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  • Hotel El Comendador

    El Comendador Hotel Cuba

    • Destination: Havana City
    • Address: Obrapia # 55 e/ Baratillo. Habana Vieja
    • Phone: 537 867 1037
    • Accept child:Yes
  • Description: El Comendador Hotel Cuba

    This old building, which dates from the XIX century, belonged to Don Pedro Regalado Pedroso y Zayas, Commander of the Order of Elizabeth the Catholic. The house resembles the Spanish Moorish architecture, with the main access built on one of its corners. The intimacy and quietness characterizes this hostel, where meditation and rest have a paradisaical hideout. Among the amenities you will find in there is the Spanish rustic tavern serving exquisite tapas and wines. This hotel has a perfect location, a few meres from the Havana harbor, the San Francisco de Asis Convent, the Arms Square ( oldest point in the city where the first pry was carried out to bless the foundation of Havana ). From the balconies you will have a beautiful view of the Havana harbor. Unique for the intimacy and silence of its inner spaces, is the ideal spot for seclusion and meditation. Its architecture resembles the city's older Spanish-Muslim houses, with a bent entrance on one of its sides. The house, in a privileged spot thanks to its proximity to Arms Square and San Francisco Square, receives the sea breeze blowing in from the port, visible from the balconies of its comfortable rooms. The Hotel Comendador has a tavern named Onda, named after a region in Spain, that evokes a countryside tavern and serves many different variations of the typical Spanish tapas and exquisite wines.

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    • Current reservation summary
    • Reservation hotel: El Comendador
    • Total pax: 2 Adults
    • Meal plan: Bed and Breakfast
    • Total rooms by type: 1 Double-Standard
    • Night(s): 1 nts

    TOTAL PRICE: €130

    For dates from 08/25/2019 to 08/26/2019

  • Room facilities
    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    ceiling fan
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
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      Havana Airport

      José Martí International Airport (IATA: HAV, ICAO: MUHA), sometimes known by its former name Rancho-Boyeros Airport, is located 15 km (9 mi) southwest of Havana, Cuba, and is a hub for Cubana de Aviación, Aerogaviota, and Aero Caribbean, and former Latin American hub for Aeroflot Soviet Airlines.[2] It is Cuba's main international and domestic gateway, and serves several million passengers each year. The airport lies in the municipality of Boyeros and connects Havana with the rest of the Caribbean, North, Central and South America, Europe, and one destination in Africa. It is named in memory of patriot and poet José Martí. In the 1960s the airport was bombed by B-26 aircraft from Brigade 2506, a CIA-sponsored group of Cuban exiles attempting to liberate Cuba from Fidel Castro. Cubans are not allowed to own aircraft or use the airport for either private or commercial flight. Only government-owned aircraft are allowed to use the facilities. There are currently four passenger terminals in use at the airport, plus a freight terminal.[3] Terminal 1 is used primarily for domestic flights. Terminal 2 opened in 1988, primarily for charter flights to the United States. Ten years later on April 27, 1998, the International Terminal 3 was opened by Canada's then-Prime Minister, Jean Chrétien, and former Cuban president, Fidel Castro. International Terminal 3 offers many modern facilities and jetways that the former international Terminal 1 did not provide. Terminal 5 is operated by Aerocaribbean. Today, Copa Airlines is the foreign airline with most flights to the airport, operating 34 flights a week (roughly 5 daily flights) from Panama City, Panama, and Bogota, Colombia. The airport is operated by Empresa Cubana de Aeropuertos y Servicios Aeronáuticos (ECASA).

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      Playa Baracoa Airport serves domestic flights scheduled by the local airline Aerogaviota and is situated about 28 km west of Havana, in the village of Playa Baracoa, (Province Artemisa).

