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Memories Azul Hotel, Cayo Santa Maria Cuba. 5 stars,

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  • Destination: Cayo Santa Maria
  • Address: Cayo Santa Maria, Villa Clara. Cuba
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    Inspired by the distinctive elements of the city of Santiago de Cuba, the second largest city in the country, it recreates this city’s iconic spaces as the “El Morro” Fortress in the Santiago Bay, and the classic “Enramada” street. The hotel uses elements of colonial architecture in both its structure and interior decoration, showing photographic images of the city and of some of its illustrious sons Round the clock food and beverage service- 1 Pool for Adults - 1 Pool for Children - 1 Family Pool -Ping Pong - Gym  - Board Games - 2 tennis courts - Darts - Day and Night Entertainment - Diving lessons -  Beach Volleyball - Tennis - Football Petanque -  Basketball - Baby / Mini Club (Children 0-4 years old / 5-12 years)- parking.

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    Weddings: An atmosphere designed with unique scenery and a wonderful sea view, creating a memorable experience for the couple and the guests. Our wedding coordinator will assign each detail creating the unique experience of your event, Groups: Spaces available for your next event, meeting or incentive travel. We offer our personalized service for meetings, conferences, private events, cocktails and dinners, as well as the logistics development of these, with our coordinators team. We ha, Baby / Mini Club (Children 0-4 years old / 5-12 years). Service Hours: 9:00 to 17:00 hrs. Activities: Games, Drawing, Walking by the Hotel, Outdoor Games Area, Exclusive Pool, 2 Games Rooms, Consoles.

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    24 hrs. emergency medical service, babysitting, business centre, car parking, car rental, conference rooms, disabled facilities, gym, hotel shop, laundry & dry cleaning service 24 hrs., luggage storage, massage, no smoking rooms, safety deposit box in room, sauna, tennis courts,

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    Review about Memories Azul Hotel
    Average Jen M

    “average ”
    Great beach, pools, entertainment, activites. Staff friendly but was hit on all the time and it became uncomfortable. Be careful going alone as a single female. Had to be agressive with some staff to tell them to leave me alone and not touch me. I have food allergies and there was little to no options for every meal. Dairy and Gluten was in everything. Bring tons of snacks like protien bars and chips. Beds are very hard. Could use an update. The rooms were always clean. Entertainment was great. There's a theater with a show every night. Dancers were incredible. All lip synced. Had a decent time but would not go back.

    Average denisd215

    “Second visit ”
    This is our second time in this resort after two years ago. They definitely keep very good and friendly staff as we compared with other two neighbor hotels ? las dunas and eurostars. The resort is getting older and nothing is done to keep it renovated that is (unfortunately) a sad reality for many tropical places. Except for lobsters and other fresh seafood, the food is quite uneatable, which is normal for Cuba unless your stay in Sandals or Iberostar. Also, they discontinued fresh baked customized pizza option, which was great before. So, just set your expectations. Comparing with two years ago we could definitely feel cost cutting initiatives in the area of red/white wine and rum that became a very low quality. On the other hand, we went to Iberostar Ensenachos for two day trips and experienced the same fall in drinks quality. Beach area is probably one of the best on island and if ocean is rough then just take a bus to Iberostar (inland areas) where water is always calm. Visitors? crowd from mainly redneck places in Ontario, Quebec, and BC is quite typical for discounted places with 70% obese/overweighted ratio, so if this bothers you pay a bit extra to stay in more upscale place. Santa Clara is great for Cuban history and is only 1.5 hour away by taxi or private driver (130-150cuc) to experience real Cuba life and museum of Che. Cuban people, cigars, sugar, and coffee are outstanding.

    Average Justin L

    “Nice Hotel, got sick... food areas need to be kept cleaner ”
    We stayed here in February as we were able to get a good price through Sunwing. The hotel itself is quite large and for the most part we quite enjoyed ourselves. We found the service here to be much better than our last stay in Cuba. The room was quite nice and met our needs well, it could definitely use an update but I heard the other side of the hotel was already receiving updates so I?m sure the rooms will all be updated in time. The beach was great but there was a red flag up during our entire stay. We did go in the water once or twice but only up to our waists and spent most of the time sunbathing. Loungers were VERY hard to come by. You had to ?claim? one as soon as the sun started to rise if you wanted any hope of having one during the morning. The resort was large and a number of people were taking golf carts everywhere but honestly it was only a 5 ? 10 minute walk from our room to the beach or to the buffet. There were little bar carts set up everywhere so there was never an issue getting a drink! There was a little market attached to the resort that was like a mini town. It had restaurants, a bowling alley, disco club and many places to shop. We visited this place a number of times during our stay. The food was probably the biggest issue we had with this resort. While my partner was fine I got extremely sick about half way through our vacation and lost almost a day. I ended up just eating bread and ice cream for the rest of our stay. The table clothes were often dirty and just wiped down with a dirty cloth and the food buckets where they dumped leftover food were just set off to the side surrounded by tables and we were often sat next to one of these bins. The service was great, but the cleanliness needs to be improved. Also, spoons seemed to be a hot ticket item! You had to ask for them and they didn?t always have clean ones on hand. No a la carte meals were provided to us during our stay, but that many have been the package we purchased from Sunwing. The trip from the airport to the resort takes over an hour but they have tour guides on the bus talking about Cuban history so it went by quite quickly. First time using Sunwing and I think we would travel with them again, just not to this hotel.

    Average Michelle D

    “Honest Ontario Review ”
    The locals are awesome friendly and very helpful. The beach and pools are beautiful. The grounds are very nice and well taken care of. The rooms are average, but kept clean. The resort is ageing and very little is being done to keep it up to date. The food is typical of Cuba, bland with a good variety but the same variety every day. The entertainment is average and very limited. All in all it was a nice vacation, quiet and relaxing. You can't expect much more for the price.

    Average DanielFrancc

    “good value for the price ”
    Sold for 4.5 stars but is more a 4 stars. Room is clean but need to be refresh. Buffet is the same every day. A la carte restaurants are OK. Only 2 a la carte per week. Very beautifull beach but we had jelly fish 3 days. Pool water was cloudy, filter system deficient. Great cubain staff, very helpfull. Half the site was closed. Paid 700$, good value for the price.

