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Montehabana Hotel, Havana City Cuba. 3 stars,

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  • Destination: Havana City
  • Address: Calle 70 esq 5a. Miramar. Playa, Havana City
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  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Montehabana Hotel Cuba

    The Aparthotel MonteHabana concluded in the 2004, was constructed with the modern architectonic lines, within lands of Monte Barreto. This sufficiently retired of the hustle of downtown and closely together, however, of its enterprise and diplomatic zone par excellence, with its hotels, restaurants, centers of diversion and great commercial establishments. The elegant construction gives a warm, natural and calm atmosphere. Ample and aired inner corridors they lead to the good equipped apartments and the comfortable rooms. The lobby guarantees the open meeting and causes, also, the intimate encounter. Snack bar “Coral” of Aparthotel MonteHabana is open the 24 hours with services cocktail and of light food, among them, a hamburger that makes popular. The Aparthotel MonteHabana has advanced communications technologies to offer one of the best services of Telephony IP and INTERNET in the hotels of Cuba, with access from the lobby with the computers there located and connection WiFi almost from any point. The Aparthotel MonteHabana is designed not only to receive to the tourist class, but also to lodge to those visitors of the third age or other that bring like objective to pass long stays in Cuba. Prevailed and exclusive, with its corridors and their refreshing source with water mirrors. the Aparthotel MonteHabana guarantees special days to him in Havana, invites to him to take the keys and to open with confidence its door, because it has anticipated each detail so that you feel like owner of your space, so that Cuba can enjoy and live like in its own house.

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    Review about Montehabana Hotel
    Awfull sham i

    “terrible terrible”
    seriously don't book there! the cleaning is really a joke. very dirty and nothing works. breakfast is in the sister hotel that is much better. The pool is also at the sister hotel. good size pool. very loud music. if you are thinking about relaxing this is not your place. BTW, Cubans love loud music. no free wifi. As conclusion this means, do not book a room there!

    Awfull EirikSKristiansen

    “Crap ”
    I've traveled around the world and Montehabana is without competition the worst hotel I've ever stayed in! The cleaning is a joke (see pictures), the food is terrible (we all got sick) and you have to fight the flies and birds for your food (indoors), the service is poor. For the love of God, please stay in another hotel!

    Awfull ginnydee

    “Never going back ”
    This hotel was a disappointment. We arrived on a late flight and got in at around 1am, tired and starving I asked the front desk lady for direction on where to eat and she rudely exclaimed "COME BACK TOMORROW!", basically yelling at me. Then she gave us the room key to our 1 star room, informing us that "hopefully there will be a better room later this week." what the hell??? We got Room 22 on the main floor. I've been to Mexico and was not expecting luxury but I was expecting some degree of cleanliness. Firstly, the bed sheets smelled like they were either slept on by a sweaty dude or left in a washer for too long and grew mildew. I'm choosing to believe it was the second one for my own personal peace of mind. When promised a queen bed, we had two seperate single beds that were as hard as the floor, attempting to push them together like in the i love lucy show proved to be an epic fail, they were bolted to the wall for one thing and who wants to sleep down a crack? Anyway, my boyfriend and i shared a single bed. Desperate for a shower, I was surprised by dirt all in tub. I showered in flip flops. When voicing my concerns to the front desk at 1:20am, again I was advised to come back tomorrow...We were told that a basic amenity in our room would be a kettle, and we thought that bringing our own food that you just add hot water to would be a brilliant idea...problem of course was that there was NO kettle. Snack bar isn't 24hrs as directed, it was closed...but that didn't matter since your choices were only "papa fritas" which are essentially just potato chips or a series of tuna, or ham sandwiches. This was especially daunting since my spouse and I are vegans. NOT recommended for VEGETARIANS! Internet service was 6 Prepared to be harassed by locals to use your internet card. Hotel is at least 15-20 minutes from downtown. Expect to pay at least 10CUC to and from the hotel to get downtown. These add up, especially when taxi drivers EXPECT substantial tips. "Fountain" wasn't working. Seemed like it could have been nice if it had water in it or had been cleaned in the last year. A/C barely worked and it was unbearably noisy. Had to shut it off. Maid hardly cleaned the room, only made the bed. We spilled juice all over our sheet and she just made the bed and left it there... Staff were rude and not helpful. Phones in room NEVER worked. You must make a deposit to use the phone but it won't work so don't bother. 30cents cuc/minute to make a local call. I wasted $4cuc just attempting to make calls... There is NO tour agent on site. Currency exchange booth seemed to be open regularly. Grocery store on site was crap. The ONLY redeeming points for this hotel is that it's next door to the Occidental. The Occidental has fairly nice pools and decent restaurants. Drinks are cheap at about $2cuc each and food is cheap there too. I STRONGLY recommend staying all inclusive in Cuba if you're going for leisure. We budgeted $500CAN spending money for the week and we ran out of money by the second to last day. EVERYTHING in cuba costs something and it will all add up!

    Poor vkxNederland

    “Hotelroom was dirty ”
    We stayed in a hotelroom (not apt). on the ground floor. There was a lot of mildew on the wall near the windows and those windows had not been cleaned in ...? Breakfast was in the hotel next door. Luckily we could move to another hotel the next day .

