, and that is something I loved being exposed to. Our first order of business was to find a bank where we could exchange our money. We probably should have done this at the airport, but we didn't and ended up walking to Calle 32. The walk was easy, enjoyable and everyone wants to say hello ... as I'm sure our newbie white, un-baked skin was a dead giveaway. The next stop was the beach ... the white sandy beaches seen from the plane didn't disappoint! We quickly learned the routine of how to get a chair & some shade ... and the water was incredible! I just couldn't get enough swimming in the ocean. We were lucky enough to meet & chat with the lifeguard (Alberto) who quickly schooled us and introduced us to all the bar/waiter (David) & security staff and we all quickly became 'instant friends'. On Sundays, the local Cubans like to come to the beach with friends and/or family. We were cautioned that after 3 PM, to just be aware of our belongings. Our beach was manned by not only the hotel security (one gentleman who certainly didn?t look like a security guard) as we might think of it, but also routine walkabouts by the Varadero Police ? but there was never any issues. In fact, I felt more comfortable walking around in Cuba, than I do on the streets of Toronto! ?When you have no expectations, you can never be disappointed? was the philosophy we adopted when we went to Cuba, having been told that ?the food in Cuba isn?t great? ? and we quickly learned to appreciate the extra?s we have at home. We didn?t have butter or margarine, we did have jam on two mornings, but we eagerly awaited that first glass of orange juice, the freshly made ham & cheese omelette and the coffee ? is to die for! Each day the food selection was similar, but we enjoyed beef & chicken tacos one night, a huge pork roast another night, we could get hamburgers & french fries from the pool restaurant ?but we never went hungry or complained, we learned how to be grateful. The tour guide within the hotel was extremely helpful in pointing out interesting options that were available to us. We decided on a tour of Matanzas and the Bellamar Caves, a full day trip to Havana and a swim with the dolphins! The tour of Matanzas was incredible, it was too short ? I could of stayed there exploring all day long. The tour included a stop at one of the oldest tourist attractions in Cuba, the Bellamar Caves! We descended 100 feet underground ? it?s absolutely incredible that this was discovered by accident! Make time to see it ? you?ll not regret it! Our day trip to Havana was an eye-opening experience. My eyes have seen things I don?t ever want to forget ? the buildings, the architecture are unbelievable and so unique. Our experience was heightened by the fact we traveled to Havana in a cab with a female tour guide (Carina), in a 1952 Ford, with a candy red interior! The driver was great and he allowed us ample opportunities to stop and view anything. We managed to visit quite a few of the major Havana tourist?s attractions; however, Cuba is so rich in history that you can?t possibly take it all in, in one day, but we did our best! On our way back to Varadero, our driver was pulled over by the Police in a random stop ? all was good and we were on our way again ? but it could only happen to us! LOL! With only one day left in Cuba, we went to swim with the dolphins on Friday morning! You?ll never understand what I?m about to tell you ? until you?ve done it yourself, so trust me on this: Swim With The Dolphins! It was an experience of a lifetime! Sadly, all vacations come to an end ? and ours did too, but I will go back to Cuba again & I will stay at Hotel Sunbeach. And soon.

    Very good fiddlehead56

    “March 2013 at Sunbeach. ”
    It happened again !!! Another great vacation at Sunbeach Hotel in Varadero. Five times we?ve been there and enjoyed our stay every time. Being right in town, this place puts you close to shops, stores, bars, restaurants and the local people. Sunbeach is clean and well run. It is staffed with friendly and attentive people who make your stay a pleasurable experience. The beach is top notch with its ivory sand, crystal clear water and blue sky. The pool is large and well maintained, it?s a great place to tan and take a dip. The buffet offers a good variety of foods, morning, noon and evening.

