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Breezes Bella costa Hotel, Varadero Beach Cuba. 4 stars,

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  • Destination: Varadero Beach
  • Address: Carretera de las Americas,Km 3 Varadero,Matanzas.Cuba
  • Phone: 5345667210
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Breezes Bella costa Hotel Cuba

    Built on a natural cliff in the Hicacos Peninsula, the Iberostar Bella Costa Hotel is part of the tourism infrastructure in Cuba's main beach resort, Varadero. It is located in a 20-kilometer-long beach strip in Varadero and is surrounded by an intimate atmosphere. Its architectural style harmonizes with the environment. This exclusive hotel is four kilometers away from downtown Varadero and 30 kilometers from Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport, which is the main airway to the resort.

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    Satellite TV
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    24 hrs. emergency medical service, babysitting, beauty salon, bell boy, bikes, board games, buffet, business centre, car parking, car rental, conference rooms, cyber cafe, disabled facilities, discotheque, grill, gym, hotel shop, laundry & dry cleaning service 24 hrs., luggage storage, massage, money exchange, motorized water sports, multi-language staff, no smoking rooms, Piano bar, post office, Reception 24 hrs., room services 24 hrs., safety deposit box in room, satellite tv, sauna, scuba diving center, Solarium, swimming pool, taxis, tennis courts, theme Restaurants, tourism bureau,

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    Review about Breezes Bella costa Hotel
    Awfull Jess F

    “Dirty, old, pool too small, not recommended”
    We stayed here for less than 24hrs before our rep helpfully arranged for us to move to Royal Hicacos - which was great. The pool is too small for the size of the place and was full of Canadian jocks screaming and hi-5ing when we went The food is not at all appetising. The corridors are like a prison unit. We had what I think was probably one of the better rooms on the corner, large balcony. But we could hear all the noise by the pool. The room was old and tatty. The bathroom was horrible, no window, dirty mildew in the grout, shower was like an enclosure. We arranged to move and look back on this place as a lesson learnt.

    Awfull avarulla

    “Canadian spring break ”
    In the top 3 worst hotels I've been to. You travel to Cuba not expecting the accommodation to necessarily compare to newer establishments you've been to but among the hotels I stayed in in Cuba, Breezes Bella Costa was definitely the lowest of the low. It is an old hotel and it shows but what made our stay so unpleasant was the party atmosphere the Canadian teenagers managed to create. One of them even seemed to have got a whole bottle of rum from the all inclusive bar. My own request to take a can of diet coke up to my room was denied. The teenagers were certainly loud but friendly enough, while some of the older Canadian guests were in a foul mood and nasty to other guests. I've been to other all inclusive resorts in Cuba but this resort was the only one were quite a few guests, both young and old, seemed visibly drunk. Another big disappointment was the food. It was quite vile and inedible. Cuban resort food isn't always the most tastiest but this hotel seemed to get even the basics wrong. The chefs served me raw pork, the sauces contained unidentifiable lumps, the pizza bases smelled of yeast and had very little topping. My boyfriend got bad diarrhoea during the one night we spent in this hotel. If the other guests and the food wasn't bad enough, the beach was truly one of the worst I've seen in Cuba. What's worst, the hotel was not even very cheap. We paid 100 pounds for one night. If you want your holiday to be a success, steer clear of this place.

    Awfull KrystleBoles

    “Would not go back ”
    I stayed there this month and would not go back. Room was full of ants , there was barely any entertainment during the day. They allowed Cubans to be there and try treated them like gold. When standing in line for something to eat all the Cubans would cut you off and they would stack their plates full of food but if you asked for more they refused. On a good note the beach is fabulous and the pool is nice. The jaquzzi was always quiet barely anyone went there. The food was really good and the night time shows were amazing ( but started way to late ). The weather was beautiful.

    Awfull Lovetotravel378

    “To avoid...big disappointment a 2 1/2* ”
    Don't know where to start. Hotel rooms are old (old wobbly furniture, cracked bath tub with holes, half working shower head), found boogers in bed 1st night, bedding unchanged for 7 nights, but somewhat clean room. Only one tiny bottle of conditioner, body lotion for the whole week. Only 1 bottle of water 1st night in room, empty fridge. water??? We bought from local supermarket (pls see my final notes). Elevator super slow with 2 broken out of 3, so took stairs most of the time. Food was okay (if we were able to beat locals to it), food was gone in no time even butter. By 9am can't even find a tiny square of butter for your toast. Wait very long for snacks etc...because you may have 2 locals in front of you but all of a sudden a whole lot showed up...and you keep waiting, waiting and waiting...we were ignored, and they overloaded their plates so you have to have a lots of patience! should have practiced Spanish before trip. The best a la carte was Italian. Pool is kinda small, packed with locals and empty cups floating everywhere in the pool. Impossible to find a chair in the shade even early in the morning. "Lost" towel, "lost" scuba goggle. Beach was nice, a bit rocky but further to the left of the beach restaurant it's sandy. Very beautiful. Location is okay. 10 mn walk to double deck bus stop. Staff was so so friendly. The ones you tipped were all smile. Overall, not sure if it was a busy season or what but tourists were outnumbered and it gets quite loud and pushy. Not a very peaceful vacay. Will not return to this hotel and will not recommend to others. And also, DO NOT shop at the supermarket at Plaza America !!! bought water and was "short changed" and said it was tax (40%!!!) seriously???

    Poor littlesnu

    “Average at best ”
    Our two weeks in August at Breezes Bella Costa in Varadero were unfortunately disappointing. This holiday was a real splurge through Virgin Holidays for us and whilst we expected food and accommodation to be basic, there was a real hygiene problem. Our room had hairs all around the bathroom when we arrives and a dirty toilet seat. Bed sheets were clean and comfortable but our air conditioning unit leaked and poured out water on our last night (at about 1am) so by this point we just put all the towels down under it and tried to ignore it. Our balcony was extremely difficult to lock and when it was breezy in the evenings we had to wedge magazines in it to stop it banging all night long. The food wasn't too bad and most nights we could find something, even if it was just a plate of spaghetti but at weekends the hotel was totally overrun with Cubans. One saturday morning there were no plates, no cereal, no juice and we couldn't have coffee because there were no cups left. The beach was the saving grace of our holiday as it was extremely quiet and beautiful and we also managed to get away from the hotel and go to Havana for a couple of nights thankfully. We were both unwell on the holiday and spent no time at all in the pool as the floor of it was coming up and the cuban parents were allowing young children just to stand over the pool and wee in it. The music around the pool is ridiculously loud and goes on till midnight so avoid a room overlooking this. We wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone and luckily managed to get some of our money back from Virgin on our return.

