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Iberostar Ensenachos Hotel, Cayo Santa Maria Cuba. 5 stars.

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  • Destination: Cayo Santa Maria
  • Address: Cayo Santa Maria. Villa Clara. Cuba
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  • Description: Iberostar Ensenachos Hotel Cuba

    The only one construction on the virgin horseshoe shaped key features two pristine beaches: Ensenachos and El Mégano. The hotel is located within 58 kilometers of Remedios, the eighth village founded by the Spanish and the birthplace of The Parrandas; and 120 kilometers from Santa Clara city. Ensenachos Key is located on the northern coast of Cuba, has exceptionally beautiful beaches, and is 90 minutes from the International Santa Clara Airport and 5 minutes from Las Brujas (The Witches) Key. The hotel has facilities for events, conferences and incentive groups.

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    Sports: Beach volleyball, tennis, basketball, windsurfing, catamaran sailing, kayaking, water polo, diving. Aerobics classes, dance classes and a varied program of daytime activities with our entertainment. Nearby, open water diving and motorized water sp, .Children: The area Park Suites features a children's pool, water park and mini club 4-12 years with extensive entertainment program including games, competitions and mini-show at night. Childcare service (charges), Wellness: Spa and wellness center fully equipped with Beauty Salon: Hairdressing / Barbering, manicures, pedicures, facials, wraps, waxing, chiropody, whirlpool, paraffin, massage (4 cabins), Vichy shower, Scottish shower, jet shower, suite treatment (ide

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    24 hrs. emergency medical service, babysitting, business centre, car parking, car rental, gym, hotel shop, laundry & dry cleaning service 24 hrs., luggage storage, massage, room services 24 hrs., safety deposit box in room, sauna, taxis, tennis courts,

  • Food Facilities

    Restaurante buffet principal (climatizado, con cocina en vivo). Ranchón en la playa. Restaurantes de especialidades (previa reserva) Italiano, Japonés, Internacional y Mediterráneo este solo para adultos y con servicio de guardería infantil incluido;

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    Review about Iberostar Ensenachos Hotel
    Awfull Majchi

    “Please do NOT go to this awful resort! ”
    This was my 5th visit in Cuba for the last 3 years, we've visited Cayo Coco (Tryp hotel), Varadero - Memories, and twice in Melia Marina- so we are familiar with the food and culture in Cuba. However We've have never been so disappointed and disgusted by a resort in our life. I traveled with my parents and we stayed in separate accommodations but same bungalow. Please bear with me, and excuse my frustration but do read before you decide to go here. We paid good money for this resort, and expected same if not better accommodation than our previous visits to Cuba considering we were visiting Iberostar so here is our experience: Before arriving I emailed the general manager with some questions- I never received an email back to date, never the less any answers (I always emailed the manager before traveling to ensure we have everything sorted out for when we arrive- yes I'm one of those people:) CHECK IN: Upon arriving, we were greeted by the reception that was not able to give us rooms on the second floor until we tipped him 20 CUC, and than offcorse everything became possible. ROOMS: We stayed in the Spa section, bungalow 29- close to lobby, pool and beach. Rooms are spacious and nice, but they were not stocked with any drinks and at least 4 things (hair dryer, coffee maker, lamps and shower doors etc) were broken and nonfunctional in each room. Cleaning staff was good and did a good job maintaining the room. The lights in the bungalow were not working for a few days- make sure to bring a flashlight if you make the mistake of visiting this awful place and you don't want to break any limbs. GROUNDS: Huge grounds, beautiful greenery, a lot of flora and fauna to be seen, HOWEVER there are trucks going by every 3-4 hours spraying obscene amount of pesticides regardless if you're passing by or on the path.The amount and harshness of the stuff is overwhelming and you get chocked on it- working with pesticides business in the past we recognized a very harsh pesticide that we will not name for the sole reason of not having any proof that that's the one. FOOD: The most horrible food ever! We've been in Cuba! This was not Cuban standard food! This was - I wouldn't even feed a pig with this food - food! Recycled food for 6-7 days, first boiled than baked than fried and last thrown in a soup or salad! There was No fish station, or there was but all they offered was old shrimp and empty mussels! And even with simple things like the meat station, the guy was to lazy to cook our meet so we ended up eating raw chicken and bloody pork chops over 5 times! No fresh salads the first 4 days. Only canned beats, carrots and awfully cooked broccoli. The food at the beach bar was even worse if that's even possible, pool bar was offcorse closed, bread was always stale and I can go on for hours but I will save your time and suggest you go elsewhere and skip this hotel. All of us caught a stomach bug and we still haven't gotten over it. BEACH: whenever I go to Cuba, I am mesmerized by the beaches, and any dissatisfaction or issues I might have had with the resorts I am staying at is made up for by the beach, well not this time. The beaches were Ok at best. Water is not turquoise but its yellowish and the beach was mostly covered in seaweed while the beach staff was sitting on beach beds and smoking cigarettes. ENTERTAINMENT: What entertainment? I only saw them eating and mooching on people to eat with them at the beach bar with overflowing plates. Shows were mediocre at best. SPA: We were entitled a 50 CUC spa voucher per room due to our SPA package, we didn't get the vouchers even after repetitive calls to the front desk for the first 3 days, finally got them and apparently you can't use them for any other services but massages. Ok, fine- I had a massage by a guy (I specifically asked for a lady- but that made no difference), the massage room was freezing at most 15 Celsius, the guy didn't even bother to cover me or crank the heat up. I was done with a lousy massage and a cold. Spa grounds are outdated and not very clean. Overall experience was super bad, we tried to switch hotels, Sunwing staff was not helpful- they offered to switch us to Playa Santa Maria, - way lesser value than what we paid for-promising us VIP rooms-we visited the resort and it was 100 classes better than Iberostar, but despite Sunwings promise- they told us that they don't have any vip rooms left so we stayed at Iberostar- considering it was our 5 day- and it wasn't worth changing hotels for 2 days.

    Awfull fxuniverse

    “Save your money for a real 5-star”
    We heard good things about this hotel from friends who went with kids and apparently had a blast, also the photos on tripadvisor were very picturesque and most reviews are positive so we decided to give it a go. I was mostly concerned with good facilities for my 5-year old daughter. As it turns out, this is the only thing that is half decent in the resort. First things first- upon arrival we discovered that the toilet didn't flush and half the lightbulbs were burnt out in our room. After a phone call to front desk I was assured the toilet would be fixed but it remained broken till the day we left. As the week progressed we also discovered that the coffee machine in our room didn't work and the AC only worked intermittently, and for 2 straight days blew hot air. Also it happened to rain on our 3rd day and the room got flooded with an inch of water because seals on the window glass were of such poor quality. A guy that showed up to fix it mopped the floor with our towels and said he couldn't offer a solution except for putting a piece of tape on the window. The next day it rained again and our room got flooded a little less. Wohoo. Now the piece de resistance - food: I'm not a picky eater but the food at the buffet was disgusting. I mean the only edible thing was the icecream and the ham, when they had it. Most stations at the buffet had stuff on them that didn't even look edible, and how they managed to ruin even the simplest things like omelet and freshly cooked chicken breast is beyond me. A lot of the food was clearly recycled for up to 3 days. The snack bar by the pool and the one at the beach had stuff of even lower quality, hard to believe but they managed to pull it off. Same goes for room service menu, I tried ordering one of everything just out of curiosity and we ended up locking the plates on the balcony as even the smell was terrible. This would be unimaginable at even a 4 star resort in Mexico. We were so bewildered why our friends recommended this place, until we met a Québécois couple at the asian a-la-carte who solved the mystery - the property was previously owned by a different outfit, and when Iberostar bought it recently things went downhill. This couple was coming for 5 years straight and they mentioned this was their last as they were severely disappointed as well. Speaking of a-la-carte, boy I was hoping they'd redeem themselves there but alas, it was not to be. The asian teppanyaki was ok, bordering on decent, but the seafood was terrible, only to be eclipsed by the steakhouse, which was abysmal. My wife ordered a medium well steak, and when they brought it the thing was VERY rare, dripping blood. She almost fainted and we had to leave as we both lost the appetite. The cut of the steak by the way looked nothing like the one advertised and infact was identical to the one they brought me, even though I ordered something else. Incompetence, malice or both ? Now as for the property itself, it's reasonably well landscaped but massive. While it's nice to enjoy a scenic walk once in a while, it's a pain when you have to do so 15-20 min each way to the lobby and/or beach, especially with a kid in tow. The hotel's solution is a fleet of electric carts that are there to ferry you to and from, but in practice they were difficult to come by, especially at peak times like the evening entertainment show. Now the good - aforementioned entertainment was great, the team is very talented. Most of the show we really enjoyed, esp the Michael Jackson one. The two beaches were very good, and offered decent snorkeling spots. The pools were ok, the kids' one had slides and my daughter had lots of fun in it. The kids activities were ok too, nothing spectacular but there was someplace to leave her while my wife and I enjoyed a night of horrors at the steakhouse. Towards the end of the week the main kids animator lady started selling some $5 bracelets to the parents rather pushily. We did like one of the other ladies and donated tons of kids clothes to her before we left. Long story short - don't go there. While my kid had fun I wish we all did. They need to learn the lesson of quality where it counts - in their diminishing revenue. If you read my review and still went then you're telling them that it's ok to pretend to be a 5 star and charge more, but provide a 2.5 star service. I hope you'll give your hard-earned money to someone more deserving.

    Poor Pilsbury79

    “Good but nowhere near a four star ”
    So let's make this pretty simple food was okay I went for the simple things eggs in the morning with croissant's toast coffee juice lunch with pizza and fries and supper you can't go wrong making your own pasta other than that I really wouldn't touch the meat. Desserts were really not that good if you're deciding to eat out on the snack bar make sure there's no birds or flies in your food Ask to make you fresh pizza. As for the room asked for second-floor got ground-floor no Internet on the resort you could buy a four dollar card that last an hour but you cannot log off and it's extremely difficult to log in due to connection issues. The room was clean but I had a lizard living with me for one week I called the front desk he said it's not a big deal and the lizard is not dangerous. found a couple ads in the room and spiders but overall was not that bad room 4104. The beach is beautiful there are two I preferred ensenachos. As for the service the front desk people are extremely clueless I have no clue how the actually work there at the front desk communication is an issue the people that work in the dining room are fantastic. The maid was very nice as well. But honestly the front desk I really don't understand how a hotel that claims to be five-star can hire people to work at the front desk that are rude inconsiderate and uneducated they should be the ones cleaning the hotel, and let the other staff take there place I think it's really gotten to their head that they work at the front desk and they have no respect for their clients. Overall I was not impressed with the hotel it was far from my expectations we were there for a family gathering we were seven in total in three separate rooms. 4 elderly 65-75 and 3 from ages 29-35 . Very important to bring bug spray I would also suggest calamine lotion and or Benadryl we all got severe bites from either sand ticks or sand flies. The beach is beautiful but unfortunately due to the service I would not return it's too bad that the hotel has a beautiful beach and the horrible stuff to serve. I am not one to complain I've been to many all-inclusive's in Riviera Maya, Cancun and the Bahamas but there for five star is really not deserved for this resort I would give it a 2 to 3.

