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Rancho San Vicente Hotel, Pinar del Rio Cuba. 3 stars.

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  • Destination: Pinar del Rio
  • Address: Km. 33, Carr. P. Esperanza, Vinales Pinar del Rio
  • Phone: 538) 79-6201
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Rancho San Vicente Hotel Cuba

    This friendly and intimate resort, located among the mountains of the westernmost province of Cuba, will let you enjoy Nature at its best and improve your quality of life. The waters of the nearby River Saint Vincent are hypothermal and their mineral content is highly valued for therapeutic purposes. Several treatments are available, such as massage, mud therapy, sulphurous baths and others, designed especially to preserve and improve your health. The natural surroundings offer different activities for the ecologically minded, such as bird watching and photography and for the more audacious, trekking, canoeing in underground rivers and exploring caves. The resort is close to several rural communities dedicated to grow some of the best tobacco in the World; be sure to drop by and learn all about it.

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    Review about Rancho San Vicente Hotel
    Average Omar

    viñale is unique
    Hotel Rancho San Vicente is located in the most typical environment of the San Vicente Valley, 5 kilometers from Vinales, on the banks of the river of the selfsame name (with mineral, medicinal and hypothermal properties).

    Awfull George W

    “I expected to bump into Grizzly Adams! ”
    What can one say? Well, nothing much! A long trek from the coach to my wooden cabin. It was dark, smelt musty and wholly uninviting. Could it get worse? Well, yes.There was no plug for my sink (I think no one had a plug!). The bracket holding the shower head was broken and a shower was rather difficult. It was also a leap of faith as the water was never more than tepid. There was a TV in the room which received only Spanish speaking programmes. The bed, in common with the other two hotels in which I had stayed, was old and uncomfortable and the pillows dreadfully lifeless and flat. After a restless night, I ventured for breakfast. I was there as it opened which was just as well as they actually ran out of standard items as the morning went on. I had a slightly uncooked omelette and toast and some fruit. Very frugal and not satisfying. The guests shared the open sided restaurant with a variety of wildlife: dogs with mange and fleas. Cats with fleas, chickens pecking at one's feet, oh and fleas with fleas. Even my bites had bites! The evening entertainment was made by a group of stoic Brits singing (badly) and playing charades. The cocktails consisting of rum, rum, some bitter lemon and rum were enjoyable though! I had three nights there when one was too many. Leaving gave me a thrill as if my early release had been negotiated. If you want a smelly room and like convening with nature, not too fussy about food, then it will suit your purpose. I didn't meet Grizzly. I expect the look on my face may have scared him away!

    Awfull Conqueror17

    “Dire food ”
    This hotel has one thing going for it, a superb location. The rooms are basic, no problem, but poorly maintained. The food, however, was dire. Chicken, fish or pork all served cold on cold plates. Dessert was mango marmalade or coconut in syrup served with an apology for a Kraft cheese slice. I was part of a group of 18 and nobody had warm food. How we laughed and how hungry we were!

    Awfull gerryjill

    “not a good experiance ”
    we styed 3 nights our first room was very damp,our second room not much better the smell of the drains were also very bad it was quite cold on our first night my wife asked for a extra blanket the blanket was very damp and musty. as i stated the first night was cold and wet there was no dinning facilitys indoors we had to wrap up with our coats on for dinner. the area was spectaculer the hotel is not up to the changing weather conditions