    Poor Breakfastlover23

    “Old, full of mould, avoid if you suffer from allergies ”
    It does not deserve more than 2 stars. It's old and run down. If you suffer from mould allergy, you cannot stay at this place. I got sick from the mould. The food is low quality, mostly canned vegetables and artificial colouring everywhere. Even the fruit is of the lowest quality. The beach is nice, but the hotel was disappointing.

    Poor Burr-mse

    “9 day trip ”
    We went to Breezes Bella Costa for nine days for a family trip. Reading reviews on here we thought this place would be amazing and well worth the money, we were wrong. I will start by saying that this was my fourth time in Cuba and I previously stayed at three star and four star resorts and this was by far the worst. With an 11 month old baby we were put in a room overtop of the entertainment stage and had to listen to the ridiculously loud music till late hours of the night, when asked to switch rooms we were told we would lose our upgraded room that we paid for and be sent to the garden view rooms. The room itself - was outdated -cracked floors and ceilings, in fact our bathroom had a huge hole in the ceiling looking up to pipes and cement above. -Upon arrival our sheets had a blood stain and what looked like sweat stains. They do not change bedding during your stay and im guessing not before a new guest arrives either. -Glasses and coffee mugs were never changed. -BUGS tons of little ants and little clear bugs crawled over everything! - we found a man in our hotel room one day doing repairs which came as a bit of a shock to see happening while we were there, but at least things were getting fixed (the toilet was separated from the floor) -Shower only sprayed our of the tub and onto the floor unless you held it yourself and there was no plug to fill the tub. -closet doors were stuck open blocking the hallway. -ocean view rooms have an AMAZING view if you keep the door open, they have tints on the window so it always looks dark. if you want quiet do not get an ocean view room, you hear everything that goes on in the entertainment and pool areas below. The hotel and staff: - some staff were nice, our maid was very pleasant, as were a few bar staff although we didn't see them too often. overall the staff that we did talk to were rude and unwilling to help, many seemed not to appreciate the tips that were given as if to show that they expected more. -the lobby bar is leaking from a bunch of holes in the ceiling so you have to watch where you decide to sit and we got what I assume was water dripping over us. - the pools are great, lots of lawn chairs and a large swimming area, they also have a tiny kids pool. -Beach is beautiful if you go off to the side away from the rocks. there were a ton of jelly fish but they didn't seem to sting anyone. Food: Okay so Cuban food is not the greatest but ive always found you can get a decent meal at the resorts, this one was a little harder to find. Our family and another family we went with all got sick days after arriving, it could have been the food but it could have been ice in the drinks so be careful! The lunch buffet at the beach: - a very nice lady at the pizza bar will make a personal pizza for you, they also had burgers and hot dogs some days. - there have a buffet of your usual assortment although we found the food to be very bland and cold at all times at this restaurant we went after it had opened and started to fill our plates only to be told by one of the cooks to put the food back into the trays and that we couldn't eat for 20 more minutes HOWEVER there were two other men who were returning customers to the resort, who were filling their plates at the same time and sitting down to eat. I guess since we weren't retuning customers our money wasn't as good as theres? dinner buffet - not much to say, food was okay we usually left hungry, staff were rude most of the time (and yes we tip) the Japanese restaurant was the best by far but still not great, we tried all of the restaurants during our stay. Overall I would rate this a two star hotel. It is falling apart and staff don't care to make you feel welcomed. It is crawling with locals who take over the buffet, hot tub and pool areas and were there to eat and drink for free. They also ALWAYS got priority over the paying guests at the hotel as they knew the people working there. we spent thousands on a trip to be treated poorly and would never return. There are many better resorts in Varadero that you can spend your money on. Also the free golf, applies to the five dollar green fee. you still have to pay about 100 to golf.

    Poor Yates82

    “Couldn't wait to leave ”
    The Hotel is very dated and in need of complete refurbishment. The bedroom was painted a horrendous dark yellow with yellow and red Aztec print sheets. The whole hotel needs a paint and the lifts were rusty. We did have a good view over the golf course but the patio doors were so scratched you struggled to see it. As someone else suggested the wall between the balconies were low. Now the food and drink... They use cheap spirits and mixers to make their drinks which are tasteless. The food was cold, overcooked and had no flavour. The restaurant was dirty and I saw one of the chefs drop a fork he was using to mix omelettes on the floor and start using it again without wiping it. I only tried the buffet at lunch at the beach restaurant but no effort was made to stop the flies. They have the only section of rocky beach along the whole of Varadero. Entertainment was very average and the number of bars available was very limited. We only stayed here for 24 hours and were then moved to much nicer hotel at the end of the peninsula. It is a shame our much valued holiday started in this dreadful place.