    Poor bc2planker

    “Wedding let down ”
    We held our wedding here on April 24, 2014. Leading up to our arrival, it was extremely difficult to contact the wedding planner, to give or receive information about our big day. Basically the entire wedding was planned the day before, after we arrived. We had to bring absolutely everything us. The resort has zero decorations, chair covers, etc. even down to staples and tape. Good thing we brought it all. And good thing I had an easy going bride. If you want a detailed wedding where everything is just right... Don't use Cuba. The beach wedding site provided to us was very small, and due to tides, we had about 3 feet of beach. The morning of the wedding, after arguing with management over this, they finally permitted us to use the other beach (which is normally reserved for the "private cottages" guests). We were only allowed to use the beach though, our guests could not get a drink from the bar, etc. We paid for both photo and video services. Turns out, that's done by the same guy. So picture a single person alternating from camera to video camera. He videoed the entire ceremony, so we have zero pictures of the whole thing. The final product of both the photos and video were appalling... If you're getting married here, for sure bring your own photographer. We had a pool side reception (which was extra charge), and that part was good. However, our guest had to scramble to setup everything (they offer no staff for this), and the chairs, etc have to be moved from the beach to the pool... It's all very rushed. The DJ we rented had an old iPod.... And spoke no English. The ceremony was a legal one. They had local minister perform it in Spanish, and the wedding coordinator translated to English. We signed the documents, as did our witnesses, and she was in her way. We were told our legal marriage certificate would be mailed within 6 weeks. To date (6 months later), it still has not arrived. Our inquires on this issue get a "just wait longer" response. So we still don't know if we are legally married, or not. Everything else was ok. The room we were given as the wedding couple was great... We had two floors, living room, bedroom, two bathrooms, etc. No complaints there. The food was good for Cuba... But you have to lower your standards a bit. It's no Mexico. The beaches are amazing. That is why we picked the resort, and they didn't disappoint. Our guests spent the week kiteboarding, sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, etc. The beach is why you go to this place. The beaches are exclusive to this resort, so the crowds are manageable. We could almost always find a chair. Overall, I'd vacation here... But I wouldn't go here for an important event... Like a wedding.

    Poor Marina P

    “I wanted to cry, the worst vacation ever!!!! ”
    We are a family of 3, very quiet ppl. We were shocked by poor service or non at all! Toilet didn't flush,we called handy man he fixed it and it worked for couple of times so my husband had to fix it; coffee mashine broke after 1 use, no replacement! While we had lunch our room flooded with rain so much even suit cases were wet, so we called handy man again and he said :" I have no solution'', and put scotch tape across window! nice job 5 star hotel !!!! Staff is very spoiled on tips.Food was horrible, even my husband (who can eat dog food if he's hungry) sad it was disgusting. Waste of time and money.Will never go again to any Iberostar hotel

    Poor Anita D

    “Not iberostar standard ”
    We stayed in the spa section (adults area) for a week Oct 4. It was our anniversary so we wanted something special. We were disappointed that the snack bar by the adult pool was closed so you had to go to the family pool to use their snack bar which defeats the purpose of wanting to be in the adult area a bit. The location is beautiful, beach and water were amazing. We used the spa services and that was nice. The resort is SUPER huge. We travels lots and have never seen such an expansive resort. There are carts to help you get around but they are infrequent when you really need one. Walking is not a problem however when it's 30 degrees with high humidity how far do you want to walk for dinner? Speaking of dinner, if this is a 5 star resort then why do you have to play the "book your a la carte dinner game"??? For those of you that have experienced this before you will understand. You arrive and the next day you seek to book a few nice dinners out at the theme restaurants. You inquire and mysteriously they are all booked! Yet when you manage to get a booking and arrive there are very few tables with people at them. How does that work? 5 star hotels don't operate that way you should not have to beg to get a table at a practically empty restaurant. The other thing we noticed was there was little to know premium alcohol available, most of it was Cuba brands which is not 5 star quality. On day 3 we picked up a stomach bug or ate bad food and we're not 100 percent for the rest of the trip. Take medication with you for this as this resort has no medical services or any ability to purchase anything and you are an hour and a half from the mainland. The staff were friendly and we're always helpful. However we have been to iberostar resorts before and this is not at their standard. We would return to Cayo Santa Maria but not to this resort.

    Poor 345klara1969

    “Do not waste your money or time ”
    Before booking, I reviewed this property on-line and it had positive reviews. Talking to some people who were there more recently I was warned that food choices left a lot to be desired and overall experience was less enjoyable than if it was in high season. I was travelling with a teenager and a 7 year old as well as my parents who arrived one day earlier. We arrived just before 10 pm and just made it in time before buffet closed. We were than taken to our room that was not prepared properly, meaning we did not have an extra bed set up for one of my kids (even though they were well aware of number of people in the room) and I could not reach either the front desk or housekeeping to bring us the bed. The bed was brought in the next day and it was a mess. The room did not have enough towels as well. Rooms were cleaned according to the tip you left for the maid. Service in the buffet and restaurant was friendly, however the food was lacking. Buffet had little edible variety and lunch and dinner choice were the same. Snack bars menu did not vary the whole week. 2 out of 5 restaurants were closed in the off season. The beaches were beautiful and clean. There was enough shade and enough chairs available. Pools were also decent. I left after one week my parents stayed an additional week. Their experience the last week was similar however the day before they were to leave my mother discovered cockroaches in their room. She called the main desk and no one was sent over. They left for the morning and when returned she found even larger number. They were moved at that time. But at this point the whole experience was ruined.

    Poor MarcoRita

    “Very Disappointed!!! ”
    We were so disappointed that we transferred to Melia Las Dunas after 2 days. After the transfer, we found that there have been several transfers in previous weeks. My wife and I have been eyeing this resort for some time now and finally decided to book with this resort (losing to Melia Las Dunas). We had searched for reviews on TA and looked up videos on YouTube as well and felt we had a good sense of what to expect. This was our 6th trip to Cuba and 2nd to Santa Maria, so it?s safe to say that we love Cuba. This was our first to a 5 star so our expectations were higher. We were shocked to see that we?ve seen other 4* resorts looked and felt better. We got to the resort just about 10:30pm and check-in was quick but didn?t get building 41 as requested and got 33 instead?no biggie. However, I was surprised that only a handful of folks were in the lobby and less in the lobby bar. Hung around until 11pm and had a snack at the buffet which re-opens at 11pm until 6am. There isn?t much but it is something especially since our last meal was about 6 hours earlier on the plane. The Lobby: 2* Looks elegant with high ceilings, but that?s about it. Chairs were uncomfortable and couches were sagging in the middle and did not look clean up close. The lobby is also not large enough to accommodate for both sections. This is the first time I?ve seen an enclosed lobby bar where you have to open a door to get it. The décor and chairs are old fashioned and I was expecting to see an old English gentleman smoking a pipe. However, the drinks were good. The Room: 5* We stayed in building 33 which is in the Park side and at the furthermost point from the beaches. Great big room with a HUGH bathroom including tub and shower. Very large balcony but faced the amazon rain forest. The 2 double beds were comfortable enough. The Grounds: 3* The grounds are VERY lush and I called it a rain forest. This was too thick with tall trees and high bushes for my liking. I now understand why this was called the ?Royal Hideaway? previously, as you could not see much when walking on the pathways. I am used to having a wide open concept where the walkways are lined to coconut trees and lower bushes allowing you to get a wide view our your surroundings. The walkways are not properly lit at night so the think vegetation only darkens the walkways even more. Our building was across from the pool but we couldn?t see it until ended up in it while discovering walkways. The pool area is surrounded by think vegetation as well and you get an enclosed feeling. There are MANY little creatures in the bushes and make themselves heard when you are waling at night. The walks at night are not for the faint of heart as I heard a few screams at night most of which were from my wife. The walkway to the beach between building 41 and 42 can be adventurous as well. At one point we heard and felt something else on the wooden walkway with us?yes, it was dark at the time. There are either no signs on the grounds or signs are not lit. BRING A FLASHLIGHT and mosquito repellent. The Beach: 4* The beach is awesome?if you like still waters and NO waves at all. We could not believe it when we saw pictures of both beaches online during our research. However, I found this added to the already boring atmosphere. Since the water doesn?t move, I found the color to be green and a little stinky at times. I am used to beaches with waves which I find makes the color turquoise blue as opposed to green. Also, nothing beats hearing the sound of waves while relaxing in your lounger. The Food: 2* The food SUCKED. We?ve been to 4 and 4+ start resorts in Cuba where the food was better. The food at this resort subpar including the a la carts. There was no sliced bread or butter while we were there for 2 days. In summary, this was an extremely disappointing stay at this resort and we are so glad we decided to transfer to MLD which was a much better resort. We would not recommend this resort to friends and family. We are aware that a lot of folks love this resort and will not agree with my review.

    Average MStJB

    “Let?s Play a Game of ?if you like? AND ?if you don?t like?? The Pina Colada Song (Escape)”
    Reference Rupert Holmes? ?If you like Pina Colada and getting caught in the rain?? Ok, let?s play a little game. A game which I hope gives a balanced view of the Iberostar Ensenachos. It was the only way whilst having a shower that I thought I could give a fair review of this north Cuban resort, because far too often TA Reports are the thoughts of the writer (naturally) and not the view of other guests. Context ? and this is important ? we were on a two night stopover whilst enjoying a week long Bales/Virgin Taste of Cuba tour of the island. We weren?t here for a week or indeed two weeks, so that may well give you a completely different slant of my ramblings. It does however give any traveller enough time to evaluate and comment.. So off we go. The first list is what I consider a list of positives ? in other word, if you like. The second list ? if you don?t like, is a list which is self explanatory. The interesting thing is some readers could well love the ?if you don?t like? list of course and vice versa. So without further do, let?s get cracking?Oh by the way, you won?t be able to guess I hope what I actually thought of the Resort, if you can, I have failed! IF YOU DO LIKE ? Superb beaches with beautiful sand and crystal clear, warm lapping water ? Watching Hummingbirds in action ? All inclusive hotels that offer good value for money ? food and drink on tap ? The chance to get drunk on weak cocktails ? Excellent sparkling wine ? Friendly restaurant staff that offered good service ? Butlinesque style entertainment ? Family friendly resort hotels with loads going on ? International buffets with lots of choice ? Fantastic Kids Clubs ? Throw-back hotels, similar to when Thomson Holidays first introduced ?All Inclusives? in 1983 ? Clowns that are really good at close up magic ? Lovely gardens, which are well kept IF YOU DON?T LIKE? ? Jobsworth receptionists who take an age to check you in ? Mega resorts stretching over 3km? think trying to spot the sea at Southport type of distance? and then hit and miss shuttle buggy availability ? Greedy punters who abuse the free drinks, get legless and then obnoxious ? you know who you are ? Noisy aircon that does the job but has a decibel level reading of plus 87 ? Industrial sized main restaurants with little intimacy and random temperature control ? Showers that don?t run well, burn you, freeze you, then stop running and finally lose their angle of projection ? A family friendly resort with lots of noisy kids ? well it was Half Term so what do you expect? ? Two story apartment/room blocks with great views of green foliage and not much else ? Going to seafood restaurants, where you SEE the food on the menu and then amazingly it disappears from being available.. ? Not receiving a wake up a call when you had asked for it, particularly when you are relying on it to get up because of your transfer! ? Seeing parts of a hotel suffer from lack of ongoing refurbishment Game over ? now it?s your turn ? go or not go?