    Very good badrian2014

    “Seven 20-somethings visit Cuba for the first time ”
    Six of my friends and I just got back yesterday from a week in cuba, here is everything I can tell you about the resort: - We booked through sunwing and It was seamless, stress-free travel, there were no delays at the airport, the bus was right on time to pick us up at the airport, and shuttle us back to the airport at the end of the trip, and the guides were amazing and very knowledgeable. Now the hotel is an hour and a half from the airport, so its definitely a bit of travel, but its a big coach bus with air conditioning and a washroom, so its not bad at all. Plus beer on the bus! - We exchanged our money at the front desk as we checked in, which we soon learned was dumb as there is a bank located right beside the desk. We lost our shirts in the exchange at the front desk.. $80 canadian became $64 CUC... so if you have the opportunity to exchange before you come, do so, or else youll be loosing quite a bit to the hotel. - The rooms were lovely, very clean and tidy, our house maid was lovely, she would often make little animals and people out of our towels and blankets. We left her little Canadian tokens every morning (razors, lip gloss, make up, pantihose) and she was very grateful, even wrote us a goodbye note. - The resort in itself is beautiful, very well laid out, with three huge pools, and bars everywhere. The beach is absolutely gorgeous, one day there was an issue with jellyfish, but that was no big deal, we just tanned and then moved to the pool when we got too hot. There was never any issue finding chairs. There is also a bunch of golf carts that drive around if youre too tired to walk. The biggest pool is on the far side of the hotel (in the 50's) it had the best lunch spot (route 66 bar and grill) and the biggest pool with all the entertainment. They also had a quiet area at the beach for those that wanted to relax and read and a busier area further down with music and a bar, which I thought was cool. They had swim up bars at the two pools in the 50s and the 30s. They also had kid shows earlier (7pm) and adult shows later (930pm) they also have a big daycare centre for those with families. - As I mentioned, we were a group of 7 (2 couples and 3 friends) and we had no problem with the family aspects of the resort. There were people with families, there were people who wanted to drink and party, and there was never an issue with that, people just kind of drifted to the areas of the resort that interested them. So in regards to this resort being not good for young people, I would disagree. We made lots of friends throughout the trip and often met up with tables of other 20-somethings for after dinner drinks. - The resort is almost 90% Canadian travellers, it felt like our home away from home. - The entertainment at this resort was unreal, there were shows in the afternoon, during dinner and at night. There was ALWAYS something going on. They had dancing at the beach, aerobics in the pools, shows everyday, games and contests like bingo and flip cup and volleyball and water polo. There was always something to do, it was amazing. The shows at night were good, the Michael Jackson and Grease ones were definitely the best, the other ones were okay, just a lot of lipsynching and modern dance, so not so great if you're in a party mood. One night though they had big screens set up and were playing music videos and everyone was dancing and it was a blast. They have a "discotech" type dance club in the market (which is located in between the two resorts, very safe) and it was alright, have to pay either for drinks or a ten dollar cover for open bar, but the bartenders were very slow and it wasnt worth our money, much better to just stay and drink on the resort. - We considered doing diamond club, but I am glad we didnt. Diamond club beach is literally right in the middle of the normal beach and other then twice as many little shaded tiki huts, there was no difference, and there was no difference in bars either. So other than an extra a-la-carte (which we got anyways one night because they werent busy) it isnt worth your money. - The a la cartes were good, the Mediterranean one was best I thought. I went there on my birthday for dinner and the staff was lovely. They had my chair decorated with balloons, they had a happy birthday sign on the table and for dessert they brought out a birthday cake, turned out the lights to the whole restaurant and lit our table and plates on fire, using some sort of lit alcohol, it was amazing! and I couldnt believe how much they had done for me! (You just have to let the front desk know and theyll set it all up for you apparently, no cost) - The food was pretty good actually, everyone said that cuban food is the worst, but it wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. Lots of rice and pasta, they had a make your own meat station where they would grill fish, pork and beef for you. They had a pasta, omlette and stir fry bar which were all good. Lots of canned vegetables, potato flakes and hamburgers and hot dogs. The bread was really good. Definitely lots of carbs. The cheese was alright, I found everything had a fishy aftertaste. Everything is a little bland, weird condiments (not the ketchup were used to) and the salad dressings and sauces were all weird mixtures of pickles, vinegars, pasta sauce and ketchup, Their hot sauce is amazing though, I ate that on everything. The fruit was very dissapointing, the pineapple and watermelon were very unripe most days barely even pink or yellow. They also had papaya and guava. Those four fruits were available all day long. They also had grills at the pool and beach where you could get ham and cheese sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs. The hot dogs were very gross, the ham was okay (it was slimy and warm so I wasn't a fan but I saw a lot of people eating them so it could just be me) and the hamburgers were good, especially if you got one right off the grill and could find ketchup and mustard. One night they roasted a big white fish for dinner and it was so good. and one night they roasted a bunch of chickens and I had fresh chicken breast, which was delicious. They also had a make your own pizza station which we did, the cheese takes some getting used to, definitely not the same taste we have in Canada, but they had brie out one day and it was really good. The desserts were dense, but they had a coconut ice cream which was amazing, and also fresh flambéed bananas! SO GOOD! They had a waffle bar and a smoothie maker in the morning, so I found breakfast had the best options. Also Cuban coffee with milk is without a doubt the most delicious thing. I drank about three cups of coffee a day, after every meal, ugh, so good! - The market was only a few minutes passed the resort (still technically on the resort) and it was lovely. You had to pay for food and drinks at the market but they had authentic food and drinks (we got a honey mojito and it was AMAZINGLY good) they have lots of trinkets, souvenirs and crafts. They also have cigars and alcohol, but we scoped the prices and everything was $2 cheaper at the duty free in the airport if you care to wait. - We went on the Jeep Safari and it was without a doubt the BEST excursion, so if youre thinking of doing a paid outing it is definitely the one to go on. You travel in jeeps (standard, hah we got there and none of us could drive standard, only automatic, so we probably destroyed the transmission on that thing trying to learn.. but we managed to do it) and you drive through the cuban outback up and down the mountains and through all these small towns, really getting a feel for the culture, you watch a cock fight, visit a farm, milk a cow, have an authentic cuban lunch in someone's home, you swim in a lagoon, hike through the rain forest with a guide learning about all the plants and their medicinal purposes, milk sugar cane and drink the nectar, you ride horses through the forest too before you drive back. For $75 CUC it was a 7 hour excursion and it was amazing, it was all the excursions combined pretty much and we felt like we got to do a little bit of everything. The bad things to report on: - The beds were very very very uncomfortable. I am not one to complain, but they were awful. Like actually no better than sleeping on the floors. But we were drinking every night so thankfully we didnt notice as much. But yeah.. just the worst, we all complained about it. - The bathrooms in the public areas were also very very gross, you cant flush the toilet paper so there are just bins beside the toilets filled with used poopey toilet paper and all the washrooms, even if they were just cleaned, smell like outhouse. We often ran back to our hotel rooms just because the public washrooms smelled so awful. Bring hand sanitizer, bring some kleenex to use as toilet paper as they often ran out. - We were a group of 4 girls and 3 boys, the staff we're very touchy and inappropriate with us girls at times. They would often ask for kisses on the cheek and cat call us and hold our hands while we were ordering. They definitely hit on my one friend the most as she is super friendly so they took it as her hitting on them, they often asked her to meet them at the beach after their shifts and tried to kiss her several times. For some, it would be fun, for me, I got uncomfortable by it at times. Im all for being friendly but as soon as you put your hand around my hip im like "Just give me my drink and leave me alone please." - The bugs at night were bad, so just make sure to bring bug spray, I got eaten terribly. Again, not a big deal, but I forgot to bring bugspray and I kicked myself for it.

    Very good angelagasa

    “An awesome experience ”
    I loved this resort. The people working at the resort made the trip, they were fun, kind and honest. They know how to dance which was super fun. BRING BUG SPRAY!!! I was eaten alive. The beaches were beautiful and the rooms were clean. I'll definitely go back.

    Very good tway_mtl

    “Excellent beach, wonderful staff”
    We stayed here for a week in November 2014, and it was simply beautiful. The room was clean and spacious, the beach was incredible, the grounds impeccable, the food delicious, and the staff simply gracious and helpful. My only complaint is that some of the food ran out at the buffet in the mornings, but I chalk that up to people piling their plates high (and eating only half!) and stuffing items into ziplock bags for later. You could see how hard the staff worked to keep the food coming and the restaurant clean. This is a great place to go if you want to be away from it all, as it's quite remote and trips are costly and far to get to. A special thanks to all the staff--from front desk to housekeeping, wait staff, gardeners, lifeguards, and more. They went out of their way to ensure we felt special, with flowers for our 5-year-old and special towel animals on the beds. Very memorable stay. The hotel lives up to its name!