    Poor Swiss_voyagerII

    “Great location; variable rooms ”
    My wife and I spent 2 nights here as part of a 2 week tour of Cuba, The hotel is in a lovely location; alongside a road that weaves through the spectacular mountains, in green grounds with grass and trees and shrubs. It's an ideal place to explore the valley. The rooms are located in individual cabins, some with just one room, some up to 4 on two levels. The room we spent the first night in was on the ground floor of a 4-room hut. It was damp and smelt strongly of humidity and mould. The curtains seemed to be the worst, but bed covers also smelt (and even after returning to Switzerland and after 3 washes our pyjamas smell of the damp!!). The room was also cold and clearly didn't get enough sunshine. The bathroom had mould growing round the shower. It was actually hard to sleep as it felt hard to breathe! The reception happily moved us for our second night into a top floor room which was much nicer all round, Yes, there was a very faint damp smell, but it was minimal and the room was cleaner, lighter and more habitable. The food was edible but not great. The breakfast buffet was adequate but not that diverse and the coffee supply always seemed low. We had sandwiches at the bar the day we arrived which were OK. The dinner buffet had no vegetarian option but they kindly charged us only half price for our rice and beans and veg. The second night we ate our own food in our room. The bar area by the pool was nice for a drink, but often ruined by the staff keeping the TV blaring with pop music or violent American shows. I'd rather have heard the birds singing than machine gun fire! We had the hotel organize us a horse ride through the valley which was very enjoyable, with a knowledgeable guide (though his English was very limited). However, we asked for a 2 hour private tour and got a 3.5 hour tour with other guests. The staff were generally helpful though some of the prcies for drinks and food seemed a bit random. Be careful with your car. I parked in the car park a few metres from reception but during our first night a quarter of my fuel was syphoned off (I had failed to check the hire car company had locked the petrol cap when they gave it me that day - and they hadn't). Overall, if you get one of the better rooms and take most of your meals out of the hotel, it is a reasonable base but the damp room, the poor food and the stolen fuel mean I have to give it a poor rating.

    Poor GeorgeMulder

    “Lousy food ”
    This hotel cannot really be recommended. For us it was the first hotel outside of Havana, so you really do not know what to expect. The region around Viñales are certainly worth a visit, and therefore Viñales has many Casas Particulares, many of them to be preferred to this hotel, which has a bit stuffy rooms in cabins. These have small balconies. The worst thing about the hotel however was its awful restaurant, which served food prepared without any interest let alone love.

    Poor netmorby110

    “no water at all the 1st day, and only a trickle the 2nd”
    In Cuba, apparently the authorities decide where you're going to stay, never mind your reservations. Our facilities in Vinales or Pinar were switched twice and we ended up at this Rancho. It's a series of cabins - some quite old, others looking like they were built in the 90's. We had one of the latter. It looked nice enough, but after I flushed the toilet once, that was all she wrote. No more flush, no shower and no sink water. We were told it would be fixed and we went to dinner secure in our American optimism that of course it would. We got back to find - still no water! Our tour coordinator offered to switch her room with ours, but we declined, partly not to inconvenience her and also partly because to do so would mean hauling our bags, and she hauling hers, to the respective opposite cabins, over potholed, puddly pavement on a dark night. So we stayed put and then the following day the water was "restored" - ha! We got a tepid stream in the shower stall and a trickle in the sink. We asked for a different room but there weren't any. And the bed was rock hard. I had to use the thick blanket I found in the closet, qudrupled up, as a mattress topper. With proper maintenance, this place could be a honeymooners' delight. It's in a gorgeous setting, the buffet's not bad, there's a lovely large pool, and you can sit outside by the bar and smoke a cigar in the cool night. But don't hold your breath - this is Cuba. If I went again, I'd check out the B and B's. They look like the only places worth considering in Pinar del Rio province.

    Poor anastassia_neto

    “Just ok hotel in a nice setting ”
    Good we've only stayed for two nights here, as I wouldn't survive much more. The cabin was clean, but with constant problems in the bathroom. The shower curtain didn't stop the water, so the bathroom was constantly flooded. The wc was not flushing at all times. We had to ask to fix it at least twice. Once fixed, it worked for a couple of times and then the problem was starting all over again. We had to keep curtains closed almost at all times, as anyone could see inside passing by. Thus it felt dark and not that comfortable. The a/c did warm the room, so it was actually cold to sleep (the nights in Vinales are really cold!), but became rapidly hot in the morning. The open window didn't save the situation and was only inviting moscitos in, not even talking about the terrible rooster under our window, that was waking us up at 4-5am every morning. I wished he just droped dead! The food is dreadful, both breakfast and dinner (we had half-board unfortunately). We ate the dinner only once, the second night our horse-tour guide offered to have a dinner at his home and we gladly agreed. The cocktails were also basically ice and water. The cats and dogs didn't bother us at all, our 10yo daughter was happy to be able to play with them, cause it was too cold to go to the pool, thus nothing to do for a kid. The hotel personnel was nice and helpful. Their smiling faces and readiness to help is the only thing that makes me give this hotel 2 and not 1. Anyway, we were only sleeping there and not spending much time at the hotel. Thus, it's an ok place for a short stay.