    Poor AnnabelStaff

    “Best avoided, the beach was it's saviour”
    The pros for this hotel - the beach is really quite fantastic, white sand, glorious coral blue sea, warm water, and very clean. It was the perfect place to go and relax every day with a book. I'm struggling really to find anything else that outstanding about the place, so I'll give you my thoughts on the hotel itself, and Cuba in general. The hotel is very dated, saying it is four star is so absurd it made us laugh - but as we had seen from many reviews, a four star in Cuba is not exactly what you would expect... ROOMS: Firstly they made us wait six hours for our room to be ready (!) and when we finally got the key and went inside we were first hit by an overwhelming pungent mould smell. The room felt damp, the sheets even had mould on them, the desk inside was broken, the lock on the sliding doors was falling off (so not secure in the room), the floors weren't clean, the headboard on the bed was get the picture! The smell was actually so unbearable that we had to go and asked to be moved - even though we had paid extra for an "Ocean View" room. Our next room was a carbon copy but without the smell, and at least everything inside it was in one piece. The bathroom was pretty dingy, lights not working properly, a half working shower head and a nice squished wasp right beside the toilet. Beds were as to be expected, basic but we slept well. The decor of the rooms is about as early 90's as you can get, also the fridge was meant to be filled but was empty upon arrival and never got stocked. Our sheets were not changed for the full 7 days we were there, the floor had black hairs all over it, essentially you're getting just about 2 star accommodation and service here. In the corridors of the hotel there were pools of water where the air con was leaking all over the hotel, making it very slippery and looking just plain shoddy. FOOD: Not much can be said about the food in Cuba, it's pretty bad. We ate at the buffet every night as from experience we knew that the restaurants at the hotel would be no better, you just get better service and seating arrangements. I really don't have much to say really - it's just pretty horrible, it's bland, greasy, and odd, it seems like in Cuba they don't like to add spices or herbs to their food which was surprising but anyway, see for yourself and you'll know what I mean. ENTERTAINMENT / BARS: Can't comment too much here, we spent most nights with people we had met at the resort, making the most of the free drinks. Watched one of the shows while we were there, which was entertaining enough but honestly it's not really my thing but people seemed to enjoy it. They certainly aren't shy with alcohol when they make drinks, but I would say that order cocktails with an open mind as they don't use fresh juices or cocktail shakers so they are more like squash with alcohol. Service is good so long as you tip, otherwise can be a bit surly. VERADERO: Just one big old tourist trap, impossible to mix with or get to know locals as you are kept to the main strip with all the state run restaurants. Total rip off as soon as you leave the hotel, getting charged as much as $10 for a 5 minute taxi ride! Considering Cuban wages are $30 per month (being a Communist country) you kind of get treated like a cash cow. The taxis were more expensive than at home in London! The bars and restaurants all charge way over and since you are paying in tourist currency (CUC) you have no choice but to be ripped off. Equivalent of $20 for a lobster? $5 for a can of beer? None of it makes sense. Let's not forget also that Castro owns and keeps 51% of everything in Cuba, enough said. Oh, if someone comes up and asks you about horse riding, leave it. We were promised rides along the beach for an hour for $20, what we got was half an hour walking around scrubby litter filled brush land well away from the beaches. I found with most things in Cuba, they promise so much and deliver very little. Change your money on the transfer coach on the way out if you can, because over the course of our trip we lost roughly $100 in exchange rates by changing at the hotel (which we were recommended to do) only finding out on the bus back to the airport that we could have changed with them on a 1 for 1 basis. Do take a trip to Havana, it's a beautiful and very interesting city. We managed to find a local guy to take us who we made friends with which made it a much more enriching experience. It also meant we managed to get three pizzas and three ice creams from a street side vendor for roughly $2 because he placed the order and paid in the local currency (impossible to get as a tourist). Had we ordered we'd be paying 20x more. I think I've said enough. It was cheap, our whole trip with Sunwings flying from Toronto only cost $300 each so to be fair, the beach and the weather was almost worth that in itself, but don't expect much from this hotel.

    Average Doug H

    “Cuban people are great! This hotel not so much. ”
    The staff at the Breezes Bella Costa are excellent, hard working, nice people! The hotel is in need of remodeling as it is showing its age. We stayed in room 365 which faces the neighboring disco. Most days it stays open until 1:00 a.m. playing loud music, so if you are an early riser like me it wasn't too pleasant some mornings. The food here is a bit suspect as well, very little selection from what we are used to having in Canada. You probably won't starve to death but you probably won't be satisfied with the selection.

    Average cosmokitty50

    “Good Value ”
    This was my first trip to Cuba, I will call it girl's week, six of us travelled together. Yes the hotel is dated, it needs work, plus new mattresses and pillows. The air conditioner was noisy. The food was not the best but lots to choose from. I really enjoyed both the Cuban and Italian which we made reservations for. The group I travelled with were not Japanese lovers so we did not go there. In fact we tried to make a reservations for 2 Italian nights since we did not like Japanese but were denied, which was disappointing. The grounds, pool area, entertainment were all very good. If you are looking for an upscale hotel this is not it. I felt it was good value for the money I spent. I also want to mention the people who work at this resort. We were in room 226 are housekeeper was a lovely women who did her best to make are stay enjoyable. I want to mention Barbara who worked at the main lounge after 5pm. Barbara .is certainly an asset to your resort staff. Pleasant, hardworking she knew my name plus also knew my drink preference after one day. I found her to be a very warm, friendly, certainly a people person. In general I found the staff both friendly and helpful. I felt safe travelling off the resort, the tours are easily booked at the resort. I would recommend the Havana tour, long day but well worth it. The Tropicana was amazing, If you want to learn anything about the country take the trip to Havana. Joel is a great guide. I would return to Cuba, it truly is a beautiful place. I did enjoy my stay at Breezes, good value, beautiful people.

    Average Andrea E

    “10 day trip ”
    Mixed review. Certainly not 4 star. Have stayed in a better hotel previously as 4 star. We was allocated a room on floor 4. The room was dated,cracked tiles and like a 2 star in spain. We complained after we found out english people were put on floor 5 as they had been refurbished. We were given a bungalow which were so nice,huge,clean,and quiet. The hotel was clean and staff friendly. Worst aspect were the plastic cups with a poor excuse of cocktails. No effort,just lots of rum with flat fizzy drinks in a plastic cup! National cocktail is mojito,however for 10 days they had no mint! Yes a third world country and they informed us it was not always available,however you can get a mojito even at there equilavent service stops and any bar in varadero. Food was inconsistent,previous dinner was usually part of breakfast. Lunch was better and the italian nice. Staff friendly. Private beach and a clean pool and area. Found a fantastic restaurant in varadero on 18th street,no 206. Must try lobster,fillet of fish or grilled chicken. Top class service. Also serve coca cola! Would not re visit hotel as have stayed in a better one down the road for similar price. A very tired building. If you pay 3 star price then you get what you paid for.

    Average johnpg2

    “my 2nd trip to Cuba ”
    unlike my first trip with my wife this was not just going to be a beach holiday so that's why I dropped stars on this holiday,you get what you pay for so no complaints. This hotel has seen better days but is still good value ,My main thing here was to go to Havana and visit historical sites and to the bay of pigs for research and of course the legendry Tropicana nightclub so the hotel was unimportant,I talked to many Canadians who come back year after year and they enjoy it very much. I had a junior suiteandthe ground floor by the sea room number755 it suited my needs and no complaints,mini fridge,T.V.shower and bath,Main Buffet resturant was good for breakfast and dinner and they had a japenese and Italian for evenings,the steakhouse was ok but remember this is Cuba I enjoyed my two weeks here,one main drawback was the locals but I have seen this in 5 star hotels in Dominican republlc and mexico at Riu hotels which are four star,They fill bed space so you have been warned all the Cubans I met were respectful and kind so no complaints,would I go again maybe.

