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Colonial Hotel, Ciego de Avila Cuba. 5 stars,

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  • Destination: Ciego de Avila
  • Address: Cayo Coco, Moron
  • Phone: (53 33) 301311
  • Accept child:Yes
  • $ No pricePer person
  • Description: Colonial Hotel Cuba

    Located by Cayo Coco beach, in Ciego de Avila province. It is surrounded by an exuberant garden and skirted by a navigable natural lagoon.

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  • Room facilities
    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
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    24 hrs. emergency medical service, babysitting, beauty salon, bell boy, bikes, board games, buffet, business centre, car parking, car rental, conference rooms, cyber cafe, disabled facilities, discotheque, grill, gym, hotel shop, laundry & dry cleaning service 24 hrs., luggage storage, massage, money exchange, motorized water sports, multi-language staff, no smoking rooms, Piano bar, post office, Reception 24 hrs., room services 24 hrs., safety deposit box in room, satellite tv, sauna, scuba diving center, Solarium, swimming pool, taxis, tennis courts, theme Restaurants, tourism bureau,

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    Review about Colonial Hotel
    Awfull stew s

    “bad place to be ”
    We booked the colonial on the bases it was a lower end 4 star boy were we wrong. This hotel was like we were being punked on some show. First we arrive at the desk and the guy booking us didn't seem to care we were there, we asked for help getting to our rooms (bell boy) and he handed us a small map and said we could manage ourselves. Once we found the room it was 3 flights up this wooden rotting staircase that you dare not lean on for fear it would break off. The room was in not bad of shape, but no toilet paper and it was aged which we expected. We started roaming around the place to get our bearings on where everything was and mind you during this walk which took about 20 minutes we seen nobody. We started to think we were the only ones at this resort, we managed to find a bar and started talking to the workers and they said the place is a dump and that the food is not good here and service stinks. We went to the front desk to ask for towels and he said that's optional and we should have asked as soon as we got there. Then the wife of one of our guess requested toilet paper and he said that's optional too and laughed. (didn't give a straight answer the whole time) one of the biggest idiots I have ever seen a hotel give a job to. We gathered again to give it another chance and went restaurant to see how the food looked, I wouldn't have gave my dog that crap. We grabbed our stuff and called our rep to get out of this hell hole and went to Tripp cayo coco. When we went to sign out the idiot didn't even care that we were leaving he just kind of smiled told us to sign here and went back to his little office. This place is where nobody should go it should be locked and barricaded.

    Awfull Saphora

    “Stay Away 4 star Fraud ”
    I arrived on Friday September 5th, 2014 3pm (for a week's stay) and left by Saturday 1pm. - Room was clean and seemed well maintained. - Site was littered with plastic cups and overall lacked care. - Saltwater pool was emptied!!! That entire section of the resort was fenced off (by two flipped over beach loungers) - ONE restaurant open. - "Meh" bartending staff. - Site felt deserted: I was relieved when I saw other people. - Seems to be a local Cuban vacation destination. Two of them were having sex in the pool, while the "security guard" was chatting away with his other friends that were lounging by the pool. They left plates and cups by the pool, which the staff passed by 4-6 times without touching it. The stuff eventually landed in the pool. - No hot water upon arrival. No water at all from 5-6pm. No hot water again in the morning: "We're working on it" - Stairs were dodgy. Half the balusters were missing, landings had pieces of plywood screwed onto them. Cement structure holding up stairs was badly crumbled. (Room 1236). - Years worth of green mold growing on the back of the building 1-2 meters wide running all the way down the 3 floors. - View from my balcony included: The roof of the building next to us that was covered with running shoes, plates, Frisbee?, broken Spanish roof tiles and garbage. - It rained the one night I slept there. Of course water came into the room. This is no longer a Blau (or any other European chain) hotel. It is run by Cubanacan. I bought this as a 4 star hotel all inclusive for 815$ per person. This is a stretched 3 star (3 Cuban stars- I've been to other Cuban resorts and this one is an embarrassment) I was ripped off.

    Awfull Kematijo

    “Don't waste your valuable vacation on this place ”
    Stayed at the Colonial from June 06 to June 13, 2014. We have been to many all inclusive resorts, but this one was definitely the worst. Go to Memories of Flamenco on the same island, well worth the money. Even the resort was empty, we got the worst room possible. Not just in the room itself, but also the walkways and staircase leading up to our room were totally neglected and falling apart. Chunks of plaster all over the place which keeps falling from the ceilings. The wooden railings are rotten and half missing, so do not even think of leaning on the railing on the balcony. The pathway to our building was broken and not lit at night and we were worried of falling. The garbage strewn around the area was never cleaned up during our stay. Room smelled musty, pillows were musty, all doors broken. No welcome by the staff when we arrived, no welcome drink, no hello. No bottle of rum in the room like at the Flamenco and no coffee maker or iron. Normally this would not pose a problem but 1. The coffee sucks at this resort and 2. You don't even get any. While going for meals, half of the time I had to get up and get ourselves cutlery and coffee...oh boy, you were almost finished your meal when finally a waiter asks you if you like coffee. And the place was empty, so no excuse of them being busy. Breakfast was disgusting. Thanks god for fried eggs. Besides that, there was nothing to eat. I don't mind beans or bacon but that stuff was inedible. Lunch was bad. The same soup over and over but ice cold. French fries ice cold and lying on the side where the birds came in and stole them from the servery. Only good thing going was the "fresh" fish they fried up for you. Again, hard time getting cutlery or a drink. And if you got a drink, you did not get a refill. Twice I had to get up and get my cutlery only to be reprimanded by the waiter. Now I was so mad that I just ignored him like he had ignored us. And now to dinner. When we arrived we got 3 vouchers to 3 Ala carte restaurants and were told to make reservations. Turns out, all 3 restaurants were the same place with the same people. I only at twice there, could not be bothered the 3rd time. The food was not too bad but very little of it. And guess what? When the Ala carte night was on, no Buffett was available. In my whole life I had never experienced something like this. So I went without dinner the night I did not bother going to the Ala carte. Like others have mentioned, it seemed like a lot of locals or none working staff were at the resort. In the main pool, the entertainers were sitting with their girls kissing and drinking from whole bottles of rum. A lot of the staff were hanging around and kissing visitors, even staying in the rooms. It went so bad that we had to intervene when a staff manager had his hands all over a guest. We will never return to this place.

    Awfull Shawn F

    “I'll never go back to this dump! ”
    our travelling companions ceiling started raining water (flooded pipes), our shower didn't fixed later....the food was terrible, and it was almost impossible to get a drink with meals....they only give them out themselves while trying to get extra you end up eating half a meal with nothing to drink!!!....most of the time the food places were "out" of food, or had just stopped serving food over and over again........the staff was not very friendly at all except for one bartender in the main lobby.......there was almost nothing to do cause it's soo isolated, and although the beach was nice, the water was wavy every day, so you couldn't just relax in the water, also the place only allows for approx 1000 people and it was less than half full, many of the buildings were under renovations or just vacant and run down...........the night before we left, my cousins bag got stolen by staff cleaning up the courtyard, and a pair of white linin pants of mine were stolen from the closet in my first room. (we had switched rooms and I left a shirt, sweater and white linin pants in the closet in the first room).....the maid? dropped the two shirts off to our new room, and when I got security to help me check our old room for the white pants, guess what?......there was a staff member sleeping in the room in our bed when we went in to look for my I know where those pants went.......This place seriously sucks...don't bother.