    Poor Lars K

    “Nice location - but awfull hotel ”
    Room was smelling. and the food was a disaster. Highly overprice as most of the hotels were we stayed on Cuba. Only reason to go here is the reservation. But stay in one of the private paladars. But the dogs running around between the houses were very friendly and nice.

    Poor CherieClenick

    “Wouldn't choose to stay here”
    Stayed here as part of the tour we were on. Stuck like fresh poo every morning. Pool has so little chlorine in it all the local animals used it as its drinking hole. Air cond next to make more racket that necessary didn't actually do anything. A few fellow travellers were covered head to toe in bite marks. If your on a tour then very little choose to staying here but those solo wooden huts. Well they won't be yours. You get shafted to the other end of the 'restort'. Was here for two nights. Had breakfast twice. Which translated to a egg on letter (barley) and if your lucky a plate for fruite. Ate dinner there one night. Was edible. But would have paid more to stay elsewhere. Very disappointed.

    Poor SuzTRev

    “Mediocre Hotel, nice location ”
    We were originally due to stay at the sister hotel nearer to Vinales-La Ermita for 2 nights en route to Cayo Levisa, however on arrival we were advised that due to overbooking we would be allocated a room at The Hotel Rancho San Vicente, we were not best pleased about this, especially when we discovered it was a lot further from Vinales, and didnt have the valley view that we had been looking forward to, however it did turn out to be a bonus........(not the hotel though) The rooms were cabins, dated and slightly "musty" which were set within a large woodland area, with the sounds of nature all around, not an unpleasant setting Will start with the down side: poor rooms, staff were surly, and the breakfast buffet was extremely poor, I wouldn't recommend eating in their restaurant, as there are far better options nearby. On the positive side: Get a taxi to Vinales (about 10 minute ride)...but go early evening as getting back is difficult after 9 ish, maybe pre book the return? Look for El Olivo restaurant ,it is quite new, and in the main street of Vinales, can't recommend this highly enough, may not look it, but it is a Palador. It was full the night we were there, we had the most excellent Tapas Starters, then Paella and Baked Fish,with wine and coffee was only 30CUCS for two of us. The staff were attentive and efficient, it really was a very good meal On our 2nd night we went to a very nearby Palador, opposite the entance to the Hotel. La Rosa, you cant miss it. a small pink Bungalow, with the sign and lights clearly visible. You walk through the house to the rear, where they have a few tables. Though English wasnt really spoken it was easy to communicate......We were offerred a choice of 4 dishes, Pork, Chicken, Fish or Lobster. We choose the Lobster, it was amazing, cooked in tomato sauce, and the accompaning side dishes were huge. Cant say enough about the quality,value, service and not miss this experience. Make sure you take the Hotel booked Vinales tour, especially if your guide is Julio. We were very fortunate to have our own private tour with Julio and Franco filling in as his driver, as we were the only two booked in that days tour. A great experience, the guys were great, friendly and spoke such good English, we learned so much from them about the area, and life in Cuba generally

    Poor NorfolkSnowy

    “Looks lovely on arrival but downhill from there ”
    On arrival the complex looked lovely. The pool looked inviting and we received a complimentary juice. We were happy so far. Then we went to the room. It smelt damp and musty. There were bare wires hanging out of the wall where the light switch should have been at the top of one of the beds. We moved the bed away from the wall to avoid touching the wires in the night. The two beds in the room were uncomfortable and had lumpy pillows. We couldn't tell if there were any English channels on the TV as it didn't work. The bathoom walls were covered in mould and the floor looked so dirty that we daren't use the soap again after we accidently dropped it on the floor! The dinner was basic and poor. The soup was greasy and the salad consisted of a sliced tomato with some grated carrot on it. The mains were all dull and the sweet was a strange combination of bitter orange and cheese. There were a lot of cats around the table at dinner, but we weren't bothered by dogs as some reviewers have complained about. The breakfast was better but it was irritating that the egg chef served the pretty girls in the queue before their turn, making the men and older ladies wait. More than one member of our group had disputes with the barman over the amount of change given. Our group stayed in a block of terraced rooms but the detached bungalows looked much nicer. As we were only staying for one night we put up with the room but wouldn't have done if we had been staying any longer.