    Average gregshack

    “tierd hotel ”
    Lets start at the bottom. The Hotel is in need of a refurbish. the rooms need new shower heads and better pillows. Painting needs doing all over. However the AC works well and is silent. We had a great view over the golf course but the wall between balcony's could be higher to give some privacy. The good points are many though. Pool is large and very clean well maintained. All the bars serve great drinks but invest in a larger insulated travel mug. The white wine at all meals was of a very drinkable standard. Beach is fab but the tied can reveal some rocks if the sand is washed back.for lunch the beach restaurant was great and the pizzas fantastic. You will find something to eat at each meal, but as with all all inclusive the evening meal can sometimes be hit or miss. The staff in all departments were just fantastic and really just go all out to make your stay welcoming and enjoyable. Probably the best standard of evening entertainment we have seen in the Caribbean, overall we had a fantastic stay here and will be going back to Cuba soon. If you prefer no children i believe the Breezes Varadero (Two hotels away) is over 18's.

    Average VanDecker

    “Food good, Night entertainment good, Beaches great, cockroaches plenty ”
    Its Cuba so expectations should be in accordance. Our last stay in Cuba was on Cayo Coco in Aug 2007. About our stay: - Per usual Cuba is incredibly safe, and the hotel has security personnel to ensure this is always the case. - Food was good (selection has improved, but Cuba has limited means) - We traveled with two kids (3 and 5) and none of us got sick - Beaches and pools are fantastic. - Pool is average, but very safe for kids - Staff are very responsive and courteous - Rooms were cleaned daily, and a bottle of water was left in our room whenever we tipped more than 2 CUC. - Hotel stores are very reasonably priced Drawbacks: - Hotel has German and African cockroaches all throughout, and furthermore I've seen staff just walk by dead ones on the floor with no concern. - We left our kids at mini club, once for an hour all went well, we returned to do so a second time the next day and they told us that they were closed, and that the people who looked after our kids the previous day were "students" who dont work there, and so they weren't aware that the kids club is closed between 1:30 and 4pm. Needless to say our kids didn't return. - In general people can smoke anywhere outdoors (Next to kids pool, or next to outdoor stage during kids shows, not cool) - The hotel doesn't have WIFI, but does have desktops which you can use when purchasing a card (however for our purposes the vacation was unplugged) Excursions: Highly recommend the half-day catamaran with dolphins for kids. Trip to Havana not so much. Overall: Will likely return to Varadero, but nothing from our stay would compel me to want to stay here over another hotel in the future.

    Average The_Good79

    “Decent Hotel, Above Average in Cuba ”
    Stayed here several years ago with my wife, mother-in-law and brother-in-law. We stayed in the Villas which were great, very spacious (2 levels) although dated. Pros: -Nice well kept property -Friendly staff -Best beach in the world hands down ! -Comfy beds -Clean rooms -Very Good pools -Entertainment was good Cons: -Food (breakfast is good but like all food in Cuban resorts, it's not that good) Overall this is an above-average hotel in Varadero (I've been here twice). I'm there are much nicer places, but this place is also nicer than most average 3-4 star resorts in Varadero. More positives than negatives. I would stay here again but would also like to try something new.

    Average Jonathan_Nad

    “stay away! ”
    We booked this hotel through Nolitours Vacations and I can tell you it would be the last time I'd be purchasing any deals through this company. Before I begin, I want to say, I have travelled to Cuba 5 times in the last 10 years and I am very familiar with Cuba and the hospitality industry in general. I am posting this on TA with much details as possible, as I believe it may help someone else from having a better vacation than we did. Check in experience: 2/5 We arrived at the SuperClubs Breezes Bella Costa around 11.30 am. There was no Nolitours representative to welcome us (understandable since it is low season and only a 3 or 4 of us got off the bus here). The front desk staff could have received us warmly, instead, our arrival only seemed liked it posted a burden on them. We were all told since the official check in is at 3pm, we will have to wait (note: the occupancy rate was quite low this time, they could have given us an option to be checked into any available rooms). I sat patiently till 3pm to get my room key, only to find out the maids were still in the cleaning. My room was not fully ready until 4pm or so. Staff: 2/5 In my option, it is the staff that makes a place memorable. The staff at Breezes Bella Costa were just rude and just unpleasant to deal with. I could honestly count the number of times a staff member actually smiled and said hello. In some ways, I felt sorry for them as this was mid August and the hotel guests were 95% locals, who I rarely saw tip, and almost always demanding! Most areas were under staffed and in general everyone looked overworked (the lobby bar had 1 bar man serving 30 plus locals at a time and this was peak hours!). Overall, out of all the hotels I?ve stayed in, this hotel takes the cake for the most unfriendly staff. Food: 3/5 Quality of food is somewhat important when rating a resort. Considering this is Cuba, my expectations were set low to begin with, but I must admit I was some what pleasantly surprised of the quality of food served at the buffets. However, if one of the items like the ice cream or the juice was out, it was never replaced. Also, if you didn't make it for lunch, the off hours food at ?Rancho? by the sea was always out of food (see pic). This was always an issue for those who took excursions in the afternoon. Also, in the main dining areas, quite often ceramic plates or glasses were always missing, so one had to go ask the waiter for one, or make do with the appetizer plates. Drinks Drinks drinks!! Rating: 2/5 When you did get the attention of the bartender, they made decent drinks. However, if you are a liquor snob, take note, the only top shelf rum they stock is the 7 year old Havana club. This too, was out most of the time! Cleanliness: 2/5 I can't speak for all the a la carte restaurants, but I did see many times the Rancho by the beach was a big mess in the afternoons (see pic). Also, another thing that really put me off was to see guests, mainly locals, putting their hands into food trays to dig out fries, ham or cheese. I know the customs are different from one country to another, but this is about cleanliness and I wish the hotel staff did something about it. Entertainment: 2/5 As locals make up majority of the occupants, most of the entertainment at Breezes Bella Costa in August caters to them. With around the clock Reggaeton torture, it gets a little tiring after a while! It would have been nice to hear some top 40 for a change for those of us who do not speak Spanish. Conclusion: Overall, this hotel was only catering to the locals and not for the foreigners, at least the month I went. I expect a 4 or 5 star hotel to maintain a set of standards when partnering with a Canadian tour operator, and I surely did not find this here. I would not be going back here again!

