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  • Caguanes National Park | Province: Santi Spiritus

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  • It is located to the north of the central region of the country, also known as Cayo Caguanes; with an extension of 22 690 hectares. This is a very important place from the ecological point of view, since it is located in a mangrove, with a maximum height of 25 meters above sea level. It outstands for its speleoarcheological values, with a cavern system of abundant archeological sites, pictographic murals and sunken caves with rich and varied flora and fauna, including the fresh water sponge, well known all over the world.

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  • Hotel Las Dunas - V. Clara

    Martí No.152 e/ Calixto García y Camilo Cienfuegos
    (5342) 350380 17km 144m

    Hotel Ensenachos

    Cayería Norte
    (5342) 350353 17km 654m

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