    Poor bexandcorey

    “Management needs a wake up call ! the staff at this place is rude, greedy and totaly useless”
    I have never been so upset on a vacation in my life ! the staff here are mean and rude ! we were charged $18. for half a load of laundry, $17.75 for a 2 min call to canada when the sign said $1.90 per min , the lady/ witch at the desk was totaly unhelpful when i voiced my problems . the rooms have no clocks or coffee makers like their add states . u get 1 pillow and a sheet to sleep with on rock hard beds , there where ants and bugs all over our rooms and the air conditioning did not work ! one night that we went to town i was robbed and my camera and all my cash was taken :( i went to the hotel desk and told her i wanted to get some water and asked if she could run my viza for $20 she said no so i went to the bar and asked them if they would give me a small bottel untill moring when the cash place opend up , they also said no ! i walked 2 blocks to a atm and found out that it dinnt take viza cards like the lady at the desk told me !so i went back to the desk begging her to please run the card , she started yelling at me in spanish , grabbed the card out of my hand and told me that the card was declined and i had no$$$ left on it , i said that was not true ! and she started yelling at me again and threw my card at me ! then she pointed to our room and kicked the desk at this point i was so mad i started laughing and went up to bed thirsty ! the next day i still had no $$ so i went to the desk again and asked to use the phone to call viza because i thought my card had been shut down. i explained what had happen the night before and was told i had to pay for the call first GRRRRRRRRRR i explained again that untill i talked to viza i had no $$$ they said too bad! i waited untill a new girl was at the desk at about noon or so i still had not had any food or drink , this lady helped me and let me use the phone as long as i promiced to pay asap . i called viza only to be told there was nothing wrong with my card and the 1st lady at the desk had lied to me GRRRRR anyhow it all got worked out in 2 mins and i went and took some $$$ out i go back to pay for the call and she wants $ 17.75 for a 2 min call i was so mad i could spit the sign right beside the phone says $1.90 per min GRRRR anyhow this was just one problem i had at this horrible place and trust me there was more then one we are a youg couple that have been travaling for the last 10 years we have been to maui, mexico , vegas, cancun califorina toronto and have never beeen treated as bad as we were here ! im sorry to say but even though we got a cheap package deal i would never go back to cuba with the way they treat ppl not to mention the poor starving animals that they have running around. these poor things are tame and love attention yet your not allowed to feed them and the hotel wont take care of them so u get to spend your vacation looking at poor little cats starving to death . shame on the management for not spending the $$ to fix and care for these poor critters ! the 3 orange cats that are there are on my mind all the time since we have beeen back ! in maui there is no stray problem because the hotels have them fixed and feed them the management at this hotel should learn form them .....anyhow thats my rant thx for reading and i hope your trip is better then ours !

    Poor Paul S

    “Nice Hotel - But the Staff are Very Rude! ”
    Overall the hotel itself was very nice and clean. The rooms were large and roomy and kept very well. The bathroom was nice and the shower was amazing. The value for the money was good. The only thing that would keep me from ever coming back is the staff there. To give an example, there are generally 3 doormen at the entrance and it wasn't until day 3 that one of the staff actually said hello to me. The parking attendance were rude and regardless of were you parked your bike they complained to you as to were it was. I felt the hole time that all they did was stare at you anywhere you went in the hotel. I have been to Cuba several times and this made me have a bad impression of the hotel itself. Another incident that annoyed me was we ordered a hamburger at the 24 snack bar, the transaction started off rough as the attendant rolled his eyes at me when I ordered. After we waited 45 minutes for a burger we decided to leave and we never went back to the snack bar even though we had complimentary breakfast. I know not to expect much in Cuba, but the one thing that i remember every time that I have ever been the staff are usually amazing, unfortunately this was not the case with the Montehabana. I would have to say that even for a great deal I would not return.

    Average casablanca71

    “Large apartments in a nice quartier of Havana ”
    The building is located in the "exclusive" quarter Playa Miramar of Havana, meaning that you are away from the chaos and activity of the center of the city. Roads around are large, which means that it is a bit easier to arrive here by car. Receptionists are professional and friendly. Apartments are large and clean. They are in principle equipped for self-catering, but we found the equipment just basic and not always 100% clean as you need for tools to be used for food. Beds are large and comfortable. Air conditioning is efficient but quite noisy. Windows do not provide a perfect sound isolation, luckily the area is calmer than average Havana. We had a buffet dinner at the sibling hotel Occidental Miramar close by. We found the price very high for the very basic buffet offered. Overall a good accommodation for Havana standards.

    Average nikki p

    “A good hotel but not close to old havana ”
    Overall a good hotel but it is some distance from old havana, but they do provide a free bus service to get in and out at certain times a day. Breakfast wasnt brilliant, nice big pool and nice bar. Rooms were pretty spacious and clean

    Average Gurugrul

    “Solid stay ina hotel montehabana ”
    If you just need to sleep it's totally solid hotel for the money as much as it costs. The rooms are not the cleanest but we endured three nights without problems. Breakfast to go to the hotel next to this, and the service is good. The pool is in the same hotel next Montehabana hotel and be consumed by guests Montehabana. Employees who work in the hotel are friendly and at your service. Bar in the lobby is quite bad and the hours he was up to 10 at night. Food in the Lobby Bar has only hambuger not to order anything even recommend that you go if you're hungry, eat somewhere else. If you want to drink only drink in the bar when the bartender is doing very friendly and the service is not expensive.

    Average Nav A

    “Not a great location ”
    MounteHabana is in Mirimar, the suburbs of Havana, it is far from downtown Havana. Taxis charrge 8- 10 CUC from here to go down town. There are several hotels located in this area and for the location v price Mountehabana is good. I wouldnt want to pay more for a hotel out of town. They offer value for money, you can use the pool in the hotel next door and all their facilities. There are rooms with kltchens also if you want to go self catering. Okay for a last night stay to get to the airport in the morning coming back from varadero, which ours was. The staff are not that helpful and dont expect any smiles!!!! Oh and my bed was appalling it just sank in the middle!

    Average VIKKI J

    “Havana trip ”
    We were moved to the montehabana occidental to get accommodation for our 4night stay in Havana city! It was a lot better than the comodoro bungalows we had a spacious 3 bedded room x2 as we went as a family of 6! The rooms again were tired but clean and the staff were helpful, the pool at the occidental which is a few minutes walk from our room was nice and the kids loved it! The food and bar was great and the facilities at the occidental were good nice bar and foyer area to chill and listen to music, we really only used it as a base for 3 days to discover Havana and although 20 mins into Havana city taxis were plentiful and cost about 7-10cucs each way! (about£6.50) for 6 of us as the old cars could fit us all in! We did a private tour around Havana which was a little bit more but so much more personal with our own mini bus a fantastic young girl called Myra who gave us a real insight into cuban life and it's culture! It was a real eye opener, especially how simply people live and we saw some fantastic historical sights the city is beautiful! So glad we did the 2 centre holiday it was definitely worth it!