    Very good Sylwia M

    “Great holiday ”
    Good hotel with nice and polite staff and good choice of food and drinks. Nice pool bar with very good staff. Perfect location and wonderful views. White sands and lovely blue water. Very nice place. I would recommend the hotel to everyone.

    Very good Stuarti

    “Bella Costa 1st visit ”
    My adult age daughter and I stayed at the Bella Costa for 1 week November 6th 2014. I have been to Varadero many times and my daughter was here for her 1st visit but not her last. It was very handy to be by the golf course for me as a golfer and just a bit of a nuisance to be 500 yards from the double decker bus stop. The room we had was near the entertainment side 4th floor and when it was loud we could hear it well enough. Our maid Marilyn was as good as can be - nuff said. The room was dated a bit but perfectly functional. The buffet seemed a bit odd to me with traffic patterns going in all directions but once I learned my way I just zig zagged around and got to my foods no problem. It seemed fairly busy during our stay but not likely at capacity - mostly the tourists were well behaved but the poolside birthday party was a horrible drunken display of uncivilized behavior hopefully not typical of us quiet Canadians or the Cubans will not have us back again. The pool, the bars, the beach, the lobby, the service were all as good as it gets. We had beef 3 times during the week - was it left over once - of course - I really like beef stew -even after having beef the day before. Pizza was great too. Problems? of course - its cold in Saskatchewan - I am going back to the the Bella Costa on the 29th. Seriously though - the scrambled eggs are a favourite of mine - no waiting endless seconds for a fresh cooked egg but. . please don't pre-mix in mushrooms - they are hard to pick out and do not work for me for a breakfast food. Booking the ala cartes - I have no idea how to get this done so we missed out on this. Go at 9 AM - sorry we are all booked up - you can't booked 3 days ahead. Well I am busy at 9 Am every day - I am on holidays - excursions - golfing - maybe even sleeping in. We need a better system for me that allows me to book the ala carte and not give up a precious morning activity to do it. Also crazy checkout times cost $30 CuCs for late checkouts combined with milk run red eye flights really spoils a holiday - can't the hotel and the package providers coordinate a bit better on the crazy arrivals and departures? without picking guests pockets for the nickels and dimes. We were 16 hours going and 18 hours returning home and Air Canada calls this a "package"! There were better flights available for a ransom price - but we both wanted to go so could only afford the crappy flights. Anyway what a great facility! I am sure it must be a terrible disppointment for people who have just built a brand new house in the last couple of years but for me - this older building is just fine. and I have stayed at all the stars 2 - 5. Each have their strengths and weaknesses - BTW - the 2* had the best rice pudding every day with a bit of cinnamon - none of the others have had any. the elevators all worked every day - mui importante for the 4th and 5th floor clientele. Did I mention I am coming back in a week? Adios mi amigos

    Very good Linh L

    “Stayed for 1 week with 2 small children”
    We stayed at this resort Nov 9-16. We had our 23 month old and 4 year old kids with us. This review is for parents. I've read most recent reviews about this hotel and I think that some things about the features are certain such as beach, entertainment, staff...other things like guests behavior, noise, cleanliness, are more fluctuating and this happens anywhere. For those who did not enjoy their stay, I agree that your experience was poor because the things you complain about (other guests, noise, cleanliness) could be bad depending on when you travel, where your room is located, and if hotel is at full capacity...again could happen anywhere. We were on 3rd floor on garden side (not pool side or ocean view) and did not hear anything but our own tv; we did not have to deal with any obnoxious, loud or drunken guests; the pool was crystal clear without debris the entire stay; our room was clean and the common areas of the hotel was clean; the food had lots of variety and was hot when it should be. This is a family friendly resort because buffet is in same building as your room; shallow kids pool; kids club; kids playground structure, shallow beach with lots of sand; kids entertainment staff for games and disco; highchairs and playpens; and a short flight from Toronto. This hotel is older so it will be just that; the eye candy is the ocean and palm trees and tropical views. The resort met all my expectations for a safe and relaxing holiday, but maybe I got lucky on the week we traveled and the room location.

    Very good Pascinola

    “Excellent Value ”
    First time in Cuba. We were a bit worried by some of the reviews before we went but can't see what people were complaining about. Returned a week ago from a 10 holiday and we loved every minute. Our room on the 5th floor was lovely with an amazing view of the golf course and the ocean, the hotel was spotlessly clean. The food was good, the staff were helpful and friendly especially the pool bar staff. We did a day trip to Havana which was organised for us by one of the bar staff and we were picked up in a Chevy, the driver spoke excellent English. The beach was gorgeous and the pool was lovely. Can't find anything to complain about. We would recommend Bella Costa to anyone and would definitely go back.

    Very good Prissy99

    “2 wks of Paradise ”
    We went in with low expectations but this Resort and Staff absolutely amazed us. Rooms were spacious and clean, Resort and beach were beautiful . The food was awesome everyday and the Staff were the most polite, courteous, welcoming, warmest ,people you could meet.. They put on a Thanksgiving Dinner for all the Canadians and even prepared a Turkey. Would highly recommend this Resort and we can't wait to go back next October.

    Very good pjdoucette2014

    “Fantastic Vacation ”
    Our Vacation is booked for next year 2015 and it will be our 5th time there, because the food is good, everyone is very nice. Thank You everone at Bella Costa for everything you do for us. We appreciate it.

