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  • Varadero Beach - Playas del Este

    Private transfer / 1-2 Persons

    Direct transfer Varadero Beach - Playas del Este in a Private Taxi with Transtur Company. The estimate distance is 165 KM.

    Total price: €€140 One way Book Add to Cart
  • Distance from Varadero Beach to Playas del Este, 165 KM
    How much a taxi cost from Varadero Beachto Playas del Este, 140 €
  • Varadero Beach

    Varadero is the famoust beach in Cuba and one of the most important destinations in the Caribbean. Varadero is the main tourist destination of the country. Its total area is 14.4 km square and its most important natural potential is the beach that is 20 375 m long with a sand strip of around 22 km wide and an average dune height of 1 m.

    Playas del Este

    Eastern beaches, at just 25 kms from Havana, Cuba´s capital, has an important potential for national and international tourism all year long. Bacuranao, Tarará, Mégano, Santa María del Mar, Boca Ciega and Guanabo constitute a 20 kms sandy beaches
    coastline which daily receive thousands of Havana inhabitants and foreign visitors. It happens mainly in summer, although in Cuba it is possible to enjoy the beach during most of the winter.

    Coral reefs near the coast, on the limits of the platform, proper for diving and snorkelling and a marine at Tarará, available for all types of nautical sports are some of the attractions here. Hotel rooms, villas and comfortable houses also invite you to rest and and privacy with relatives and friends. At night local bars and cabarets offer an entertaining and varied show.

    The green of its natural environment and the blue of the sea will make of your stay here a pleasant experience. No wonder Eastern beaches are a wonderful option.