    Average Chris T

    “Good - not amazing ”
    We had a room for 2, my parents each took one queen sized bed and I had to take the extra bed. The fist bed was horrible, very hard to sleep in, so we asked for it to be changed, the second one was a little better. The staff was great and friendly, the room and bathroom are clean and spacious. There is hot water. No free Wi fi. The included breakfast was really good even though it is served in the hotel behind Montehabana, a little walk. The hotel is not really close to anything, take a taxi cab.

    Average Dcastro0505

    “Better than the Habana Riviera, but could have been better! ”
    The positive of this hotel is the little market located on the 1st floor! Lazaro, one the workers at the market, was probably the nicest and most genuine person we met in Cuba. It was pleasant to meet someone like him!The air conditioner in our room did not work well and the bed was uncomfortable. It is Cuba so you should not have high expectations any way. I recommend booking when you get here so you can see the room before you reserve anything in Cuba. The views are nice and the actual hotel has lots of potential. Just test the air conditioner in your room before you unpack!

    Average QuechanAustralia

    “Rude Reception ”
    Prepaid a booking for one week, unfortunately Aero Mexico cancelled the flight and we were delayed in Mexico for two nights. We were unable to contact the hotel and thought since we had pre paid, we need not worry. Upon arrival we were told that they were fully booked and could not accommodate us, took a swipe at us because we arrived late and put the blame squarely on our shoulders. Spoke to the General Manager and she was blatantly defensive, raised her voice and it became a shouting match, but eventually she was steadfast in her promise to immediately call Cuba Travel Network to resolve the situation, with regard to a refund. Well, she is a liar, we contacted Cuba Travel the next day and they were helpful in every possible way and were disappointed with her behavior, she never called and was meant to try and help us with alternative accommodation. Our mates from Germany arrived without incident and enjoyed the spacious apt, but not up to scratch on cleanliness.

    Average Lifes_1_Journey

    “Not bad - nothing special ”
    Occidental Montehabana (or aparthotel montehabana) is not a bad place, but definitely not the best. That said, the room was clean, staff was friendly and service was decent. We arrived at night, the room was dark and we couldnt figure out how to get the lights on. We were instructed where the switch was but I asked that someone help us as it was frankly a bit freaky. We didn't like the washroom and feel of the first room so asked for another which was better. The one thing I wish I had known is that shuttle buses run from occidental miramar (adjacent hotel) to the old city FOR FREE!!! I found this out, by chance, on the 4th day of my week trip! I wish the staff had informed me. Generally cabs will try to charge you 10cuc to old havana and 15 cuc back - we are good at bargaining so we got rides there for as cheap 6/7cuc (which is still expensive but not bad for foreigners) and 10 back. The shuttle was a better option with AC and no fumes in your face. The pool was great (though it does need to be fixed up a bit), we spent 2 days just relaxing there, and pool service for food and drinks was good too. Breakfast was OK, nothing special - pancakes and french toast were always cold, pretty much the same food everyday, basic omlette station, deli + cheese, fruit and cereal (which for some reason was premixed in the milk!!). I was happy with a sweet bun, deli and coffee. Overall the place was outdated, but this is havana in general. Most things around the city are falling apart and most people in the city are trying to rip you off. The worst experience we had was when someone started talking to us and wouldnt leave us alone until we gave them money for the interaction. Lesson: don't engage with strangers that approach you especially if they tell you "no problem" in an effort to engage you. You've been warned.

    Average Johnnybeme

    “Could be a 4 star ”
    On arrival be brave its up to you to open the fuse box and put power on. I refused the first apartment as air conditioner making a racket and lights flashing. No problem getting a replacement . The rooms are huge and for the most part clean. . Forget the kitchen it is a disaster . The stove blows the breakers, coffee maker leaks and the sandwich press has never been cleaned. Be happy if the refrigerator works.. The Miramar close by is very good with a large pool and very good reasonably priced restaurants. Always mention you are at Montehabana for a discount. There are free shuttles from Miramar to old city center but you must always keep 100cuc for a taxi as they can cancel without warning. For the most part the hotel is good value for the money but like much of Cuba a little effort would make a vast improvement

    Average landb63

    “Fading fast ”
    Our first impressions of the Aparthotel Montehabana were good, and the staff very helpful and friendly. Our apartment was spacious, and the bedroom and bathroom were cleaned on a regular basis. But on closer inspection our external corridor was grubby and dingy. Only two lights out of seven were working, and the stairwell light didn't work at all. A scrubbing machine would have done wonders for the floors, as would a vacuum cleaner, but we saw no one working with anything so modern! Inside the apartment, the kitchen was grimy. Despite asking several times for the advertised coffee machine, the only one they came up with didn't work. We also had to ask for two dinner knives to supplement the two forks and spoons allocated to us! The kitchen had a champagne bucket (!) but no frying pan or other useful things, like a tin opener. Bring your own, along with a sharp knife, bottle opener, basic dried food of any sort, tea, and instant coffee. Cuba is not a self-catering destination, and tourists don't get ration books. Be prepared to spend half your day sourcing anything decent to eat. The hotel "grocery" store and the nearest "supermarket" don't stock bread, fruit or vegetables. Rum is for sale everywhere! There is a fruit stall a mile up the hill on Calle 70 on the left, and the supermarket in the business complex on 5th Avenue is marginally better. They bear no resemblance to supermarkets as we know them. Alternatively you can get breakfast in the neighbouring Occidental Miramar Hotel for 8 CUCs. Stick to fruit, freshly cooked eggs and breads. The coffee out of a machine is gunky, and all the other hot food is cold and vice versa. The buffet dinner is not worth the money, we avoided the snack bar after an inedible "chicken" burger (what was it made from? - not chicken) but the piano bar (no wine) provided good, hot, freshly cooked tapas. The pools were good too, as was the shuttle bus into Havana.