    Poor Cubanfriend

    “Second visit and my last! ”
    Just spent a week there with my 2 children, from June 20 to 27. The reception service was nothing spectacular and information given was not consistent. (When a la carte is open, buffet will be closed - no, says another and no reservations are required. Not true! We were turned away one evening and yet there were only 5 tables of guests!) The guest services people were seldom available. Because there were so few guests, the buffet was repetitive and I am sure leftovers were served all week! Note to chef: maybe cook the bacon in the morning, it barely looked like it had touched a grill! The al la carte restaurant, when open, was tasteless. The snack bar had fries, always, and at times sandwiches, hot dogs and pork hamburgers. The wooden paths were in disrepair (I fell through a plank of wood by the stairs of the beach bar). The rock paths and ceramic paths were in much need of tlc. The kids park is outdated and dangerously in need of repair. The turtle and fish ponds were so murky that there was only one day we could see them. The entertainment in the day was almost non existent. There was only entertainment for the kids on Thursday evening and lasted barely 30 minutes. The lobby bar staff was amazing, even to the kids, with the exception of Friday the 27th. It was a different bartender and the lobby was full due to the bad weather. Yoima, who works the kids club, was out sick until Thursday, so my kids were disappointed (they wanted to go back there just because of her). There was no apparent replacement. My son loved the rapport with both Aliosmy and Alexis at the buffet each morning. The beach could have been better cleaned every morning, but I imagine the hardworking guys on the beach do the best with what they have. To sum it up, food was horrible, even for Cuba, staff could use some people skills, drinks were good (how could they not be, Santero dark, yum...) don't go there for the entertainment. Next time I will go back to hotel Tryp. (Keep in mind, this was my 5th trip to Cuba in under 3 years, some with and some without my kids)

    Average GordonBeerman

    “Solo week away”
    To start it was not Oct 2014 I just joined trip advisor now so I'm writing about it now this trip was from Nov 10th to the 18th 2011. So as the title states this was a solo week away last min trip for my birthday & I had a great time. The staff were great, the entertainment was great I mean really great the shows were awesome, the food was ok. They were renovating so a lot of stuff was closed so I can not fairly rate this resort but I look forward to going again when it's in full operation.i did the Cave club night excursion & the catamaran both were a lot of fun I'd recommend them to all. I also have recommended this resort as I will return some day. The people I met definitely made the trip even better we all had a blast.

    Average BlakeRichardson

    “Needs some TLC ”
    Rooms were great and the food was not bad your in Cuba remember. Staff was wonderful. Management needs to run this place a little better. Supplies were running out in some places by noon. Half of the resort is closed.

    Average Riverdaze

    “Under Constrution ”
    It was not the best place I have stayed by far ,But on the high note Our room was big and very clean,the food for the most part was very good.The staff were great ...the price was fair, On the low note ...the place in under much needed remodel ,sections of the property is shut down the saltwater pool is closed and looks like it will be for awhile (we were told that it was open) the saltwater swim upbar was open but in bad shape with no washrooms close to it. The restaurant and bars were always running out of product ,,,not the staffs fault but a management not ordering product...1st time being on a trip that i went to a store to buy beer so i could have one by the pool,ran out of rum everyday, The beach was is horrible shape for our 1st 3 days but after a large group forced a meeting with resort manager things started to improve.I guess it only took a group of 40 all at the same time wondering why at 2 in the afternoon the resort was running out of product. Once again the staff was very nice and the rooms were clean...after that i can always make the best of things ...Management needs to be more in touch with the staff and its customers.

    Average NadiaMuth

    “Graduation Trip and 2nd visit ”
    I first visited this resort in 2009 with my highschool for our graduation trip. At that time it was named the Blau Colonial. It was an amazing hotel when it was high season. There was lots of people so the disco was busy. The food was alright nothing special but really who eats much on vacation? After going a great experience, I went back 3 years later with my boyfriend at the time. It was low season so there was not too much people. The bartenders were truly the ones who made my trip memorable. The resort seemed a little deserted so there was not much to do. I guess who its not high season they don't do much around the resort to keep the tourists entertained. One thing that I did love was the churro stand that they had on site, so awesome as well as the mini salon where I got a manicure and pedicure for 8 pesos! I love Cuba and travel there quite often but I think it will be a while before I visit this hotel again.

    Average ScarboroughMirror

    “Hopefully not the last time”
    Been to this resort 4 times previously and never had a complaint. This time from day 1 we had issues. First the landing in the bldg 17 had a gaping hole right at the center which luckily we detected while climbing the stairs. Secondly the toilet flush wasn't working for which we had to call the person on call for fixings issues. This was just the beginning. Later on no hot water or No water at all at nights was a regular occurrence or lights not being turned on in the bldg. We missed our old block next to the Pink tower which had been closed down. The room too was very dated and falling apart like the bldg. Complained to Michele and Dayami but it seems there are some things even they cannot assist with. Other then meeting old friends, and enjoying the view from our balcony, there was not much to enjoy at the resort. The way some of the staff are leaving, I might not return if the staff whom we come to see move out. Food the less said the better. Had no issues with the locals over there and as a matter of fact we played pool volley ball with them practically every evening and guess what the Canadians would always win. Hopefully with the hiring of a new manager things will change otherwise, I will have to stay at another resort and come by to meet our friends like I did in June.

    Average charm385

    “Cozy for a single parent and two children ”
    I've been to Cuba before without my children so first time bringing them sparked nerves. I was pleasantly surprised at how accommodating the staff where to my four and thirteen year old. Positives: Beach was breath taking. White sand and an abundance of sun huts and beds. Mini Club offered to have kids stay for a little to give parents a break. Yohima was amazing. She helped my four year old feel right at home. El Yarey offered pizza for lunch. First time I had ever experienced that in Cuba. Night entertainment was solid. You could tell the dancers really spent a lot of time practicing. Location of room (1506) was central to everything. Beach. Pool. Lunch Bar. Reception. Disco. Didn't take long to get anywhere especially in the hot sun. Jorge was also very friendly. He helped my 13 year old feel included in the activities. Luis did the same. I apologize to the staff who I didn't mention as I haven't remembered all of your names. A special thank you to the server at the El Yarey grill who gave kisses and hugs everytime my daughter came around. Challenges: Cleanliness of the beach and pool could have been worked on a bit more. Our room was clean but our sheets had a weird smell to them along with the pillows. I slept on top of the blanket just so I wouldn't be bothered by the smell. We waited for our burger and french fries at the 24 hour snack bar for at least 35 minutes. There was just a huge line up of people waiting. Food wasn't available all of the time. The 24 hour snack bar was closed the one day I stayed up late enough to try it. Didn't try the a la cartes but heard it was mediocre. The food was ok. Not enough selection at buffet. Enjoyed the 3 stations set up for fish, meat, and pasta but the sides were limited. But, we didn't get sick. The reception service could have used a little bit more class. While checking in, we were sort of rushed to fill out paper work. We also had a tour booked where we inquired about where to wait and again got shoved away with "look at the receipt". You would think they out of all of the staff would be pleased to assist but they were the least approachable. All in all, I could see myself going back there. I met some really great staff and felt really safe. Lost my purse at the disco and yet 5 minutes later, I was able to retrieve it from the bartender with all contents intact. Couldnt expect that in Toronto. I say if you have an open mind to travelling, don't mind being around locals who also love their country, this is the place for you. Missing it already. It's been 4 days since I've returned.

    Average Arthrex

    “ok but no vacation ”
    Five weeks ,only two where OK ,we have Cuban ,experience with local folklore that is little more ,the what you have in place of no problem like places of no shortage ,but when basic Are missing that is too much ,only love for the best staff that is always helpfully trying from nothing give the service, that we need coming from place of plenty, but miracle are only in the movie ,but staff did impossible ! Michel,Augusto,Liber ,Felix ,and all not big managers!

    Average Deborah P

    “Our stay at Casa Colonial ”
    We stayed here for 8 nights and found the staff to be warm, welcoming and very helpful. We also were impressed with the cleaning staff and we really liked our room. However, there was an issue with the air conditioning but this was promptly dealt with. The grounds were also kept in very good condition and it felt clean and safe. We were not as impressed with the food as we both felt a bit sick midway through our stay in Hotel Colonial, but there was a good selection of foods so we were able to stay away from fish, meat and chicken for the remainder of our stay. The snorkelling was a positive experience that we would highly recommend and you can do this from the nautical centre.

