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  • Guardalavaca

    Guardalavaca | Province: Holguin

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    In over 25 miles (40 kilometers), the northern coastline of Holguin has 41 beaches. Guardalavaca and Esmeralda are the most popular beaches among foreign tourists. Pesquero Beach has scores of fascinating natural sites, both under and above water; Don Lino Beach combines open areas, architecture and the natural surroundings; and Blanca Beach is very close to Cayo Bariay, where Admiral Christopher Columbus first set foot on Cuban soil, during his first voyage to the New World. Cayo Saetía is northeast of Holguín. This natural spot has 12 virgin beaches.

  • Scuba Diving next to Guardalavaca
  • Eagle Ray Scuba Diving Center Eagle Ray Scuba Diving Center

    Lat:21.12346   Lon:-75.83369 

    See Google Map

    Description of the Scuba-Diving Area The diving Area is 11 miles (18 kilometers) long, with a seabed…

  • Beaches next to Guardalavaca
  • Esmeralda Beach Esmeralda Beach

    Lat:21.11323   Lon:-75.86995 

    See Google Map

    Known as Emerald Beach because of the deep green of its waters, this beach that lies on the coastal…

  • Interesting Place next to Guardalavaca
  • Bariay Bariay

    Lat:21.07430   Lon:-76.01400 

    See Google Map

    This the most beautiful land human eyes have ever seen" were the first words pronounced by admiral…

    Gibara Town Gibara Town

    Lat:21.11014   Lon:-76.13025 

    See Google Map

    Port city that in the late 19th Century was the main access by sea to the eastern region of Cuba which…

  • Museums next to Guardalavaca
  • Chorro de Maita  Musuem Chorro de Maita Musuem

    Lat:21.08370   Lon:-75.81600 

    See Google Map

    It is the result of an exhaustive local archeological research that has taken more than 80 years. It…

    Rafael Freyre, Municipal Musuem Rafael Freyre, Municipal Musuem

    Lat:21.02880   Lon:-75.99470 

    See Google Map

  • Areas of Natural Interest next to Guardalavaca
  • Bahia de Naranjo Natural Park Bahia de Naranjo Natural Park

    Lat:21.10300   Lon:-75.87710 

    See Google Map

    The area takes almost a 1 000 acres of land with lots of vegetation. In the coastal area there are spots…

    Bariay National Park Bariay National Park

    Lat:21.07430   Lon:-76.01400 

    See Google Map

    The Parque Nacional Monumento Bariay was erected in 1992 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Columbus’…

    Silla de Gibara Silla de Gibara

    Lat:21.02667   Lon:-76.08861 

    See Google Map

    "La Silla de Gibara": the first Spaniards who came to the Island gave that name to the height…

  • Nature Trails in Holguin
  • Salto del Guayabo Trail Salto del Guayabo Trail

    See Google Map

    This footpath is located in the La Mensura National Park on Pinares de Mayarí. Waterfall…

    Las Guanas Eco-Archaeological Las Guanas Eco-Archaeological

    See Google Map

    This winding trail near Playa Esmeralda takes you past 14 endemic plant species and leads to a spectacular…

  • Restaurants next to Guardalavaca
  • El Ancla Restaurants El Ancla Restaurants

    Playa Guardalavaca. Holguin, Cuba
    (5324) 430381 20km 394m

    Mirador de Mayabe Restaurants Mirador de Mayabe Restaurants

    Villa Mirador de Mayabe. Holguin, Cuba
    49km 744m

  • Currency Exchange next to Guardalavaca
  • Hotel Ríos de Oro Currency Exchange Hotel Ríos de Oro Currency Exchange