    Very good ukbal66

    “relaxing time ”
    my wife and I was there the week of 2nd November for 5 nights 6 days. my second time in Cuba in 4 weeks and decided to go to Varadero for the 1st time hotel is nice and clean staff are helpful. rooms are clean and bright our room 470 had no balcony but a great view of the beach and ocean but can get very loud when the night shows are on. we had no issues with the room everything worked our house maid was amazing thank you for making our stay safe and enjoyable. the beach is clean and was not to busy as it was a bit on the windy side for the first 2 days so we went for walks and just relaxed on lounge chairs the red flags was out for the a couple days so no going into the ocean. this is a long beach with many hotels lining it a great place to walk for miles now the food was hit and miss in the main dining hall many choices as my wife is a vegetarian she had not problem As for me the food looked good on the hot table but when you ate it was on the cold side or had no flavour to it .the main dining hall is closed for lunch Monday to Thursday so you have to eat at the beach hut the food there is like a mini buffet with limited choices try to get to it a soon as it opens as they do run out of food and you have to wait for them to cook it we never went to any of the fine dinning restaurants you have to wear long pants and no sandals. the town of Varadero is only about 5 minutes away by taxi try to walk out on the street and hail 1 down it should cost only 5 CUC if you book it at hotel the cost is a little bit more as you know the guy that gets you the taxi has his cut from it the cost of a horse and carriage is per passenger its a great experience the town of Varadero is clean and busy with many restaurants and souvenir stores lining the main street there is a great park there for you to take a stroll around the man made pond the park is located next to the Beatles bar and restaurant we did a day trip into Havana not with the hotel coach tourbut we booked a private photographer and taxi driver and did it in a 1950s Chevy amazing to see these old classics still going and we made it there and back we had a amazing tour Yosel was a great guide and photographer he has great knowledge about Havana and his English is amazing. he took us to places and we stopped had a drink and took in the atmosphere a coach tour from the hotel are limited with a set time so it is all go go we did not feel like this on the tour he just let us go at our pace his name is Yosel Vasquez Tel (+53) 52932057 email you are given a dvd of the photos taken on the tour plus it also has traditional Latin music and history on Havana on it. the night entertainment was good with the live bands around the lobby bar the night shows on stage was good did not go to the disco Bella costa is a nice clean resort we enjoyed it as it was close to the main town so you can get out and about. thank you Cuba for another great vacation always welcoming and safe see you soon

    Very good Don H

    “Cuba - Havana and Bella Costa Varadero worth putting on your world experiences”
    For a couple of grand my wife and I have seen Cuba and enjoyed the experience very much. Do not expect five star accommodation for this sort of price, we didn't, but we did get 5 star friendliness from the hotel staff and local people. I've read other reviews and think them very harsh. Bella Costa was more than perfect for the money, and remember Cuba is trying very hard to be a tourist destination. The sun was out most days, the beach was good, the Cuban experience is worth trying, I got a tan, I felt I had had a good holiday. Having spent 10 hours getting to Cuba, it is worth visiting Havana City to see how this country really works, because the holiday resort, like most around the world, is stereotypical. That is not an adverse comment about the Hotel. I want to see the world and its different cultures, but also have a nice bed and meals at the end of the day which you get. Little details that might help - get small denomination notes and coins so that you can pay exact costs for horse trips, old car rides etc and still be able to tip if you think it worth while - nobody has change, not even the car museum in Havana. We did enjoy a three wheeled cycle taxi in the city, by a very old man, I even offered to help push when the incline was up hill, but was told to get back in the seat, these people are quite tough and proud and want to offer service. If you go all inclusive, you will come home fatter, three meal sessions a day is hard to ignore, and there is always something that looks familiar to eat if you are not adventurous. I am always amazed at the portions some other visitors have! You won't need much money, but any change you have at the end of the holiday can be spent in the departure lounge on bits of handy craft or chocolates for those back home. We won't go back to Cuba, only because there are so many other places in the world to visit, but I would have no hesitation in recommending it as a destination. It has its own quirks that no other country has.

    Very good timc101

    “Staff are Like Family ”
    There were 7 of us men golfers there for a week starting October 29, 2014. Most of us have been there before and enjoy returning to the Bella Costa. The staff remembers us and are great. You see the same people there year after year so they must be like a family. The general manager, Johnny, has been there for many years as well. They treat us very well and we appreciate what they give in added value. Although the price includes "free green fees" one still needs to pay 33 CUC for the cart fees. With the Canadian dollar being low and the CUC bench marked against the US dollar we expected poor rates. However, the hotel charged almost usury rates (80 CUC per CAN$100). We had dinners in all the restaurants but noted that the guests did not follow the dress guidelines printed on the welcome sheet. They preferred pants and shoes at the a-la-carte restaurants but you'd see under dressed guests in blue jeans, tees etc. They used to enforce the dress code but, I guess, those days are gone. Maybe they need to rewrite their welcome sheets. Thursday is seafood night and I am glad that they now serve lobster with no shell. This is a big improvement over the overcooked lobster they used to serve. The food here is quite good in general and one reason we keep going back. One image that was bothersome was the fellow who brought out a tray of eggs in the morning and basically dumped them into the bowl of eggs for the cook. You can imagine the fate of many of the eggs. Why not just have the tray of eggs there instead of the bowl? The first night there we had no hot water but there was plenty the rest of the week. The beach is still in a weird state with a high cliff at the rear of the beach. It was calm the first couple of days then quite breezy so they had the red flag out. They are careful and will whistle you out of the water if there is a red flag. They have a new set of performers and are very good. The Halloween show was fun. The hotel is not perfect but a solid "Cuban" 4-star with 5-star staff. You will enjoy it. We did.

    Very good Jeeptorontog

    “About to leave to Bella Costa for the 6th time - honest review ”
    This hotel is a good combination of everything. What do I mean? Lets face it, Cuba is not the fanciest place in the carribean, but yet we all keep going there. Why? People are amazing, the beach is beautiful and the weather tends to cooperate. This will be my 6th visit to Bella Costa. I like the resort because its clean, staff is very friendly. The only exception was a manager of the resort that decided to yell at me one night because I didnt have a shirt on (it was after a club and it was hot!!!). He was actually extremely rude. I am giving it another shot though because i love the guys at the bar and the entertainment team. Who should go to this hotel? The good thing is I dont think anyone would have a bad time there. There are families, couples and single people. Its not overly loud like Barcelo and its not a party resort, but as a signle guy in his 30's I have always had a great time. All the local clubs are close by (The Cave, LaRumba is next door to the hotel, International, and Havana Club) are all 10 pesos away (do not give more). Food by our standards is pretty bland, but for Cuba standards its great. There is always the stone oven pizza you can get for lunch as a last resort, and the specials like the fish are pretty decent for dinner. For Cuba the food is great, and i have never gotten ill from it. Enjoy the place, you will like it.

