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Areas of Natural Interest: Massif of Guamuahaya

Massif of Guamuahaya

Destination: Cienfuegos Ciudad
Open: Daily
Address: Escambray Mountain. Cienfuegos. Cuba


The most important mountainous group of Central Cuba. It is characterized by steep peaks and deep intramountainous valleys, by its exuberant vegetation, its endemic species of flora and fauna, waterfalls and natural pools, its cavernous systems and its natural pathways that run all over this landscape. In the Martin Infierno Cave, one of the biggest stalagmites in the world can be found with a height of 67.20 meters. El San Juan is the tallest summit of the Escambray, measuring 1156 mts. The most attractive zones are: El Nicho, Topes de Collantes, San Juan Peak, and the Hanabanilla dam. The most spectacular waterfalls are Los Desparramaderos and Tres Deseos in El Nicho, respectively. In Topes de Collante it is El Caburní, Rocío and Charco Azul. The visit to these mountains also permits that you get to know the rural life associated with coffee plantations and other agricultural activities

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