    Average 50Feathers69

    “Hotel Colonial, Caya Coco, Cuba ”
    Can I firstly say..we thought Cuba was an exceptional place to visit. However we couldn't help be disappointed by the Hotel Colonial in Caya Coco. As mentioned by many other travellers, the food and service were well below its claimed "4 Star" rating. I'm all for trying food abroad, but some of the food was inedible. Undercooked meat,repetitive menus, mostly served luke warm. The service was poor in many areas, (although not everywhere) mainly due to the fact that many of the staff seemed to have their family and friends staying there and they got the lions share of the service, leaving us tourists to get served after them. Also staff drinking around the pool and using the sunbeds. Sorry , call me a snob, but when I spend £5k on a holiday I don't want to be sat next to the restaurant waiter on the sun bed next to me. The pool area was nice, but not cleaned throughout the day, so plastics cups,food plates and cigarette ends were plentiful by the end of each day. The used condom by the pool was the final straw and although we complained to have it removed, it was eventually kicked into a bush by one of the staff rather than than being disposed of hygenically. Despite several requests to see the hotel manager, we never saw him. He was never available, I doubt if he existed!!! . We spoke to a lovely lady in guest relations, but nothing was resolved. She suggested we complain to our travel company. Being independent travellers..this was a little difficult. As I said, it wasn't all doom and gloom, the hotel although a little tired..was beautifully laid out and in a stunning spot next to the beach. The lobby bar and courtyard were perfect. Our room in block 16 overlooked the beach and was surrounded by coconut and palm trees. If you are looking for a trip to Havana, I can recommend a local guy from Moron called "Pash". He drove us from Caya Coco to Havana which is a journey of 6 hours each way, but well worth it. He arranged for us to stay with a Cuban family in Old Havana, which was a fantastic experience. He showed us around the city day and night which was a real treat. He was friendly, informative and a genuine nice guy. Our kids loved him. If you are in Caya Coco, and want to contact him, his details are as follows:- Mobile when in Cuba...53 52832561

    Average youville

    “BUDGET Hotel ”
    Unbelievable real eye opener! First let me begin by stating......there is no exclusive side or block of rooms known as"CLUB CARIBE" to Hotel Colonial .my room(1164) closest to the lobby & face the street enterance ,noise of the constant traffic of buses,cars,tractors and the smell of diezil.(This was the club caribe)I i went down to reception and asked about my booking and questioned about the CARIBE block of rooms ,the reception clerk looked at me and thought i was crazy....misleading advertising. So booking Club Craribe cayo coco is nothing special,so if you think paying extra for nothing more than a $3.00 bottle of rum...It is what it is! next day i talked to Holo sun rep...he was nice and talked to hotel reception for us. all the rooms are the same at this resort,it was just location was the problem.they however did offered us to exchange rooms. ..i spoke to guest relations and she said this is a bonus of bottle of rum and mini bar-4 cokes-2 juice boxes in your frig on the first complete day of stay in your room refills on daily basis! o.k..,I also talked to her about the many problems of this resort ,telling her it was only fair to advise her before I wrote this review.She was pleasant and professional as I was sincere about the issues that we & others encountered .Making this a decision that most of us will not return to this hotel complex. OUR ROOM and all the other travellers had a huge issue with no water pressure,drip drop.and no hot water....about 20-30 mins of running the water you would get warm water. but such a waste of water while you waited for a trickle of warm water.This was a disappointment to say the least! beside the water issues the room was a great size ,,the bathroom was large and marble from top to bottom.towels white & fluffy,no bathroom door per say,but swinging bar doors to seperate the tub & toilet from the sink and closet area.not a problem for us. POOL nice area 2 pools side by side lots of loungers near snack bars , bar area and exercise room BEACH is long & narrow than years before....the seaweed is sweep daily but the plastic garbage around the back of the chairs is not picked up.looks untidy and dirty.but the water is that beautiful blue and the water sport are available.lots of sun huts.Nice breezy beach bar on the top of the beach with really nice friendly service and huge sitting area.peaceful place to enjoy the view and the breeze. LOBBY BAR was nice,again great bartender with great sense of humor...but if you can believe it "NO MOJITOS" the whole mint to be found .He said none on the island or mainland ...had to wait to go to big city to pick up some! o.k. Hotel Colonial has no mint! other hotel had their supply of mint.better planning perhaps! this is a first in all our 17th trips to cuba,where the hotel had not their national drink! o.k. i will ask for orange soft drink my second favorite..NO.......coke or sprite only! OMG!!! but the bartender said he would mix up a drink close to a mojitio as possible for me....he did and it was most enjoyable..I was pleased with his efforts and good humor to all his customers..charming man. PIANO BAR was the greastest .airconditioned and fancy drinks served in glasses...Real class act.bartender A-1 one night he even showed up with jar of " MINt"from his home and fixed up a couple of drinks for all of us.A real personal touch! A LA CARTE RESTARANTS were elegant and delicious.Service excellent . Now the BUFFET. was adequate nothing special ...but you will find something...,always a grill station of fish and another of chicken or pork,,,,but you have to make sure it is well cooked. as they are in a rush to serve you.......chicken or pork was undercooked and i had to say cook it more please! BUFFET & SNACK BAR is overloaded with locals and families,pushing and ordering all sorts of things..plates and plates full of foods.they eat aliitle and then put all this plate fulls of foods in their beach bags or large purses in plastic bags.UNBELIEVABLE! Our last lunch at the buffet July 19th was the real eye opener...young couple 20-30 yrs..right beside us first they never sat down just ran around filling the dinner plates with meats and dinner items 8 plates to will exact...then let the cake & ice cream in a 12 in dinner plate melt over the table after a few bites ,they were finished. all 7 others were dished in the plastic bags in her beach bag ..i did not take my eyes off of her,i had to watch this again. oh they left the plate full of salad they never touched it! WHAT A WASTE and this is why perhaps the food is not overly fancy because it is costing too much.The budget must be huge to supply this demand on a daily basis...if every cuban family is doing this,,,far as I can tell everyone is doing it .IT puts the word BUFFET to a whole new meaning...... I saw cubans in a new light...these people are not poor,underfed, These families are well off .nice bathing suits,& cover ups ,such clothing and so much gold jewelery ,,like Mr.T wore around his neck.I am serious..... thousands of dollars of 24 kt gold. personally i know no one with that about of gold around their necks and wrists and all the females have the fake nails. Children are well dressed....Not the cuba i have seen before...(we were just in cayo coco in march this year with grandchildren at the Playa cayo coco.resort) we are lead to believe to bring things from Canada personal.items we leave or special gifts we bring to them...Who are these people ?? Cuban Mafia. rude,pushy,arragent . This was one of the issue I discussed with guest relations about certain guests filling thier handbags of food..She was the one explaining to me that the hotel is opened to" locals" and they are given a list of rules while they are paying guests at the hotel. This food stuffing is a daily routine ,there are many cuban families vacationing here...over run and making it very difficult...for others tourists...Buffet restaurant opens at 1pm. crowd rushs in and fill the buffet and by 1:30 they have the door locked so no one else is able to you wait till someone leaves then if you are lucky there is a emply table and hopefully food left for the second seating.....I was always at the first seating 1p.m. By the way..the hotel was not full vacancy! image if it was full. BEAUTIFUL RESORT,a Colonial village ,very relaxed place, all employees look like they a enjoying their jobs,,you see them eating and drinking,laughing & joking. Even a doctor & dentist at your service offering services so much cheaper than home...with professional results(our daughter had her teeth all cleaned and many repairs done last year while we stay at the Memories Flamingo hotel) at such a reasonable fee and has not had a problem,Even our dentist was pleased with the job well done! This was the reason we booked this resort this time.We wanted to book a echogram at the medical clinic.and didn't want the bother of travelling from the other hotel! Let me end my review with the staff are great,hotel is older but has such charm.rooms are fine. cleaning ladies do a excellent job.internet room is cool and computers work well.a la carte are great .3 per week..buffet could have better selection but it is impossible under the current situation of having people stuff huge amounts of foods in their bags.Water pressure is another huge problem that need to be addressed. Would i recommend it or stay again ..No but i did enjoy my vacation .ocean with the peacefulness and the breeze ,slept well,always found something to eat,and was never stomach sick,and was not bited to much. and meet some really wonderful new friends always look for the positive |I say and enjoy what come your way!