    Average Austrian

    “walk to breakfast ”
    Clean, well furnished accommodations, very friendly and helpful staff, always have computers/internet but hardly ever any tarjetas you need to operate. Breakfast: It is included but you have to walk to the neighbouring Occidental Miramar. Not a very big problem except in inclement weather. Overall enjoyed stay.

    Average FrenchRok

    “Bearable if no other alternatives”
    Rooms: 3 STARS Pool: 3.5 STARS Buffet: 3.5 - 4 STARS Service: 2.5 STARS Restaurants: 4 STARS OVERALL: 3 STARS Rooms: With just a little bit of work these could be 4.5 star quality rooms. But they are old and dated. I paid a little extra for a bigger room and it was very spacious. My main complaint is the shower head - worst shower head ever! Whether you had the water set to shower or bathtub the same amount of water came out of the shower head and bathtub. And the water that came out of the shower head sprayed all over the place rather than forward. We complained to the front desk but she didn't make any note of it nor call anyone when we complained and, as we suspected, it never got fixed. Perhaps if we had kept complaining they would have done something but come on, the shower head was absolutely terrible and they had to have known about it before we even went into that room. And the curtains are far, far beyond their best before date. The beds are a 2 star quality; however, for two nights they did do the job fine and were not a problem. Anyway, the room was not good at all. Pool: There really are not any pools at this hotel but you are allowed to use the services of the hotel next door. And their pool was half decent. Buffet: I've stayed at 3 star, 4 star and 5 star resorts. This buffet is 3.5 - 4 star quality (it's actually at the other hotel). Service: Terrible! As mentioned above, they never fixed a shower head that was in terrible, terrible working order. And the lady at the Snack Bar during the day either barely knew what she was doing or just didn't care ... perhaps both. The service at this hotel doesn't even come close to 4 star and I don't think it is even 3 star, though it does come close to 3 star service. Restaurants: We ate at an a la cart restaurant at the other hotel and the taste, ambiance ans service was very, very good. Overall: There are redeeming attributes to this hotel. Tripadvisor has this hotel listed as a 3 star and I think that is accurate. The place is run down, both inside and out, and the service is bad. It is also far from Old Havanna. And if you're looking for a cheap place to stay there has to be better places, perhaps a casa. This place, however, can be bearable for a night or two if you have no other alternatives.

    Average Fulyetta

    “Good hotel but far away from the city ”
    High season in Havana and it is hard to find an accomodation - so we have ended up in this hotel, actually we were pleasently surprised as the rooms were spacious, nicely decorated, clean and equipped with a full kitchen. The breakfast was served at the neighbour hotel, which had one star more, so also not a bad breakfast at all... It is far away from down town - you need to take a taxi (which costs 10-12 CUC). The only thing that really bothered us was that there was an engine or compressor noise in almost everywhere in the hotel - we think, all the compressors of the hotel airconditioning was at the roof of the hotel and it was improssible to have a peaceful stay in the rooms - when we have complained about this, the personnel was very helpful, they have placed us at the farthest end corner of the hotel, which was then OK. I wonder though, how the other guests can stand this...

    Average sparklemarilyn

    “Friendly helpful staff, clean rooms, great hotel pool next door ”
    Don't stay next door at Occidental Miramar, which is a little iffy, because other than the great pool area and outdoor bar which you can use for free, this smaller apartment hotel across the yard, also run apparently by Occidental, is cleaner, more personal and friendlier. The rooms are large and clean, have kingsize beds, a small bar/cafe off the lobby, lots of helpful reception staff, and better security. There were a few small problems to sort out...breakers turned off, low watt lights and bathtub plug missing, but staff fixed these right away. We were also able to check in much earlier than stated after an all night flight from on Sunwing. If you want an $80 a night, good 3 star, in a great location five minutes outside Havana, in formerly tony Mirarmar, close to the famed Tropican.... and next door to a full service sister hotel, we recommend the Occidental Montehabana. We loved the cats in the lobby who helped share our breakfast. You can also rent suites with kitchen and balcony. Please say hello from Marilyn to Alberto and Jacquita who often helped us in the office, Albert the doorman, chef Ernesto and his kitchen staff, If you want an honest and reasonable guide who speaks a little English, ask doorman to call Pedro, who showed us the finest restaurants and sites whenever we asked. Rooms have 220 v which accommodate camera and phone chargers however the office has a 110 plug you can use. Please tip a peso occasionally, drop some gifts with the hard working low paid staff, and they will treat you like Kings and Queens. There is a money exchange and small market in building, and a trade centre, bank, bank machine, mall and market nearby or across the street.