    Very good romanbl

    “Decent vacation for a decent price ”
    This was a spontaneous decision to go and we do not regret it. The beach is beautiful and staff does their best to maintain it from seaweeds. Food wasn't the best, but we were never hungry, and never got any digestive problems. Hotel has 3 different pools and plenty of paths to use for fairly long walks ( same goes for the beach). The good part about being on the island without any local population is that there is no one walking around and trying to sell you anything from shells, fake tattoos, crappy hand craft, to drugs and sketchy tours. The bad part is there besides the hotel and tours that are offered in the hotel, there is really nothing else to do. You can go to the main city, but it is 1.5h away one way. Staff is friendly, but lack any knowledge of English above the necessary base line needed for their particular job. For example, lady that was changing towels could only say "no towels", but couldn't explain when they might have them. Guy who served coffee and milk could answer a question "Which animal this milk is from?", to which he said "Yes". (It was a random thought to ask if they actually carry goat milk or not) One day they didn't have coffee in the main buffet.... Last but not least, you are 1.5h away from the airport. Overall, we enjoyed our time there very much. Would I go there again? - Probably not, even though the place is fairly decent.

    Very good Daniela V

    “Excellent Family Resort ”
    We were pleasantly surprised after all the negative reviews we read and feedback we got from agents. FAMILY ORIENTED & KIDS FACILITIES: The resort is family oriented with a lot of facilities for kids. They have babysitting services for babies from 0 years of age! This is not a service we often see. Our baby only stayed there two times but it was nice for him to play with the other kids and for us to have time alone. The kids club has few different rooms, some adjusted with toys for play, and others with cribs for sleeping. It was nice and clean and the babysitter, Maria, was friendly, smiling, and attentive. There was another lady whose name I didn?t get ? she was in a bad mood and she did not even look at us, bad customer service? but anyway we liked it here. Outside of the kids club, there is baby?s pool which has very shallow water and we could leave the baby there to play without holding him. Next to it is a kid?s pool ? deep but not adult size. There are also two outside playgrounds with slides and swings although we didn?t try them ? too busy in the pool. In the evenings, there are shows for the kids. They stay engaged and busy, which was great. Our baby enjoyed Toopy and Binoo a lot. In addition to that, there were shows during the day and masked artists going around as Toopy and Binoo on the beach. Just lovely for the kids, lovely. THE ROOMS: Our room was comfortable, clean, and bright. We were in 5578. We did have some small aunts especially once when we left a sweet out. However, they didn?t bother us? after all the open concept in combination with the tropical climate has to imply bugs right. Bring mosquito spray though! Mosquitoes are everywhere (not in our room but outside) and they bite a lot. We had mosquito spray, we saw the trucks spraying every morning, and we were fine. The room has a net on the balcony door, so we had no other bugs entering but those little aunts I mentioned. Air conditioning worked fine. TV worked. Shower had hot water and nice pressure. We had toilet paper, shampoo, and bath gel stocked. We were only disappointed with the stocking of the water the first day. We arrived around 1 pm or so and we had no water in the room until 7 pm that night. They stock the water in the late afternoon/evening and it was fine the rest of the days but the first day we were missing water a lot. Electricity stopped twice during our stay. I am unsure if this was isolated incident or if it happens all the time. THE GROUNDS, THE POOLS, THE BEACH & ACTIVITIES: The resort is quite big. The bungalows closest to everything are 51, 52, and 53. Ours was 55, not bad. However, there are lots of stairs ? if you have mobility issues, stay low. We had a stroller in addition to the baby and all the baby gear and going up and down the stairs was a chore. There are always the golf carts going around, so I am not sure if walking from the further bungalows would have been a problem. We barely saw any garbage around; it was clean and taken care of. There are lots of activities going on during the day at the two pools and at the beach. Pools were very nice and the beach was gorgeous! White sand and sooo clean water! We found it awkward that the resort?s shop facility, called el Pueblo (or the village), was open only during the day. We went around 6pm the first time and all the shops had closed already. They have bowling and a bar open, and later on the disco but the shops all closed and it looked like a dead town. I would?ve thought that people enjoy the beach during the day and when they cannot be on the beach, the shops need to be open? so people can spend their money for gifts? During the day, it was too hot and uncomfortable for shopping. The evening shows were very nice especially the Cuban night and the Michael Jackson show. FOOD: The buffet was as expected in Cuba: they tried but some items are just missing. For example, there are only four fruits ? watermelon, pineapple, oranges, and I think that was guava. When those are not good? there is no alternative choice. The situation with the veggies and salads is the same although they had cabbage and cucumbers all the time, but we saw tomatoes barely and half of them were green. Brocolli - only once. Green beans were from a jar, not so good. Peas was ok. In contrast to that, I have to say they do amazing job with the meats. The beef was excellent, followed by exquisite fish, chicken, and pork. They even had rabbit once and people lined up for fresh lobster all the time. They had simple sushi two of the nights too. Overall, we can?t complain about the food with the exception of the fruits and salads. OH! Let?s not forget the excellent burgers by the pool! Those were delicious! FRONT DESK & CHECKING IN/OUT: Front desk staff was very efficient. In fact, we received the bracelets, room keys, and registration card on boarding the bus from the airport. All we had to do upon arrival was give the registration card to the front desk and off we go. We didn?t wait more than two minutes. Check out was just as fast. Overall, we were very happy with this resort and we would definitely go again. Excellent vacation. :)

    Very good TwinsdadOttawa

    “Memorable Visit ”
    I enjoyed my brief visit to this resort and thought it was good value for what I had paid. There were some minor issues with room appliances (which were only partially addressed), but overall, what made my stay enjoyable was the attentiveness of the staff,- whether they were tipped or not. I got the impression that these were people who wanted to work in the hospitality trade. Also, Sunwings may have a partnership interest in this property and an influence on standards. The seafood at the mediterranean restaurant was quite good although I didn't enjoy the roast pig at the cuban restaurant. The beach is one of the best I have been on and its shallow waters are great for wading. Bring bug spray for the mosquitoes and sand fleas.