    Average scousergirl52

    “Hotel Colonial”
    We went low season and paid a really good price. We had been before 2 years earlier in December, paying much more and enjoyed it then apart from poor weather. This time we noticed a change in the upkeep. As there were only a few travellers arriving , check in was ok, no drinks waiting, no help with cases up lots of stairs and vague directions to room. The room was fine but a/c did not work, a maintenance man arrived after 30mins to fix it and was ok rest of week. The buffet and the Italian restaurant alternated each evening due to small numbers. The food in buffet was ok, as it always is in Cuba, except the meat dishes were always overcooked. It was better to eat fresh grilled fish/pasta/ grilled meats from the Chef stations. Some of the soups were nice, but were reused the next day at lunch. Breakfast was good with omelets, pancakes and eggs freshly cooked for you. There was always fresh fruit available and the service was good everyday. The Italian restaurant food was poor, service was good though. Amount of food was small and of course the buffet was not open to get more.... The lunch buffet was held in a small restaurant near the beach, and choice there was limited and it was very hot inside. We only went once. It was better to have pizza/fries/pasta at the snack bar near freshwater pool...service was fine there and they had a full bar service. The 24h snackbar/bar had burgers/sandwiches etc but it was very hot there even under umbrellas. The freshwater pool is lovely as it was renovated a couple of years ago, but it did need someone to brush it occasionally!!! The saltwater pool had the swim up bar but needed some TLC on walls etc. The beach is lovely but take a blow-up float to put on loungers as the plastic can get rather hard after a few hours. We had no problem getting shade huts but think it might be difficult if the hotel was more full in season. We did not use the nautical centre, but there were catamaran rides, pedal boats and kayaks for use. However there did seem to be a lot of family/friends of the employees using them for sailing/fishing/snorkelling. The live open air entertainment in evenings was good but we did not go to the inside shows as we have been to very many over the years. The lobby bar was my favourite, Liber was pleasant and the cappachinos were great. In summary, we had a lovely week there as the staff are helpful, the rooms are fine, the food is ok, the beach is gorgeous and the price was right. It could be a lovely place if they would just get some of the staff to work on the upkeep of the resort.... some painting and repairing of paths etc would really help...but then again this is Cuba.

    Average Jean D

    “Average at Best! ”
    This was my first trip to Cuba. The hotel is in need of a massive remodel. Rooms are ok, nothing was dirty. Food was awful, but who really goes to Cuba for the food. Beach was beautiful. The best part of the trip was the dancing at night and the excurisions. I would highly recommend the Bat Cave for a night out of dancing and drinks.

    Average L D

    “Great colonial hotel ”
    We stayed at the Colonial the week of April 17th 2014 We loved it. Room was great, resort is beautiful and peaceful. The staff is friendly. The food is typical of Cuba but there is plenty so you won't starve, just repetitive. The Italian and International A La Carte were very good . One thing I would like to comment on, there are great staff that work hard and give good services at the reception, restaurant, bar, snack bar, at the beach, lifeguard, lady at the cabin for towels and ladies that clean my rooms. Thank to everyone thank you all staff that work at this hotel. Iwill go back again for sure to see you! great time we had!!!

    Average jlhc031458

    “2014 Cuban vacation ”
    My husband and I have just returned from the Hotel Colonial Cayo Coco where we have just completed a 10 day stay. We arrived with our friends on 23 April and we very optimistic as we usually are going to a place that we haven't been to before. For the most part everything was good, not fantastic but good! Our room which was in the main building above the lobby was fine for the most part, there were a few burned out light bulbs, the patio door didn't open very well but the balcony wasn't big enough to sit out on so that didn't matter. Our bathroom was sufficient for the two of us and although we didn't run out of water like our friends did there wasn't much water pressure at times. There wasn't an iron, ironing board or coffee maker to be seen so take clothes that don't need ironing and make a trip to the bar in the lobby for an espresso! A lot of people were there without wrist bands on leading us to believe that family members of the staff were taking advantage of the low season. The food was reasonable, there was a little variety but the same little variety of food every day - morning, noon and evening. We didn't go hungry and even with a dairy allergy I found things I could eat. Because of traveling there later in the season we never had a problem finding a place to sit either at the beach or by one of the pools. The entertainment was similar to the food - the same thing every night not much variety. This property has so much potential and it would be nice to see it brought back to the way it likely was 15 - 20 years ago. The Colonial needs substantial upgrading, repairs and a good cleaning all over.

    Average dreamingCanada

    “The Good and The Bad ”
    Let me start with the fact this is only my opinion and experience.( I was here april 4-18. ) Many people love this resort and take a jaded view of those who don't. I did enjoy many things about this resort but I also felt uncomfortable with it as well. Firstly I would like to thank Jackie for receiving my email as to room request and fulfilling it to a tee!!! This resort as many have previously stated is very unique in structure. The Spanish village feel and the spread of the resort are very impressive. There is however many things that need repairs that are not just superficial but may result in accidents (railings going to 2nd or 3rd floors that have rotted away and are extremely loose, stairs with loose boards etc.). Some repairs are taking place but many need immediate attention. The food here is very good for breakfast and lunch but leaves much to be desired for dinner in the buffet. Often after not finding anything suitable I would opt for spaghetti only to find a line taking over 20 minutes. That would be ok if your partner was lining up with you but to get your dinner and then find they are almost done really is frustrating. Again only my experience, to be fair my husband liked the food. We did not go to the a la cartes. I found most of the staff friendly and helpful but there were some surly ones as well especially in the buffet serving or cooking. Hard often to get drinks until one learnt where to sit with certain servers that were outstanding. The beach is great with lots of shade and chairs. Security is an issue however as at one end of the beach and near the end of the salt water pool we had many visitors without wrist bands. This caused me no problems but I do believe the woman who stated she had things stolen on the beach and also towels that went missing. I never left anything unattended that I could not afford to lose. My husband and I were walking outside the resort once when a car that left the resort stopped at the highway crossroad and picked up 5 people exiting the wooded area. This again never affected personally me but made me wary. Lastly not a fault of the resort but to those who are non-smokers the colonial has many many visitors that love to smoke constantly everywhere. Hard to get away from the 2nd-hand smoke. Many areas that would have been enjoyable to sit in were smokers havens. If you are a smoker you will love it here Overall I have mainly focused on the negatives (sorry) but when you read the other reviews you do get the positive picture that is true of this resort. If you are deciding to visit weigh the pros and cons and decide on your personal level of tolerance. I did have a good time here but probably would not return in the near future.

    Very good Christine M

    “Awesome Trip to Cuba ”
    There was almost 60 of us who went to the Hotel Colonial in Cayo Coco Cuba. It was again a Great trip to Cuba. The Hotel is a little outdated, but they are working on it and it will be beautiful again when it is done. There was a storm the day before, so the beach was a mess, but it was not long before they had it cleaned up, and was beautiful again. The food was great. The ocean was so warm, and the weather was fantastic. We went October 10th 2014 and it rained at night, and was beautiful throughout the day. The rooms were very clean, and big and very nice. We had a great time. It is Cuba, and the weather is always great, and the Cuban people are always fantastic.

    Very good RaeleneDx

    “Beautiful ”
    We stayed here for two weeks and thoroughly enjoyed our stay! We had a room that overlooked the pool from our door and the balcony overlooked the back of the hotel,it's was kept clean all the time by the maids! The food was always good and the staff were always helpful.

    Very good Dan G

    “Hotel Colonial June 2014 ”
    We have been to Cuba 8 times to date, all in January. But we decided at the last minute to take a trip in June. We went to Hotel Colonial Cayo Coco and enjoyed the best weather and enjoyed the resort even though there was not a lot of people. Best time to go you pretty much have all the attention. This was a great place we added to our list of vacations

    Very good Robert J

    “Very nice place, possibly return.”
    Overdue review, we traveled to hotel Colonial from March 27, 2014 - April 5, 2014. We were given a room and the A/C was not working well, quickly rectified, just not what we paid for. We had 2 rooms booked so wanted to remain together. The new rooms worked out great. The pools were spotless, and very enjoyable. Beach was nice, deep sand and felt like mud when tide went out, not pleasant for a walk on the beach. Service was great as most places in Cuba (love the hospitality). Theater was later in evening, but enjoyed the music at the patio prior. All 3 ala cartes were very good, buffet always something to eat. Pizza and fries at pool grill was great. As always close to airport, Cayo Coco is great if not interested in long transfers. They have shops for almost anything you want or require at the resort plus a small train that will take you to the market will stop by for 2 CUC. All in all. As every trip, just glad to enjoy the weather and people. Please if coming from Quebec, use manners and respect. Your not in Canada anymore. No privilege status in Cuba!!