    Average Lucie A

    “Should not have a 5 star rating because of the food ”
    I visited October 24th 2014 for a week. This is my ninth trip to Cuba and have stayed in 3, 4, and 5 stars. I love Cuba. I love the beaches and the music. The Cubans are hard working and love Canadians. The reason I am saying it should not be a 5 star is because of the food. And I know what to expect about Cuban food because of my many visits. I had stayed in the Paradisus Princesa Del Mar in 2012 and the Paradisus Rio de Oro in May of this year. Both 5 star. The quality of the food there was very very good. Lots of variety. And we did not get sick. Yet this time we were both sick, my boyfriend was quite ill for 2 days. When booking this trip I purposely chose a 5 star for this reason. It's too bad Because everything else was great here. The room in the spa section was beautiful and clean. The pool area was surrounded by beautiful plants. The nightly entertainment was of a high caliber. The staff was very helpful and worked hard to please the guests. I'm not sure whether we just got unlucky this time. I just wonder how the star system works and whether these hotels are checked to ensure the quality is maintained. I'll be more careful in reading the trip advisor reviews from now on. One other comment: more signage on the paths would be very helpful. The resort covers a large area.

    Average JOY252014

    “Stunning Beaches and Grounds ”
    First to start this is CUBA people if you are expecting gourmet great food just don't go!, The food at this hotel was pretty bad I had no expectations and therefore was not disappointed. The Japanese restaurant was not too bad and we ate there two times in the week. Great coffee of course every morning I stopped off on my way to breakfast at the lobby bar and brought two with me to the dinning room. The staff were very polite and friendly which is one of the reasons that I love visiting Cuba great people!! The grounds were beautiful lush with mature trees ect ... I have been to other hotels in the area newer ones the grounds were not as beautiful. YES the buildings need a little sprucing up some paint perhaps a lot of black mildew on outer buildings but that didn't bother me much its not a brand new resort .This resort is HUGE but the carts are always available to pick you up and drive you around .We stayed in the Spa section very nice building 29 great to stay in 29 it is a short walk to the lobby where the buffet and 2 restaurants are Italian and Japanese. We also had a short walk to Spa pool which has a bar and lunch snack bar. Our room no complaints second floor I would always recommend less chance of bugs ect.. I did not see one bug in our room there was not a musty smell, air conditioner was perfect I had to sleep with a duvet a couple of nights and also they had down pillows. The bed was ok I have seen much worse. I felt very clean and comfortable in my room ,the rom was nice bathroom beautiful furniture nice as well ,of course I heard stories from other travelers but did not experience worn furniture bugs springs in my back. THE BEACH wow lovely as always in Cuba!Another great reason to go! Two beaches at this resort both nice,also the Villas had their own private beach.We choose to go to Ensenacho beach most days less rocky and shelly then the other,we walked to the lobby took the cart when we were done the bar maid calls the lobby and they come get you at the beach "Cart stop" yes sometimes you may have to wait a tad but well worth it The only gripe I had was the LOUD RUDE drunk other guests who have no respect for other travelers but hey guess you can get that anywhere . Beautiful beaches lovely people good for the price I would recommend this resort ,if you want gourmet food go elsewhere.

    Average eros2013

    “nice place but for food very poor.. ”
    well I was there on september 6 to 13 the location was nice and the place looks ok room need some upgrades..the beach the best its ensernachos.. i was one day on the other beach and i dont like .. the sand was very hard and a lot of coral...many people they complaining of mosquitos i never get non even one bite.. but i know there are a lot of them.. my dissapoint was the food.. very poor selection . from morning already there is not much to choice,, in the lunch time same only few things .. nont a big selection.. specially of fish.. i talked to the manager once and he told me that he know already about this problem.. if they make one big fish a nite after one hour the fish its finished and he neever get replaiced with another one.. o if you want eat you must go early otherwise nothing after..the place its clean but still they can do better,,

    Average AMomInLove

    “Our second try at Cuba after 15years.... ”
    ARRIVAL Oct 11-18, 2014 We are a family of 3 people (2 adults, 11r old boy). Flight is short - 3 hours from TO which is nice but ride to hotel was about 1hour 45 mins. Customs/hotel check in was easy. Big deal was made of getting proof of medical insurance but it was never even requested at airport upon landing by officials. ROOMS: We stayed at the Park Suites - had a good size room with king bed and added cot bed was brought in for our son - nothing fancy. Had a nice big walk-in closet with built in dresser, flat screen tv, FREE in room safe, mini fridge. Mini-fridge had one large bottle of water, 2 beers and 2 pops a day. We had a large balcony with table & chairs. The rooms quality "might" hit a 3star compared to other parts of the world - nowhere near a 5star for sure - but certainly adequate for our standards. We had no issues with hot water/pressure or a/c at all. Room was well cleaned every day. We did have a couple issues upon arrival (hairdryer didn't work, bathroom sink poured water out onto floor every time tap on and bathroom tub faucet was snapped in half - must happily say ALL items were fixed completely within a couple hours of notifying reception. We stayed in building 39 - closest to Ensenachos beach - wish we had gone to 41-42 to be closer to pool/Megano beach access. We did have tons of tiny ants in our room - make sure not to leave ANY food/drinks out or they will appear in droves!! They don't seem to bite but were simply are however in humid tropical jungle area do keep in mind!! RESTAURANTS & BARS: We ate all our meals at the main buffet and pool snack bar. We were not able to make ANY reservations at any of the a la carte restaurants since they were booked full. Only reservations we were offered were for 9pm or later...simply not acceptable for a family with a child to be eating so late. Ah, the food. We had been to Cuba once before 15+ years ago and NEVER returned...why? THE FOOD. I must say it has improved and this trip we most certainly did not go hungry. Omlettes are a breakfast winner, soups and salad a big hit for lunch and the FRESH grilled items perfect for dinner (just stand there and repeat WELL DONE PLEASE). We had a couple issues: 1. the temps on the "hot" buffet items...cold. 2. In all the years they still have not learned how to properly cook bacon - its WHITE - you would think with all the people in line every day with plates of bacon going to the grill to have it COOKED MORE would tell them to cook it more themselves before ever putting it out...nope. 3. BIG BIG BIG -- Do cut open and check your meat before eating for internal doneness -- a lot of bloody uncooked chicken being served. EVERYONE (not kidding EVERYONE) we talked to on resort about the food was sick in one way or another on the trip experiencing bathroom "tummy issues" in one way or another from simply nausea to complete gut wrenching vomiting/diarrhea -- we however actually did not. Drinks were good and bartenders were great to make whatever you asked of them! Pool bar hours are the shortest I have ever heard of (11am-5pm) and do not even offer nonalcoholic drinks outside those hours. BEACH/POOLS/GROUNDS: The pool in park suites section is very nice with decent size swim up bar - lots of shallow entry and more than big enough to not feel crowded. Pool is not heated and very refreshing in the high heat. There is an AMAZING large kids play waterpark/area on the resort - even our 11 year old enjoyed it! he never attended kids club so cannot comment. There are 2 beaches - Megano and Ensenachos - everyone seemed to have a preference. Must say we preferred MEGANO hands down for the simple fact of the snorkeling (we brought our own gear). There is a sunken barge you can go out to aways off shore and there is A TON of sea life on the ocean floor on the left hand side of the entire beach - stingrays, crabs, fish galore, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, several varieties of jellyfish and starfish, etc....there is also activities, food and bar at Megano. Water is crystal clear and shallow on both beaches ? perfect for safety of children. A lot of people preferred Ensenachos beach since sand is softer above waterline. Snorkeling much more limited to small rockline area on right hand side of Ensenachos beach but with tons of people walking about to see fish bottom is very unsettled and it makes snorkeling visibility a lot worse. No snorkeling elsewhere at Ensenachos beach. We never had problems getting beach palapas & chairs but only went to beach in mornings - pool in afternoons. Grounds are very well maintained and very lush. Bring a small flashlight for evening walks back to your room - crabs are out in droves once sun goes down and lighting along walkways limited at best. We also brought bug spray so bugs were not an issue for us at all - recommend it! This resort is HUGE so be prepared for walking! Alot of it. There are golf carts roaming about for guests but be prepared to wait for them. We enjoyed the walking and mostly used the carts in the evening to get back to our room after supper. ACTIVITIES ON & OFF RESORT/HOTEL: There is a great activities team on the resort - they will ask but not pester. We took stretching and aerobics classes a couple days. Lots of different activities/competitions were offered if you wanted to participate. We also took a full day JEEP SAFARI tour -- highly recommend! Other Comments: Internet is BARELY functional ? cards are sold for $4.50 for 1hr - worked for 15-30 mins ENTIRE week were there (day we arrive for a few minutes and day before we left for tops 15minutes). Although even not working, the reception desk were happily selling cards (NO REFUNDS) to people which is kinda sad. We most certainly did enjoy our holiday - weather was perfect, staff and locals are friendly, we never went hungry - would we go back?? NO. We travel 3-4 times a year and there are simply too many other wonderful places to visit for only a tiny fraction higher cost with such a higher quality. Would we recommend the resort??? YES I think I might -- if you get it cheap enough and are not expecting 5star - it is a decent holiday.