    Poor throwim

    “Might have been lovely but it's grotty now”
    When you pull up at San Vicente it looks promising. The grounds and setting are lovely. Unfortunately it doesn't fulfill its promise. We might have been unlucky with our room, but it smelled really bad. We've been to plenty of places in the tropics and aren't fazed by a bit of damp. When we first went into the room, I assumed the mushroomy smell was due to it having been closed up for a while, but this was beyond musty ( uncleared after 24 hours of A/C) and was compounded by some sort of plumbing problem that meant the bathroom reeked of sulphur. The tiles were coming up off the floor and the toilet rocked around. If all you need is a base to explore the area, then this place will do, but you won't want to hang around here. We came to Cuba expecting food to be appalling , and on the whole it was nowhere near as bad as anticipated. This was the exception. Breakfast in particular was shocking: I can eat pretty much anything but really felt sorry for my fellow guests who spent their breakfast times scowling into their three little morsels of uncooked hotdog chunks and scraps of fried cabbage. Some of the staff were friendly and helpful, some were complacent. They didn't do anything about the problems in our room.

    Poor Marylynn1949

    “Hotel for dogs (and not in a good way) ”
    All I can say about this place is that dogs patrolled the ground in packs, howling at night, and mating enthusiastically, usually outside the door of our hut. I have noted earlier reviews refer to "lovable black puppies". These have now grown up and joined the pack. Definitely not safe for children. Accommodation adequate - don't expect luxury.

    Poor StalybridgeJAB

    “This Hotel is not as bad as the reviews ”
    We had read the reviews before we travelled to CUBA so we had no illusions about Rancho San Vincente. It's not a good hotel and this is reflected in the price. It's in a very pretty location, the rooms are "tree house" style with great views and the breakfast is ok. We stayed 2 nights and then moved onto a casa in town.

    Poor IrelandGrace

    “okay but problems ”
    The hotel is in a lovely setting and staff were friendly when reserving a booking. The room smelt a little damp but the views and balcony were lovely. The food was limited e.g. burgers, sandwiches and they were constructing the pool which was a little messy but okay. They have to undertake construction work at some time and i dont think we were there in the height of the tourist season. We had a problem with one member of staff a bellboy who suggested we eat in a nearby hotel. Beware the lack of English spoken here. So we ended up in a nearby village on a balcony with a kitchen built on the side. Be ware this is a rip off as they charge exorbitant prices and split the money between them.... Otherwise a great hotel.

    Poor caribartTT

    “I will try to be kind”
    We were sent here unexpectedly when another "Horizontes" property over-booked. Generally the location looks serene and somewhat of a hideaway with lush grounds and bungalows spread out all around the property. the first room I was assigned was DISGUSTING. I would not put my house-keeper to stay there. The room was dark and small with wooden windows. A tiny window unit was my a/c and a small wall mounted tv...the bathroom floor with gray with grime and the toilet seat was broken. The bed side lamps were without lampshades and one of the bulbs was broken. This room was located towards the back end of the property and did not take advantage of any aspect of being there. I could not stay in this room more than 5 minutes. My second room, a fraction better was located behind the pool bar and adjacent to the kitchen door for the restaurant. A drain ran at the back of the room and the mosquitoes and service noise including blaring music was also unacceptable. My third room, some 90 minutes later was located at probably the highest elevation of the property in a three storey wooden structure with glass front.....the room was remarkable better except that when anyone walked in the other rooms, everythjing shakes....a tree house basically. The food at the restaurant was horrid and the service....well...there was nothing resembling service. I could not wait to get away from this place. The pool was empty and being repaired. The workers had spread large sheets of heavy duty plastic which flapped and billowed in the wind...annoying as all hell. The next day they started to jack hammer the pool area....What a contrast of what this resort should really be. YUCK!!!! They should close down..... A huge disappointment

    Poor Fen6

    “In need of tlc ”
    The Rancho San Vicente is in a beautiful setting - within a few minutes walking distance of amazing caves where you can take a boat trip. The rooms are scattered through lush gardens where you'll see hummingbirds if you're lucky. When you wake in the morning all you hear is the sound of the birds and the rustling of the wind. That said, it is a great shame that the hotel has not done anything about the large number of mangy dogs who wander freely around the grounds, and look pleadingly at you when you are eating, and drink from the swimming pool. I love dogs and just felt so sorry for them. I know that life can be difficult in Cuba (it's the most wonderful place though) and would have gladly contributed some money to have had the dogs treated! The food at the San Vicente is pretty basic - just don't go expecting banquets!