    Very good Sunny010133

    “All round great spot! ”
    We traveled with Air Canada in a group of 9 (4 children) in April 2014. Fourth trip to Cuba, second year in a row to beautiful Cayo Coco. Cayo Coco is a tropical paradise and the people are fantastic! The resort has lots to offer.. a different feel than we are used to.. the atmosphere is like a Spanish village rather than a beach side retreat. People work so hard. We were pleasantly surprised by the few lineups for drinks, check in was smooth and the room as ready upon arrival before noon.. buffets are manageable if you go early. Room was clean and everything worked. Most comfortable bed in Cuba thus far with 'real' pillows! No issues with AC. We were disappointed that our group could not get 3 rooms on the same floor given we booked months ahead of time and made this request (they were no where near full capacity) ..but at least we were in the same building. The place seems to come alive in the evening with lots of options.. disco, piano bar (gorgeous!), lobby bar, live entertainment at the snack bar (beside the churros! mmm.. fried dough), etc. Good bar tending skills. Best a la carte was the Cuban restaurant. The beach is stunning and we had a couple days of fun big waves. If I could recommend any improvements, it would be to give the salt water pool some attention, repair some stairs (some are quite unsafe) and offer more water sports. Special mention to Glenda in the buffet who took good care of us (and paid special attention to our daughter) and Liber (sp?) in the lobby bar for his humour, class and outstanding mixology skills.

    Very good behappy K

    “A unique resort, we loved it ”
    We arrived at the Hotel Colonial on June 7th, the weather was hot as expected, and we didn't mind the rain since we knew that it is a rainy season in Cuba at this time.The hotel has this old Spanish villa design that makes you feel like you are in a small fantasy town and not in a hotel. The staff was very friendly since day one, check in was really fast and the bellboy was there to help us with our luggage. Food was good - mostly the a la cartes, even for my wife who really loves veggies and fruits,- the variety of these was plenty. The drinks were also very good, although at the lobby bar they should use more real glasses instead of plastic cups. Our kids had a blast and we were also very happy because the entertainment team kept them busy all day long with a whole bunch of activities. The beach is really beautiful with some shallow areas which is great for little children and great for walks. The view of the tiny waves over clear shallow water is just unbelievably beautiful. You will also find deeper areas if you like to swim right away, the beach is quite long. Mosquitoes at this time of year in Cuba would practically eat you alive in the evenings. Although the hotel staff were fumigating every day to help keep mosquitos under control, we still used a bug spray, so not a big deal.Then we were happy to meet Andy who is some kind of concierge and also a great person, he definitely made our trip by showing us everything we wanted to know about Cuba and he was taking care of all our requests making us feel even more comfortable. Just want to conclude that we were so busy enjoying our time that we never saw or paid attention to anything negative what other people put in their reviews. Some things sure could be improved, but why not enjoy the good that is already there? Our room was clean and spacious and everything worked just fine. We are already planning to come back to this resort next year and we hope to see all the same hotel staff, unfortunately we could not remember everyone's names, and of course our new friend Andy. Thank you so much Hotel Colonial.

    Very good KarenTipster

    “Formerly Blau Colonial ”
    Had a blast here with my BBF. The club in the cave was awesome, though bug spray is a must. Rainy nights was no problem. The food was typical Cuba but we didn't mind. Bread and drinks were always readily available. This is an old review, going back several years.

    Very good Darlene I

    “Great Cuban Vacation”
    My cousin and I visited Cuba for the first time May 3-10, 2014. We had done a lot of research and knew what to expect there. We were surprised that things were so much better at this resort than some of the reviews had said. The staff were fantastic and did everything they could to make our stay more enjoyable. Luis Carlos in the Buffet was always there with our drinks as we sat down. Miguel at the Acua bar introduced us to new drinks that we loved. Ask for a club coco if you want a pretty colourful drink. (blue, orange and red) The entertainment was different every night. Jena the massage therapist was fantastic and has the pretties little daughter. The a-la-carte dinners were fantastic, international (cuban) night was our favorite dish. The man who ran it (forget his name) was very particular and everything came out hot and looked amazing. The omlettes, bacon, chicken, pasta, potatoes, rice, coffee, orange juice and smoothies were my favorites at the Buffet but there are so many choices that you are bound to find something you like at every setting. Pizza was really good at the Yari beside the fresh water pool (Daly at the Yari is a great waitress and very sweet lady!) The fresh water pools are amazing. We spent many hours in the pool, sunbathing and resting in the cabana's with our drinks. We spent an afternoon lounging in the salt water pool with Miguel supplying our drinks also. My cousin Vicki and I were very pleased with our stay and found the resort beautiful with its colour and culture. Alex, the front desk supervisor and his staff always took care of us when we needed anything with big smiles on their faces. We rented the bikes (free first hour and $1. per hour after that) and took a nice long ride around the other resorts taking pictures. We also walked to the market a couple times and took the trolley ($2.00/day) back from the market once. We took an excursion into Moron and Ciego de Avila and got to see the real Cuba. There was a nice lunch included with lots of food choices at the buffet. We gave candy and toys out to the children whose faces lit up with joy. There are some challenges, it is Cuba, but all in all we found the resort, the shops, the pools, the beach and especially the people to be FANTASTIC!! I would recommend this resort to anyone who understands Cuba and has realistic expectations. We plan to return!! To ALL the STAFF at Hotel Colonial - Thank you for making our stay so enjoyable. We had fun talking with and getting to know the staff and other guests during our stay. We hope you all enjoyed the bags of gifts we left upon departure. Til next time, Darlene Irwin & Vicki Burke

    Very good niknovikov

    “It should be all about a guest ”
    Everything in this resort is almost the same as in any other one in Cuba but I have never seen so many employees hanging around when on and off duty: they just sit or stand doing nothing or chatting with each other. With them at the same time we were having meals, swimming in pool, visiting entertainment area in the evening etc. Reception of course cannot multitask. Management, security and Sunwing rep are not responsive to complaint about tourist being insulted by employee of the hotel and about asking for help to find camera stolen by entertainment team during disco. All these guys move fast only when they dance salsa.

    Very good TeeJax

    “Fabulous Time at the Colonial ”
    We loved the community feel of the resort. There were so many restaurants, buffets and grills to choose from. Make sure to book your ala carte restaurants right away as they fill up fast. I loved the omelets and smoothies in the morning at the Buffet. The pizza was delicious too. The fried fish was really yummy. We loved our bartender, Miguel at the swim up (Acuabar) and wished it was open later than 5 pm. I actually preferred the food at the buffets, because there was more of a variety. Pick your own toppings for pizza at the lunch buffet. Try the pasta bar at the dinner buffet. The ala carte restaurants had beautiful decor and a lovely food presentation, but food was not stellar. The piano bar was really gorgeous and posh looking. The disco was fun. The beach was beautiful, we had great weather. We had the chance to go horse back riding right into the ocean and that was the best experience I've ever had on horseback. The gardeners, bartenders and chambermaids went that extra mile to make our stay special. We would highly recommend!

    Very good Deb T

    “Enjoyed This Resort ”
    My husband and I stayed at this resort the week of March 22nd. Other than a couple very windy days we had amazing weather. This resort reminded us of a small Spanish village that had some really beautiful structures. However, the resort is in need of some repairs and upgrading. The people are very friendly and the food is typical of Cuba. We made a point of going for our daily cappuccino and visiting with Liber at the Lobby Bar.We tried and enjoyed all three al carts. We especially enjoyed the pasta and pizza bar at the fresh water pool. If we weren't on the beach we spent most of our time at the fresh water pool. The salt water pool is in desperate need of repairs. One towel change per day. The towel hut closed by 4:00pm and was closed an hour over lunch. We enjoyed the view of our ocean front room. Fresh towels and a large bottle of water daily. No pop or beer and also no iron/ironing board. Water pressure was good but the showerhead needed to be replaced. We took a catamaran tour snorkeling and then onto Pillar Beach. The lunch served on the catamaran was wonderful.(lobster, shrimp, rice and carrots) Open bar for the whole trip. Pillar Beach was beautiful. Sand is like powder. Took a horse and buggy ride to the open market just outside the resort. Lots of souvenirs for purchase. Would we return to this resort? yes. Would we recommend this resort? yes

    Very good Mike M

    “Unique Resort with Great People! ”
    We picked this resort as we love Cayo Coco and were looking for something a little different. The lay out of this resort, although a little confusing at first, makes you feel like you are in a small village. Once you have explored all the little side areas and found all the grills and bars you can sit back and relax, knowing you are never too far from something to eat and drink. A majority of the staff here are great, right throughout the resort. Liber at the Lobby Bar and Franny on many grills around the resort were exceptional to deal with, always smiling. As many have mentioned, the infrastructure could sure use some attention, credit to the team that maintains the resort as its unique features must keep them going 24/7. This was our first trip with all 5 in the family, a little late in the year to accommodate the 2 university students. All in all a memorable family vacation and a great spot to take our 3 children for their first trip down south.

