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Excursion City Tour Moron (Half day) Ciego de Avila Pick Up From Cayo Coco

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  • Pick Up From: Cayo Coco
  • Excursion Place: Ciego de Avila
  • Hours: 4
  • Allow Kids:
  • Days: 1
  • Minimal Pax:1
  • Kind of excursion: City
  • Pick up time:09:00:00
  • Description: City Tour Moron (Half day)

    Visit to Moron City, the nearest to Cayo Coco tourist region. Horse Buggy rides all over the city with free time downtown. Panoramic visit to Poblado Holandés. Boat ride on La Redonda Lagoon channels with a drink and a snack.

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  • City Tour Moron (Half day) is located in Ciego de Avila
  • It covers an area of 6910 square km (2670 square miles) and has a population of only 500,000, accounting for the lowest population density in the country. Seventy-two percent of its soil is of top quality, and 82 percent of the territory consists of a gently rolling plain. Most of the buildings in its capital city have large porticos, arcades, columns and tiled roofs. The city's main artery is Independencia (Independence) Avenue, on which you will find the Principal Theater, the Raúl Martínez Art Gallery, the José Martí Park, San Eugenio de la Palma (the city's patron saint) Cathedral and a large number of shops, cafeterias and restaurants. The city's traditional arts and crafts fairs are very popular.,

    The province has large reserves of underground water and many mirror-like lakes, among which the best known are the Laguna de la Leche and La Redonda lake. Its two most important cities are Ciego de Avila, the provincial capital, and Morón, where rural traditions are deeply rooted.,

    The pineapple, the queen of fruits, is the symbol of this region.

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    City Tour Moron (Half day) - City
    Excellent Karyb

    Jungle Tour:
    This is a half day trip. We got to drive our own speed boat through the mangroves (very fun!!!) and then docked to snorkel through the mangroves. It was very, very fun and the fish were great. Definitely be prepared and bring bread and bananas with you from the breakfast buffet.

    Excellent Ivan

    Trip to Moron
    We then travelled to the city of Moron. It was interesting to see all the houses and farms along the way. It was so different and we could definitely tell that we were in a country much more different from Canada. At times it felt like we had gone back 50 years in time. When we got to Moron we went on a buggy ride through the streets. Our tour guide had warned us that when we got to Moron, we would have kids come up to us begging for money, etc. We expected to see cute little kids. Well, these "kids" turned out to be guys who were teenagers and early-mid 20's. They followed the buggy on their bicycles or ran along-side it and gave me and the other woman flowers - but they wanted money from us! They were very polite though, calling us "miss and ma'am" and calling our husbands "sir". We then had free time in Moron and our tour guide took us to a friend of his' house where they make and sell cuban souvenirs. The prices were very cheap and we bought some gorgeous souvenirs - all hand made and put together very well. Our tour guide then left the four of us on our own to do some sightseeing and shopping. To be honest, we were pretty nervous about this. The locals were walking beside us asking us for pesos (money) and one guy asked me if he could have my gold earrings. I told him "no", so he asked if I could give him one and he could have the other one. I had to say no again. While this was going on, another guy was asking my husband for his shirt! Then they tried to sell us things but we had to keep saying no to them. It was a bit frightening for us, but I don't regret going to Moron at all. It was the real Cuba and I got to see how these people live and what their lives are like. It was sad too, but it also gave me a deeper appreciation for the life that I have back at home. I recommend this trip to all first-timers vacationing in Cuba - it's a real eye-opener that everyone should experience.

    Excellent Candy

    City Tour Moron
    Morón is also the place to head for a spot of culture, being where you will find the Museum of Archaeology and History (Museu de Arqueologia e Historia), which stands alongside the old Railway Station. At the museum you can expect to find information about the history of the islands of Jardines del Rey, with some important pre-Columbian relics being showcased and accompanied by local archaeological finds. Not to be missed is the rooftop lookout, a popular vantage point boasting excellent panoramas across the town.

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