    Very good karen s

    “Memories Nov 5-12 th An Open review- Tennis Gals”
    We got lucky with the weather and had 7 days of sunshine and the breeze was fine. It had been raining, windy and cold the previous 4-5 days we were told when we arrived. The beach is lovely at memories. Not all beach fronts are this nice. The Playa Hotel beach front is not good. All the Diamond Club reps were Outstanding! Very Accommodating and Accessible. A la Carte meals and a special Diamond Club dinner show all very good with ambiance. I would definitely choose the diamond option again. If you expect a red carpet and a tiara placed on your head when you enter the building then it may be better to shoot off to London and stay at the palace. Remember what country you are in and how much you are paying. Entertainment: The theater show in the evening is excellent. That is when the dancers were there. They are amazing. They did switch the shows around a lot and we were very disappointed because we waited all week for the Michael Jackson tribute and they moved it to Friday, so we had no chance to see it. They also added Greece which i am sure will be good. The dancers do take a night or two off and the show participation nights are so so. Some of the dancers hang out after and dance with the audience which we enjoyed very much. We send our best wishes to Dracula:) Our building was in 33 ocean view. It was lovely. You can not see the beach itself because of the mangroves but you are close enough to hear and feel the connection with the ocean. Nothing is really far away and its nice that you can get lost on occasion. Its all part of the fun. The Bus trip is comfortable and enjoyable. There are some really cool things to see on the way. Not sure why people gripe about this part. Food overall was very good and lots of variety if you try everything. The odd dish was so so but you get that anywhere. Before my vacation i read a few reviews to avoid the Mediterranean Restaurant. Turned out to be one of the best in every sense of the word. The Italian also good and has great ambiance. One evening at the Italian I asked for the bill:)) It could have been the wine... The chefs work very hard and they have one of the hardest jobs being stuck in the very hot kitchens with no sunlight. I did happened to venture off bounds to the inner sanctum by myself one day. So please take care of the dishwashers and cooks, laundry guys. Don't give all your tips to the waiters and waitresses and cleaning maids. Share the wealth if your a tipper:))) All the staff in the resort work very hard and take that long bus ride back and forth daily so of course they are all derserving. We organized tennis gatherings at 9 am each day. We are organizers of We met and played with some other players from various countries. We also hit with Orelvis the sports director on Azul. Super nice guy and decent at playing tennis. There is a better player who works the bar but I would recommend Orelvis. The management are on top of everything and there is a new Memories opening on the other side of the Royalton. So that will make 3 Memories: Pairaiso, Azul and ('Husa' is the new resort) Opening in a few days. Special thank you to Lisbet Crespo Saura. Very grateful for all your help:) Mosquitoes: Lots of them unfortunately. Bring some good bug spray. I hope you have a nice vacation where ever you decide to go.

    Very good PollyWang

    “Perfect beach ”
    I just came back from the resort. I had such a woderful vacation there. The beach is five stars, so beautiful. I enjoyed kayake on the peaceful ocean. Katamaran and snorkling is fun too. The buffer is five starts. There are a lot of declious food. My favorite is the grilled shrimp. The service is very good too. The resort has a lot of flowers. It is quite nice. The room is three stars according to north american standard. Tips: 1. bring hair conditioner 2. bring a good lip balm with spf. I got sun burn on my lips. 3. If you are a woman travelling alone, never let your guard down. People are nice there, but always be careful. Use your common sense.

    Very good Bestagent

    “Memories of a Happy Single client ”
    I have a single man in his 50's that came back absolutely enchanted form the Memories Paraiso. He was in Block 33 , convenient but next to the show.He travelled from Montreal YUL and the landed with Sunwing at Santa Clara SNU. He was amazed at the efficiency of getting checked in at the Airport so that he had his room on arrival. The welcome cocktail and band had everyone in the mood. As well they had food ready after a long trip. He was there over Halloween.

    Very good alphy1313

    “Paradise ”
    We went during the off season, so half of the resort was closed off. It is a big resort. We didn't mind the walking but the shuttle buses were readily accessible. Since the resort was in a smaller island, it was closed off to the locals. It's a quiet resort. The beach was gorgeous, big and white sandy beaches. The food was good, lots of selections and we brought our own ketchup and seasonings to counteract the lack of spices they had. The grill and fresh to order stations were nice. My hubby liked the flambé banana station and the smoothie station. I think the food is better here than at Memories Varadero. The nightly entertainment was ok, it ran at a good length. It was frustrating that they would frequently change the type of show at their own leisure. I liked how they had created a shopping centre for the tourists. You would get on a train shuttle that went to the area. Had nice views, good vendors and some nice Cuban snacks. We didn't do the diamond club, but from what I saw, everyone was using the same privileges. I mean we were able to sit in the Diamond Club area. Actually we were escorted to the table. The facility is clean and we'll maintained. The walking paths were fine and the beach and pools were clean. The rooms were standard, comfy bed and good water pressure. The staff were all friendly and spoke English. Management is doing a good job. Tips were given all around at this resort. We didn't do a tour but wish we had. The Che Gueverra tour sounded very interesting, I suppose we would have to come back!!! Which we plan too. The bars were nice, poolside and the lobby. I loved the coffee. Overall a good resort. I wish there was a night club, pretty quiet after the shows. They had lots of pools and loungers available but we mostly stayed on the beach. Bring bug spray and ketchup. Lots of walking, if you have mobility issues ask for a room near the lobby. Visit the shopping area. Hope this helps. Have a good vacation.

    Very good neil4travel

    “Very nice place with a lovely beach and landscape ”
    A very nice place overall. Lovely landscaped resort with very friendly staff. A beautiful tennis court that I would recommend playing on. Food was very good for Cuba, I was never hungry and always happy with what I was eating. The only negative thing I can say about this resort is tiger lifeguards need to back down. If the beach has waves on it they won't let you go swimming. After arguing for to long with them I ended up just walking to the next resort so I could play in the waves. Overall though I would go back in a heartbeat and plan on it next year.

    Very good hamiltonnurse

    “Can't beat the Beach! ”
    Travelled solo in October 2014 for a sell off. 1.5 hour bus ride from the airport. Beach was wonderful, white sand, blue turquoise waters, you can walk for an hour. Watch out for Jelly fish in the ocean however. The water was warm and the waves wonderful, the red flag is up with any wind it would appear, but as long as you stay close to shore, there is lots of opportunity for body surfing. The rooms were clean, bright and spacious, with tub and shower, programmable mini safe, mini bar with 1.5 litre of water replaced as you used it and beer and pop. The bars and bartenders were very pleasant and worked very hard to produce wonderful beverages. The grounds are immaculate, the pools pristine. This is a big resort and is a fair bit of walking for those who require assistance it may be too big to walk but they have golf carts that ferry people around. The Mediterrean a la carte and the Cuban a la carte had wonderful service. The food was good, better than the buffet and beautifully presented. The buffet was repetitious, and overcooked. I ate fruit and cheese most days, however they cooked my steak well and had turkey one night. I found that most of the food was in sauce and not displayed in an appetizing way. Overall a great vacation for the amount spent, check out is 5 hours before your flight keep that in mind when booking a 1045 am flight home, we were out of our room at 500 and on a bus at 545 and there is only continental breakfast and coffee, it was a long day home.

    Very good Bhenry67

    “Relaxing family vacation ”
    We just returned from Memories Paraiso Azul Oct31, having never visited Cuba before we were pleasantly surprised. We quite enjoyed the buffet, there was always something for everyone, was it the best food I have ever had at a resort;no but it was definitely enjoyable . The staff in the restaurants were outstanding, we especially enjoyed the service of Gerter at the buffet. The beach was as spectacular as we had heard. I would recommend diamond club for the private beach section and service alone, it was amazing. The rooms are quite nice, large and clean, with everything you need for a comfortable stay. The only thing I found disappointing were the drinks. They are mostly served in very small plastic cups, most drinks all tasted the same and we're very sweet. The mojitos at the beach were excellent though. I would recommend this resort to anyone looking at travelling to a resort. The value was excellent!