    Average Pauline_eh_100

    “Feed The Cats ”
    I stayed at the Occidental Montehabana in a one bedroom apartment in mid May 2011. Good sized rooms with floor to ceiling windows in the bedroom and living room. I liked the way the doors opened up half of the living room to the balcony. The mattresses on the beds are firm which I found comfortable. Air conditioning in the bedroom only did not work well but opening up the place at night let in cool breezes. After a few days we found cockroaches in the kitchen even though we washed up asap and kept food in sealed bags and containers. We brought dried food, planning to get fresh there - hard to find fruit and vegetables. You can get them at local markets, if you can find them and IF you have Cuban Pesos, otherwise they will charge you in CUCs meaning you pay 24 times what locals pay. The largest grocery store in Havana (Supermarcado) is nearby but choice is limited. One aisle was full of canned, powdered and tetra pack milk. I don?t eat meat or chicken so there wasn?t much for me - no fish and the only cheese was process cheese slices. Forget about bread, you won?t find it anywhere which makes me wonder why there was a sandwich grill in our kitchen but no kettle. The grocery store located at the Montehabana was similar with an oversupply of mayonnaise in many varieties but little to eat. They do have water (large bottles that were not stocked in the Supermarcado), alcohol and a lot of cereals. For cheap meals try the lobby bar where they serve ?snacks? of salads, sandwiches, fries, hamburgers. I had the Spanish omelette and ordered fries with it, the omelette came with fries inside it and nothing else - not sure if she misunderstood what I wanted. But, no matter what you order you will get some kind of salad/raw vegetables with it. $1.25CUC for the omelette or a plate of fries, $1.50 for a hamburger. There are a few cats on the property - probably kept to keep the lizard population down - but they are mostly left to go hungry. One was very thin, so if you are an animal lover please go to the pool area to give them a little food. Management should be ashamed of the way they treat these animals and they should be neutered as we found two kittens with one of the cats. Most of the staff seemed indifferent, like they had to put up with us, not that they were rude but forget about customer service. All in all it was a good place if you want more room than your average hotel room. The place would be in the ?great? category if they did just a few things: replace the many burnt out light bulbs in the halls, wash the place once in a while, fix the ice machine, kettles in kitchens not cockroaches and ants and take care of those cats. Anecdote: Water leaked from our kitchen sink and then the power went out in our apartment. We told the reception and she said the night maid was right there, half an hour later when the night maid had finished talking to one of the many male staff that hang around the lobby (doing what I don?t know as they didn?t help us with our bags or anything else), she appeared at our door. She seemed to think we were complete idiots sitting there in the dark with the door open (to get some light from the hall) and proceeded to try all of the lights in the livingroom. She couldn?t see the water on the floor as it was too dark and was about to leave when I pointed out where it was. Another staff person got the power working long enough for her to mop with a towel wrapped around an old mop then the power went out again. We gave up and went to sleep as they couldn?t fix anything that night. Air Canada called the next day to see if everything was all right and said they were on the case. When we got back that night everything had been fixed. And note: if Air Canada phones, get the name and number...we were told an info card for AC was in the apartment but staff had not placed it there so we had no way to call them back.

    Average GilB1

    “Average, a bit overpriced”
    Average hotel, but the low price was offset by the fact it wasn't all inclusive. The Cuban CUC (tourist peso) is actually higher than the Canadian dollar, so $200 Canadian only got you $160 Cuban tourist pesos. Then when you consider an average breakfast for 8CUC, dinner 14CUC, mixed drinks 5CUC, tips are expected for any service at all, 3CUC, really slow internet 6CUC an hour, wifi 8CUC an hour, local calls 2CUC, it adds up! Outside the hotel, after walking 20 minutes, I got a sandwich and beer for 3CUC . No beach unless it was Santa Maria 30 minutes east, and we had to walk to the ajacent Miramar to use thier pool. So getting away for cheap, this was not.

    Average Clea-Simard

    “Some great points - improvements would make it so much better ”
    My partner and I have stayed at this hotel twice (December 2008 and 2009). I fell in love with the architecture of this place - the open, modern, unpretentious feeling. Other great features are: its location close to the water, the gorgeous 5th avenue, the snackback open 24/7, and the use of the pool at the other hotel. We are both vegetarians and we found that we could have a delicious breakfast and cheese sandwiches there - but I admit it would be a challenge for vegans. As per going downtown, lets say, Vedado or Nuevo Vedado, we walk! It's a wonderful way to discover Habana and its people, especially when walking through the back streets. Now, where to improve: 1. I find that the tables in the lobby are very dirty - it wouldn't cost a lot to have someone wipe them with soapy water once in a while. 2. Fixing the amazingly beautiful common bathrooms in the lobby would be a plus. 3. Improving service; latino culture or not, service should be prompt and courteous. Sometimes at the snackbar I have to wait a long time (for Canadian standards) to even make eye contact with a staff member. Some of the staff don't seem to take their jobs too seriously. I couldn't understand at first why they would serve me eggs and ham while I had clearly stated (I speak Spanish) that as a vegetarian I only wanted eggs - until I realized the staff was serving the breakfast plates at random! 4. The most serious inconvenient was that the non-smoking laws are not implemented. Last December, the smoke was a huge problem for me - the guys next door where smokers and I would wake up in the middle of the night because of the smoke. European and Canadian tourists, sadly, take advantage of this. However, although we are returning this year as a test, we'll have to go back to Melia Cohiba in the future if the non-smoking rules are not applied. As a last note: please don't expect coffee machines and the like in Cuban hotel rooms - it isn't fair. You are not in the US and Canada anymore - and you are getting a good deal for what you pay for in Cuba in general. Cubans rude? Yes sometimes but then, look at their situation - one staff last year had two full time jobs and she could barely keep awake...Viva Cuba nevertheless!

    Average sylvestor2002

    “average hotel ”
    This hotel is just "OK." Not terrible as some previous posts indicated. It's basic but relatively clean. It's about a 25 minute drive to havana. It's owned by the Occidental group which owns the adjacent Occidental Mirmar hotel. If you want an upscale hotel, I'd suggest the Occidental Mirmar. The people staying at the Montehabana can use the pool at the Occidental Mirmar. If you booked a package deal for the Montehabana which includes breakfast, the breakfast is served over at the Occidental. The price, as of May 2010, is 8CUC for the buffet breakfast. It's average - eggs, sausage, toast, fresh fruits, fresh juices, pastries, cereal, coffee, tea, etc... At the Montehabana, there is a small supermarket. The prices are more then the prices at a "regular" supermarket. For example, a 1.5Litre water cost 1.5CUC at the Montehabana, but at the supermarket (3rd & 70) it's only 0.65CUC. The supermarket is only a 5 minute walk from the hotel. The local beers are 1CUC at the supermarket. Internet is 8CUC/ hour. It's on the slow side. I had trouble connecting and frequently having to reconnect used up my minutes. The staff are very pleasant. I'd stay there again, if I got a good deal. I would try staying at the Occidental next time, if the price was a little higher then the Montehabana. If you want to go out to eat, there is a restaurant about 200 meters south/east of the Occidental. It's at the business centre and the restaurant is called Amelia's. You can have great meals there for a fair price. For example, coffee, eggs and toast came out to 2.5CUC. A basic pizza, for two people, is $2.5 CUC (+ 0.55CUC for each additional topping.) There is also a good seafood restaurant about a 10 minute walk away from the Occidental. It's called Di Mar. Located on 3rd (east of the Occidental.) You can get a nice big piece of fish and rice for $2.80CUC. Beers are 1CUC.