    Average Roger L

    “Should it be rated a 5 Star Resort ”
    I must first advise that this is my 1st All-inclusive holiday. We travelled here as it was my Daughter's selection for her wedding. Having said this keep in mind I have nothing to compare it to so here goes. I will start with your arrival to the building which is very inviting and beautifully landscaped but unfortunately as we are in low season many of the water fountains were not functional as they are doing repair work to them which to me is a good sign as they keep things maintained. The entrance, lobby and surrounding area is well laid out and grand with some amenities such as the the main bar and a large sitting area (both bar style and lounge type seating), 2 small stores, a cigar bar (after all we are in Cuba), a game area (table style) and the lobby all on the main floor. A few steps up towards the ocean is the main buffet style eating area which encompasses a large sitting in a grand hall setting which is L-shaped overlooking a balcony surrounded by a variety of trees, shrubbery and flowers. In some spots there is a distant view of the ocean over some of the lower shrubs but not a take you breath away view. Below this is 2 other eating areas which are themed (Japanese, Mediterranean, Italian, Steak and Seafood but the last one is located some distance away from this main area and requires their in-house taxi system) but these require reservation. This was the 1st area of concern as we arrived around lunch time on a Saturday and were only advised to make reservations the following day in the mid afternoon. By that time all that was available was 9 PM sittings as most of the reservations for the week were booked by the folks staying for a 2 week excursion and booked the previous week. This was a disappointment to many as many of the guests were travelling with younger children because of the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend.We did manage to finally get a 6:30 PM reservation which was the day before we left for Sea food but by the time we got to that point we had had our fill of sea food as during the week the buffet did have fish, shrimp, scampi and lobster available throughout the week so we did forego the reservation. While on the food topic I will go over the food. By all reports I was told that the Cuban All-inclusives were bland food and I must also add that I require a gluten free diet so my review is limited in some respects. In saying this I've had to on occasion direct some of the chefs that prepared the food that would use the same device for all foods such as a spatula which he would use to turn the pancakes and then the omelettes at breakfast or cook some items on the same grill used for the gluten style foods. Another one in our group had shellfish allergies so the would use the same spatula/grill to turn the shrimp/scampi and then turn the fish so I would caution those who travel to this buffet type of eating out. The breakfast food was excellent as all type of breakfast selections we are accustomed to in North America are offered. The bacon however was served virtually cold and undercooked as were the sausages. For the cereal crowd there was an array of these and could be complemented with fruit and yogurts. The lunches often overlapped with the supper options including the seafood. For the most part the steak, chicken, fish and pork meats were good at best because they're all grilled in the same style of oil with only salt, pepper and garlic as a spice selection. As for the vegetables all were served cold as was the rice and potatoes and even some of the pasta dishes. Pizza was also available and by my wives account was acceptable. There was a large array of cheeses, breads, buns, fruits, luncheon meats and desserts at every sitting including ice cream. As for the sea food the lobster and sea bass were my fave and would rate the overall food as 3.5 stars. The service at meal times was great and would rate it at 5 stars as when you try sitting with the same server he/she will remember your likes and dislikes and areas of concern. Moving on to the rooms and this is were they lost the star appeal. We had two double beds in our room which we shared with our granddaughter. We let her pick the bed and we landed up on the noisy spring bed. It was terrible as every movement during the night one made was sufficient to wake the other and quite uncomfortable as you could feel all the springs inside. After a couple of sleepless night we moved beds with our granddaughter and the 2nd bed was a great improvement in both comfort and noise. The granddaughter was quite happy as it gave her a better view of the TV and did not find a difference in comfort but you could still hear her movements occasionally. Speaking of the TV there was an adequate supply of variety of channels even with a Canadian station. The washroom was large and well laid out and had a separate tub and shower and a smaller room for the biffy. The door however was suspect and was warped. The A/C was a welcome relief from the heat and humidity by days end. The overall rating for this was a generous 3 star at best. The amenities were good with 2 ocean side beaches to select with modest snorkelling but the beach was rather narrow with a great view. The pool was large with a bar and restaurant attached. There was a large child themed area as well. As for the internet this a colossal failure. In the seven days there was only 2 part days where it was available as it was always down but they kept selling the cards to access it and some never made use of it. This was a large concern for a number of travellers as this is what they would used to stay in contact with family. As for excursions i found them rather expensive and which required large amount of time dedicated to travel to and fro. This facility is quite some distance from anywhere as it is in a Nature reserve on an islet connected with a 48 KM causeway. Havana as an example there was roughly over 3.5 hours dedicated to travel time which was accessible by air only which in turn limits your time there and was only offered in 1-day packages. We chose the catamaran trip which included snorkelling, dolphin interaction, lobster lunch, walk on a beach (I would have preferred to spend this hour snorkelling rather than just walk on a sand bar for an hour) but the time on the catamaran was good with an open bar included and was roughly $190 Cdn per couple. The grounds were well laid out and landscaped but the pathways were narrow as you always encountered taxi and service vehicles. The grounds were also quite large and spread out so taxis were a must especially in the hot humid conditions. They sprayed for the insects at least twice a day (malathion) and would spray around 11 PM and early morning (between 6 and 7 AM) whilst many travellers still and about and drive right past them. There was entertainment nightly by the bar and in the theatre and were satisfied the 2 shows we did take in. There was also resort organized activities for the kids at the pool and my granddaughter loved the archery area. As indicated this was my 1st experience with all-inclusives. This particular Resort was rated as a 5 star but would rate it a 3 star as it fell short in the areas described above. Also as we were a group of 11, I can add that all of us had reactions with the food/beverages ranging from tender tummies to multi-tasking encounters in the washrooms. I found it somewhat isolated so did miss out on every day Cuban life as a result. The only encounter we had with mainstream Cuba was a small market a 5 minute cab ride away which was again to cater to the tourists but attend early as it get extremely hot in the afternoon. I would recommend going via the local bus as it is only 1 peso per person and you get to see some of the other resorts but cab it back for 5 pesos (CUC) as the return took a good 30 to 40 minutes as you were the last to dropped off.

    Very good StellaandMorty

    “Beautiful beach, wonderful staff ”
    Just returned from Cuba having travelled with 18 women!!!! The resort and staff went above and beyond to ensure we enjoyed our stay. From the private bus on arrival and departure, to the reservation of a large table in the dining room, none of this was expected but greatly appreciated. The staff were wonderful, especially the animation crew at the beach and especially the pool, who were tireless in their dancing and keeping up with the women whose batteries never seemed to run out! To all the wait staff, especially our waiter at the seafood restaurant who pronounced his name Amaretto, the bar staff, dining room staff, pool side....a big shout out for your wonderful service and friendliness. You all made this trip wonderful. The only downside to this resort is the Mosquitos and whatever those little gnats that took a bite bigger then their size!!!!! We were eaten alive and while the resort does spray everyday, it is not enough, made sitting outside in the late afternoon and early evening almost impossible. Also , there isn't any night life to speak of. There is nothing to keep you entertained in the lobby after the show and the disco is cold, musty smelling with visible mold, not a place to hang out!!

    Very good Kim H

    “Fantastic Family Holiday”
    Just got back from a wonderful family holiday. Travelled with 2 children (4 years and 10 months), and had an amazing time! The staff are wonderful, the facilities were great! The food was good (good given it was Cuba). Went to the Italian, Sea Food and Japanese restaurants, all were good, sea food was great! The main buffet was nice, the fresh made donuts in the morning were amazing! And the fired banana/crepe dessert station at night was to die for!!!! The man running the station made fun of me for ordering 3 bananas (which everyone was ordering 2 or 3), he puffed his cheeks out and motioned that it would make my stomach fat. I am not a big person by any standard, so I thought it was weird and it kind of hurt my feelings. The only reason I did not give the resort a 5/5 was because they were doing some maintenance on the grounds (to prepare for the busy season) so the fountains did not have water in them and the hot tubs were not running. Yezelle from the kids club was fantastic, especially at night for the kid's show! Our little one was having too much fun on the beach so she only joined the kids club for one party, but she had an amazing time. The water park for the kids is really fun! I really enjoyed watching the kids play and have so much fun. The shows were good, I actually really enjoyed the Michael Jackson night! If I were to be super picky about what we did not like, I would have to say the mosquitoes (not that you can control that too much). I thought the walk ways could use a little more light at night. Our key stopped working on the last day even before check out time...thankfully the maid let us in our room, otherwise it is a long walk to have your key fixed. Some might not like the long walks between the rooms, beach, pool and lobby. Personally we enjoyed the walk, but there are plenty of carts going around if needed.

    Very good Paul D

    “Most beautiful beach ”
    The good - hotel rooms are awesome. Staff are amazing - whether you tip or not you get the same great service from all staff. (there were a few times I was out of CUC's) A la carte restaurants are all great...... Beaches are gorgeous.. Lots to see and do. The bad.... It is Cuba - the buffet is limited in hot food - and unless its hot food you're getting cooked for you it's not very hot.... Also - very hard to get coffee in the morning from the staff at the buffet........ and they get really insulted if you want to sit somewhere else other than the waiter that grabbed you the first day. Personally - I like to move around - so didn't like that feeling that we had to sneak in and usually got caught and put in the same section again.. The really bad - this hotel offers late check out at 10 pesos per hour. Sounds good doesn't it..... except - ourselves and at least two other couples we met could not get back into our rooms. We paid 30 CUC to have the room an additional 3 hours. After 2 1/4 hours we went to go back to the room to shower up and could not get in to get our luggage. We went back to the lobby who supposedly fixed the keys to work - walked all the way back (20 minute round trip) - it did not work. My husband went back a second time - when he got back to the room - still did not work. I went around the building looking for open windows or a maid.... nothing. Finally at 3 pm the maids came to count the towels and let us in the room. At that point - we were panicked to pack and get to the lobby to catch our bus.... talk about stress. I asked for a refund as I did not have the use of the room...... -got told to go to Guest services..... who also said they had no authority to deal with it after I tried to explain it to them 3 times...... They were quick to take your money - but no one cared about providing what you paid for.. This put a huge damper on an otherwise great week. At that point we were hot , stressed.. not organized..... We paid for the room for a reason - .... to have use of it. I will be following up - as I'm not pleased with their reaction to our problem... and as I indicated - we found out we were not the only ones..... Not sure we would go back after this hassle..... Otherwise - we had a great week...... We'll see if the iberostar Ensenachos deals with this or not.... That will give our verdict. This is a matter of principle.

    Very good BikerbabeMontreal

    “GOOD WEEK ”
    POSITIVE: I must say that for Cuba this Hotel is fine. Food was OK at the Buffet. Food at Italian, International, Mediterranean and Japanese restaurants was really good. Very good service throughout. Banking on site from 09:00 AM to 17:00 PM. Room was comfortable and clean. Beaches are very nice, many palapas and chairs. Bar service and snack bars on beaches. Kids Club is very good and kids water park also. Shows every evening at the auditorium. NEGATIVE: Bought a Wi-Fi card @ 4.64 cuban pesos. Wi-Fi never worked for the whole week. Very dark to walk to Bungalow at night. We took the golf karts to and from the room in the evening. Drivers are very polite. Many bugs early morning and evening. They smoke the areas with DDT smoke at 06:00 in the morning and 18:00 in the evening. Found it hard to find our bungalow because all the sidewalks and bungalows are the same and it's a bit like a labyrinth. 80 minutes from Santa Clara Airport by bus but with a guide that explains different sites and get to see three Cuban cities.