    Very good Sue G

    “Great stay at the Colonial”
    We stayed at the Colonial the week of March 23rd. We loved it. Room was great, resort is beautiful and peaceful. The staff is friendly. The food is typical of Cuba but there is plenty so you won't starve, just repetitive. The Italian and International A La Carts were very good . One thing I would like to comment on is that a few of the reviews I read before choosing this resort mentioned lineups, yes there were line ups but that is due to the fact that most meats and fish etc.. were grilled in front of you so that takes time. All and all great trip for a good price.

    Very good Irene K

    “Enjoyable vacation at the Colonial Hotel-Hope to return! ”
    We stayed at the Colonial the first 2 weeks of April and found it enjoyable and relaxing and hope to return. You have to remember that you are in Cuba and it will not be the same as in Canada. We were in Bldg 29 our room was fresh & clean. The Beach was amazing and the water sparking blue, We liked the food, prepared fresh everyday, from fresh baked bread to desert, fish & meat grilled to your perfection, pasta & pizza prepared the way you like it. There was always a selection to choose from. Lots of thanks to the Dining room staff for all of their hard work, it isn't easy to serve 300-400 people in 2 hours and they did it with a smile. The Human Resources team tried to accommodate people to the best that they could, it was nice to meet Michel & his family that were visiting for the day. Repeat visitors are acknowledged with a nice Lobster lunch, much appreciated. Thanks to Yoel, Miguel & Alay and there team members, for your service to make our stay enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

    Very good iberob67

    “we liked it ”
    well we returned home from Colonail on the 12th we were there for a week,our 1st time to Cayo Coco but have been to Cuba about 15 times.. The way this resort is set up is like a little village ,across from the main lobby are little stores to buy nic nacs shirts,cigars,rum booze all that kind of stuff,lobby bar makes a great coffee and the bartenders are some of the best,funny group of guys never had a issue of getting drinks anytime of the day or night.THE RESORT..i have read its run down and blah blah blah...yes there are parts that need some paint they were doing that when we were there,supply and demand like at home it all takes time to do,the salt water pool is in need of repair /paint part of if but the water was clean and we had no issues using it clear water pool looks as thought it had been redone not long ago,ROOMS..we were in the 33 block ocean view rooms were nice no bestwestern but don't want that in Cuba ,very clean,water pressure was good they quickly brought a 3rd bed to our room for our son had it set up in minutes..we found with the AC turn it to about 15-18 and it works better that where they put it at 10..Our room a a bit of a smell we shut the air off for about a hour opened the door and let the fresh air in,turned the air back on and never had a problem again..FOOD,breakfast was always good never a issue with this meal..Lunch at buffet the fella cooking the burgers and chops..(POLL) very entertaining could tell he enjoyed his job big smiles always,our waitress BABY was quick to make sure we had what we needed for a enjoyable meal,SUPPER we had a standing reservered table for 7 pm every night by the pasta station ,pasta was good not bad selection of food ya repeats but its food, BEACH was nice fine sands water was clear warm to the left of the beach boat deal there is a place to snorkel we did run across some small jellie fish but they didn't sting us..ALL IN ALL would i return to The Colonial....Yes it does take awhile to find things but that is part of exploring the resort,it does need a bit of lipstick and rouge but it is Cuba and it adds to the charm of this place,if you go here looking for fault you will find it if you go there open minded and looking to meet new friends you'll find that to..till next time Colonial....

    Very good LauraJane040

    “Wonderful, relaxing vacation! ”
    We had a wonderful stay at the Colonial. Yes, the hotel still needs some paint work and repairs but overlook those and you will realise the hotel has an atmosphere that is unique. The architecture and vegetation make you feel you are in a Spanish village, The staff are so friendly and the musicians at night are amazing. Check-in: Check in was a breeze. Jackeline was efficient and friendly and although we arrived before noon our rooms were ready. Our bags were taken promptly for us. Rooms: We had beautiful ocean view rooms in block 16. Best view we have had. We were right by the fresh water pool and few minutes to the ocean. The rooms were large, clean and had modern bathrooms. Water pressure was good in the shower and we always had hot water. The first morning we had wild horses grazing outside our block. Beautiful! Yes, there was horse poop on the grass as people have mentioned but no big deal. These horses are wild, not potty trained!! Pools: We used the fresh water pool and it was large and clean. Lots of chairs and pretty good for shade. Didn?t really use the salt water pool. It looked like it still needed some work on it, but the swim up bar area seemed okay. Food: Breakfast was at the buffet or 24 hour bar.Wonderful omelettes and eggs. Lunch you could eat at the buffet, 24 hour bar, fresh water pool (pizza and wonderful pasta) salt water pool (fish) beach (grilled chicken or fish) and often there was a BBQ set up by the buffet. Evening there was the buffet, 24 hour snack bar and 3 a la cartes . We enjoyed the Italian the best. Then there are the Churros! Best donuts by far made by Juliet! Beach: Lovely beach. Not crowded at all. Wider than hotels close by. More shade needed, although if you go down to the beach regularly the guys on the beach will try and find you shade. We really enjoyed the beach bar as it was never crowded and beautiful view. Evenings: The atmosphere in the square at night was great. Often bands and dancing, while inside the piano bar there were singers and musicians that were out of this world! Evening entertainment in the disco was okay. The dancers were good but would have liked to see other types of entertainment such as magician. Staff: The staff were so friendly and helpful. If you smile and talk to them, you will get a great response back. I would love to mention all their names, but we made too many friends to mention. Thanks to all the staff for making our holiday such a great one.

    Excellent EltoroOntario

    “Excellent Vacation at the Hotel Colonial Cayo Coco ”
    This report is a little late; I thought that I had filed it in April. As always we booked our vacation with Red We stayed at the Hotel Colonial Cayo Coco from 28-MAR-2014 to 04-APR-2014, this was our 5th Visit. The occasion was our 40th Wedding anniversary. It was good to see old friends again, I mentioned to Michel the Guest Relations Manager that it was our anniversary. On the day of our anniversary we were greeted by the Manager he brought us a bottle of Sparkling wine to our room and in the evening we were treated to a special dinner in the Italian Restaurant Hotel rooms, grounds and pools are kept very clean The Food: Well you don't go for that do you? But, The breakfast was the same I have seen in many other places, sausages, eggs and omelets cooked to order, fresh fruit and fruit juices. We usually took lunch at either the freshwater pool bar/café or the 24 hour bar; there were excellent sandwiches, fries, hotdogs, burgers, pizza and pasta. For Dinner we used the Buffet every night (except 1) there was a combination of Beef (yes beef), Pork, Lamb, Chicken and fish and of course lots of salads. Entertainment: there was entertainment every night, we enjoyed it all. The Beach: is long and narrow, the water is a beautiful shade of blue. There is a nice breezy beach bar on the top of the beach with really friendly service and huge sitting area which is a very peaceful place to enjoy the view and the breeze. In all we had an excellent vacation and we will be returning to the Hotel Colonial in February or March 2015.

