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Green Moray Scuba Diving Center, Cayo Guillermo. Cuba

Description of the Scuba-Diving Area The diving area is two nautical miles north of Guillermo Cay, between El Perro and Caimán Cays, at a beautiful coral reef where many species of fish, gorgonians, spongesandoysters live.

Vessels Description: One 41 - foot ship and one 13 - foot launch Capacity per day: 30 pax Number of departures per day: 2

Services Types of dives: reef and drift scuba diving Scuba-diving courses: resort and all other levels, including all levels of instructors' courses and specialties Equipment rental

Useful Information Hotels cuba-diving center transfers included Number of diving sites: 27 International certif ication: ACUC .

Accommodations: Meliá Cayo Guillermo, Sol Club Cayo Guillermo and Iberostar Daiquirí Hotels
Other information: You must present your passport before scuba diving.
Recommended Diving Sites El Acuario, La Morena, El Perro, LasGorgonias, Media Luna, La Jaula

Mapa de Green Moray Scuba Diving Center

Green Moray Scuba Diving Center is located in Cayo Guillermo

In past centuries, corsairs and pirates who plied the waters of the Old Bahamas Channel used to seek refuge here, on the cay's off the northern coast of Ciego de Avila Province. Now, the sound of the waves forms a peaceful backdrop, and there’s nothing more relaxing than watching the sun go down by the shore of the sea, soaking up the peace and quiet. Or you can explore the surrounding seabed, with its coral reef and many other species of marine life. Of all the islets in the Jardines del Rey Archipelago, Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo are particularly beautiful.

Cayo Coco has 13.6 miles (22 kilometers) of fine white sandy beaches. Warm and safe, the water surrounding the cay has an average temperature of 82.4º F. (28º C.), which makes it ideal for swimming and diving. On land, the lush green vegetation is in a wide range of hues, the perfect antidote to the pressures of city life. It is the permanent or temporary home of countless endemic birds, including Roseate Flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber), whose largest colony in Cuba is here. You can reach Cayo Coco by sea, air or land, for it is linked to the island of Cuba by a 21-mile- (34-kilometer-) long highway, half of which is a stone causeway that was built in 1989.

Cayo Guillermo is a tiny bit of land that is the perfect place for getting away from the modern world. It has a beach a little over two miles (three and a half kilometers) long and is famous for its extensive sand dunes. Other cays and islets in the Jardines del Rey Archipelago, such as Cayo Paredón Grande (which has a lighthouse) and Cayo Romano , will also enchant you with their natural beauty and silence.

In addition to these natural attractions, there are hotel and extrahotel infrastructures that will guarantee the success of your stay—whether for business or pleasure—in Cuba. The four- and five-star beach hotels blend with their surroundings; restaurants offer a wide variety of succulent international dishes that are given an extra tang by the sea breeze; and cabarets, party rooms, business facilities and other services integral to modern life are also available


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