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  • Cayo Coco

    Cayo Coco | Province: Ciego de Avila

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    Cuba, a tourist attraction par excellence, has expanded its offers beyond its limits by adding unexplored islets and keys for the enjoyment of vacationers.North of the Cuban eastern province of Ciego de Avila is one of the fastest-growing destinations in the Island's tourist sector, the Jardines del Rey (King's Gardens) archipelago.

    According to legend, the exuberant nature of such islets as Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Paredon Grande led Conquistador Diego Velázquez to name that region in honor of Spanish King Fernando the Catholic.The region's tourist infrastructure has grown dynamically, and the sector's main target is to build more than 20,000 rooms, in addition to a modern airport, ports, nautical bases, natural parks and, of course, to implement ecotourism programs.Jardines del Rey's closeness to a 400-kilometer coral reef, considered the second largest in the world - after the one in Australia, gives a touch of class to the region's tourist offer, with a wide range of diving activities in warm and crystal-clear waters.

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  • Cayo Coco Airport

    Cayo Coco Airport    Lat:22.46640    Lon:-78.33070   See Google Map

    Jardines del Rey Airport (IATA: CCC, ICAO: MUCC): is an airport situated on the Island of Cayo Coco, in the Ciego de Ávila Province, Cuba. Has improved the international connections to the destination and has reduced the travelling time (90 kilometers) taken to reach the final accommodation.The airport is closer to the final tourist destination.

  • Parque El Baga

    Parque El Baga    Lat:22.51950    Lon:-78.43250   See Google Map

    Parque Baga, is located in Key Santa Maria, it crosses a mosaic of six vegetal formations of great scientific value where in these conditions the plants grows very little, and doubtless aesthetic value because it simulates a small and natural field of bonsais

  • Marina Cayo Coco

    Marina Cayo Coco    Lat:23.04000    Lon:-80.31833   See Google Map

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  • Airports: Cayo Coco Airport

    Cayo Coco Airport

    Jardines del Rey Airport (IATA: CCC, ICAO: MUCC) is an airport situated on the Island of Cayo Coco, in the Ciego de Ávila Province, Cuba. The airport was inaugurated on December 26, 2002, replacing the earlier Cayo Coco Airport 10 km (6.2 mi) to the west. The airport is the only one in Cuba that has a shared administration with Aena, a Spanish company that manages 47 airports in Spain, twelve in Mexico and three in Colombia. Thousands of Canadian and European holiday makers pass through the airport every year. The airport serves holiday makers bound to both Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Coco. VIP Lounges: The Airport has two VIP lounges, one belonging to Cubana de Aviación. The lounges provide tea/coffee, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, snack bar, restaurant, TV, video, magazines/newspapers, check-in at class-differentiated counters, immigration and onboard control and flight information. Services Bank office: The airport has a bank office that is open 24 hours a day. This is the only office in the Keys that offers bank service on weekends. Shop: The airport has two duty-free shops and one point of sale for books and music in the international departures area as well as a point of sale of drinks and cigars, in the check-in area. Snack bar and restaurant Nursery: At the disposal of the clients, there is a free service of nursery school, equipped with toys and attended by personnel of the airport.

  • Beaches next to Cayo Coco
  • Flamenco Beach Flamenco Beach

    Lat:22.54413   Lon:-78.42935 

    See Google Map

    With its turquoise waters and shimmering white sand, this undeveloped Cayo Coco beach will feel like…

    Pilar Beach Pilar Beach

    Lat:22.61020   Lon:-78.70250 

    See Google Map

    Bordered by large sand dunes and cliffs, this beach of incredibly fine white sand is kissed by the warm…

  • Interesting Place next to Cayo Coco
  • The Pedraplen The Pedraplen

    Lat:22.28801   Lon:-78.53160 

    See Google Map

    First stone road over the sea built in Cuba. It is 17 km long at Perros Bay and unites Jardines del…

    Los Buchillones Los Buchillones

    Lat:22.38540   Lon:-78.79790 

    See Google Map

    The archaeological place "The Buchillon, located on the north coast of the province of Ciego de…

    Moron Rooster [ Gallo de Moron ] Moron Rooster [ Gallo de Moron ]

    Lat:22.09222   Lon:-78.63018 

    See Google Map

    Time has not been able to erase the night of May 2nd of 1982, when the Morón Rooster, in the…

  • Museums next to Cayo Coco
  • Moron, Municipal Museum Moron, Municipal Museum

    Lat:22.10810   Lon:-78.62680 

    See Google Map

  • Areas of Natural Interest next to Cayo Coco
  • El Baga Natural Park El Baga Natural Park