    Very good Yuksel296

    “Manager in charge ”
    We have stayed in Breezes Bella Costa in April 2014. It is very friendly atmosphere. We have enjoyed beach side daily. hence we recommend visitors to enjoy at the beach rather than pool side. Our special thanks to night manager Rolando Valencia for his immediate action to retrieve our ipad that my little daughter has left in the excursion bus. One of main advantage of Varedaro is that it is in close proximity of Havana. So holiday experience can be enriched by visiting Havana.

    Very good ogdenm

    “lovely stay ”
    Check in: arrived at 1 pm, were told room would not be ready till 4; took a walk to our room to find it was ready; checked in around 1:30 room: was lovely ocean view suite; large, nice view, super close to the beach, ac noisy but worked, maid --Eda, was excellent, took great care to meet our needs and provided exceptional service! Bed a bit hard. Food: all meals were good with the exception of the beach a LA carte...veggies were cold and not the best of service,otherwise lots of variety, usually hot and very fresh, good wine Ketty at the front desk was great, very helpful. Beach is one of the best in Cuba. Clear, clean water...turquoise blue,white trouble getting chairs Pool needs a new liner but we only went there 1. Beach is our preference. Pins cola as were good at jacuzzi bar which was rarely busy. Would recommend going to Havana by taxi. Tour guide just wanted us to go to his friends places to spend $. Hop on hop off was good at only 5 pesos. Xanadu is neat to see. Very hot in sept.

    Very good Rene R

    “Awesome vacations !!!!! ”
    I just came back from Varadero I spent 4 nights at Breeze Bella Costa and I have to say I am grateful with the way I was treated by the hotel staff specially by Miss Magaly the general manager and the whole staff as well I truly thank you all for making me feel welcomed and for all the beauty provided I will go back .

    Very good AlienaJe

    “A Very Nice Experience If You Understand You're Going to Cuba ”
    First time at Breezes Bella Costa, 3rd time to Cuba, so I had a fairly good idea what to expect. The hotel does look a bit old, but it was clean and did not smell of mold. The staff at the reception desk were very nice. There were 3 elevators, very very slow, which meant I had to use the stairs all the time. With my room on the 5th floor, I have to say I appreciated the opportunity to exercise during my vacation. Room was spacious and clean. The safe was in the closet as expected, although I was operated by key not code. So, must pay attention not to misplace the key. Bathroom was clean. The bathtub was clogged, but during my stay the maid ensured the bathroom was properly cleaned and the bathtub de-clogged, without my having to say anything or make any complaints with the reception desk. TV and air conditioning worked perfectly. The only thing that didn't work was the hair dryer, which I didn't really need. Food was ok, as usual. While not up to the standards of French Cuisine, there was definitely plenty of yummy stuff to eat (tons of mussels and shrimp!). The staff were super friendly and courteous. I had a mean cough for the first couple of days and one of the staff brought me warm coffee for my throat without my asking! She was very nice and I regret not having caught her name. The hotel grounds are pretty small. The pool area is relatively small, and seemed very crowded all the time. The beach was pretty nice - very narrow but long. Right by the "main entrance" on the beach it seemed very very crowded. Granted, I went in the off season, and the chairs were pretty empty. However, they were placed very close together, and it gave the impression that during the regular season people are stacked like sardines. Luckily, if you walk more towards the right-side of the beach, where you can see the golf club, the umbrellas and chairs are more spaced-out and you have room to breathe. Yes, there were lots of large rocks on the shore, but if you were careful, you could get in the water with no injuries. There were enough gaps between the rocks and there were plenty of children playing by the shore, which leads me to believe you have to be really absent-minded to injure yourself in said-rocks. And the best thing about Cuba, the water, was absolutely delicious to swim in. Always warm, not algae, and quite a few fish! All in all, it was an excellent vacation. Would probably not recommend it if you are traveling with children, but if you are going to enjoy the beach and the sea, then by all means, give it a try!

    Very good AnaDavies

    “Very Good Cuban Hotel ”
    We went a group of 15 and have a lovely time there. Plenty choices of food and activities. We all enjoyed the entertainment in the evenings with great dancers and competitions. Some of us have the body massages by Luis, and they were excellent; try them, they are very good value. All staff members were ready to help if you ask. Buffet Meals time are quite busy at the main restaurant. Book other restaurants at the resort early if you can.

    Excellent Anna F

    “A pleasant vacation ”
    This hotel shows age for sure and not very clean. But it has good food choices and good entertainment. Servers could be nicer for sure. Overall we have a good impression. They have different cuisines every night and different entertainment too. Beach is amazing but a little dirty. We didn't get bored for sure, they have three restaurants and a disco club. They have internet,gym,pool tables. There was a lot of people with kids. They have day entertainment too,multiple sport activities. But their coffee sucks! We would go back for sure.

    Excellent Gina H

    “Best value for the price! ”
    My first time in Cuba and what a great vacation! I travelled with my cousin and we both had a great time! The staff at Bella Costs was amazing, we made lifelong friends! Beaches were gorgeous and pool was great! We will be returning every year to this resort! Food was okay, rooms needed some upgrading but acceptable! We had Oceanview and had a nice balcony, very large! I would recommend Oceanview to everybody!!! Worth the upgrade! I would recommend Bella Costa to anyone wanting a fun but relaxing resort!!! Loved the pool activities! Good times!!!

    Excellent Sandra M K

    “Wonderful Stay ”
    Family of Five and would highly recommend this family suite with Noli tours. FOOD WAS GOOD, with lettuce everyday on both visits that we were there. Have been to three other resorts in Cuba and the FOOD at the other resorts does not compare to this hotel. Pool is small and not heated but staff, service and hotel are wonderful. We loved the beach. My Husband and I have been twice and travelled again for the second time with our three girls. The suites are lovely with two levels and we loved having our own room. Enjoy your holiday here.

    Excellent jonjon401

    “Breezes Bella Costa”
    Traveling to Cuba is exciting, it is very affordable for us Canadians, enjoying, and its what you make of it. I go to Cuba 5 times a year, yes I am one of the fortunate ones. Everyone wishes to have a great time, for the money one puts out, I suggest, do your homework, before booking,do not rely on the 4 - 5 star, and expect that type, of service, you may think. I have found that most resorts, the hotel and staff have been excellent, it does not hurt to tip the hired help 1 peso is a lot or money for them, most Cubans working in resorts are very appreciated for what you give them, they make very little money, a dollar from us is a lot for them. When i tip staff I feel good in helping them and the family.When I go to Cuba, I bring gifts for the children for the hospital, and people I now know. It makes me feel helpful for them. (no pity just satisfaction). Just remember you are not at home, the food is different, culture, and way of life, but great beaches, sun shine and relaxation, is what you are looking for, have a great vacation. Canada loves Cuba.