    Very good Julie K

    “Amazing getaway”
    Just got back from an amazing getaway. My husband an I travel twice a year to the south and this was our first time to Cayo Santa Maria but not our first time to Cuba and I must say the food here was great we never went hungry and the food was tasty. The hospitality is amazing as always in Cuba, the staff always went out of the way to ensure we were having a great holiday and I do mean all staff from grounds keepers and house keepers to wait staff and entertainers the only complaint we had was -- only half the resort was open(witch we know happens durning low season) and our room was building 32 so we had to walk a lot to get to the activity pool every day so note : if you go durning low season request buildings 52 or higher that will put you in a great place but durning regular season you can't go wrong with any building as the property is well set up with an activity pool and grill restaurants at both ends and a quite pool, children's pool and centre, buffet and theatre all in the middle. All in all we loved our time at memories and we look forward to going back to make more memories. Next time our kids will be coming as I know they will feel at home there. P.S the bartenders at the activity pool are wonderful and really went out of there way to ensure we were never dehydrated out in the warm sun.

    Very good Vito B

    “Pleasantly Surprised ”
    This was my fourth time in Cuba, and first time that I found the food to be very good! We stayed October 16 to 23 and were lucky to have beautiful weather every day. Half of the resort was closed, but the resort is huge so you really don't notice it. The room we were in was great and was centrally located. We didn't have "ocean" or pool view but had a great view of the opposite beach from the resort. We were on the fourth floor and there were no elevators. The maids were great and we tipped every day. All the bartenders and staff were amazing! The front desk receptionists were highly friendly, but do not exchange money with them. Do it at the money exchange station and make sure you get a receipt. This has happened to me at nearly every resort in Cuba when I exchanged at front desk: they try and stiff you and short change you some money. I didn't even notice until I got back to the room. Only thing lacking at this resort is night time entertainment. The disco is off the resort and was always empty. If you choose to stick around the resort your options are to sit in the lobby or go to the sports bar, but they are lacking. Definitely worth the experience and if you're looking to relax this is the place for you!

    Very good Marlene W

    “Last minute trip ”
    We decided to do a last minute trip. Just home from Memories, Cuba. A long way from the airport but we knew this. Price dictated. We went only for rest and relaxation. NO extra trips this time. Just time spent with my husband. Overall, we had a great trip. I think people need to research more on where they want to holiday. We had a room on the third floor, building 32. Great breezes and views. The staff were fabulous. The food was good. Great drinks. Overall the place needs abit of TLC but that is not unusual. WE had a relaxing time together.

    Very good Debbie L

    “Five Times and have enjoyed every one ”
    This hotel had a shaky start after it was taken over by Sunwing a few years ago but has certainly improved over time. Paraiso and Azul are mirror images and easy to get around once you figure this out. The beach is wonderful and usually there is no problem getting a chair. The food, on the whole is fairly good and substantial. Staff is very friendly and accommodating. WONDERFUL coffee bar in the coffee in the Cayo. This resort is very family-orientated so not a quiet as Playa Cayo. We keep returning, mainly for the great staff and good coffee.

    Excellent Gleisys R

    “Great vacation”
    I arrived at the Memories Paraiso without too many expectations, but I was surprise at how everything turned out. Upon arrival we were greeted with a cocktail because we purchased the Diamond club (Which I recommend) We were taken by a golf cart to out room. The staff was so friendly and so full of energy. There was not one day that we didn't have fun by doing aqua gym, or learning how to dance salsa. Everywhere we went we were treated like queens.The water was warm and clear. The buffet was amazing. Like I mention I was not expecting much. They had a great variety of food, which I loved. I told the chef that it was my moms birthday, and he made her rice into a heart.We reserved the Cuban restaurant for my moms birthday, and I have to say what a show they put up for us. First of all our server was fantastic. The food came out fast and it was delicious, but the desert was the best part. The server turned off all the lights from the restaurant and brought us flans cover in flames. Everyone was staring at us and started singing happy birthday to my mom with a big cake and a bottle.Great service.

    Excellent Emelyn D

    “Fabulous! ”
    Sprawling, rustic and well-maintained. So pretty! Is it shiny? No. New? No. But it is utterly charming with winding paths, wooden bridges that lead to the beach and beautiful pools to fit any mood. Surrounded by jungle, filled with greenery and flowers, this was a great place to stay. First the down sides. Buffet closed over lunch - weird. Could usually find the 24-hour grill open, but not always. We called it the 18 hour grill! During the day there were little hamburger/hotdog grills everywhere so it wasn't a big deal. Once you figured stuff out, you could eat with no problems. The only problem was "tour" days when nothing was open before or after we got back to the resort and we were STARVING! We had to wait a whole twenty minutes for something to open! Spoiled tourists! No breakfast though, but there were muffins available in the lobby. Some people were really bothered by mosquitoes and sand flies. I wasn't, but bringing spray and some after bite is a good idea. There were those with giant welts on them. Also, definitely bring to-go cups for drinks. The plastic glasses hold about 6 ounces. Bring gifts of soap, shampoo, notebooks and lots of pesos for tips. Candy and toys for kids. Poverty is huge. Leave gifts and pesos as tips. Tip everyone! They work HARD! On tours, give people soap, pesos, hats, clothing - whatever. For example, the average income is 8-10 pesos per month and a bar of soap costs two pesos. We are so lucky to be Canadian and blessed with so much. Think about that before getting ticked about slightly less than perfect service. My last downside is that with the resort being so big, is that you really didn't get to know anyone too well. There were too many wonderful places to hang out! Now the pluses. Rooms were large and clean. Great service. Beer, water and soda everyday. Sure, once they replenished while I was napping, but he was very stealthy! The food was awesome! Not much on fresh vegetables, but grilled lobster? Omg, incredible. I can go with frozen veg for a week. Fish and shrimp to die for! Flaming bananas for dessert! Loved the food. Got addicted to the hamburgers. Freshly baked buns daily. Entertainment was great. I have not seen this quality of dancing anywhere else. The Michael Jackson show was amazing. I loved this place. I took the tours to Santa Clara and the Havana by plane. Both were well worth it. Bring toilet paper! And take money. Markets don't take credit cards. And remember to tip :) I'd go again and again.

    Excellent Deanna A

    “14 days of fun in the sun! ”
    I just returned from 14 days at Memories Parasio Azul. Beach was beautiful, in14 days we had 5 minutes of rain and lived on the beach. Staff were absolutely amazing and management asked regularly about how your stay was. Food was good and comparable to more expensive resorts I have stayed at. Staff in the buffet and front desk made this stay memorable. We had a small request to change our room to a room with a king size bed, they were more than effective getting me a room and moved us immediately. I would definitely go back again with my husband or with family. The ride from the airport was a little long but worth it. The ride was entertaining and more like an excursion, just sit back and enjoy. Wifi in lobby can be obtained at a small price and can go down, be patient and go when others are not around. Remember your on vacation. Suggest you take mosquito repellent and keep in mind you may need it in early morning. I didn't get bites but they just loved my spouse.

    Excellent Stephane B

    “Stephane B ”
    This is a very good place the beach is awsome the service is five stars the staff made us feel like a family is my third trip there and not the last is a wonderful place for family trip or lovers trip you have a choice of three restaurant à la carte a shopping in place also outdoors activities the food is good nothing to complain.

    Excellent MichelleK01

    “Perfection ”
    My sister and I stayed for a week to celebrate our birthdays and it was the best time we ever had. The beach was the nicest I have ever seen. The food and the service was amazing we can not wait to go back

    Excellent Cubadian

    “Made us feel like family! ”
    We just returned from memories parasio azul on Nov 16. This was myself and my wife's 4th visit there this year and this time we brought 6 of our teenage children with us for their first trip abroad. The staff as always were amazing. Friendly helpful and just plain fun to be around. House keeping did a wonderful job on our rooms each day and food service staff in all restaurants were great as was the food, buffet selection was a little smaller than past visits but that's part of Cuba's beauty, you never know what to expect lol. Bar tenders at the azul pool are the best , Armondo, Radiel, Barbara, el Pollo, are great, and the entertainment staff made my families stay fantastic. Thank you so much Alex, Lilly, Gerry, Gary and everyone we love you guys and will be back again very soon. Your Cubadian family!