    Average AlexCallaghan

    “Basic, but fine for the price ”
    The Montehabana is...better than adequate, but not by much. That said, this is Havana and the Montehabana is a second tier hotel - so if money is an object, it's a good place to stay. The rooms are spacious and clean (though the air-conditioning unit in my room was so loud that I had to turn it off - not a problem as I opened the windows and enjoyed the breeze.) The internet is available (for $6 an hour) at computers in the lobby (and, allegedly, via Wifi). The television in my room worked well, and I was able to watch the BBC and a number of other English-language programs. There is a small bar, just off the lobby, but guests would do well to cross the lawn at the back of the hotel and utilize the rather more glam' facilities of the much more expensive Occidental Hotel. The restaurant at the Occidental is very good, and its snack-bar makes excellent sandwiches. Guests of the Montehabana can also (for a daily fee) use the Occidental's interconnected pools and terraces - which are lovely. (If you have kids, this is definitely what you'll want to do.) The Montehabana (and Occidental) are located in Miramar, a posh suburb of Havana, about eight miles from Habana Vieja, the Capitolio and other sights. A cab will cost you $10, each way.

    Average CameronMcKenzie

    “A Nice Hotel, Run Cuba Stlyle ”
    This hotel is a bit outside of the downtown core of the city. You'll need to spend 8-10 bucks in a cab to get downtown. With scooters rentable for $20 a day in Cuba, you'll save money if you rent one. The area is nice, and full of embassies, so the hotel area is a Havana form of 'suburban.' The hotel next door is very nice, and both this hotel and the neighbour have cheap restaurants. As with all of Cuba, all the food is better if you bring your own jug of Heinz ketchup. That's not a joke - BRING HEINZ! The hotel was total Cuba, meaning it was really nice, but could have been much nicer if maintained just a bit better. There was a nice 'moat' that would have been really nice, but it had deteriorated and was turned off. Too bad, because it would have been really romantic. They have a great, big, huge chandelier in the lobby, but it was covered in dust. Again, just the standard Cuba stuff - people tend to be a tad too lazy to really make things tip top. But you find that everywhere. The rooms were clean and a good size. It's not the Marriot in Vaughan, but the washroom was clean, two beds were a decent size, and the pillows weren't bad either. TV had about 30 channels, with about 4 in the Queens English. I looked for bugs but didn't find any. It looked very clean to me. Nobody stole anything, and I wasn't charged for anything 'extra' when I checked out. The hotel has four computers for Internet access, but not once when I was there did the front desk have an 'internet card' which is $6 for half an hour. However, I did see alot of Cubans on the computes. I think the hotel workers sell the card to friends in the city so local cubans have Internet access. So, ask for a card every morning, afternoon and evening, and when they have some, buy a couple. It's funny, but in Cuba, even the Internet seems to be a rationed resource. Oh, the washrooms didn't have any toiled paper in them, so again, pack your own next to your ketchup. They do have a grocery store in the building that has reasonable prices, and there is some TP to purchase in there. However, the store closes at 3pm on Sunday, so if you fly in on the weekend, you might not be able to hit the grocer until the Monday. It's 120km from Varadero airport. Sunwing had us driven to and from the airport in Varadero, and by bus it was about a 3 hour trek. We taxied out to Varadero during our stay, which took about 2 hours and cost us $100 by taxi. Next time around, I'd either rent a scooter, or maybe find a hotel closer to the downtown core, as you will spend $20 a day in cabs going back and forth. There's no beach anywhere around, so if it's a beach vacation you want, this isn't the right hotel. But I'd have no problem staying here again. It's a good, solid, Cuban hotel. The strong points: Clean and comfortable with a restaurant, grocer, money exchange and nice pool next door. The weak points: No TP in the bathroom, and they never had any internet cards in stock, which you need to log onto the intertubes. There's no gym here, but there is a very modest fitness center next door that is $8 a workout - not worth the price if you ask me. BTW, f you can stay at the hotel next door for the same price, it seems to be nicer, so I'd recommend that one a bit more. The two hotels sorta work together and share the pool and stuff.

    Very good Angelhelgren

    “No complants! Great 8 day stay here! ”
    My husband and our teenaged Daughter enjoyed our stay here.Our Room was very clean when we arrived and cleaned daily. We stayed in a suit with a full kitchen including micowave. We were suprised that we could watch some english on T.V.. We didn't have a coffee maker in our room, so we bought instant coffee(It was very good!) for $3.00 at the nice store in the hotel. Bring dish soap, dish rags and face clothes if you use them,as these idems are not offered. The ham sandwiches at the snack bar are yuummy.

    Very good Arlyne C

    “Good experience.”
    Nice hotel, breakfast was excellent, all clean and quiet, the only bad thing was it´s so far from touristic places about 7-9 km, I spent a lot of money just in transportation. I recommend it just for the service and if you want to be a pleasure trip.

    Very good Redy L

    “upgrade to the apt”
    we upgraded to the suite room with the kitchen and dining room and it was great for bfast and playing games. we had 4 other friends in regular rooms so ours was sort of the social hub. we all ate bfast and some suppers here whenever we weren't out. IT was great to have a fridge. the problem is that it is really hard to get fresh fruit and veg. we went to the market but they wouldn't sell us anything for any reasonable price ("white man tax"). Bread and meat and cheese are easy to get though and there is a big grocery store down the street. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get coffee flters so bring some with you (there was a coffee machine). Also advisable to bring hot sauce with you everywhere because cuban food is pretty bland.

