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  • Puerto Padre. Sugar & Sea

    Puerto Padre. Sugar & Sea

  • Description: Puerto Padre. Sugar & Sea

    In this charming coastal municipality, the visitor will get an explanation about the sugar cane harvesting processes, as well as about its transportation to sugar mills (with the possibility to taste the sugar cane). Includes the visit to La Loma Fortress or Salcedo Castle, built on the highest part of the city, and to Casimba del Malecón, where the story of this spring water is told. Seafood lunch. Free time.

    • Destination: Puerto Padre
    • Hours: 8
    • Allow Kids:
    • From: Las Tunas
    • Days: 1
    • Minimal Pax:
    • Kind of excursion: Nature
    • From: Pick up time:08:00:00
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  • Puerto Padre. Sugar & Sea is located in Puerto Padre
  • This is a beautiful city that proudly shows off its beautiful bay and the cleanliness of its streets. Over 40 000 people inhabit this town that treasures beautiful history the most significant of which if the imposing Fortress on the Hill (Fuerte de la Loma) –today converted into a museum-, built in the XIX century by the Spanish colonialists in the highest part of the region, the first place proclaimed a National Monument in Las Tunas. The municipality is known as the Blue Villa of the Windmills (Villa Azul de los Molinos) due to the large amount of these contraptions that existed and are still preserved in the city. The area also features a beautiful sculptured ensemble of Don Quijote de la Mancha, as well as a beautiful seawall (malecón), some 600 metres in length, together with a spring of fresh water in the sea, which is surprising due to the sweetness of its waters.