    Excellent jkschewie

    “Amazing vacation spot!! ”
    My husband and his daughter had gone to Memories for father's day 2013 and raved about their stay at the Memories Paraiso. The beach is one of the most beautiful in the world! They talked about how the staff at the resort were fantastic. My step-daughter was diagnosed with cancer just after their trip and passed away nine months later. We returned to Cuba and this resort to spread her ashes where she had had her last amazing vacation with her Dad. The resort was unbelievably helpful. Everyone was so compassionate and caring. We met staff that remembered my husband and step-daughter and they helped us to honour our daughter and make amazing new memories. We would like to thank Omar the General Manager for your compassion and understanding, Celia, Yoanna, Claudia and Jose from the Customer Care Centre for arranging for flowers to be gathered from the gardens, Carlos, Zurita and Rigoberto from the lobby bar for entertaining evenings and now lasting friendships. Even our maids Heydi and Erick helped to make our stay special with the towel characters and little notes they left for us each day. We say a special thank you to Lesnier from the sailing centre for taking us out on the Hobbie Cat to spread Hunter's ashes and helping to make it a very special moment. The facility is a wonderful place for a holiday. The pools are awesome. The beach is stunning. I will be honest and say the buffet is only so-so but the a la carte restaurants are good and the hot dogs are the best!! We made some great friends! We didn't go to this resort for the food but if you want to go somewhere that makes you feel like part of their family this is the resort for you!! We will go back many times for sure!

    Excellent Mark D

    “All in all it was a great vacation ”
    This was our first vacation to a foreign country so we were going in blind and not sure what to expect. We got to the airport and got on the buses, the bus ride was close to 2 hours from the airport, but there was a great tour guide on the bus which made the bus trip seem shorter. One of the downsides was the plane arrived at night so our guide was telling us about the amazing country side and we couldn't see it because it was too dark. Once we arrived at our resort we were greeted and received a ride up to our room with our luggage. For the rest of the week it was fun in the sun. The hotel had lot's of activities going on, every night there was live entertainment at the theatre on sight. Bars and mini bars everywhere. Rooms were pretty good but would've preferred one queen or king bed n our room as opposed to 2 single or doubles. There are plenty of amazing excursions to take from Catamaran excursion with dolphin encounter and lobster dinner, to excursions to the main island visiting small towns and cities to be able to see true Cuban heritage. All in all we had a great vacation and I believe my wife and I will return to this resort next time. A couple of reminders that some items we take for granted you cannot get in Cuba. Remember to bring lots of sunscreen as it is easy to get burnt, bring sunglasses as we did not see any sunglasses for sale there, and bring a swimsuit, they have some there but there sizes are quite smaller than we expect.

    Excellent twizzygoddess

    “beautiful resort great food friendly staff ”
    decided to go last minute booked the Friday was gone Saturday for the price couldn't pass it up staging bungalow 60 room 6047 was beautiful, nice and clean overlooking the pool and to the side was the ocean. food was great no complaints there,the grounds were very clean at all times. been to Cuba many times just never there, was a great week, weather was perfect

    Excellent michstew

    “We will be back!!!”
    Beautiful resort, gorgeous beach, wonderful stay! The grounds were lovely with lots of flowering bushes well kept by the gardening staff. The beach is spectacular! Enjoyed everything from the expansive pools to the kind staff...Loved it!

    Excellent Stephan M

    “Best price/quality ratio ”
    Paid low price for this week but obtained a lot more than expected. Turned out to be an impeccable resort, clean, great staff, superb beach, great shows, very cool post-show on-site outdoor disco too. Ironically the seafood was not that great in snackbars, buffets & restaurants, bizarre for Cuba. But overall I ate well. Great spot for couples and families, for solo travellers like me, well, I assume it depends on the month of the year (October not crowded enough). Beach lifeguards were a bit quick to call people out of the water when waves present (knee level = whistle...). Beach is so wide it's easy to go run early in the morning, there is sufficient packed/hard sand. Bring bug repellent... Again based on the price, so far my best overall deal in Cuba.

    Excellent GotoSantaClaraym

    “Great Resort ”
    We loved our vacation at Memories. The best check in service we have ever had. Staff was amazing. Food was terrific. We had to leave a day early, because of a family emergency, and the staff was able to make contact with our rep and get us on a plane a day earlier. That was the only down side to our trip, and that Sunwing charged us an extra $1000. to get home a day earlier. Other than that, we look forward to returning to Memories.

    Excellent Crumbys

    “Beautiful grounds, beautiful beaches! Good food, friendly staff and comfortable accommodation!! Awesome! ”
    Great value for your money. Food was better then expected, good variety and flavourful!! Grounds are beautiful and well maintained by the grounds staff. Beach is the nicest I have ever been on with all the conveniences at hand. While the rooms are tired it was clean and comfortable and we had no complaints. The shows at night are well done and the entertainment crew does an awesome job both day and night. All of the staff we encountered were friendly and did whatever they could to make our stay the best it could be. We will definitely be going back!

    Excellent Clara V

    “Couldn't have asked for a better vacation”
    This is our third time to this resort and we always go last week of October. This year we went for 2 weeks like our honeymoon 2 years ago. We went with you besties that we met 2 years ago and have been going back together every since. We got some rain for the first 2 days but that didn't stop us from going to the beach and pool. Again it was another fantastic vacation. The first day was a bit off for us as we had asked for an oceanview suite and our view was of trees. I talked to reception and they put us on BW 58 right in front of the Azul pool with a great view! After that it was awesome! I was 4 1/2 months pregnant when I arrived and it was so awesome sharing the news with all our favorite staff from the previous years. They were so caring making sure if I was ok or needed anything. ROOM SERVICE: We had the BEST cleaning girls ever, Kenia and Lisandra. Those two made our stay so special. Everyday we had something different done and so original. They even gave us a little baby outfit which we did not expect at all. Our room was always clean and they always made sure we had everything we needed. AZUL POOL: What can I say about that pool... we love it! My favorite boys Armando (Mandy), Radiel and Yosviel, they were the best!!!! Always happy, with a smile on their face, always asking if we wanted something to drink. BEACH: The first 2 days the beach was a bit rough because of the wind and rain, but the beach workers always made sure we had a beach to go to. They were there at the crack of dawn cleaning the sea weed so that we could walk on there. It is still MY favorite beach of all times. The water is soooo clear, you can walk towards the rocks, feed fishies. The sand is white and soooo soft under your feet. We got to see jelly fishes again this year. We got these cool hats from Jorge the lifeguard, he was great. ENTERTAINMENT CREW: THE BEST!!!! They all remembered us from last year and we had a blast hanging out with them, specially on Halloween night! I don't remember all the names but for sure Osdani, Yaydee, Yuro, Andy, Lily, Alex, Giraldo, Yanet, there's also Saheli (never know how to spell her name). These guys make you have so much fun. We finally got out Foam Pool Party and it was awesome. They made it happened for us as we never had one before. They were all taking bets on if we were having a boy or a girl. LOBBY STAFF: Once again, the best staff ever! Yoinel, Lorna, Lisleidy, Humberto, Anailis, Elenai (I think that's how you spell her name, she was still new and didn't have a name tag), Jimmy, so many names to remember... THEY ROCKED!!!! They always had fun behind the bar, dancing, listening to music, it made us feel like we could just get up and go dance with them. It was really had to say goodbye to them. BUFFET: I've never had any issues with food there. I always get my food done fresh by the cooks. Morning crew, Santiago and Jose in the egg stations rocked it for me every morning. Even the Chef Eduardo was great, always asking me if I wanted anything (or like he said, does baby want anything lol) Our WAITERS: Leo in the Diamond Club section, Chapotlin and Frank were great. Always fighting for us to go to their section. We were seriously spoiled. I got to meet Omar the General Manager and Olivier one of the big bosses as well. They were both fantastic and made my trip special. I have recommended this resort to everyone I know and will keep telling people to go there. I hope to be back early January for one last trip before baby arrives. I hope to see all my favorite staff and dear friends in January. Thank you to everyone once again for another amazing time at Memories! Clara, sending love and kisses to everyone!

