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  • Nature Trails: Sabanalamar Trail

    Sabanalamar Trail

    • Destination: Pinar del Rio
    • Open: Daily
    • Address: Pinar dle Rio
    • Telephone:
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  • Description

    This footpath is through a white sand forest, typical of the western of Pinar del Río. A 30% of endemic in the flora, characterized by the endemic premises like the potbellied palm exist in the zone (Colpothrinax wraitii) the Hipericum and the Plinea.

    The fauna is very diverse, between the birds we found cartacuba (Todus multicolor), tocororo (Priotelus temnurus), tomeguín (olivacea Tiaris), the totí (Dives atroviolaceus), the carrier (Sauthera Merlin), the kestrel (Falco sparverius), the sijú (Otus lawrenci) and other species of migratory birds that are observed according to the season.

    Time 2 hours
    Longitude 3000 mtrs
    Capacity 10 pax
    Complexity Medium

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  • Sabanalamar Trail is located in Pinar del Rio
  • Because of the richness, variety and excellent preservation of its flora and fauna, Pinar del Río is called "the garden of Cuba." UNESCO has declared the Guanahacabibes Peninsula and the Rosario Mountain Range biosphere reserves, and the Viñales Valley a world cultural heritage. The land in which the world's best tobacco is grown also offers you wonderful opportunities for scuba diving, hunting, fishing or simply relaxing and tanning at the beach.,

    Since the 19th century, Havana residents have been drawn by the natural beauty of Vueltabajo, and they have flocked to Los Portales Cave, to San Diego de los Baños, to receive the benefits of its mineral-medicinal and thermal waters; and to the Viñales Valley, to gaze at its natural beauty.,

    Pinar del Río is just 174 km (108 miles) from Havana. A good highway links the two cities. The architecture in its historic center is eclectic, and its low houses in gentle colors, whose porches seem to form an endless gallery, have great charm. On the outskirts of the city, modern buildings break its horizontal lines. ,

    When visiting Pinar del Río's provincial capital, be sure to tour the Guayabita del Pinar Distillery, where the drink of the same name is still made by hand, following an age-old recipe; the Guash Palace, the Milanés Theater and the Rumayor Cabaret.,

    Quiet, comfortable hotels have been built in some of the most beautiful spots in Pinar del Río, to facilitate your enjoyment of Nature. Cayo Levisa has a delightful, sunny beach, and the province also offer excellent opportunities for scuba diving, hunting and fishing.