    Very good KimmyLynn

    “Great.......Until ”
    I'll review by the order I encountered everyone and everything we did and where we went. Bell Hops: Super friendly and helpful and took you wherever you wanted to go. Also let us know it was only the crabs and frogs in the bushes making all that noise at night. Front Desk: Michael and Diego , Great ambassadors of your hotel Room: Huge, also liked when you went out on the balcony you did not see your neighbours. Fridge was replenished everyday with one bottle of water, 4 beers and 4 cans of pop. TV was amazing, especially when you wanted to know what was happening at home and around the world. Lots of english channels to choose from. Sometimes hit and miss with general cleaning Main Buffet: Good selection and stations were always replenished. I do not understand two things though and this applies to most resorts in Cuba, why can't they keep the HOT food HOT and why is the bacon always undercooked. Bit of a nuisance for all having the chef cook the bacon and warm up your food. Axel, Yuri, Hector and Mayelin were outstanding and after the first day remembered our drink order for every meal. Pedro from the flambe station was a big hit, excellent after dinner dessert! Japanese and Mediterranean restaurants also had very good food and excellent staff. Hotel Cigar shop was well stocked with very knowledgable and helpful staff , prices same as the Pueblo.(Unlike Varadero where the prices seem to be determined by the unfriendly staff) The gentlemen at the bank were very pleasant and again I do not understand how the Cuban Peso is worth more than the Canadian Dollar. Exchange rate was 85 cents on the dollar. Lobby bar staff were amazing and always on hand to replenish your drinks before you asked. Gardeners keep the resort immaculate and always offered a warm hello. Leo at the Spa pool who always gave us directions when we got lost. Megano beach was nice and enjoyed the convenience of the grill however we preferred Enchenacho beach even though they had no grill. Bartenders and staff were amazing and a big thank you to Juan Jose who set up our beach chairs everyday. Tha Panaramic Bus driver was super friendly but a word of advice, always ask him when he is coming back your way so you can be at the bus stop on time. Little bit of a taxi scam going on as far as I'm concerned. The man standing at the entrance to the Pueblo La Estrella told us and everyone else who walked up regardless of the time you just missed the bus and it wont be this way again for another hour. He said that to one couple and the bus came 5 minutes later. Even though the cost back to your hotel is minimal I don't like being taken advantage of. We have been to Cuba over thirty times and know them all...... Now the Until..... I dont mind waiting for anything. I'm on vacation, no rush to get anywhere. We spent most days at Enchenacho Beach and sometimes we waited for a lift and other times we walked.It only took about fifteen minutes to get back to our room and often referred to it as our nature hike. It was a hot day so we decided to wait for the golf cart. Normally the wait would be no more than ten minutes. Well this time it was forty five......The first cart drove by and he motioned that he was either going to return or another one was coming. Well he did not return but two more came loaded to the brim, Cuban General Manager and another manager included. We assumed they were taking guests to the Grand Village section and would return. They did return loaded to the brim with the same people. Well by now our patience has been tested , we are hot, tired and thirsty so we started to walk. A note to future guests, once the bartender leaves the beach there is no radio communication with anyone. Thankfully Diego from the front Desk rescued us and dropped us off at the lobby so that we could have a drink. He offered to inform the Cuban General Manager and arranged for a meeting. He informed us that the reason the Golf Carts were tied up for so long was that he was entertaining very important clients that were on a Fam Trip and he knew they were coming ten days ago. I work in the Customer Service field and as far as I am concerned every customer or guest is important. If I knew that two of my golf carts were going to be utilized and unavailable I would have made arrangements to have additional golf carts and staff on hand, and if I had driven by the same guests twice I would have stopped and told them a cart would return momentarily to pick you up and apologized for the long wait. In fact I would have offered my seat and waited with the remaining clients. He did not seem to understand, his concern was his important guests on a Fam Trip. I was left thinking "what General Manager drives by guests that you know have been waiting at least 40 minutes and says nothing". Yes I will admit it did ruin the end of a beautiful trip. Would I return, if you asked me at the beginning i would have said yes, I would have returned the next day if we could. Now, unless your on a Fam Trip your just not important. As I mentioned earlier we have been to Cuba thirty times and by far this was our favourite resort. Now onto a new search, different province different hotel chain.

    Very good OtdykhayEurope

    “Beautiful beach with B - food ”
    This was my 6th trip to Cuba (all of them to different hotels) and 2nd to Cayo Santa Maria (the place has 4 or 5 hotels in total). We picked this hotel based on the responses of few families 2 years ago when we traveled on the bus back to the airport. It seems the service and the food variety seriously dropped (that's not a 1st time what happens in Cuba hotels). The beach is really good there. You have lots of white sand area and if you like to snorkel there is a part on the left with corals where you'll see thousands (yes, that's right) thousands of fish. You can also snorkel around the old barge that is on the right side of the beach in about 5-5" depth. The hotel territory is pretty large indeed, however we were told that we are not allowed on the 2nd part of it based on the color of our bracelets. Sounded almost like based on the color of our skin :) That's really weird. What's the reason then to add that part on the property map that is on every corner of the hotel? The rooms were large and clean, however we had to stay in separate rooms the 1st night (we reserved 2 adjacent rooms for our family of 5). Building # 30 is very noisy. It's overlooking a bus stop for the employees and we were awoke by them often at around 6 am when they are gathered there waiting for their shuttle bus to go home. That folks is really noisy. I was wandering if there is a chance to relocate that bus stop to some more remote area from the place where hotel guest sleep? What do you say, Mr. General Manager? The hotel is the only one on the whole island... The kids club offered the service that we've never experience before. On top of standard day time they had it also from 5-30 pm until 11 pm in the main building. This way we had a chance to have a drink or two in the lobby bar with our new friends. I really liked this service! The food in the main restaurant was "B-". I expected at least 3-4 types of fresh fish in a so-called 5-star hotel in the country surrounded by water from every side. However we only had 1 type of fish plus shrimps. I reported this issue to the Sunwing/Signature rep on our 3rd day there. I also reported that the line in the morning to get an omelet was 12 people and there were only 2 cooks preparing it; both of them doing the omelet and pancakes at the same time. You had to spend at least 15-20 minutes just to get them. Too long for me if you just got there for 6 days and paid almost 4K for the trip. The 3rd issue I told them about was that lobsters offered for dinner were pre-cooked and just warmed up for us within a minute or two. The taste was like you chew a peace of wood...:( The next day we saw the 3rd cook making pancakes. The fish disappeared from the fresh spot at all. Strange, isn't it? And we didn't get a 2nd chance during the week to try lobsters :) We only visited one special restaurant during our week there - Asian and both the food and the service were very good. The territory is clean when you walk on the road; however if you make just few steps to the side it really needs some work (see the picture with old cars getting rusty right within 10 meters from our building # 30). The staff at the restaurant; in the lobby and on the territory was friendly. I didn't order lots of alcohol drinks in bars so can't say much about that service. Overall I would say this hotel is not bad for Cuba level; however the GM might try to improve some services reading reviews from tourists. I know that some of them do.

    Very good Kim J

    “Review ”
    Wonderful resort. It was a big resort but was on holidays. Our room was very close to the pool. The food was very good. The service was excellent!! The only problem was that there wasnt any umbrellas by the pool so we had direct sunlight everyday. There wasnt enough huts at the beach. We had an absolutely beautiful room. We were on our honeymoon and would go back.

    Very good Sunalltheway

    “Room for improvement Iberostar... ”
    We were at Iberostar Ensenachos from Oct 3 - 11. This was our 3rd time coming back to Cayo Ensenachos. Used to call Royal Hideaway Ensenachos and now Iberostar runs it.Three other couples from Ontario, whom we met at same hotel at different times, decided to join us for a reunion. This was the first time we travel to Cuba in October and the weather was superb! Below is my summary of the current Iberostar: Beaches - Still a picture of paradise. Absolutely enjoy the stunning view as if this place is in a time stand still. Still meet my expectation!! Hotel - The hotel ground, restaurent and room are good. I have heard people complaining about no beverage in room, air conditioning not working, not bath towel. Honestly of the 3 times that we were there we never experience any of these problems. That being said this is the best offer you can get in Cuba. Yes there could be some upgrading done but they have done their best to keep the place in good shape. Hotel maids kept our room exceptionally clean, and the landscapers work from dawn to dust. Totally hard working group! Restaurant food - Depends on what your expectations are, the restaurant food is as good as you can get in Cuba. Buffet food is good. They always have fresh seafood grilled on the spot. A La Carte restaurant foods are so so. Not as good as before. Restaurant service - Staff generally work hard. The only one issue that I have is that every time you go in to the Buffet restaurant staff will try to drag you to their section as if they are competing for business. The was never happened when Royal Hideaway ran it. it make you felt so unease, and at time feel bad for the staff. Management at the resort - We have seen a few people wearing business casuals and I believe they are the senior management staff. I had actually come across one of them at the bridge deck. I said "Ola" and they do not even respond. Definitely they need to get some Canadian "friendliness" in them. After all they should be the example to the staff...One suggestion to the management. Since there are more resorts opening up at Cayo Ensenachos services could be the determinant of your success Overall we had a great time, and were very happy to see our friends from Ontario. Also happy to see some of my old friends who are still working at the resort. We hope to see you all again!

    Very good Daniela L

    “Great time! ”
    Iberostar Ensenachos is a luxury hotel focussing on families, rooms are clean and well designed and the staff is helpful. It is a big area including spa and tennis court, therefore they have electric golf carts that shuttle you around. Both beaches (Megano Beach and Ensenachos Beach) are beautiful - white sand and turquoise see. In the evening you can choose from different a la carte restaurants, but do not expect too much from the food there, especially the Italian is not worth a visit.