    Excellent WeloveCuba0731

    “Quaint and Peacefull ( At Times ) ”
    Hello, we just returned from a week at Hotel Colonial. We would like to say that this is a very clean, well kept, quaint hotel which makes you feel like you stepped back in time. Gardens and landscaping were awesome, staff was great....only found 1 bar tender down at the main pool bar not so friendly at all, but the rest were great. Room was good, clean, with great air conditioning and clean towels and toilet paper and water everyday. The rustic metal frames beds and double opening windows to the balcony just added to the charm. Our balcon was wood and quite large and with a good view (1471). Snack bar had excellent sandwiches (tuna, chicken salad, hot dogs and burgers ) fries were also good. All drinks were good as well, shopping was quite little...not much at the property and even the one down the road seems to have less available. Pools...main pool was good and clean, the salt water pool in areas was good, but half of it is in need of dire repairs and was even yellow flagged (use at your risk ) beach in behind the salt water pool was far the best one there, clean, and the largest sandy area, compared to the rest...further down was not very good. You will find if you go here in the next little while...that a lot of this property is closed down and not being used ( including many buildings and restaurants spread around the place) even the main giant buffet is closed under renos...but there is a smaller one just down from it..which at times if you get there at certain times is locked..due to not enough space for people and you will have to wait inline outside locked out. Over all this is a great resort...would return at a different time of year though...due to summer was not full by no means but by mid weeks was over run with either Cubans and Brazilians and French which were basically all rude( budding in line...swarming the restaurants...eating everything in site and in their paths.. littering food and cups and plates all over the place....and were of course in our opinion showed special treatment over everyone else. We really would hate to sound rude or bad but we have been to Cuba( love it ) but this happens all the time, but this was the worst by far for this. All and all it was awesome and wish we were still there.

    Excellent Annedubureau

    “Fantastic 2 week vacation!! ”
    First of all, I don't understand the negative reviews. This hotel is very clean, our room was fantastic, bed was comfortable, staff was super friendly and the beach (people, pick up after yourselves, especially your cigarette butts!!?!) was AMAZING. Food: you want to eat like you do in your own country? Stay home. You're in Cuba, read about the country before you go, there's something called an embargo, stocks are limited. However, we ate calamari, mussels, and shrimp all week so I was happy! They have a grill for chicken, turkey and fish. Fruit platters were plentiful, so was the salad bar, they have an ice cream station and yummy desserts. All à carte served fantastic fish and chicken, with grilled vegetables, it was delicious. In the morning you can have omelets or pancakes, toast or scrambled eggs. People who complained about that must have a different breakfast everyday when at home, wow! Drinks: always had something to drink in a timely manner (lobby and or buffet) and if you want a mojito, you go to the swim up bar where Miguel serves it with a smile! People saying they couldn't get served must have been rude or had attitudes with the staff because we always got served with a smile (miss you LP!!). Lunch at the beach side buffet was awesome! You got to sit on the terrasse with an ocean view, so relaxing! Water: no water during the night because they are improving the pipeline system, but it shuts down at midnight and when you wake up it's good to go. No issues except for the shower heard... made taking a shower an adventure each time! My only rant would be that the managers should tell the staff to not let the Cubans cut in line or rather, if they do, to not serve them before the tourist who were waiting their turn. Favoritism was a common thing, manager said he couldn't do anything so that was a bit ordinary. Also, there's a lady in the shop that hid a bottle of conditioner so I couldn't see the price ($1.75) and charged me $3.75 for it. I know because I went to buy a second bottle and paid $1.75. She's tall & thin, with short brown hair. Make sure she scans you things, she used a calculator when she ripped me off and probably punched in the register after I left. It's not that I care about the $2, it's the principle. The rest of the staff was great! Dancers are fantastic, they gave a great show each time! Oh and people, you sit on the beach all day, eat and drink. Is it really too tiring for you to clap your hands for the dancers who work so hard? It's not Cirque du Soleil but they work hard, they deserve more than golf claps. Sugar Rail excursion was great, but don't buy souvenir at the bar (after the Cuban show in Moron), they're cheaper in town. Catamaran was fantastic!! The lobster meal was sooooo good! So that's it. We loved our vacation and we had a fantastic time! The Colonial lived up to my expectations and more.

    Excellent atphoto

    “wonderful week ”
    Spent a week there,from 14th to 21st of June.Reception desk very efficient.Rooms clean and nice.Yes,hotel needs some work and plenty of hardworking people are doing it.Bathrooms clean and well supplied,hot water always,no problems with anything.Cleaning lady was great.Food tasted VERY good and there was PLENTY of it: several kinds of meat,lots of vegetables,fish,fruits,cakes.Bars offered many different drinks.Everyone had big smile on their face and spoke good ,and ,in many cases,excellent English.Public areas were well maintained and if you needed something,you just had to ask.We stayed in rooms 2032 and 2334.There were saltwater and freshwater pools.And,of course,the awesome beach.Ocean was unbelievably warm.Every night there was entertainment.I didn't like mosquitoes(who does??!!),but the hotel was using spray every night.We also brought bug spray.Took one day trip to town of Moron and liked it very much.I would like to thank everybody at the Hotel Colonial for doing EVERYTHING they could so all of the guests could enjoy their holidays .

    Excellent jose67

    “Awsome ”
    this hotel is just amazing the location, the staff , the beach etc . It is quiet peaceful and good for those that just want to relax and have a good time with family or friends. The best is the treatment and professionalism of the staff of the hotel always smiling always wanting to help. The food is ok lots of choices for everyone, drinks are plenty. The night show is one of the best these kids can really dance and entertain you every night. At night you can sleep and relax no loud music or drunk people to bother you. is a very safe for all members of the family.

    Excellent kellyjod

    “2 weeks of Fantastico!! ”
    Hola!:) My son and I just came back from Hotel Colonial, Cayo Coco April 3-17/14 had a fantastic time! room 1636 the best in our opinion! Cubans are very friendly and family orientated! we were greeted every morning with hugs and high 5's :) Hotel rooms, grounds and pools kept very clean Bano's 5/10 only b/c there are 300 people at anyone time too hard to keep up! There are No paper towels GET OVER IT! you can air dry your hands!:) be practical and bring wipes, hand sani in your beach/pool bag no biggy!:) Entertainment crew excellent love George and the "TWINS" all of the shows and dancers so talented . Nautical gang great ! reserved our beach hut every morning for us , took us on fantastic catamaran rides and kayaking:) Snorkeling Amazing!! love Capataino on the glass bottom boat- if you can ask him to take you in to the coral caves a must see! beautiful:) Front desk staff awesome :) Piano Bar brilliant! talented Sax & Trumpet players Food - well you don't go for that do you? but, we had fresh delicious fish everyday , tuna,white fish (pescada), prawns,crab so good. Huge bricks, wheels of cheeses, parmigiana, Swiss, blue, feta etc. fresh bread fruit , veggies rice, pasta excellent pizza ! If you love meat you won't like theirs ;( sorry but they don't marinade . The court bar makes the best western sandwich's ever!!! Met so many amazing people from Cape Britain, Manitoba, Montreal and Barrie :) Drinks all yum - banana mama's ( virgins for the kiddies), Havana special and Spanish coffee all yum! Will go back again!!

    Excellent Sergio

    Located by Cayo Coco beach, in Ciego de Avila province. It is surrounded by an exuberant garden and skirted by a navigable natural lagoon.

    Average Alexandre

    Shower was out of order
    Traveled to Blau Colonial with my husband and 7 year old daughter last week in March 2007. In sum, it is a pretty looking hotel - Colonial style buildings. As for the room - don't plan to take a shower for the week because honestly there is no water pressure at all and the water is cold.. There is a mini club - but no activities planned so not sure why it is there. The most annoying thing about the hotel is the way the BUFFET IS SET UP. No matter what time we went there was a very long line up in order to get food. Everyone had to wait in this line up in order to reach the tray food and the 2 tiny grill areas. Even if you did not want something from the grill area you still had to wait in the line-up in order to reach the tray food - so no seconds - unless you wanted to wait again. The reason for line-up was that they only began to grill food when you asked for it which in theory is nice but did nothing to help the line up move faster. Not fun waiting and watching for someone else's food to be grilled.... If you tip at the Buffet the waiters will remember you and you will get INSTANCE service. If you didn't tip you were practically invisible and would have to try very hard to make eye contact with any waiter for a drink or coffee. CAYO COCO is windy pretty much all the time - so always red or yellow flag. So if you do not like waves and wind you will not like the beach.

