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    Car Rental MG3 Cuba

    Car Rental MG3

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    FAQs for Car Rental

    How can I rent a car at Cuba Tech Travel?

    By renting a car at Cuba Tech Travel we are offering you responsibility in the first place, and a response as sincere as possible, we have no intention of selling for selling, we want you to be really satisfied with our service. We know that there are some irregularities in income in Cuba, which may be the result of overselling or lack of availability due to the large number of requests. Our intention to help you, always with the truth.

    Is insurance included in the price of the car rental?

    On the website, in each particular case of the selected car, it is indicated if the insurance is included in the price. In the event that insurance is included, only the security deposit (which is returned at the end of the rental) and the fuel will be paid at the renter's office

    Should I prepay my car rental in Cuba?

    Payment of the car rental is made in advance, with a credit card, through online payment. Once the reservation is confirmed, our team will contact you by sending you the confirmation and rental information, at the same time you will receive an email with a payment link executing the closing of the reservation.

    What should I take into account when renting a car in Cuba?

    It is important at the time you pick up the car, at the rental office, once you complete the contract information, take your time, carefully examine the vehicle to find out about scratches, dents, broken lanterns, existence of spare parts, and others . Then be sure to tell the renter about these signs and that they are endorsed in the contract.

    Are there charges for cancellation of a rent confirmation in Cuba?

    In most cancellations, the full amount is refunded, less the credit card commission percentage that the bank deducts in the collection and refund of the fund. This policy is when the reservation is not within the penalty date range established by the provider, which will adjust to it, without agency charge.

    Are there mandatory requirements for car rentals in Cuba?

    You must have at least two years of experience as a driver that is corroborated with the validity of your driving license and only people with more than 21 years of age are opened a contract for the rental of Auto.

    What should I do if I have an accident or breakage?

    You must immediately inform the sales office belonging to the RENTER through the phones registered in the contract document.