    Very good bigprovolone

    “Good Value for money at the right price ”
    I travelled to this resort the last week of October 2014 and i wasnt sure what to expect from the reviews here, i mean you read everything from the worst ever to the greatest resort on earth, I have been to Cuba approx 15 times and i have stayed at mostly 5 star resorts and a few 4 and 4.5 so i think i have a pretty good perspective on the hotels there. Transfer to the hotel; This takes approx 1:30 from the airport to the hotel, Iberostar Ensenachos is the first hotel once you cross over the causeway and the ride isnt bad Check-In; This process needs improvement, they heard you into a big room with the other travellers and then call your name to come up and get your keys etc, could be done much smoother and faster but all in all not too bad. The Room; We stayed in the spa section room # 2924 and i thought it was one of the nicer rooms i have stayed in anywhere in Cuba, very clean and well maintained, no bugs and no bad smells, a minor issue with the TV one day but was easily solved, the spa section is adults only and located a short walk from the main lobby where the buffet is. The grounds; The grounds here are stunning, very mature and full and are the best i have seen anywhere in the Caribbean bar none! The common buildings; The interior of the common buildings like the lobby, spa, restaurants etc is very nice but the exterior needs repair, paint, and general maintenance, they look a bit run down and could be beautiful with a bit of money and effort spent. The Food; This is the big issue for most people, my girlfriend and are are foodies and we love fine wine etc, with that said when you go to Cuba you need to lower your expectations a bit, for example if you want to eat steak and burgers etc be prepared to be disappointed, Cubans dont eat beef period! So how can they cook it well? If you stick to more Cuban type dishes, chicken, pork, rice, beans etc you will be much happier and get a more authentic experience at the same time. The buffet has a decent variety but the stations where they prepare things to order take far too long in my opinion, i stuck to the basic buffet items most times except for my eggs in the morning. The A La Carte Restaurants; I only dined at 3 of the restaurants as follows; Italian This was by far the worst, food is terrible and the restaurant smells very badly of mold as soon as you walk in, the tomatoe soup is like a bowl of katsup and the chicken parmiagiana was a flattened piece of boiled chicken rolled around a pickle and some julienne carrot with a white sauce on top, not edible at all! Steak House I had high hope but they were soon extinguished I got a big hair in my buffalo chicken app and then the steak came out and it looked quite good, i ordered the top sirloin cooked to Medium and what i received was a strange cut of meat that looked more like a flank steak and it was almost raw and had a very strange and offputting texture, the location is nice in the spa section but be ready for mosquitos Japanese This was the best by far, typical tepanyaki style meal, well prepared and they get the diners involved a bit which was fun, dont order the soup though i had the miso one night which was actually just a veggie soup that wasnt very good and the second night i ordered the fish soup and it was very bad The transportation People complaint how far away everything is, but the reality is that there are 2 beaches in the main section and spa section and a third where the villas are located, the villas are very far away about 3km from the lobby but have their own resto and beach and butler service, we did nt bother to go look at them, the first beach is Megano beach and its just steps from the main lobby down a long boardwalk across the mangrove, its a nice beach with plenty of chairs etc. The second beach is about 10 minutes on foot which is Ensenachos beach, you can get a ride on the large 8 passenger golf carts from the lobby but the trip back can take a while to get picked up! There is a bar at ensenachos and a restaurant at Megano The Staff; I found the staff very friendly for the most part, did not expect tips but certainly appreciate them Overall; We paid approx $835 each including taxes and at that price the hotel offers great value, once the prices go much higher then i think you could do better elsewhere, last year we stayed at The Royalton and it was great, but comparatively speaking the royalton was about $1150 compared to $835

    Very good am_cantone

    “Well taken care of ! ”
    We spent a fabulous week at the Iberostar Ensencahos (Sep.28-Oct.5). A single dad travelling with his two kids (16yr. old daughter and 11 yr.old son), we had an absolute awesome time. Lots for the young one to do within the Kids' Club and pool area. Star Friends kept him amused all week long! The older one made friends with a couple of vacationers and spent her time chatting, sunning and playing cards. Pool games (basketball, volleyball and salsa lessons) were plentiful...shout out to Deana, Pablo and Pedro,,,our very cool and fun Star Friends. Food was more than adequate, negative comments must come from snobby types. Although, stay away from the under cooked hamburger at the pool side snack bar. My birthday dinner was spoiled due to my suspect burger at lunch. Should have noticed it myself, but let's say the beverages were going down smoothly that day :) Rooms were fine, cleaned daily with fresh towels everyday. Employees, very friendly and helpful. Day trip to Santa Clara and Remedios was historical and a must. The steam engine ride, unforgettable. Our guide Isma mentioned we (my son and I) could ride with the engineer!!! Absolutely awesome...but VERY HOT!!! Thanks to Jaddy our tour rep at the resort for all the great suggestions. Thanks to all the amazing staff, too many remember their names... but you all know who you are. Thanks for a great trip. We will be back!!! (Amedeo, Samantha and Dante) #4222

    Very good Arrrrgoss

    “Great Value, Great Staff”
    Our family returned this past week from a very enjoyable visit to the resort. In hindsight, the general theme of past reviews were accurate. We thoroughly enjoyed the 90 minute drive from the airport as it was enhanced by an interesting tour guide noting the history and geography of the villages and landscape travelled to/from resort. Upon arrival, our check-in was fine with room awaiting our arrival. We stayed in the #30 complex. It was centrally located and perfect for families travelling between the pool, beach and main building. The food was fine. As noted, Cuban food lacks the overall flavour offered in Jamaica/DR/Bahamas. However, if you stick with fish, fruit, pasta and chicken it is more than acceptable. The breakfasts featured omelette and egg stations, varieties of fresh juices, great coffee and cereals. If there was one downfall, it was the a la carte restaurants. Traditionally, these menus offer a higher calibre food quality. This was not the case for the Italian. However, the seafood restaurant was awesome. We were very satisfied with the lunch and dinner buffets . Consistent with all reviews, the beaches were incredible. We visited both and preferred the Megano Beach due to its food service and proximity to lodging. You truly cannot go wrong with either . . Housekeeping was attentive with our room cleaned before noon on most days. Without question, our extended families will be encouraged to join our return visit next year.

    Very good Mira O

    “You come here for the beach and the staff! ”
    We went to this hotel for the first week of october. It was our first time in Cuba. Our flight was with Sunwing Airlines : smooth ride with no problems at all. Bus ride from Airport to the hotel is about an hour and 40 minutes. It's a bumpy ride. Along the way, our tour guide explained some of the scenery and villages we came across. You can buy beer on the bus. The hotel grounds are lovely and clean. You can tell that they work hard to keep it tidy and presentable. Overall, it's a clean and beautiful place. Check-in was fast and during the process mimosas are offered to guests. We were in Bungalow 29 which was pretty close to everything (Adult Spa section). Our room was extremely tidy ; no bugs in sight. A/C worked well too, we had no problems. Our balcony view wasn't the best but it didn't bother us. The maids cleaned the room very well each day and left lovely towel designs on the bed. The beaches were out of this world. I would definitely say that you come to Cuba for the beach. Megano beach is the one closest to the lobby and Ensenachos beach is further down. From Bungalow 29 to Megano Beach is about a 15 minute walk. And as for Ensenachos, we always took a hotel taxi to get there since it was way too hot to walk. Megano Beach is the place to go for snorkeling. We saw so much sea life, it was incredible. Go check out the "sunken ship" to see a lot of fish! Once you are there, keep going further and you will end up at a point where it gets very shallow (water comes up to the half of your lower leg). Best place in the entire resort, Feels like you're at your own private beach. Ensenachos beach is known as one of the top 3 best beaches in Cuba ( quoted from our cuban cab driver). Go there when the tide is very low, it is extremely breathtaking. You can also snorkel near the reef on the right. Keep following it and you will end up at deeper waters where you will see red sea urchins and much more. Unlike Megano beach, the water keeps getting deeper as you keep advancing. An employee comes around from time to time giving out fresh coconuts. Try one, it's delicious! Both beaches have turquoise clear water and white sand! Service is great at the hotel. Staff is extremely friendly and cooperative. You feel warmth when you are around them. Shout out to "Alejandro" our bartender from the cigar bar and Julio who put some of our music at the night club! Gracias! The food...was not good. You won't starve for sure. You can always eat some bread and rice. I had no problem for the first 2 days. On the 3rd day, i tried a beef steak at the buffet. It wasn't well cooked and let's just say i didn't have a good night. For the rest of the days, i didn't have much appetite. The food gets boring and you honestly just eat cause you are hungry. I didn't enjoy the food. I knew it was not going to be great but i certainly did not expect this. Personally, food is an important aspect of any vacation. After saying that, this place was a disappointment. We went to Caibarien and Remedios , the two closest villages to the resort. We went there on our own. It was nice, we got to see how Cubans lived up close. We tried talking to a couple of them but we don't know any Spanish so we didn't quite understand! Learning some basic spanish words before travelling would have been ideal. There is also a Market place nearby which has some simple souvenirs you can bring back. Rent a scooter to go there, it's pretty fun! 25 pesos for a full day! Extra notes: -You certainly do not feel forced to leave a tip. -There were a lot of babies and children at the resort -> I would not have my honeymoon here. -Crabs are crawling around at night, they are very cute and harmless. They are terrified of humans. -Mosquitos are ninjas in Cuba. You don't even feel them bite you. Be careful! - Sangrias are awesome here - Check out the nighttime entertainment usually at 9:30 pm. It's fun to watch! Would I go back to an Iberostar Hotel? Definitely! Would i go back to Cuba? No, not for a while anyways. I think Mexico is a better location personally.

    Very good Christine154983

    “Ensenachos a beautiful resort ”
    My husband and I just returned from Cayo Ensenachos, the Iberostar Ensenachos, the only hotel on this key. The resort is beautiful, and the amenities what you would expect from a 4+ star hotel in Cuba from the Iberostar chain. The good - lovely pools, especially in the spa section where we stayed (18 years and older only). Some days, we were the only people at the pool - we stayed over Canadian Thanksgiving. Staff are great, very cheerful and helpful; service was excellent. The two beaches are very nice (Megano has harder sand, better for walking - Ensenachos has powdery sand, nice for sunbathing and swimming), although I am a bigger fan of Playas Paraiso and Serena on Cayo Largo del Sur, which are nicer. Because the resort is set amongst lush greenery, it provides both welcome shade during the heat of the day, but also is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and those little things that bite. The architecture is beautiful, but like everything in a hot climate, is showing some wear. Our room was lovely (2122), the bathroom was beautiful and had lots of room, and a peaceful balcony. The beds are a bit hard, but we had quiet at night and no trouble sleeping without being woken up by noise. We had low water pressure one day, and lack of hot water another, but overall we enjoyed good facilities around the resort. The lobby bar has the coldest air conditioning at night I've ever seen - if you need to cool down, go here in the evening. If it's too cold, simply step outside and choose a table at the lovely courtyard or lobby, which has table service from the bar. The food at the buffet was okay, quite good by Cuban standards. The seafood restaurant at Ensenachos point (Punta Piratas) was excellent - book there as many times as you can. The Italian restaurant on the lower level was awful. The food at Megano beach was not very good, either. I got mildly sick for several days, but could not figure out what was causing it to re-occur. We took the day trip into Trinidad and Sancti Spiritus, which was excellent and good value for the money (79 CUC), but HOT. The bus trip was long - 3 hours - but the tour guide broke it up nicely with stops along the way and a narrative a lot of them French speaking. Staff are quire adept in both languages, French and English. There were also quite a few Russian guests at this resort during our stay. Overall, this was a great place to visit, I'm not sure I would rush back as I prefer Cayo Largo, but I would definitely return again at some time in the future. One more thing - if you can, pay the extra 25 CUCs for the VIP lounge at the airport going back - it was well worth it, unlimited cold drinks, television, a smoking lounge, a really good grilled ham and cheese sandwich, comfortable furniture, but most important ..... your own private bathrooms, with toilet paper, soap and a hand dryer, sparkling clean and almost just like home!