    Average James

    Not good at all
    The room was very nice and clean. It was very quiet around the area and not very many people were out and about. Most of the 1 week we were at the resort did we see more then 10 people walking around. The one thing we did miss was the water. We had no hot water to shower with six of the seven days we were there. Many other people we talked to had the same problem. When they moved they still had no water. We had enough cold water to wash with from the sink, but that was it. We have traveled some and are not very hard to please, but it was bad. The one Buffet was clean but not much of a choice of food. Breakfast was cold and the coffee was not the best. No one offered coffee at the table for three days, we had to get own. The bars were not opened until they were ready. Some days at 10:30, other days at 11:30am but they closed around 4:30pm. Only one 24hr. bar at the far end of the resort. We spent one afternoon at the beach. The water was 72F but it was very windy. The rest of the week the wind was 40km and the water was to rough to swim in. The one pool was very cold and not many people used it. The beach towels you had to pay 15 Pesos each. The grounds were not keep up well. They did not seem to think that was very important to us.

    Average Ken

    We liked are hotel style very Spanish
    we would like to tell people traveling to Caya Coco Cuba & staying at the Blau Colonial Hotel some inside info We just arrived back on Jan 03 /09 after 1 wk at the Blau .The flight was good there & back Air Canada very small seats . First the room we got the first nite was 2 double beds & really hard to slep on . They let us switch to a nicer room with a queen bed the next day only 2 complaints are the shower & ac only worked at full volume.As for the food , the buffet was ok at nite & lunch menu but the mornings not much selection & the same every day ( no jams or peanut butter). Some of the el a cart rest. we thought where ok food.Darcy & I are not picky eaters at all. The hotel advertised 2 pools , one adult & one family , the adult pool ( the nicer pool) was closed also some of the hotel was also. Conquest / itravel2000 told me that the whole hotel was open , not the case , we where pissed off no swim up bar. The beach was excellent and the ocean was clear & warm temp.The hotel could use a tractor to remove the morning mess left from the ocean ( Trypp hotel did this each moring ). We liked are hotel style very Spanish also lots of lush tropical flowers surrounding the area I would like to say Blua colonial has the very worst coffee we have tasted .,stay with the cappuccinos .As for the hotel guest we would say 80% french Canadian ,10% English and the rest a mix of Canadians .One thing we both found that the French are very demanding & loud people ( poor Cubans) .I visited the NL Krystal 2004 and think that the food is better prepared ,and more selection In concuslion we would rate this hotel a 3.5 star , not a 5star hotel.

    Very good Rick

    The arrival was fairly organized with "Entertainment staff" prepared to carry the luggage for you. I would have preferred to have a package that included my key given at the airport but since there weren't many of us arriving, it was done fairly quickly. When I went to tip the staff for handling my luggage, he politely declined the tip as he said it was part of his job!! Rooms were clean and a good size with a large, bright washroom. There was a problem with our toilet seat which was repaired within an hour of us reporting it to the customer relations staff. Great bartenders who were always pleasant and wanted to please. I would prefer fresh squeezed OJ in the morning. Coffee was great and I enjoyed the fact that they would leave a full carafe on your table so it was available without waiting for a waiter/waitress or having to get up to get it. Food was fine. I always ate too much, especially at lunch at the beach bar. Beach/Pools/Grounds: The grounds were expansive and immaculate. One could immediately tell there was a lot of work done. The beach was great as was the pool (saltwater). There were always lots of chairs available. I am not one for entertainment in the evening at resorts but the quality at this resort was much higher than other resorts I have attended. Hopefully however, the evening show will soon move from its close proximity to the piano bar as at times, the music of one competed with the music of the other. I did not go on any tours as I was not impressed with the rep from Sunwing.

    Very good JayBecky

    lovely and very modern
    Late night , 1 guy on reception, he tried to be efficient but with clients not staying in line , it made it difficult for him. We were in a standard room, it was very spacious ,clean and well maintained. Mini fridge re-stocked daily, swinging doors between wash area and toilet bathtub area, but vision privacy was there just no sound privacy. We knew there would not be facecloths, but very nice soft towels. Balcony had comfy chairs and a small table. Some areas could be noisy though as rooms were right beside Disco and others were in building with reception and with late night arrivals and early departures I expect noise would be an issue. We had 3 guaranteed A la Carte's one at each of the 3 restaurants, they were all nice with a couple choices for entre's not necessarily to the theme of the restaurant though,ex:Italian-one choice was steak. The buffett was good also, lots of choices. Coldest beer was in lobby bar and you could get glass glasses there not the small plastic cups! Well maintained, lots of chairs and palapas available. We had several days were it was quite windy and overcast, staff still there to assist with chairs. Did the Pilar plus jet boat tour, it was the highlight for everyone on the tour. Loved it! This property has a great atmosphere and wonderful architechture, very nice feel for the guests. Train ride was just OK if young kids it is good. Horse and carriage ride I heard similar comments but did not actually do myself. The International Spa is lovely and very modern, great prices for the services.

    Very good Anne

    The beach and rooms were good.
    My husband, 2 year old son and I spent March Break at the Blau. The weather was perfect the week we went, but they had just had a terrible storm the week earlier. Take your chances with Cuba. The food was what we expected. The beach and rooms were good. Our big problem was the students. This hotel is the main hotspot for the S-trip organization in Cayo Coco. Student (high school) "organized" March Break trip. There were a ton of them. They would sleep all day, emerging from their rooms around 4pm and coming back to their rooms at 4am. They were typical under-age students. VERY drunk, not supervised and not made to be respectful of people sleeping. The hotel staff would do nothing about them. We never complained, but many did. We never slept well b/c of all the door banging and yelling in the middle of the night. You also could never get to a bar because it was 6 students deep. I would stay at the Blau again, but never during March Break!

    Excellent Neil

    They just don't get service. No one takes you to a table upon entry. They don't hustle to initially fill water glasses and offer coffee. Re-fills happen but when it's not busy, conversation amongst co-workers takes priority over doing their job. Buffet staff could learn a thing or two about hustle by observing the hustle that takes place during lunch at the beach resto.

    Excellent Michelle

    The staff were very friendly
    We left from Toronto Air Canada on Jan 16th returning to Jan 23rd. The flight though we had to change planes was very nice. We found the seats very roomy compared to West Jet (my husband is 6'2). Each person had their own tv making the flight feel very quick We stayed at the Blau Colonial in Cuba, check in went very quickly, our rooms were also ready early which was very nice. The rooms were large and clean other then our room had a leak in the bathroom. Once we told the front desk they came to fix that day, however by the time they left the one leak was fixed and we had two others. We found this kind of funny and really didn't worry about it as they were not bad. Having said that the rooms were clean, there were several of us after a couple of days, we were all dealing with bites on our legs from the beds. They were extremely itchy and none of us seem to know what they were. Some of the kids had bites on their faces etc. The other couple that went with us had to go to the front desk to ensure their room was cleaned as it was missed 2 days in a row The staff were very friendly and not pushy at all. We rented a car and went into Moron which was fun. We travelled around the main streets and then went into more of where the people lived. At no time did we feel uncomfortable, we actually would have people on a bike ask us where we were from, once we said Canada they would say follow me and take us to where we were looking for. Never asking for money etc, though we would pay them. We also rented scooters which was a lot of fun as well. As this was our first trip to Cuba we did not know that mosquitoes can be bad around 6:00pm. There were several of us sitting outside in the bar area when the staff brought out what looked like a large fan. All of a sudden without any warning they shot a fog into the air of what seemed like 100 bottles of bug killer. People went running as they were either eating or drinking. If I had a small child there I can say I would have lost it on the hotel. I have also called ITravel2000 as we were not told (actually told the opposite) that the large pool was closed so no swim up bar. The pool is not heated and it was cold, not even kids were in it. They are working on a large part of the hotel so the gym was also closed. It was nice just disappointing that this stuff was not as it was sold to us. We will see what ITravel2000 has to say. The beach was nice and big, and fairly clean. The grounds themselves were also very clean. The drinks were not great. Each bar tender made the drinks there own way. Only the bar in the hotel had a blender so if you ordered a mixed drink with ice i.e. pina colda outside of that bar you got a watered down drink. As I don't drink beer I found this disappointing. Having said all that we will defiantly be going back to Cuba, however I can't say I would be rushing back to the Blau Colonial Hotel. I also will be very careful

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