    Very good adrenalineMontreal

    “Very satisfied considering the price we paid! ”
    We paid just under 600$ per person for the all-inclusive package, this doesn't even come out to 100$ a day!!! Although not perfect, I would be ashamed to complain considering everything that it includes but here are the facts: We were 6 adults in 3 rooms, had each requested queen bed with balcony and fridge. The hotel was full; therefore, after 3 attempts of request, we gave up since the customer service at the front desk was the most careless employees of the hotel. The first two told us to come back the next morning and wrote our room numbers on a random piece of paper but that was obviously useless. The third was just very rude to us. Not ideal but the single bed are still large enough for each couple to sleep together. Otherwise, very decent size of room and bathroom. Yes, the hotel itself is very old, but it doesn't mean that it is dirty: there are few stains sometimes on the towels and even on the bedsheets, but they are clean. My expectations for the food was extremely low, having read the reviews and everyone complaining that you don't eat as well in Cuba as in Mexico or the Dominican Republics, but I was pleasantly surprised. They had fresh bread, great fruit juices, amazing burgers and croque monsieur for lunch and great meats (try their sauce at the cooking station!) for supper. Some might complain that the service for the burgers and croque monsieur too slow. It's not McDonald's and you are on vacation, so just sit back and relax! I was missing my fries with the burgers but then again, I ate so much, it's probably better for my weight that they didn't have any! We even ate the salads and fruits without getting sick. Pizzeria was ok, but I rather eat their local cuisine at the buffet. I'm not a coffee drinker, but heard that it was not good at the buffet. Go to the lobby bar, they have a coffee machine. I drank one every day with coffee liqor, amazing! Chips are also very rare, a copy of Pringles would cost you 4 CUC. Drinks are good. No mojitos when they don't have mint; however they were our best mojitos compared to the ones we had in 2 other restaurants in Varadero (Coral on the 16th street is worth a try if you are sick of the buffet). Public restrooms don't always have tissue and soap, but the maid always left us at least 2 to 3 rolls in our room, so carry a roll in your beach bag. Do not expect any entertainment. It was not necessary for us, but having been to other resorts, the difference is very noticeable. PS bring your own deck of cards, because you will not be able to buy any in Cuba. The beach was extremely beautiful except when the wind picks up causing big waves, it can wash up all the algae and the water becomes brownish color, but that depends on mother nature! There were quite many cats (at least a dozen) in the garden area. I guess they stick around because everyone feeds them. Having the worse phobias and bad allergies of cats, they didn't quite bother me here. Soap bar provided but no shampoo. Make sure you bring enough shampoo and sunscreen because they are more expensive than at home. Finally, we also experienced the petrol smell a night or two as other have described. It is quite strong. :( Overall, out of the 6 of us, 5 would come back to this hotel if cheapest option. However, it is obviously not for everyone. We've stayed in hostels in India, Vietnam, Turkey, so this was far from our worst experience compared to others. Hope this helps!

    Very good ohohoh

    “Fun in Cuba ”
    After much discussion our group decided to stay at the Sunbeach Hotel in downtown Varadero, Cuba. I think we got what we paid for: clean rooms, clean hotel, decent food, free use of non-motorized water craft and use of a beautiful beach that went on for miles. It is hard to explain that the beach, water and sky look exactly like the pictures. The water is clean and calm most of the time. We enjoyed several rides on the catamaran and once in a kayak. These were all included even in this 3 star hotel. The walk to the beach is very pleasant but you do have to cross the street. The food was fair, some things better than others. Every day you could have an omelet made just for you and fresh bread, buns, croissants and fruit. Every meal someone at the table would have something really good. This compensated for the items that were prepared a little differently than we are used to. We received great service in the restaurant and it never seemed really busy so we could meet our friends and sit wherever we wanted. We enjoyed being able to walk on the street even in the evenings. We could easily meet up with friends who were at another hotel. We enjoyed shopping in the stalls and little markets. The city bus ride was great too for 5 paesos. Changing over your money was a little awkward as you had to get to the bank at 34th street during business hours and bring your passport. The hotel did not have this service. I am not sure if this is a new law or what. The main advice I would give to any traveller is to count your change and make any arrangement involving money very clear before you get in the taxi or horse and buggy or whatever. Some people want to get what they can from the tourists. Be assertive. (Lesson to self). We took a taxi to and from International Hotel when we went for a show without a problem. The hotel did not provide much interesting entertainment at night. We made our own fun. I think this place is in a great location and it is fine for anyone who loves the beach and wants to enjoy the sights and sounds of Cuba.

    Very good RandalB3

    “exactly a perfect location ”
    Well, i must say that everything went very smooth here, like most people i read the reviews first and had my worries. Arrived at lunch hour, check in went great. You have to pay two pesos a day for your safe and it is a key, but no worries for us the cleaning lady was great and we always felt safe just leaving the key tucked in a bag somewhere. Had a room on the fifth floor, elevators both worked just fine and lots of hot water. The hotel itself was older but everything a simple traveler would or could want is there for you even a pop machine with beer and a smoke machine in the lobby. The beach is just across the street, very safe to cross, there is a walkway and everybody stops for you. We took cabs to different beaches just to see them on the stretch and i must say that ours was the best. Two great big sand bars right there. Just had the best time in the ocean, it was wavy and i must say WOW so much fun. There is no real rip tide like Cancun so it made you feel safe to play in the waves. Lots of chairs for everybody, not that much shade though, you can kinda shift around with the trees but bring you sunscreen and have fun. As far as the perfect location, yes it was!!! If you are going to see the Cubans and enjoy the markets, restaurants, music, sights and people then this is the spot. You just step out on to the sidewalk and boom it is all there for you. All the cool old cars/cabs, horse drawn buggies and those little scooter cabs. You are in walking distance of many many very good restaurants and little bars to hear great music and as a bonus just next door there is a 24 hour snack place with just the best coffee to help you shake off the rum when you get up. One peso. The coffee at the hotel is weak and i did not care for it. The food at the hotel was not all that bad, as everyone always says anyway it's Cuba. Did not starve and found something to eat every time. We went out a few nights and ate. There is really some good restaurants just around the hotel. Casa de Chef had the best lobster i have had down south and came with great sides and wow can they make a Mojito!!! So over all great location, great beach, not bad at all hotel if you are looking for that kinda vacation. The big resorts are too far away for any fun and are just like little towns of Canadians, but if that is what you like then enjoy the cabbage there and enjoy paying for cabs so enjoy the town.