    Very good CanadianMade1

    “Said I would never go ”
    I have travelled pretty well everywhere but Cuba. Last week I stayed at Ensenachos Iberostar and I wondered why I avoided Cuba and bought into all the negative food" comments that basically kept me away from such a beautiful place. I have no food complaints. Sure some of the salads were not my taste, but the most delicious sea bass in the world for lunch and dinner with steak and lobster that made us go back for seconds. Breakfast was exactly what I would have wanted, and dinner was good too. I loved this wonderful lush property. The spa suites pool was the cleanest I have ever had with so many swimming options and great service. The beach was magnificent. The shows at night were the BEST I have ever seen at a resort Our room was huge (needs new pillows) Our shower was hot and strong The spa services were good Such excellent value and we were all happy we stayed here. It was great.

    Excellent D0ugly

    I cannot say much more than my previous reviews of this resort, so take a return visitor's word, and go. Don't worry about negative reviews, as the hotel is splendid, the beaches pristine, the people amazing, and the grounds spectacular. Special thanks for making our stay wonderful as always go to Diego, Marichal, Yandry, Yan, Yudelsy, Villa Real, Yoli, Yansey, Ramon, Alex, everyone else I have forgotten...and the new resort manager, Carlos. Please do your best to keep our home away from home a perfect paradise. We will be back again in the Spring.

    Excellent D_Di_D

    “A great place for a family vacation ”
    Since a lot has been said about this resort, I'll just summarize my experience about the Park (family) section of the resort. Pros: beautiful beaches; great snorkeling (starfish, stingrays, sea cucumber, snails, tons of tropical fish) right on the beach; immaculate grounds; large rooms, HUGE bathrooms (absolutely everything worked well in the room); excellent service everywhere (reception, pool, beach, buffet, bars, towels), personnel is very cordial and professional; great facilities for kids (large pool with slides and splashes); food was good to my liking, even our one-year-old was able to eat from buffet only; drinks (cocktails, coffees, juices) were superb; no problem getting a sunbed/shade if you come before 10am; golf carts do stop to give way most of the times. Cons: the hotel buildings on the outside are quite worn out but that's just visual appearance; would be nice to see the fountain running but it was dry the whole stay; kids club premises could be cleaned more thoroughly - kids often get on the floor and put toys in their mouths; key cards stopped working ALL THE TIME (they are very apologetic and pleasant when exchanging them but going to reception every other day is no fun); saw several jellyfish after the storm subsided but no one was stung. Couple of general remarks: hotel was getting crowded at the end of our stay (1st week of November), so most of the tables in the lobby were occupied, lines at the buffet to get freshly cooked foods (although staff are really doing their best), so next time I'd rather go in low season. Some were complaining about the size of the grounds - we had no problem even with a little kid (always walked, never took carts). Some tips for those travelling with babies: they do have enough highchairs at the buffet; huge playpen in the room was ready upon arrival even though we booked 36hrs before coming; they do sell disposable diapers at reasonable prices in the hotel store (9CUC for 40) although I can't say anything to quality; be sure to take beach toys with you as they sell them at least 4 times as expensive; don't stay on the beach after the sun starts to set down - tiny black flies will literary have you running.

    Excellent Nicole M

    “even better than the first! ”
    my boyfriend and i returned home from a week long stay here about a month ago. the snow thats piling up around our house got me reminiscing the trip, and i realized i hadn't written up the review for our second stay at this hotel. i didn't think it could have been better than our first trip to this hotel last year, especially since we find that some hotels deteriorate in between our visits, but this time was somehow even better!! again, we chose to stay in the adults only section - there will ALWAYS be those ignorant parents that think their child is welcome to put their sticky fingers in my hair (yep!), so if you want to have somewhere to escape to, i highly recommend staying on this side. the grounds, the pools, the beaches, the rooms, ALL beautifully kept..but the real draw for us to come back is always the service. lets start with Adonis, the spa pool bartender. the BEST. aside from being such a nice, friendly guy, he can sense when our bubba mugs are nearly empty from across the pool, and is preparing to refill it before you even know its time for a refill. the poolside entertainment is always the best here. Leo (the closet Blue Jays fan who doesn't know it yet, hahaha), Danny (the reason we came back!), and Emilio (hope you are enjoying those mugs!), you guys MADE our trip.. they were so friendly and outgoing, always making sure we were having a great time! whether it was at the pool, outside our room, the beach, in the lobby, or the buffet, these three were always cracking jokes with us, doing whatever it took to get a laugh. Josh will be sending you guys emails soon! we must also thank our favorite staff member in the buffet - Pavel! it's always nice to return to a hotel and be remembered, and to pick up right where we left off :) although he is now in a management position there, he insured our experience was just as wonderful by sending Osneil and Eramis to look after us. thank you both for always making sure we were well fed and satisfied, we didn't even bother with the a la cartes because we were so pleased with their services in the buffet. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! if you want to have an amazing trip, THIS IS THE RESORT TO GO TO, AND THESE ARE THE GUYS TO SEE! :) see you all next year!!

    Excellent Tom H

    “second time ”
    This is a great place to stay, if you know what to expect. If the following is to your liking you will enjoy your stay. First tip, Cuba is a different culture than Calgary. Learn some of the culture and language before you go, you will enjoy it more. On two evenings the staff set up a bubble bath with champagne in our private hot tub. They told me in advance and kept it secret from my wife. My wife enjoyed this surprise. We were bitten by mosquitoes. We should have put on bug repellent at every opportunity. We should have put on bug repellent after coming out of the pool or ocean swim. They spray the resort every night, but we went at the end of the Cuban rainy season. Bring some stuff to stop the bug bites from itching. The rooms are huge, they have a small kitchen, dinning room, living room, bedroom and bathroom. The bath has both shower and bath. There is a flat panel TV in the living room and bed room with DVD player.. On the balcony there is small hot tub. Some of the suites have two bedrooms and are two story. There are a least three iguanas at the resort. two large and one small. One of the large ones has lost part of his tail. We called him stubby. The beach is very good. There is some coral close to shore where you can go snorkeling. If the surf is rough you can go the other side of the resort and go snorkeling there. However there is no lounge chairs on that side of the resort. It is long walk to the main part of the resort. It is a nice walk if you walk along the beach. You can ask for a lift in the electric golf cart to the main part of the resort. There is only one restaurant at the grand villas, you can have breakfast from 7 till noon. then lunch from noon till four. Snacks from 4 till 6 and supper 6 till 9. They ask that you make a reservation for supper. The food is good. They cooked the snapper perfectly. We would ask every time what does the chef recommend. They did not always have all the ingredients. Some mornings they did not have bacon, so I had omelet with ham and cheese instead. You can also go to the cafeteria in the main part of the complex for food as well.

    Excellent Barney1950

    “Spa Visit ”
    Visited the IBE Oct. 25-Nov 1st. This was our 5th time to this resort. Flight with Sunwing although late leaving was good. Upon landing going through customs and picking up our luggage was done quickly, purchased Cuban pesos outside to the right and boarded bus waiting for remaining passengers. Bus to resort typical 90 minutes. When arriving at hotel because it was late we left luggage and went for a bite to eat and a drink. Checked in later and busboy delivered us to our room. Next morning upon checking the room we discovered that the sliding door to the balcony was very difficult to open and we didn't like the repaired locking mechanism with a sliding bolt into the floor. Upon checking at the front desk we requested a change in rooms and they switched us to 2820 which was closer to the pool and lobby. With the spa reservation you are given a $50 certificate for a massage. My wife thoroughly enjoyed this perk. Lisbet had already filled our a la carte requests. All of our a la cartes were very enjoyable and the food was satisfactory. We really enjoyed the Asian a la carte as the chef (sorry, can't remember his name) put on a great show along with a very tasty and well prepared meal. We spent our beach time daily at the Ensenachos beach which we prefer. We would go to the lobby and request a ride to the beach. Upon returning from the beach we would retreat to the Spa pool for a late afternoon refreshing swim before returning to the room for a shower in preparation for our dinner reservations. All of the bellboys were very friendly and we enjoyed their conversations going and coming back from the beach. Michelle(sp) and Hanoi were always very easy to engage in conversations and made our trips that much more enjoyable. Although on most days the beach was somewhat windy and wavy we thoroughly enjoyed our days at the beach and it did not prevent us from going in the water. We did have one calm day and the water temperature had to be in the upper 80's. The water was always calmer at the eastern end of Ensenachos and of course this was the busiest section. The staff are all friendly and go out of their way to make you feel welcomed and comfortable. Tipping is appreciated, we do it frequently, but I don't believe it affects the service all that much. The gardeners and other cleaning staff are really appreciative when they receive a tip. Everything was positive but being return guests we do know what to expect. The only bump in the road was our last day returning to our room prior to our 12 oclock check out our key failed to activate the opening of the room. Fortunately the maid was there and able to unlock the door for us. We once again really enjoyed our time at the Iberostar. Our trip home was uneventful. Bus ride, customs and flight home all went well. We will probably visit again, October 2015, but for our next vacation we will be visiting the Valentin Perla Blanca Jan 5- Jan 12th.2015.

    Excellent Susana M

    “First time in Cuba - glad it was here! ”
    Our first time in Cuba..we expected beautiful beaches, nice people and nasty food. We got a beautiful large resort with many options for eating as well as relaxing. We got 2 breathtaking beaches to choose from everyday. Service was exceptional in all areas of the hotel...whether you tipped or not. They don't let you lift a finger, even after you tip them. The people stole my heart...especially my Magdielis, the waitress in the lobby bar. If you visit, hug her for me! The food...hmmm it was GOOD. I must admit, it got repetitive towards the end of the week...but it was good. I loved the Seafood A La Carte and the Japanese was a great experience for sure! I was told by many that week who visit Cuba often, that this was the best food they've ever had in Cuba. The bus ride to Santa Maria was an "eye opener" It's guided tour of 3 very poor villages and you get to see what the locals live like in the poorer areas. The pools were beautiful and clean. The entertainment was mediocre to say the least , however the Flamenco show and the Micheal Jackson show were stellar - don't miss it! One negative - our TV didn't work...we asked 4 times to have it fixed so we could charge our phone in the USB post and it NEVER got fixed...but everyday the nice staff at the front desk charged it for me. I didn't visit Cuba to watch TV anyway, so I was ok with it. OK two negatives - their WIfi was intermittent and you had to buy a WIFI card for 4.50 CUC and it lasts one hour. Other than this - your dollars are well spent here!