    Average swansilvertone

    “Could be fantastic....but isn't.”
    This hotel has a very pleasant location - if you don't mind being outside Vinales. The cabins are well set out among the trees too. I have to agree with other reviewers in that, unless you have one of the more tucked away cabins, the big windows make you feel very overlooked - we ended up sitting inside with the curtains closed which is pretty depressing. The triple room itself was fine and no complaints about the bathroom. The small pool was very crowded and the water didn't look very clean. The bar would be nicer if the tv wasn't constantly blaring out. Breakfast was fine. I'd recommend eating at LaRosa restaurant directly opposite the hotel. Also, if you're around at dusk, it's worth popping over the road to the cave entrance ( where the cave boat trips finish) to see the nightly exodus of bats as they head off to feed. Fantastic!

    Average JoeDassin1

    “Pleasant surprise ”
    Usually when I go to Vinales I stay at the Hotel Los Jazmines, which has the most beautiful view. However, this year I had to stay at the Rancho San Vincente. At first I did not expect much, however, in the end I was pleasantly surprised. Of course there is no place like the Los Jazmines for the view; however, the rooms are MUCH better at Rancho San Vincente. The hotel is made of small separated bungalows, so it is a very "private" setting. There is a pool which is decent and the food was not bad for a Cuban Hotel. The main problem is the location, however, the positive point is that it is very close to the "Indian Cave". I would stay there again next time I am in Vinales, as (except for the view) everything is better than at the Los Jazmines.

    Average Aidan M

    “Setting lovely food dreadful. ”
    I stayed in this hotel for three nights in November as part of a Cuban tour. No complaints about the very attractive setting or the rooms which were of an acceptable standard. The service at the bar was good too. What let the place down was the food which was of a very poor standard. If you are staying here I would recommend eating out at one of the palladors nearby or on the way to Vinales. Take advice though because the standard are very variable.

    Average Taipo

    “Nice hotel but a long way out of Vinales ”
    We stayed at this hotel for 2 nights as part of a 4 week independent tour of Cuba. The hotel consists of wooden and concrete chalets in large well tended grounds with a swimming pool and restaurant. We stayed in one of the wooden chalets which looked bigger than the concrete ones. The room was quiet, clean, spacious with comfy beds. The bathroom was fine. Food in the restaurant was no better or worse than other places we stayed. The downside, if you do not have a car, is the distance from the town ( about 8kms ) . The rate was not much different to the Ermita Hotel which we thought had the edge because of the location.

    Average martin_and_ewa

    “Lovely Surroundings But Accommodation Needs Improvement ”
    The hotel is set out amongst trees with individual chalet type accommodation and somme rooms in small wooden buildings. It is beautifully designed and has the feeling of being very peaceful. It is some kilometers from Vinales but there is a round trip bus and taxis are easily available. The room we had was in one of the wood buildings on first floor. The stairs were wobbly and one wondered if they were completely safe. The inside was kept immaculately clean by the maid but looked tatty; there had clearly been some repair work but splashed paint and plasted had not been cleared up The pool had a bout half as much water as it should so was pretty unusable and probably not kept very clean. We had bed and breakfast included, but had dinner at the hotel most evenings. The food was adequate, certainly not great. We had been told not to expect much from food in Cuba and generally we were pleasantly surprised. However, ths restaurant must be the type of place being described by those less impressed. There too many dogs as suggested by a previous review. They were not dangerous and we heard little noise. However, some were not in good condition and all were allowed to wander freely around the open restaurant scrounging for food from diners. I would return, even as it is, for the setting, the local area etc. But the hotel really does need to make some improvements quickly and be sure that the whole complex is completely safe

    Average LindaNetherlands

    “Basic 'cabana' in the Vinales outskirts ”
    We stayed in Rancho San Vicente for one night. The house (cabana) is pretty big, has two beds, a TV, and a bath room with hot water. Unfortunately the hut smelled a bit damp. I would recommend La Ermita Hotel for Vinales. From this Hotel you have a beautiful view. Unfortunately this Hotel was fully booked - so make your reservations ahead. The Rancho San Vicente is not bad, but somewhat overpriced for what you get (82 CUC). The breakfast (included in the price) was terrible. The swimming pool was quite dirty.