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      Línea No. 705 e/ Paseo y A. Havana City
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      Very good 
      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about El Comendador Hotel
        Very good Very good

        “Take a trip back in time!”
        We had five nights at the wonderfully atmospheric El Comendador. The hotel itself consists of three floors of rooms around a pretty courtyard filled with hanging plants and vegetation. Narrow staircases and balconies overlooking the courtyard lead to the rooms. Watch your head if you're over six feet tall though due to low ceilings! Rooms are basic but clean and tidy. Try and ensure you get one with a modern wall mounted aircon unit which are fine. The older units struggle to cool the rooms. The hotel is in an excellent location for exploring old Havana & central Havana and is located close to some beautiful old plazas. Havana itself was a wonderful experience. So much beautiful architecture and history about the place. The people were friendly too and even in the tourist market not pushy or aggressive - a refreshing change from other Caribbean islands we've visited. Take along all those small shampoos, soaps and conditioners you've collected from big hotels over the years. People are really grateful for them and genuine in their thanks. Pencils & pens go down well too. One thing to watch out for is the departure tax at the airport. Make sure you've got cahs or you won't get out!

      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about El Comendador Hotel
        Very good Very good

        “A classic place to lay your head ”
        I agree with previous reviewers who say this place has real character. I love the winding maze of floors and courtyards and common rooms, topped up by loads of plants growing everywhere, giving it an organic feel. My one criticism (and it is a big one!) is that I paid (in advance) for a junior suite, and was given a regular double room. I didn't figure this out until the night before my week long stay ended when I peered into an enormous room. I put this down to Cuban service standards, which are unfortunately not very high. When I checked out I complained and heard the magic words "we are really sorry." For this they lose a star. In the end I wasn't that fussed because I loved the room. It was charming with wood beam ceilings and an old bathtub and sink, nevertheless it had Sat TV and frigid AC which was great after a hard day out in Havana heat and humidity. The service isn't great, one porter was friendly but (like many touts) tried to sell me cigars and (worse) asked if I wanted "las chicas." I suppose this happens everywhere though. Breakfast was pretty uneventful. Having read previous reviews I brought my own coffee cup and sure enough ended up using it one morning. Food isn't that high up on the priority list in Cuba, and when so many people live on rations it's hard to complain too much about a substandard brekkie.

      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about El Comendador Hotel
        Very good Very good

        “lovely old building in old havana. ”
        the comendador is part of the hostal valencia..and at times it can be a bit tricky to find your way through the kitchen, (especially after a few mojitos), as they never seem to have the huge main doors open. however once inside you are in a fabulous old cuban building with a central atrium, and blue shuttered rooms all round. the rooms all have window shutters onto the street too, which you can leave open all the time..and ours overlooked the princess diana garden..woopee! there are claw foot baths and tiled floors...but as with many of these old buildings, if you dont get up early enough because of too many cuba libres the night before, you may find the water runs out just as you have put the shampoo on your hair...not to return for many hours. and i dont just mean hot water..i mean any water at all! still you can always raid the mini bar to rinse off! and we had problems with opening our the lock typical cuban fashion 5 men came to help at the drop of a hat...and they got it open..but, naturally, this being cuba and all, they didnt fix it happened every time. these things cant bother you if you are in cuba...its part of the experience..if you want faceless hotels where nothing goes wrong with things go to the havana libre or the nacional..but this place has real character, and its right in old havana..just a stumble away from obispo. and the staff were great..even being so grateful when we returned the key, which i found in my pocket 2 days after we moved to a different hotel. bless em!

      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about El Comendador Hotel
        Very good Very good

        “Good atmosphere! ”
        Loved this hostal. As most places in Cuba, things doesn't allways work as it was supposed to. But without access to spare parts.. -who can blame them? The hostal is located right in the center of Habana Vieja. The atmosphere is great! Live music, dancing. The food is really good. Try the local paella at Hostal Valencia ;) By the way, this Hostal is connected to the Valencia. Only the rooms are a little different. (but still very nice!)