    Very good DazVauders

    “Perfectly serviceable for our needs ”
    We had a self-catering apartment in the Montehabana Aparthotel section, and it was just fine. Very clean, a good size (a main room with sofas, a single bed, television and a kitchen-ette) and the maid was very friendly and helpful. The laundry service is particularly efficient. You also get use of the facilities of the Occidental Miramar, including the phenomenal swimming pool complex complete with bar (more incredibly friendly staff!) You can have lunch delivered poolside even! The location is relatively far from Habana Vieja, but there is a free and very regular bus shuttle service to and from the historic centre. There is also a little shopping centre just across the road with nice cafés and shops. The only problem we had was the lack of a fridge despite the fact we were promised one, but I'm sure it was a unique failure. Similarly, as with everywhere in Cuba, the internet is very expensive.

    Very good g-dogcanada

    “Very safe! GREAT staff very warm helpfull people ”
    If you are expecting the exact type of hotel you would see in mexico please stay home ever if you are wanting to experiance a people untouched by arogant travelers that throw there money around this is it !!!! i loved it the hotel was great the staff was super friendly and helpfull .The area is very safe there is police on every block i walked around at 2-4 in the morning and never had a worry i found some local refreshment stands open 24-7 about 4 blocks to the south 1cuc peso =one beer all threw out cuba exept the tourist traps .We stayed in the apartment area of the resort which was great cause we had all resort options with a bit cheeper rate was about 10pesos to old havana agree on the price before you leave i have a friend that lives there knowing what i know now i should never have paid more than 3-5 pesos ...please please wikipedia the country and understand there economic structure before going donot go ther and throw money around a small tip is a good jesture for good service a large tip just because is an insult of status...cabbies and serevers are in a gold mine job doctors make 27-30 CUC a month .. thease people are greatful that you choose there country to visit .. no where in this whole countery did we get crapy service becuse we didnt flash the cash...

    Very good NickLarter

    “Great Bang for your Buck! ”
    A friend of mine and I travelled to Havana in February 2011, we booked at different times therefore we both ended up at different hotels. I personally stayed at Hotel Nacional whereas my friend stayed at MonteHabana. I found the MonteHabana to be a much more welcoming place, most of the attendants spoke passable or better English as well the rooms were much cleaner and more livable than at the Nacional which costs roughly double. The MonteHabana's rooms are both clean and very inviting, although the hotel was largely empty during our visit we were always welcomed and made to feel as though we were returning to a place far more familiar than a hotel. The MonteHabana offers excellent room at rates that cannot be beat. Although this particular hotel is outside of the city centre (life of the party) you can negotiate a taxi into Vedado for 7 CuC, which makes it an attractive option financially. All around this hotel offers the best value for travellors staying in the city of Havana and as an added bonus, it is far enough away from the downtown core that the visitors will be safe from the Jineteros (Good intentioned hustlers who wish to show you every bar and restaurent as if it were their own). I would visit Havana again in a heartbeat although next time rather than the faded glory of Hotel Nacional, I will be staying at the MonteHabana, two thumbs up Gentleman!

    Very good Svet10

    “Recomended ”
    This hotel is differently good for short stay to see Havana. We stayed for two days. Spacious, clean rooms. All our requests were done immediately: extra towels, open closed bathroom door, e.t.c. Few tips: this 3* hotel shares facilities with nearest 4* hotel (Occidental Miramar): buffet, pool, tennis court, even night band. If you stay in Montehabana and go to dinner buffet to Occidental Miramar - pay 14$ in Montehabana reception. The same dinner buffet in Occidental will cost 18$.

    Very good JohnnyRed66

    “Apartment Hotel with an Upgrade ”
    I'm a travel writer, so I might know what I'm talking about, However, this trip was personal (to get away from my girlfriend). The Monte Habana is listed as three stars on most websites but I would give it four. The reason is that you can rent a huge apartment (make sure it's on the second or third floors facing west) with full kitchen, walk-in closet, free safe, clean bathroom and one bedroom with balcony for the same price as a hotel room (also comes with excellent breakfast). The upgrade to the Monte Habana is that it is owned and located right beside the Miramar Orientale Hotel which is four to five stars. Only two minutes away, you can use their large pools, tennis courts, restaurants and gym. Don't be fooled by the huge appearance of the Monte Habana which is covered in yellow and green paint and looks like a gigantic cement elephant. They have spent the money to rennovate the apartments and that's where you be living. Price is around $500 (with airfare) and well worth it.

    Very good candysita2

    “Great Bang for your buck ”
    Returned on November 23rd. Place was clean. Staff was friendly, although it helps if you speak Spanish. Shopping is about a ten minute walk away so you can stock your fridge with bread, cheese, cold cuts, etc. No charge for use of nearby hotel's swimming pools. Free shuttle bus three times daily into Centro and Old Havana. Taxi fare...about 12-15 dollars. Coco Taxi a little cheaper. You can get a good omelette and toast for a dollar fifty and a great burger for 3 bucks. This is a great place to use as a base to explore Havana. It's quiet and not your typical cookie cutter hotel...very eclectic achitecture. Located in MIramar...spendid old buildings and embassies. You have to pay 3 dollars to use the internet for half an hour and they charge you for all local phone calls. For example a five minute local call cost me about 4 bucks.If you are a princessa, impatient, high maintenance, spoiled, a picky eater or snobbish..stay away. It's like the Holiday Inn compared to the Hilton.

    Very good DeefromOttawa

    “Toured this hotel as the reviews had been unfavourable, think it deserves a second chance ”
    Although we didn't stay here in October we did take the time to tour the hotel . We saw several rooms , both regular and the one bedroom , living room /kitchen units. We wanted to ascertain whether we would stay there next time we go to Havana . Always looking for good , reasonable accomodation. The hotel was freshly redecorated , as it has now been taken over by the Occidental Miramar . They have done an excellent job. The public areas of the hotel are lovely , clean and bright. The individual rooms and kitchenettes are very nice , clean , fresh and well appointed . The staff was friendly and attentive. Since this hotel shares the same grounds as the Occidental when staying here you use the pool and amenities of the Occidental , a real deal as far as I can see. For a very resonable price you get a redecorated , very good hotel and use of the 5 star Occidental . We are going to stay there next time we travel to Havana and will report further.