    Average Kanerva

    “Beautiful surroundings ”
    Stayed four nights in Rancho San Vicente in Vinales. The hotel is located in amazingly beautiful surroundings. Staying in a little cabin in the middle of the forest surrounded by animals makes you feel you're staying in a zoo. Well, almost. The cabins are in relatively good shape and are clean. Service at this hotel could be better. The "PR" man in the reception was very friendly, but otherwise the service was neutral or non-existent. Also the food in hotel restaurant could be better. The hotel is located about 7 km from Vinales center, so you'll need a car to get to center. There is a shuttle bus (2 CUC/person or 5 CUC/person/day) to center, but it only runs during daytime.

    Very good dale o

    “Great location, clean and comfortable ”
    We found this hotel through the lOnely was very comfortable and the cabins were nice...quiet and clean and roomy. And because it is a little out of town the air is very clear The bathroom worked well too. A nice pool, but the food was fairly ordinary....we had come to expect this in Cuba! I had a nice strong massage though for $25.

    Very good Iancrowson

    “Ok hotel in a fine setting. Very good welcome and service. ”
    We stayed one of our three nights in the Vinales valley here, we wished it had been all three. Our room was a lodge style, smallish, good shower room . Plenty of hot water, always.. Very clean and bed comfortable. We received a warm and rather formal welcome from the manager who makes it his business to see how his hotel is running. Staff friendly, good service at bar. We did not expect really good food anywhere in Cuba, the breakfast and dinner here was about average for a less expensive Cuban hotel in our fairly limited experience. Overall a very clean, well run hotel with friendly staff in a very pretty wooded setting. Don't expect great food or a big room and you should have good stay.

    Very good Miriam W

    “Beautiful Setting ”
    We stayed two nights as part of a tour package. The setting is beautiful. The room was neat and clean, everything worked. Seems like a bonus for Cuba. Breakfast buffet was good, and a chef prepared omelets on request. Loved the resort atmosphere.

    Very good R_Chubster

    “Nice cabins, very clean ”
    Reading the previews reviews, we were not looking forward staying in this hotel as part of a package. But our experience was good. The rooms were clean (we stayed in the new wooden cabins), the surrounding area is beautiful, constant hot water and a wide variety of food during breakfast. It is a few miles from the village Vinales, and since there is no lights, the road get really dark (good for star gazing!!). But this held us back from going to the village at night for dinner. We made sure we ate before sunset and had some drinks at Rancho San Vicente itself. You will hear music till late from the entertainment, but not really loud if you have a cabin far enough. It's a good hotel if you want to travel this area.

    Very good JaneandNye

    “A curate's egg ”
    Firstly the setting is fantastic, a most beautiful wooded site that is actually far nicer than it appears in photos, also very convenient, the hotel is the last stop for the 'hop on, hop off' bus that tours the sights of the Vinales valley for 5cuc per person - excellent value for money. We enjoyed a 4 hour horse riding trip organised by the rep as well. There is a nice but small pool - more for a splash than a serious swim. On the down side, we lost our water supply three times in three days - very inconvenient in a hot country - and the food was the worst we experienced in Cuba - breakfast OK but the evening meal is terrible. On the other hand, all is not lost, there is a very nice restaurant about 50m down the road in the pink bungalow, where the lobster is outstanding value. It is about 6 km out of Vinales but this is not a problem, regular bus + we walked it one day, very pleasant.