      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about El Comendador Hotel
        Very good Very good

        “What more could you want ? ”
        There is little that could be said to fault this hotel, it is more or less a part of the hotel valencia next door and after bad reviews read about Cuban hotels in general I was not expecting much. However, There really is not much to be said bad about this hotel , in fact , other than the breakfast which gets the same review apparently everywhere in Cuba there is nothing bad to say. Even at that if one got up early enough in the morning there was a selection of breads, cakes, and croissants to eat other than the mixed vegetable, breakfast being served 8-10. It was a lovely hotel which typified the colonial spanish architecture throughout that area of old havana,. The rooms were cleaned daily, towels were changed daily, the hotel staff were very nice, the night porter staff were very nice also, we arrived home very late some nights after 4.30 and they never once were in anyway put out, very polite and friendly. The hotel had evening and afternoon music sessions in the main area of the hotel valencia with dancers one evening. I guess the only thing that I would warn was that if you were particularly tall it might be a bit uncomfortable as the ceilings seemed lower than normal, anyone over 6'4" might have difficulty, other than that book it and stay there.

      • birdsofafeather1
        a question
        Review about El Comendador Hotel
        Very good Very good

        “Beautiful cuban colonal style hotel”
        I have been in Cuba serveral times, and my favorite place among all the beautiful places in Cuba, is Havana Viaja(Old Havana) with is romantic colonial buildings. El Comendador is one of these buildings. It´s tasteful decorated and is placed in a quiet sidewalk to the more busy, but beautiful Calle Obrapia. There is no noise from the street. The rooms is very romantic decorated with new but colonial style furnitures. The doors is blue, which make you feel that you are in a greek island - in a positive way. The service is execellent- they will do everything for you and they treat you as you are part of their family. It is one of these places I would prefer if I should be on a honymoon. You are in the middle of Havana, but you feel you are on a island on your own - quiet and peaceful. At Hotel Valencia where the breakfast is served, you can also get tapas and other Spanish crusines. The breakfast is not worth mention, and that is a general observation I have made on all hotels around Cuba - spartanious and dull. But I can strongly recommend this hotel for it´s quietness and beautiful decorated rooms and friendly service and good value for money!

      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about El Comendador Hotel
        Excellent Excellent

        “Characterful hotel! ”
        Very old hotel, perfect location for sightseeing in Havana. We loved it! They only have 3 bowls in the restaurant - my husband was told he would have to wait until a lady had finished with hers before he could use it! It's things like this that remain in your memory. We had three nights here before moving to Varadero Beach, definately recommended.

      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about El Comendador Hotel
        Excellent Excellent

        “Beautiful Hotel! ”
        Having read many poor reviews on the hotel accommodation in Havana we were not expecting much but we where pleasantly surprised! The hotel itself is in an great central location close to all the sights! The rooms are basic but clean and beautifully decorated! The service was excellent and all the staff where really helpful and happy! We will definitely stay again next time we are in Havana!!!

      • birdsofafeather1
        Review about El Comendador Hotel
        Average Average

        good sevices
        It is located in Havana's historic heart. Exceptional for its intimacy and silence provided by the atmosphere of its inner halls, "El Comendador" is an excellent hotel for retreat and meditation. Its sober furniture includes very simple Renaissance-style elements and some original pieces from Cuba's patrimony, which are combined to meet the needs for modern comfort from the most demanding guests. The hotel, which has a strong Mudejar influence, with its main entrance in one of the corners of the building, is very close to one of the most significant plazas in Old Havana, the Square of Saint Francis of Assisi. Guests can enjoy the sea breeze coming from the Havana Harbor, which can be seen from the balconies of the magnificent rooms of the hotel. The building, which belonged to the family of Don Pedro Regalado Pedroso y Zayas, "Commander of the Order of Elizabeth the Catholic", during the 19th century, was built in the 18th and 19th centuries and underwent many changes until 1864, when the mezzanine was added and it looked as it is today. Havana's "José Martí" International Airport, 12.4 miles.