    Very good fiddlehead56

    “First New Years at Sunbeach Hotel”
    Just back from a great week at Sunbeach hotel in Varadero. In general, we had a fun time as we always do at Sunbeach hotel. The staff is amazing, the rooms are very clean, the food is ok. I can't comment on the air conditioner because I didn't use it, I went there to be warm. The blue market next door to the hotel is gone, but is being rebuilt. No more vendors on the beach. The Coral restaurant at the beach end of 16th street is great, it has a beach view deck and the food is really good and great prices. On 21st street the restaurant La Vaca Rosada is a upper deck open air place that opens in the evenings. This place is really worth going to for a lovely evening of dining at great prices. Thank you to all the staff at Sunbeach for making our stay so enjoyable again.. see you all in March.

    Very good Cathy M

    “Amazing Time”
    I just came back from a week staying at Sunbeach. I must say I had no problem with this place. I expected to eat out, which I did (alot) however the staff was amazing, David the pool bartender amazing gentlemen, Alberto, the lifeguard also amazing. Hotel staff always polite. Will definately be staying again come January. See you then.. Thanks for the lemonade David!!

    Very good sierrajojo

    “Inexpensive yet super fun!!!!! ”
    I had a wonderful time there- no, it is not a five star by any means but it us clean and the staff were wonderful! I would go back again... It was close to great clubs - restaurants... The beach was fantastic too. It very close to the airport which I like... It gave you a taste of Cuban lifestyle instead of a resort that is simply for tourists - yep.. I would definitely recommend it.

    Very good DOLPHINGIRL777

    “Fantastic Hotel for very affordable price ! ”
    I have been in Varadero 7 times and 2 times in Sunbeach. What I save on staying in 3 star hotel as opposed to 4 or 5*, I will spend on excursions (swimming with dolphins, catamaran, jeep, ect) If I don't like something I will tell the staff and I am always attended to. If I don't like the room, I change it. They are very accommodating in all hotels in Varadero. Food may be different to some because they do not include spices, however there is so much different spices around the buffet table that you can spice up your meal the way you want it. One reason for that is that many turists can not eat too much spiced food, so to be on a safe side they don't spice it up. DO it yourself and then you will like the food better. I personally liked all the food in all the different hotels that I have stayed in. I LOVE CUBA !!! and I always go there between January & February when there's lot's of snow in my city and it's +28 in Varadero. Cuban people are the best, they truly love Canadians and treat us with respect. One example: we went to a house of one of our cleaning ladies to give her some items for her baby, they offered coffee and ask if we would like a milk with our coffee, we said yes, then when we were leaving we noticed that they themselves didn't have milk, so they gave us the last cup of milk and the stores were closed, so I did what most Canadians will do, I went to our hotel and brought some milk for the baby. That just show you how selfless they are and how gracious hosts they are. So, don't be turn off with some reviews, check out yourself and if something is wrong, then point it out and your problems will be solved. They do the best they can. Thank you & hope to see you in Cuba !!!

    Excellent neilsautobody

    “great time at sunbeach again ”
    As always had a great time at sunbeach Hotel. Have lost count on how many times I have been there. The staff and tourist were fantastic. The local people we have met are just as fantastic. They are not always pushing us to buy them things or bring things. That makes them special. The hotel is pretty run down but the water in the showers were alway hot when you wanted it. The entertainment on the streets at night pretty much is non existant except if you want to go all the way up to Calle 64. Not getting bored of the hotel just running out of things to do in varadero.

    Average Ibrahim

    Not bad
    The Hotetur Sun Beach Hotel, a popular tourist facility in Varadero, Cuba's major beach resort, is located near the commercial area. The establishment, characterized by the staff's hospitality and excellent services, is 20 kilometers from Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport, and stands out as one of the most prominent buildings in the area. The beach, just a few meters away from the hotel, can be seen from the balconies, while its location, in the traditional sector of the resort, gives guests the chance to be in the center of the region's many offers.

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