    Very good Mcr-traveller13

    “Recommended - but be prepared for night-time temps! ”
    I stayed here for 2 nights in Jan 2012. The setting is beautiful: accommodation is in spacious cabins in a natural valley bowl, surrounded by hills filled with lush semi-tropical vegetation. The cabins themselves were well-appointed, in full working order and very clean, with plenty of instant hot water (not always easily available in Cuba!). A very good standard for what is officially a 3-star place. Staff were efficient, albeit not that interactive. Breakfast is good, with a bit more variety than usual by Cuban standards for this type/standard of accommodation. There is a lovely big clean pool by the main bar, which looks well-maintained, but be warned - isn't heated! The Rancho is a fair distance from Vinales town however - certainly not a walkable distance - but as someone else has already commented, taxis are relatively cheap and plentiful. Also it can get very cool at night here - the site's location in a deep valley bowl means it gets relatively short sunlight hours (especially from Nov-Apr) and the temperature drops rapidly once the sun has disappeared. So bring a fleece! The hotel is a great base if you like walking, wildlife and caving, as there are lots of option nearby in the magnificent local countryside around Vinales. If you like horticulture I'd recommend the Orchid gardens in Soroa nearby - the guides really know their stuff and are very enthusiastic. Tip for food: there is a fabulous palador (a restaurant run by a family in their home) just across the road from the Rancho, back towards Vinales - I can't remember the name, but ask the staff, they will probably tell you. Divine food at incredibly reasonable prices, with lovely service from the family. The best lobster thermidore I have ever had :)

    Very good LizT025

    “Lovely setting ”
    The grounds were great for having a relax and the pool area was nice. You are a little out of town here, but it's easy to get the bus or a short taxi ride back if you want. We found that the excursion that we booked picked us up from here which was convenient. The room and bathroom were a good size and clean. We didn't find the staff that we interacted with very interested or all that helpful but it didn't affect our stay.

    Very good Sandyarnie

    “Lovely setting and after Hotel Plaza in Havana a really nice surprise ”
    Our cultural tour of Cuba took us to Vinales, a truly lovely place. The hotel was very nice. Swimming pool with pleasant pool area. The rooms were large and clean and were fashioned like mini chalets. Showers worked. Water, while not hot, was adequate. After 4 nights in the Hotel Plaza in Havana, this was a dream. The town of Vinales doesn't have much to offer. A little square with a pretty church that was closed and a few shops. But it is a pleasant place to stop and one of our trip highlights was visiting Cuban families who live in the town.

    Very good FreqFlyerAU

    “Beautiful setting for a hotel!”
    We ended up in this hotel after our first choice (Ermita) was booked out. It's location is remote, you can't deny that, but it is in such a beautiful area surrounded by tourist attractions and a forest. The reception staff are a little blunt and hopeless at times (not unusual for Cuba hotels) but the maids do a great job and have a sense of humor! They could probably reduce the number of dogs (and cats) as they seem to roam unhindered. Some general maintenance would be a good idea with mould on the bathroom ceiling being an issue. The food is ok but not amazing. It suits the tour groups that come and go, but isn't the worst we've come across in Cuba. Overall, I'd recommend this hotel but not for more than a few days and ideal for those with a car or other transport.

    Very good judicles

    “Lovely hotel ”
    We were put in this hotel as there were no spaces at the others. Despite being quite a way out of town, we were glad we were here. I have certainly never stayed in a place like this, you really feel as if you are in the middle of a tamed jungle. The room was spacious, it did smell a little damp but that is not surprising as the humidity and amount of rain make the whole area drip with water which is rather lovely! Having read the other reviews I am sad to say we only saw 2 dogs, 2 cats and sveral chickens and not a goat in sight! The pool was well filled and lovely. The staff were very helpful and suggested things for us to do and helped us book taxi's etc. The gentlemen on the front desk speaks perfect English. The food was OK, perfectly eatable and I would recommend the black beans and rice. Delicious! We did visit Los Jazmines to take in the view and found the staff and atmosphere there very different and much more impersonable so we were glad to be at our hotel. Do try the Paladares Nene - we had the biggest meal imaginable there and look for Alexis at the tourist centre in town - he is a lovely man and a superb guide. We did the bus trip out to the island Jutia for the day and snorkelled wih barracudas which was superb.

    Very good MurraysUk

    “Much better than we expected, Caroline and Mark UK ”
    We didn't expect luxury but what we got was a well run hotel in an idilic location. Set in the middle of the morgotes in a beautiful wooded site. Yes the room smelt a bit damp but this is because of the fact it's wooden chalet and the location. Everywhere was clean including the pool. Nothing wrong with the service and the food Cuban but perfectly acceptable and hot . Dogs not a problem just don't feed them!