    Excellent Branislav-Sadbera

    “Grate Vacation ”
    Me and my wife spent one week(Oct 26 to Nov 2) in this resort.We had grate time.Very nice resort.Ground kept very immaculate , pools nice and clean ,beach beautiful. Most of staff are very good and friendly except couple girls in buffet restaurant they do not care about costumers needs .Overall We are very happy with our stay in this resort and we would recommend this resort to everybody.Bad reviews ?ignore them.those people should stay at home they do not need vacation.

    Excellent Len F

    “Best bang for your buck ”
    We have travelled extensively in Mexico, the USA , Dominican etc. Nothing compares to the value for your money as well as the beaches that we saw here. STAFF The staff are extremely hard working and friendly. We didn't have one staff member not rush to fill our request or meet our need. DRINKS VERY VERY VERY important to bring your own 'go' mug!! The resort is mandatory all inclusive and the drinks are dispensed in these tiny plastic cups that aren't much bigger than shot glasses. we brought coleman 20 0z. cooler bottles with snap lid and wide mouths (important for the slush drinks!!) and these were perfect!! BEACHES It was calm during our stay and you can walk out and play for about 50 yards. Soft soft white sand and clear blue water! world class and hard to match FOOD There is an exceptional variety to the food! we did bring our own ketchup and salt and pepper but not as bland as advertised. They have a fresh sautéed pasta line that can get busy sometimes but well worth it!! DIAMOND CLUB Just avoiding the check in and check out chaos that this membership provides make it well worth it! You also have priority seating in the dining room. Otherwise we really didn't take advantage of the premium booze (only one bar offers with very limited selection) and didn't go down to the diamond club area on the beach. Still this is an upgrade that is worth getting SCOOTERS Everyone told us to avoid the scooters, maintenance issues. This could not be farther from the truth. Our scooters were pretty much brand new, and were a blast. we rented two different days and it gave us the freedom to explore all of the island. its only 13 km long NIGHTCLUB AND SHOPPING just to the west of the resort is a small complex that has shops and a nightclub. There are also a few restaurants here to. You can access via the little motorized train that runs regularly , walk or catch one of the guys on the golf courts and they will be happy to run you over CLEANLINESS The staff work very hard to keep everything clean!! they are always seen around touching up, sweeping, washing everywhere!! TIPPING Just like at home, you tip well you get better service at the bar. A no brainer here!! FLIGHT/SHUTTLE We had a diversion on the way down due to a plugged toilet!! but it was handled very professionally and they were waiting for us when we arrived late!! The shuttle is NINETY minutes from the airport to the hotel, but there is lots to see!! AND you can always pick up beers at the airport bar before you leave!! EXCHANGE MONEY You pretty much have to exchange money when you get into Cuba. I am told the best rates are at the airport, but long lines and you are delaying everyone's arrival at the hotel if you do that. The hotel has a bank for exchange that is pretty close to the same exchange and has extended hours to meet your needs EXCURSIONS we did the speed boat catamaran one ...speed boats were disappointing but the snorkelling was amazing!! Trying to figure out a way of just doing snorkelling next time down ...we are thinking of taking the kayaks out as an answer CIGARS The store onsite has an impressive selection of a variety of hand rolled and machined cigars!! Not a smoker, but these were GOOD!! I would highly recommend this resort/trip to anyone!! Especially over Mexico!! The shuttle seems to be a deterrent to some bit it was really no big deal and we got to some of the REAL Cuba! The service, rooms, staff and unspoiled beaches and NO CROWDING makes this resort/trip soooo worth while!! Varedero and Havanna area are busier and more popular, and really do have a larger variety of things to do...but a relaxing ...albeit maybe a little drunken time ....nothing matches going here!!! oh ya last thing ....if you only catch one show at the big amphitheatre they have there, make sure its the Michael Jackson was amazing!!! GOING BACK IN JANUARY 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for reading Len