    Playa Esmeralda
    (5324) 430079 3km 902m

    Hotel Río de Luna Currency Exchange Hotel Río de Luna Currency Exchange

    Playa Esmeralda
    4km 614m

    Hotel Río de Mares Currency Exchange Hotel Río de Mares Currency Exchange

    Playa Esmeralda
    (5324) 430089 4km 614m

    Hotel Playa Turquesa Currency Exchange Hotel Playa Turquesa Currency Exchange

    Playa Pesquero
    (5324) 433880 6km 810m

    Hotel Playa Costa Verde Currency Exchange Hotel Playa Costa Verde Currency Exchange

    Playa Pesquero
    (5324) 433845 10km 345m

    Hotel Villa El Bosque Currency Exchange Hotel Villa El Bosque Currency Exchange

    Ave. Jorge Dimitrov
    (5324) 481012 49km 357m

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  • Holguin
  • Guardalavaca it is located in the province of Holguin.

    Holguín is one of the provinces of Cuba, the third most populous after Havana and Santiago de Cuba. It lies in the southeast of the country. Its major cities include Holguín (the capital), Banes, Antilla, Mayarí, and Moa. The province has a population of slightly over one million people. Its territory exceeds 9,300 km2 (3,600 sq mi), 25 percent of which are covered by forest. Christopher Columbus landed in what is believed to have been today's Holguín province on October 27, 1492. He declared that it was "the most beautiful country human eyes had ever seen". The Holguín province was established in 1978, when it was split from the Oriente region. Like much of Cuba, Holguín's economy is based around sugarcane, though other crops such as corn and coffee, as well as mining, are also large earners for the province.

    A large cobalt processing plant with shipping facilities was built at Moa, using foreign investment, much of it from Canada. Chromium, nickel, iron and steel plants dot the province as well. The province of Holguín is the third biggest one in Cuba and as the years go by it has become one of the main industrial areas of the island. The beauty of its fields and beaches has turned this province into the third touristic pole of the country. Holguín covers lengthwise the different municipalities which compose it imposing natural parks, such as the Cristóbal Colón Natural Park which, at the same time, hosts perfect natural enclosure for the ecotourism as it can be the Bariay National Monument or the Naranjo Bay Park.

    In the capital city, also named Holguín, you will appreciate a rich architectural structure which goes back to the 19th century, such as La Periquera, the Calixto García Park, the San Isidoro Cathedral or the Julio Grave de Peralta Park, among many other historical places in the city.

    In the city of Gibara, you cannot miss visiting the Villa de Gibara, where it is still preserved its fascinating colonial structure and is kept in good condition the only Stately Home from the colonial age in the whole province of Holguín. This charming Villa hosts each year the Cine Pobre Film Festival, one of the most awaited Gibarense events.

    Other important places are the Finca Mayabe Ranch or La Loma de la Cruz Hill, both close to Holguín. Another important areas are the ones of Birán, birth city of Fidel and Raúl Castro Ruz; or Banes, also known as the archeological capital of Cuba, which counts with imposing archeological remains and with perfect natural spaces to get in touch with nature.

    For the sun and beach lover, along the different areas of Holguín, you have the possibility of enjoying delightful beaches such as Playa Esmeralda Beach, Playa Pesquero Beach or Playa Guardalavaca Beach where you can do different aquatic activities, among many other. You can also visit the Green Reservation Playa de Caletones Beach, in which salty natural pools have created due to old landslides from some galleries.

    The province of Holguín has a huge cultural wealth and samples of this are the ton of events celebrated along the year in institutions such as the Casa de la Trova ‘El Guabayabero’ House, to perpetuate the Cuban music; the Cine Pobre Film Festival in Gibara, or the cultural activities promoted by the different municipalities. Furthermore, among the most outstanding activities of Holguín, you will find the Carnival Festivity, which takes place in the third week of August.

    Tourism has only recently begun to be developed, offering beach resorts in the outskirts of the region, with a number of hotels around the Guardalavaca area, Playa Pesquero, and Cayo Saetia. The Cuchillas del Toa Biosphere Reserve Sierra Cristal National Park and Alejandro de Humboldt National Park are partly located in the province. Recently a large number of tourists are being reported to have had visited the city and its rich culture and beauty