    Excellent lunergans

    “What a great Hotel ”
    We were a group of 38 and I organize a group every year in cuba and everyone said the food was excellent the service and the cleanliness was awesome have nothing bad to say ecept for maybe going back next year with the group because of everything being so great.

    Excellent KnowAboutTravel

    “8th time... but who's counting?”
    I returned to the Bella Costa for my 8th week and as always, had a great time. Turns out I've been so many times they gave us a free week so next year... You can read all my previous reviews to know how much I enjoy staying so as to not repeat myself too much, here are few more recent observations. The hotel was much as I left it a year ago. My great Cuban friends are still working there and I made some new friends as well. One wonderful surprise was to find the sand had returned to the beach, apparently only days before I arrived! Oh the cycle of the ocean. I've read a number of reviews here complaining about the Cubans that are now visiting on the weekend. I personally couldn't be happier. As Cuba's economy grows, so do the opportunities for locals to enjoy what we have always had a chance to. And with that, Saturday has become Cuban day at the hotel with live Cuban music by the pool and Cuban food at the buffet and Cubans dancing up a storm in the lobby bar at night. This hotel feels like a second home to me now and I'm always accommodated by staff. Luis has a new spa and we spent a few pesos getting massages (3 for 60$, in the end spent 200$CUC! lol) Marino's is still my favourite a la carte and food at the buffet has more variety than ever. Even as a vegetarian I never have a problem finding something to eat. Don't hesitate to visit and enjoy the Bella Costa, unless of course you're looking for a upscale 5star experience, you won't find it here. What you will find however, is a clean, well cared for resort close to the beach with the friendliest staff you'll ever find. Looking forward to returning 360 odd days from now and singing up a storm with Larry and his band....

    Excellent Karim K

    “Fantastic Hotel !!! ”
    Hi, Firstly, I would like to say that when you hear travellers speak of Cuba, the general response is oh the food is so bland and take some chilli sauce or spice. Well, I have nothing but praise for Cuba. I have travelled to many countries all over the world, and Cuba has changed from 19 years ago. I stayed at Breezes Bella Costa and was amazed. The hotel was clean, very well organized for the volume of visitors and the food was great. I truly enjoyed this hotel and will always recommend and go to this hotel in Varadero. All the wonderful people who are employed there, truly go out of their way to help and to put a smile on your face. Starting from the lovely ladies who work so hard to facilitate the cleaning of the rooms, they are always smiling, no matter how hard and how many rooms they have to clean, they do a fantastic job. No worries of anything going missing. The front reception staff were amazing, friendly, very informed about most things, no matter what time you approached the reception, they were there to cater to your needs without a complaint or moan. The restaurant employees were so friendly and professional. They spoke and made you feel so comfortable and went out of their way to be of service. Again with the volume of visitors, they always had a genuine smile. The bar tenders, fast and knowledgable, fantastic. The ground keepers were so friendly and yet very professional. I love fresh coconut water, and once they knew this, I had 2 coconuts waiting fresh everyday. Service was par excellence. The nightly entertainment and poolside activities also fantastic. The security personnel were so good at all times, making sure that the taxis don't charge more than the norm, and very disciplined. I would like to compliment the directors of this fantastic resort in the way and manner that this hotel is kept, run and managed. Excellent. I had taken my mother who is an elderly woman, and she was also amazed at the hotel and all the employees. They treated her with the utmost respect and it was very nice. For me, I was a little nervous about how she would like it, and after the trip, she tells me that she can't wait to go back !! The negatives of the resort from my perspective.......none at all. I loved it. I would most definitely recommend this lovely hotel to anyone without a doubt. Thank you very much Breezes Bella Costa for a fantastic vacation and get ready for my return. K. Keshavjee.

    Excellent Jasper186220

    “Good Value for Money, Excellent Staff ”
    The Hotel is sat on the beach and the beaches are the best I have ever seen with free Watersports. The Hotel is clean and tidy and the staff a very helpful.There is a choice of sit down restaurants which are still included in the all inclusive. Have stayed there for three weeks would thoroughly recommend it . The only down side was the internet was slow and expensive (theres no WIFI). Theres plenty of good trips which are worth going on, you learn a few new phrases such "do you want to buy some cigars". The people are friendly and you dont feel hassled(apart from a bit in Havana)

    Excellent ricardodesiree

    “Another great trip! ”
    Just returned from another fantastic trip to Breezes Bella Costa. I've been to other resorts in Varadero, but none can match the friendly and personal service we always receive. Also it is only about a two minute walk to the beach, most hotels are at least a ten or more minute walk, some even have to use shuttles. The beach restaurant is very unique as it overlooks the ocean and is open for late breakfast, lunch and Cuban Ala Carte. Jimmy's buffet always had a wide variety of food, from fresh baked bread, soups, a roast of something being hand carved, fresh salads and more. Plenty of bars with joking bartenders and powerful drinks and the best coffee! ( Ah! I miss my cappuccino ) I have never had a problem at this hotel that was not rectified almost immediately and I will be returning very soon.

    Excellent Philomena S

    “Great vacation ”
    We have been to the same Hotel and same place for the last 12 years, we did try another hotel in April one of the newer ones but we always go back to the Breezes Bella Costa, it is more personal the people are great they make you feel that you are at home, I always feel that I am goint to my other home when I go back to the Breezes bella Costa, the food is great there is something for everyone to eat, the rooms are clean and the people are amazing. I would recommente everyone to go to Breezes Bella costa

    Excellent Paul

    Nice, amazing very good
    Built on a natural cliff in the Hicacos Peninsula, the Iberostar Bella Costa Hotel is part of the tourism infrastructure in Cuba's main beach resort, Varadero. It is located in a 20-kilometer-long beach strip in Varadero and is surrounded by an intimate atmosphere. Its architectural style harmonizes with the environment. This exclusive hotel is four kilometers away from downtown Varadero and 30 kilometers from Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport, which is the main airway to the resort.

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