    Very good sfbrad

    “Great Value ”
    A friend and I stayed here Oct. 5 for 1 night. We payed $38 and the value was tremendous. Our check-in was very smooth. The hotel is connected to Occidental's all-inclusive, we had use of the pool and could purchase a buffet dinner for 12 pesos and a buffet breakfast for 6 pesos. We used the pool for about 20 minutes and did not get meals, we just needed a place in Havana. There is a small grocery store on site where we bought cola and some snacks. There is also internet and phone for purchase and a Cadeca for exchanging currency. The internet was very slow, I was able to check my email but was unable to send any. There is a lobby bar where you can watch TV, drink and eat. There was a baseball game on between Canada and Cuba so that was interesting. The rooms were standard and had a large bathroom and a balcony. TV was decent and the room was nice and clean. My only complaint about the room is the lack of pillows. I hope management will consider adding more pillows to each room. This room was just as good as our room at an all-inclusive in Varadero. The hotel is in an upper class neighbourhood with countless embassies and several good restaurant choices. We took a coco taxi from Plaza De La Revolucion for 6 pesos. From Old Havana I estimate it would be 10 pesos. We walked the neighbourhood a bit, visited John Lennon Park which is in the area, and ate dinner at El Aljibe. I would stay here again for sure.

    Very good 3milyBailey

    “A great hotel, but not very central to old Havana. ”
    My dad and I wanted to get away from the resorts but still stay in a nice hotel. It was amazing compared to some of the holiday inns I've stayed in. They had a separate bedrooms, a full kitchen, nice bathroom, and multiple TV channels in English. They also shared a nice pool and tennis courts with the hotel occidental.I also like that that there was a grocery store close by and the aquarium is just down the street. One of the only things is that it's far from old Havana, about a twenty minute bus ride. If you get the bus early enough in the morning it isn't very crowded, but in the afternoons it can be rather crowded (that's when we would take taxis). Overall, the hotel was really Jose helped us plan a day trip to Pinar Del Rio (amazing!) they were also really helpful when I needed an adapter for my camera charger (very ingenuous). The room was always clean, and they included plates, forks, knifes, etc. in the room. They also had a small store down from the lobby, although the prices in the grocery store down the street were better. The hotel was beautiful, and I really enjoyed staying there, it's one of the best parts of my memories.

    Excellent HappyGuy58

    “Perfect when travelling with a large group ”
    Our team of 26 stayed at the Montehabana for from April 16, 2013 to May 4, 2013. It was a wonderful stay. This was our fifth trip to Cuba and we have been all over the island. I would rate the Montehabana as the best hotel/resort we stayed at. You share facilities like the lovely pool and dining room with her richer cousin the Miramar. The food in the dining room was excellent by Cuban standards. The staff at both hotels provided excellent customer service. New to my Cuban experiences was the availability of WiFi at both hotels at 8 CUC for an hour. Next time I will take my tablet device. Since our group was large and staying over two weeks some of us received upgraded rooms. I enjoyed one of the apartment suites. I highly recommend one of these rooms. Everyone in our group was more than pleased with the cleanliness of their room. Sometimes the AC was not up to par, but adjustments were made in rooms or the maintenance we right on it. During dinner and after there was top quality entertainment in the dining room and Miramar lobby. The Montehabana has a lobby bar that stays open upon demand. Drinks here were a bit cheaper than the Miramar. Some of our team made themselves at home in the lobby after dinner playing cards all night long. When in Havana there are some must visits. Use the free bus to take in Old Havana during the day and then at night. You'll experience two vibrant cities. Take up the opportunity to haggle with street vendors and enjoy the "game". When done in Old Havana make sure you take a Coconut Cab to visit the Hotel National. Get out into the gardens, find a lounge and enjoy the best Mojito on the planet. If you make the Hotel national your last stop, try to arrange a ride back in a convertible taxi. We did that a few times which made our time there even more memorable. Over the five years we have been going to Cuba we have noticed a relaxation in some of the rules. In the beginning, Cubans could not come into the hotels, have a cell phone or email address. Now the locals are allowed in, cell phones are the rage if you can afford a phone card and internet is available. One issue with some of the relaxation is the world's oldest profession takes advantage of the opportunity to market themselves. They were subtle most of the time except the male ones became a bit aggressive at pool side. I have no hesitation in highly recommending the Montehabana or Miramar as excellent hotels to stay while in Havana. Finally, please remember to tip. The staff in the dining rooms, front desk, bars, etc survive on an income of less than $15.00 Canadian. 1 CUC here and there can go a long way to improving their lives.

    Excellent LoveChichi

    “Our First Trip to Cuba ”
    Montehabana Aparthotel is located right beside the Occidental Hotel. Rooms are comfortable and have everything you need. You can walk every morning the the Occidental hotel and have an incredible buffet breakfast that is included. You also can enjoy the pool anytime you like. Every night they have a group of singers at the bar you can enjoy the night with a good Mojito o PinaColada. We had a great stay and the coffees that Frank prepare spectacular !! There is a cajero where you can exchange money and a little convenience store. We book our tours with Norma and Yusbel amazing guys. The walking tour to Old Havana is the best! Juan was very dedicated and drove us everywhere.

    Excellent endw9492

    “BEST 4 WEEKS EVER!!! ”
    I can genuinely not say a bad word about this hotel! The staff along with the other guests became not only other people in the hotel, but friends, at the end of my time there we were like a family! The layout is so open and the atmosphere is so friendly... it is a stones throw from the coast and you get all the perks of the hotel nextdoor without the pricy bill at the end!! the rooms are massive and so comfortable! Honestly I would rather be staying there than in my real room!!! If you get the chance make the most of your stay in Havana and go to the spanish speaking school Sprachcaffè that is in partnership with this hotel! I PROMISE you will not regret it! If they can get me salsa dancing and speaking spanish... they can do anything!!! A great way to meet other people in the hotel and make friends for life!

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