    Excellent Youngatheart6248

    “Great short break. ”
    Our first time at an all inclusive resort and this was part of our tour of Cuba. Check in was fine if check out was a little slower - depends who you are behind in the queue!! We were in bungalow 22 in the Spa area so close to the main reception area , close to spa pool and only a short walk to one beach. Ensenachos beach further away but not long to wait for a buggy. The room was enormous! Lobby, large bedroom, dressing area, huge bathroom very well appointed, large private balcony. Mini bar re stocked daily. All kept very clean. Gardens well maintained and pleasant to walk through though you might find a torch handy as can be quite dark at night. Great coffee in reception. Breakfast huge choice and always easy to find a table. Dinner too was fine, we only used the main dining room and found the staff lovely. I think if you were there for a week or longer the food would pall but for our 3 nights it was fine - always something to suit even if only pasta with great tomato sauce!! Evening entertainment not our thing so can't comment. Pool near our room was very shallow so used to cool off in rather than swim but always plenty of sun beds. Beaches beautiful- typical white sand etc etc. Gets quite busy but the guys always found us a spot with some shade. Not used to drinks/food on hand all the time so perhaps we didn't make the most of it but also didn't have problems with any other guests overdoing it! Great relaxation in the middle of our tour but wouldn't want to stay much longer just in the resort. I suppose it just felt too isolated from Cuba!

    Excellent Donzilia V

    “"Beautiful beaches and all around good service" ”
    This was our first vacation to Cuba :) It was better than what I had expected. The staff is very polite and courteous. We were checked in and in our room by 1:30. Our room was clean and fresh. There are 4 a la Carte restaurants available for variety. We went to the International and the Seafood restaurants. Dinner at the buffet had a large selection from a pasta bar to a pizzeria and also the fresh grilled meats and fish. We enjoyed them all :) Special thanks to the head chef Juan Carlos for bringing it all together.The beaches were very nice with crystal clear waters. We were able to enjoy some sailing and snorkeling as well. We met the nice polite gardener of our building #33. The grounds are well kept with many natural beauties. The evening shows were entertaining along with some dancing in the lobby every night. We will be returning to Cuba and this hotel soon for our next holiday.

    Excellent Cory R

    “Travel date: May, 2014 ”
    I stayed at the Iberostar Ensenachos in May 2014 with my best friend. If you are looking for a super nice, relaxing vacation, look no further. I booked through LeGrows Travel, and wouldn't of had it any other way. Very reliable, friendly, and go out of their way for their customers. AIRPORT: We landed in the Santa Clara air port. The drive from the airport to the hotel was very lengthy, but so worth it! I dont remember exactly how long it took, but they driver and host even stopped in the city for us to get drinks, and a pee break. The bus was comfortable, clean, and air conditioned. Very hospitable. CHECK IN: This was fairly quick. While we were waiting for our bracelets and room keys we were offered champagne and nonalcoholic smoothies. The staff were very helpful. As the resort was big, our bags were dropped off to our room. There are carts, free of charge, and will pick you up and bring you where ever you need to go around the resort. If you are looking to exchange money, you can do so at the airport, or at the resort. BEACH: There are two beaches at this resort and they are pristine! I have never experienced anything like the beaches at the Iberostar Ensenachoes; clean, loads of lounge chairs (that hotel workers cleaned off for you, dirty or not, and would drag them to where you wanted to lay on the beach), entertainment and games, and around 2pm each day, workers came to the beach with ice creams. There were always workers walking along the beach to offer you drinks or offer to refill the one you already had. They always remembered your drink order. There was also non motorized sports including little catamarans that gave you a tour of the coastline near the hotel free of charge. The beaches were just out of this world! FOOD: The food was good. I feel the buffet in the resort always had a great variety and was fresh. The buffet at the beach had pizza which the chef made to your liking! The "a la cartes" were a nice change. I would recommend you make reservations as soon as you arrive. The staff at the restaurants worked very long hours and always had a smile. The staff were very prompt cleaning your table and offering you refills on your drinks. ROOM: I stayed in the spa section of the resort which was adults only. One word...AWESOME. So clean and comfortable. The beds are massive and the bathroom was a full four piece (including double sink). Had a nice deep tub and a in room safe. Mini fridge was stocked daily. We had a terrace which was very close to the pool. No bugs, no insects what so ever! The maid was very VERY kind, friendly, and even left us notes each day wishing us a great stay at the Iberostar Ensenachos hotel. There was never a shortage of towels, and she always made designs out of the towels for our amusement. Milly, you are the absolute best maid I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you for making our stay absolutely wonderful. We even got a coupon for the spa, which was located in the building next to our room. We went to the spa and had a great relaxing experience. The workers at the spa really know how to relax your muscles. DRINKS: The bars were plentiful and quick. They always remembered your drink order and the bartenders were very amusing. The piano bar was very entertaining and comfortable. The pool bar was always on the go with music and activities, the bar near the beach was very nice, and there was even a cigar bar. Absolutely amazing. There were many types of coffee and coffee type beverages. Lastly there was no shortage of alcohol mixed in the drinks. There was even a bottle of rum in our room upon arrival. NIGHT LIFE: There isnt a disco at this hotel. There is nightly entertainment in the lobby as well as a show in the theatre. The shows were very well choreographed and entertaining. If your going to this resort for a party, I suggest you look else where. One night during the week I stayed here, there was a party at the beach. GROUNDS: Immaculate! Always workers grooming the walks. There were even trees and bushes cut into different shapes like cars, couches, and other odds and ends. No liter anywhere! plenty of garbage cans and ash trays. Night time there isnt alot of lighting on the walks...and there are crabs, which for some reason only came out at night. They really creeped me out! EXCURSIONS: They were plentiful and reasonably priced. I went swimming with dolphins as well as visited the city of Santa Clara, did some shopping in Santa Clara, and even got to see sugar cane factory, cigar factory, and had a ride in a steam train. At the resort, there is a double deckered bus that visits every hour which will take you to the shopping strip down a cayo. If you are planning to take an excursion to Santa Clara, or another city, I would suggest you buy your souvenirs there. The locals are much more negotiable and their items are very similar to the shopping strip near the resort, but cheaper. Lastly, there were no locals pestering you to buy their items at the resort, as only employees of the hotels are allowed on this area of Cuba. There is a causeway connecting the cayos to the mainland, and a toll at the beginning of it. Only tourist and hotel workers were allowed past this point. I always promised myself I would never go to the same resort twice (as I like to travel and experience different sites, hotels, and resorts), but, I plan to go back to this resort as soon as I travel back to Cuba. This hotel, and its workers feel like family.

    Excellent Stephane M

    “Real Royal treatment ”
    We were staying at the hotels all adult section but when we asked to visit the royal section we paid a little extra and got our moneys worth. We had a large villa one huge bedroom with privated full bathroom an tub for two. A kitchen and living room with dinning room two bathrooms and two television with cable and DVD players witj surround sound. A jaccusi on our balcony in a very private area. This part of the hotel was situated kilometers from the main reception but easily booked transportation available. Our private beach which was one of the nicest ones in Cuba to myoint of view. The restaurant attached to the private reception area in front of the pool for this section only, provided a la carte meals three times a day. Seafood steak and fish were all good choices and excellent to taste. The service was excellent and a private butler to help and make sure you have no stress or problem always willing to make your stay a wonderful one. Yandry our butler was exceptionnal and even organised a table and chairs in an area to see the sunset with Champagne. Very romAntic and secluded. We can only thank him for the multiples services he provided for us. Excellent trip highly suggested for thise of you that are looking for relaxing quiet vacations on the best beaches in Cuba.

    Excellent Duimering123

    “Unreal ”
    We went for a week in April. This trip is one place I will never forget. The location is absloutley unreal, but better yet the staff is the best part. They are ever so kind, hearts of gold and I miss saying "ola" to someome every morning. Such a fantastic place for a vacation and I would go there every month if I could.

    Excellent laurie k

    “loved it”
    our first trip was Jamaica , then Dominican . then we came to iberostar ensenachos WOW . cuba is where im going from now on. and this resort was amazing ! I liked everything about it ! 2 beaches ,and at high season it wasn't crowded .this topped all other resorts we been to . I had no complaints exept 1 . our fridge wasn't restocked daily ,and there was no coffee in room only tea and coffee machine didn't work properly . ( im a coffee lover ) .other than that I loved this place it was not a cramped resort ,it was well spread out and u could walk forever and enjoy beauty ! the beach was so beautiful and the wateraqua too im never going back to Jamaica or Dominican .

    Excellent Speirs15

    “Best Vacation ever~ ”
    Thank you Iberostar staff! We had just returned from our holiday and this has been the very best experience, it made our Anniversary and holiday so special. We had a very nice room in the Spa section room 2022 close to the main lobby, nice private patio and the gardens we're beautiful. The Bed was very comfortable (King Bed) A/C worked excellent and the shower was great, always had hot water and good pressure. Nice short walk to the spa pool.. Thank you Leo and Adonis (Spa Pool) had a lot of fun. Miss everyone already. We really enjoyed the beaches they are breathtaking. The staff at the beach are very attentive , they will set you up with beach loungers, as well as drinks through out the day. The water is so crystal clear and lots of starfish and fish along the reef area at Ensenachos. Getting to the beach is very easy, walk out to the front lobby and they will have someone drive you down to Ensenachos and when leaving the staff at the bar are very happy to call a car to pick you up. It is never a very long wait. The buffet has a good selection of foods. Salads, breads, pasta, pizza, cheeses and cold cuts as well as a grilling station. I can't see how anyone can complain, if the bacon is cold or under cooked to your standards.. when you get your eggs done just have them place it on the grill to cook it along with you eggs, they are only to happy to do it for you. They also had French toast, pancakes, cereals and smoothie's. Lots of choices. The a la carte's were amazing as well. We had the International, Mediterranean and Seafood restaurant. Every meal was wonderful! Main lobby was beautiful and the waitress's take very good care of you. Cappuccino's were awesome! Nightly entertainment in the main lobby was very good, very nice after dinner to relax and enjoy the music. Again Thank you Iberostar Staff,, we will be back again next year for another Anniversary!

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