    Excellent beckysunshine2

    “Great Family Vacation-One Stop Review ”
    We set off to Memories on Oct 26, '14- Nov2nd: Myself, husband, two girls 8 & 2 yrs and with four friends. We were Diamond club, but our friends did not upgrade because of the cost and the extras really weren't that Great anyway: A few extra drink selections, a spot on the beach that didn't really make a difference and a dinner that was not the greatest.....we heard the buffet was it's best that night! Okay here goes: The Resort--Absolutely beautiful! Please tip the grounds men and cleaning ladies around the resort, they really worked hard to clean up after sloppy, messy drunk tourists all day and made sure the grass and plants were in tip top shape using machetes...nothing motorized! The Grounds were very well kept!!! Rooms--Our Rooms were great. Everything in working order and the beds were comfy. There were Crazy Ants, but every where we've been, ants find their way inside. They were harmless, just make sure you don't have open candy or food lying around. Leave it in the fridge. If you have more than 2 people in your room, leave a note if you want more than one bottle of water. Pool--We only went to the pool outside of our room in bungalow 53 and the one at the Azul side. They were both very nice. The middle one has a walk up bar and the Azul has a swim up bar. I walked by the Paradaiso Pool and it was just as beautiful, filled with people. The wadding pool in the center of resort next to the kids club(not the one in the kids club) was great for my 2 year old. We had no complaints at all. FOOD--The buffet was great. Breakfast was by far the best meal...Omelet, scrambled or fried eggs and all the sides you want. Fresh fruit juice, fruit, breads and cheese, jams. YUM! Lunch was good also, always something to eat. One of our friends is vegetarian and always filled up. The beef and pork were always tough but the shrimp were very fresh and tasty. Dinner was good too. I ate a lot of vegetables and didn't mind as I drank a lot and didn't need the extra weight gain anyway. The Parmesan and old cheddar cheeses were so delicious, as well as the pickles. Didn't eat much desserts but the chocolate ones were yummy. We only went to the Italian A La Cart...the white wine Fish was AMAZING!!!! Also the fried mozzarella cheese. Staff--They were all great. We didn't run into any problems as we went there to relax and not make a big deal about anything. Things happen and if its ignorable....ignore it!!! Entertainment was good...Michael Jackson show was the Best! The Cubano Show was a bit slow, but the effort was there. We had great conversations with some and had good laughs. Some were not on par but hey, who doesn't have a bad day or two every week or for the month?!...especially when dealing with spoiled grown-up brats that think they walk with royal blood flowing through their veins. And dealing with Drunks too, I can't imagine...they even annoyed me. BEACH--Beautiful! The Best on the Strip! The workers kept things clean and the life guards were on their toes when the waves were high...mind you they were not that high and very swim-able, but they wanted to make sure as they were obviously not sure who can swim and who was too drunk and shouldn't be out there in the first place....better safe than sorry. There were jelly fish, but most of them had no tentacles to sting only hairs on the rim that maybe would numb your hand a bit. A lot were dead, perhaps because of the high waves the day prior and just washed up. Didn't stop us from swimming, the water was just so warm and refreshing and clear. We had fun catching mini fish that followed seaweed patches to the shores. We even caught a baby lobster and a crab...wait, the crab caught me on my arm, then I caught him! They put up a lot of extra shade while we were there for the busy season so you should find shade even if you are not Diamond Club. We sat in diamond club section for a couple hours one day.....we did not miss it the rest of the week. Our flight was more hot meals, just bistro sandwiches :( The drive to and from the hotel was good. The time went by fast... my kids did not even complain . TIPS ---Bring some lysol wipes to wipe down any and everything you'll touch in the rooms and the drawers so you can unpack clothes. ---The flies in the buffet were unbearable at times....wipe down your tables too!!! ---If traveling with kids, bring a couple Tupperware containers to put little danishes or fruit for mid morning snacks. ---A sunshade for the stroller for naps...they keep the flies and mosquitoes out too. (Walmart has them) ----I got some Calm Fortes for the airplane ride. My 2 yr old can get quite antsy and her ears pop when taking off. I had given her 1 when we were seated and another 15 minutes later (going and coming) and she fell asleep before take off both times!! Phew!! It is all natural stuff but of course talk to your health practitioner prior to use. I personally did not feel comfortable giving Gravol as it's use was really not for calming but for upset tummies and such. ---Bungalows 51, 52, 53 are great for those with kids and don't want to walk all over. We had a terrace and it was fine...especially since we took our stroller out and about too. They were close to the beach, buffet, theater, front lobby, pool and kids club. ---If you have summer wear that does not fit your kids anymore...bring them for the staff. Kids clothes is very expensive there. ---I left my brand new bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion etc. makes packing easy and the cleaning lady got the extra tip. ---The market place(in walking distance...a very nice walk, but you can get a ride)... stores ups the alcohol prices on the weekends but not the hotel gift store so just buy there. ---The Disco you have to pay for drinks so make sure you have pesos. ---Do not over tip. Give as you should and as you would here at home. A Pesos at a time is good. They may not make very much but once exchanged into CUP it is worth a lot in their towns. If someone goes above and beyond treat them with respect and tip accordingly. DON'T FORGET THOSE WHO DO NOT WORK BEHIND BARS...The bar tenders make more in a day than Doctors there in a whole MONTH!!! We had a great and relaxing time with our family and friends. Your trip will be what you make it. Have fun!!! I would recommend this hotel and if I go back to Beautiful Santa Maria I will be going back to this hotel.

    Excellent Jennifer E

    “Can't wait to go back! ”
    We went to this hotel the first week of April and loved everything about it! Only downfall was that I lost my small wallet out of my purse one evening walking back to our room and never was turned in :(.My fault but it was our tipping money and gift money. The staff were very friendly and sorry that no one turned it in but extremely helpful. The room was spotless, food was not as bad as people had warned us about and the staff were absolutely wonderful everywhere on that resort. My Birthday is in January so guess where I am going! Right back there! Cant wait to return and see all the wonderful staff and relax on the best beach in the world!

    Excellent Peter B

    “It was a great experience. ”
    My stay at memories was excellent. The food, service, and employees were excellent. I would bring my family back. I had a great Oceanview room. The entertainment at the pool and beach were great, the shows at night were great, great entertainment for kids.

    Excellent Eirinn F

    “Wonderful vacation in October to Memories Paraiso Azul Beach Resort ”
    I must first start by saying that I have nothing but kind words to say about the Cuban people, their countryside and culture. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to not only stay at The Royalton in Cayo Santa Maria in March 2014, but, as well, The Royalton's sister hotel, The Memories Pariso Azul in October of 2014. We enjoyed the Royalton thoroughly. I must say, however, that at The Memories Hotel we were most definitely treated like Royalty. Although The Memories resort is much larger than The Royalton, it was very comfortable and as friendly. Upon arrival, Alexander, our Diamond Club butler showed us to our rooms without having to wait in line for registration. He was very attentive and cortious with a constant smile. The view from our rooms in bungalow 55 was a million dollar view of the beautiful turquoise waters of the warm Atlantic ocean. The rooms were kept very clean by our chamber maids, Alex and the very wonderful and kind Ana Rosa. Each day they would leave creative displays of swans, elephants and a most glorious design for my parents 40th Anniversary that went through the entire bungalow, including a hot bath with petals, breakfast in bed and Cuban Rum. The dinner that was planned for my parents anniversary was spectacular; champagne and wine, a delicious cake from the chef, a fire display on the cake and table and great hospitality from our attendant Chino (one of the best guys who made all our dinners at the Mediterranean restaurant a blast). The Italian restaurant was lovely and was also great for the Diamond Club lunches as a break from the buffet with lovely music for dinner. We had enjoyed the same musician at The Royalton and was very glad to hear him again, including an original score. We also enjoyed the music from The Captains and food at the dinner theatre night at the Mediterranean for Diamond Club Members. Breakfast at the buffet was always yummy and always had fresh fruit, fresh orange juice, Cuban coffee, omelets, fresh bread, bacon, waffles and pancakes, cheese and meat platters and many more treats. There were also many options for lunch and supper at the buffet and a designated area for Diamond Club Members with staff who were cordial each and everyday. Every night there is a show at the theatre which included events for children and later for adults including; a Michael Jackson show, romance show, horror show and various themed song and dance shows with Cuban costumes and sexy cabaret. You could hear the performers practicing hard during the day time. The beach is unbelievable with its white sand and warm water. The catamaran is a must for all that are able to. On the beach there was a Diamond Club section with bartender, but all over the beach there was available loungers and unbrellas including all the pools. All the 3 pools were inviting but I gravitated to the one pool with the swim up bar where the music was playing with my favourite DJ, 4 days out of the stay. The bartenders at this bar; Radiel, Armando and Yosuiel were working all of the seven days at the resort. They were always attentive and knew what drinks were for who. Great group of fellas who made our stay at Memories enjoyable. Dany Daniels and all the fellas and gal at the Lobby Bar were always pleasant and made the best coffee at the resort. The guys at the snack bar were up 24/7 with snacks and warm tea. William and his taxis made my parents stay attainable and if not for their services my mother would not have been able to venture very far. William, guantanamera (Rene), Rolando, Roli amongst many others were always overjoyed to assist and made my parents feel at home and loved! We were also granted permission from the Royalton to visit for a short while with our Cuban friends from our last visit, which meant the world to my husband and me. I think that was the greatest joy of the vacation, seeing old friends, making new friends and sharing our adventure with my parents in this fantastic area of the world. We have been invited to come back and stay with many of our new friends and are grateful that they have opened their arms, hearts and homes to us. When my mother first arrived in Cuba after our journey half way across the second largest country in the world she had to be assisted by wheelchair off the plane. When she left Cuba, she walk up the plane on her own two feet. That's how magical this place is and what a treasure it is! I absolutely love Cuba and hope to be visiting again soon.

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