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  • Hotels: Villa Maguana, Guantanamo. Cuba

    Hotels: Villa Maguana, Guantanamo. Cuba

    • PROVINCE: Guantanamo Cuba
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  • Description Hotels: Villa Maguana, Guantanamo. Cuba

    In a natural surrounding, this beautiful hotel is 12,43 miles from the city of Baracoa, on a pristine white-sanded beach.Villa Maguana offers accommodations, meals à la carte with a varied menu specializing in seafood and fish, snacks, national and international drinks, making it an ideal place to enjoy the best beach in Baracoa. Accommodations: The hotel has 16 rooms spread over four blocks of two floors, each room with a maximum capacity of 2 people.

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    Baracoa Airport

    Gustavo Rizo Airport (IATA: BCA, ICAO: MUBA) is a regional airport that serves the town of Baracoa in Cuba. This is a small airport that operates with national flights. Located west of the bay near the Hotel Porto Santo and about 4 km (2.5 mi) NNW of Baracoa. Although flights are infrequent, Aero Caribbean and Aerogaviota fly here occasionally, from Havana, and the fare is very reasonable.

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    Hotel El Castillo. Baracoa. Guantanamo

    Finca Duaba Restaurants Finca Duaba Restaurants

    Carretera a Santa Rosa, Mabujabo. Baracoa, Cuba
    (5321) 645372 2km 905m

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  • Villa Maguana it is located in the province of Guantanamo.

    Guantánamo is the eastern most province of Cuba. Its capital is also called Guantánamo. Other towns include Baracoa. The province has the only land border of the important U.S. Navy base at Guantánamo Bay. Guantánamo's architecture and culture is unlike the rest of Cuba. The province is only 80 kilometres (50 mi) away from Haiti at its closest point, across the Windward Passage (close enough to see lights on Haiti on a clear night). Guantánamo also has a high number of immigrants from Jamaica. Many buildings are comparable to those of the French Quarter of New Orleans in the U.S. stateof Louisiana.

    The Nipe-Sagua-Baracoa mountains dominate the province, dividing both climate and landscape. The northern coast, battered by prevailing winds, is the wettest part of the country, while the south, sheltered and dry, is the hottest. The north is characterized by rainforests, while the south is arid and has many cacti. The province of Guantánamo is the Eastern one in Cuba. It is characterized by having a mountain surface which provoked the isolation of the rest of the island for more than four centuries.

    Known by the establishment of the US Naval Base in the village of Caimanera in 1902, this beautiful land counts with great impressive places where you can enjoy an unforgettable holidays. The location of the place has promoted the characterization of the province by its beautiful virgin beaches such as Playa Duaba Beach, Playa Nibujon Beach or Playa Maguana Beach; well-preserved natural reservations such as the Alejandro de Humboldt, Boca de Yumurí or the Yunque National Parks, and the cities founded by the Spanish such is the colonial city of Baracoa and Guantánamo.

    The colonial city of Baracoa is the most visited one, standing out its fortresses which surround it as the Matachín Fort, the Punta Fort or the Seboruco Castle. Currently, the communication infrastructures are good in this province, since it counts with two airports and an important road with the Farola Viaduct, a true engineering work.

    Visit one of the most famous unknown areas of Cuba and discover its absorbing history and the beauty of its nature which is part of its spot.

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