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  • City tour Cienfuegos

    City tour Cienfuegos

  • Description: City tour Cienfuegos

    Enjoy the neoclassical style and French influence found in the facades with arches, glass stained windows and fences. Visit to the historic center, a unique 19th Century monument declared National Monument for its architectural values. The tour includes the Jose Marti Park, the Purísima Concepción Church, visit to Tomás Terry Theater, to the Cultural Goods Cuban Fund, to the Mesón El Palatino, the Provincial Museum and La Union Hotel. It is followed by a tour getting the Paseo del Prado, the longest in Cuba, heading to the residential area of Punta Gorda passing by the great view of  Cienfuegos' malecon and Jagua Bay.

    Visit to Cienfuegos Club, for the best in nautical activities. Visit to Palacio de Valle, a 20th Century architectural jewel with an eclectic style. Includes: Transfer in/out, guide, cocktail at Palacio de Valle.

    • Destination: Cienfuegos
    • Hours: 4
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    • From: Cienfuegos
    • Days: 1
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    • Kind of excursion: City
    • From: Pick up time:08:30:00
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  • City tour Cienfuegos is located in Cienfuegos

    French émigrés from Bordeaux and Louisiana founded the settlement of Fernandina de Jagua on a large, calm bay on the Caribbean Sea on April 22, 1819. In 1830, when it was upgraded to a town, its name was changed to Cienfuegos, in honor of José Cienfuegos, the Governor-General of Cuba. Fifty years later, it was proclaimed a city and, for its beauty, was called "the pearl of the south." By the end of the 19th century, it had become the fourth most important city in the country.,

    Considered the crowning jewel of Cuban architectural in the 19th century, Cienfuegos stands out for the perfect design of its streets and for the refinement and good taste of the buildings in the historic center of the city, which has been declared a national monument. When visiting, stop by the Casa del Fundador (the Founder's House); Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción (Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception) Cathedral; the Tomás Terry Theater; the Ferrer Palace; and the José Martí Park, which contains the only arch of triumph in Cuba.,

    Other attractions include the Prado Promenade, the Valle Palace, the museums of Naval and Provincial History, and the Reina (Queen's) Cemetery.,

    Farther out from the center of the city, tour the Nuestra Señora de los Angeles de Jagua (Jagua for short) Fortress, the Tomás Acea Cemetery and the Botanical Gardens.,

    In addition to these cultural and historic attractions, Cienfuegos has excellent facilities for scuba diving and other water sports, nature tourism and thermal baths.