    Very good CJ1211

    “LIked it ”
    We stayed here for 4 nights in Feb. We were fortunate to stay in the nicer of the huts (so we were told) and I thought they were great. I mean, come on, you get what you pay for. At least it's got a TV (for when it rains and you want to watch live English sports), AC and running hot water. The food in Cuba is terrible all round so don't expect anything exciting here either, unless you like fried cucumber and fried left-over sliced tomato's in the morning! The food in the evening is ok I thought, but everyone else was complaining. The staff are not very friendly,but that's all around really. Expect to find a goat, chicken or a dog on your door step in the mornings..... In all, I thought the setting for this hotel was beautiful. Not as good as the views at the Los Jasminez hotel up the road, but by the sounds of it, better standard. I fell in love with a dog that I named Limpy. Small black puppy with dodgy leg and bad right eye, which I bathed every day for him. If anyone should see her wondering around - show her some love from me. For a taxi ride to Vinales Central expect to pay about 5 CUCs and head off in the evening for some real Cuban dancing and Mojitos at the Cultural Centre Polo Montanez. Its an open air club with great bands and professional dancers. Make sure you go horse riding - Pedro at the desk will sort it all out for you and speaks great English/French and German. Puts us all to shame really. If you have never done horse riding, don't expect any tutoring beforehand - as it's straight on and yeeeeeeeehhaaaaaaaah! We had such a great laugh and it lasts for 4 hours (for 20 CUCs each). Make sure to pay the guide a tip too. Don't bother with a trip to Pinar Del Rio town. We were not impressed!

    Very good corail1801

    “Amazing ”
    I liked a lot that hotel! It's calm, peaceful and beautiful. Rooms are very normal but pretty big, but the hotel is very cool. I felt like being in the forest or the jungle. There is a little river right beside and trees and flowers. On the morning I waked up because of the sound of animals! It's close to the village of Vinales, which is very fun too. At the hotel there is a little restaurant, a bar and a pool. Three are little but good and fun!

    Very good wrighton

    “Heart of the countryside ”
    Stayed four nights in March 2007, beautiful location, grounds lush and pool inviting. Accommodation basic but clean and adequate. Attitude of most staff indifferent which is a shame as the overall experience is immense. Malcolm is the entertainments manager if he survived his assessment - he would really appreciate any football magazines you have to offer. Countryside experience - crowing cockerels at 6am, if you don't like dogs look away as their relentless activity is difficult to ignore - perfectly safe for humans though and don't bother the tourists other than seeking food.

    Excellent Paul V

    “excellent casa ! ”
    Lovely casa and great hospitality: "We were made very welcome by the owners Ridel and Claribel. Not only were they very friendly and helpful,they also gave tips to visit the beautiful countryside around and in Vienales and suggested a trip on horseback wich was wonderful and interesting. How was the food?:The food was excellent and tasteful, there was even to much of it in the evening. We were also given a sandwich to take with us when we left as we had to drive a long way! How was the room?:Room was clean and fresh. Other Comments:certainly a casa we would like to return to. We enjoyed every minute of our stay."

    Excellent Iranzu

    A very great family¡¡ Leyani and Osvedy home is a perfect place to stay in Viñales. They are wonderful host, the meals they serve are delicious, the house is really beautiful and clean and it has great views. Moreover, they really want you to be part of their family while you stay at their home. They offer you too a walking day around to make sure you know Viñales countryside perfectly.If you have any kind of issue during your stay they will do their best to help you. They are very close and loving people.

    Excellent Roofdigger

    “Perfect stay in Vinales ”
    Stayed at the Rancho San Vincente in March 2011 as an Option to the much promoted Los Jasminez and La Ermita Hotets above Vinales. View might be better in these two locations but the nice appartements, very friendly service and good food is something to consider when planning your trip. Rancho is our first choice in Vinales.

    Excellent VickyJP

    “I really liked this place - relaxing! ”
    I really liked this place! I stayed there as part of an Explore tour, for two nights and found it extremely peaceful and relaxing. I am a vegetarian and the one night we ate at the hotel, I had spaghetti, which was fine. But others in my tour weren't impressed with their meat dishes. My cabin was perfectly fine, and had the best water temperature and pressure of all the Cuban hotels I stayed in. There are various animals around the place - dogs (including a lovely black one who was adorable), chickens, sheep etc... which may not be to everyone's liking but I thought it added to the ambience! Hire cars would be needed to get to Vinales town, but I would have thought that anyone staying here would have arrive by car if not on a tour anyway ...

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