    Lat:22.51950   Lon:-78.43250 

    See Google Map

    El Bagá Park, located on the northwestern tip of Cayo Coco, is a new offer in the Jardines del…

  • Nature Trails in Ciego de Avila
  • Palmar de las Cotorras Trail Palmar de las Cotorras Trail

    See Google Map

    Located to northeast of Ciego de Avila province in the Loma de Cunagua Protected Area.This footpath…

  • Birdwatching Trails in Ciego de Avila
  • Laguna de la Leche Birdwatching Trail Laguna de la Leche Birdwatching Trail

    See Google Map

    Milk lagoon is located between Moron City and Jardines del Rey Tourist polo. This natural acuatorium…

    Baga Park Birdwatching Trail Baga Park Birdwatching Trail

    See Google Map

    El Bagá: Located in El Bagá Park in Cayo Coco. Bird-watching of both land and water species,…

    Los Tocororos Birdwatching Trail Los Tocororos Birdwatching Trail

    See Google Map

    Los Tocororos/ Palmar de las Cotorras: located in the "Cunagua" Wildlife Reserve. On this…

  • Car rental offices next to Cayo Coco
  • Hotel Playa Coco Car rental officeHotel Playa Coco Car rental office

    Carretera Cayo Guillermo km 12 Cayo Coco
    033302245 4km 835m

    Hotel Blau Colonial  Car rental officeHotel Blau Colonial Car rental office

    Hotel Blau Colonial, Cayo Coco
    033301277 11km 472m

    Hotel Trip Cayo Coco Car rental officeHotel Trip Cayo Coco Car rental office

    Hotel Trip Caco Coco, Cayo Coco
    033301230 11km 534m

    Sol Club Cayo Coco Car rental officeSol Club Cayo Coco Car rental office

    Hotel Sol Club Cayo Coco, Cayo Coco
    833302244 12km 707m

    Melia Cayo Coco Car rental officeMelia Cayo Coco Car rental office

    Hotel Melia Cayo Coco, Cayo Coco
    033301200 12km 829m

  • Restaurants next to Cayo Coco
  • Ranchon Flamingo Restaurants Ranchon Flamingo Restaurants

    Cayo Coco. Ciego de Avila, Cuba
    (5333) 301049 4km 426m

  • Currency Exchange next to Cayo Coco
  • Hotel in Cayo Coco Cuba
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  • Ciego de Avila
  • Cayo Coco it is located in the province of Ciego de Avila.

    In the 19th century, immigrants from Haití, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Barbados arrived to the province, bringing with the a vast amount of cultural curiosities, like the cricket from Baraguá, voodoo from Venezuela, country from Majagua or fireworks from Chambas. Thanks to all these peculiarities, these immigrants made Ciego de Ávila become one of the most interesting provinces of Cuba. But, it was not until 1975 when this province stopped being a passing-through area to become a place of settlement. This happened when they started to build ambitious tourist resorts in Coco Cay and Guillermo Cay.

    In the city of Ciego de Ávila you’ll be able to visit cultural sites like the Simón Reyes Provincial Museum or the Raúl Martínez Provincial Art Gallery, but also to get lost on its beautiful streets and visit its newly-made Boulevard. If we move to the area of Morón, the atmosphere changes, having the chance to do lots of things, most of them related to nature. Don’t miss visiting Leche Lagoon, La Redonda, Loma de Cunagua Hill or Turiguanó Island. In Turiguanó is located El Pueblo Holandés (The Dutch village), a small village with Dutch architecture in the heart of Cuba.

    But no doubt, the strong point of Ciego de Ávila is its hidden paradise. It fine-grained sand and turquoise waters beaches, surrounded by lush vegetation will surprise you. Coco Cay and Guillermo Cay house numerous beach and hotels, being one of the most demanded tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

    Ciego de Ávila is one of the provinces of Cuba, and was previously part of Camagüey Province. Its capital is Ciego de Ávila, which lies on the Carretera Central (central highway), and the second city is Morón, further north. The province was separated from Camagüey Province in 1975 by the government. Off the north coast of the province, some (cays) of the Jardines del Rey archipelago are being developed as tourist resorts, principally Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo. The south coast is characterised by mangroves. Between Morón and the north coast are several lakes, including the Laguna de Leche (the Lagoon of Milk, so called for its white appearance because of large lime deposits underwater) which is the largest natural lake in Cuba.