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  • Cuban Keys: Las Brujas Key

    Las Brujas Key, Villa Clara. Cuba

    • Destination: Villa Clara
    • Open: Daily
    • Address From: Cayo Las Brujas, Villa Clara
    • Telephone:
  • Description Cuban Keys: Las Brujas Key, Villa Clara. Cuba

    In northern central Cuba and as part of the Villa Clara Keys stand tall-named after the province itself. It's an arch of keys and islets crowned by the Las Brujas keys, dotted with unexplored beaches, peculiar wildlife and a flora that stocks species of timber trees, ornamental plants and medicinal shrubs. A long and safe 30-mile road over the sea -winner of the Alcantara Bridge Awards to the Best Civil Engineering Work in Iberia-America due to a harmonious blend of nature and engineering-hooks up the keys with the main island. Its 46 bridges allow water exchange between both sides of the pathway, a reason why life has never stopped blooming there. In addition, the Las Brujas Key's airport -where large and mid-size jetliners touch down- makes communication with the country's different travel destinations a whole lot easier.

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  • Las Brujas Key is located in Villa Clara

    To the north it limits with the Atlantic Ocean; to the west with Matanzas; to the south with Cienfuegos, and to the east with Sancti Spíritus provinces. This is Villa Clara, a destination with more than 800 000 inhabitants in a territorial surface of 7 943 , Km². You can reach it by plane through the airport of the provincial capital and the one in Cayo Las Brujas, both for medium and small size airplanes.

    By road you can get here through the National Freeway and the Central Highway. The city of Villa Clara opens up to tourism with a solid proposal supported by the virginity of its keys, more than 17 , Km of paradisiacal beaches and its historical-cultural patrimony that enhances all the natural attractiveness of the territory.

    Among the main exponents we have Ernesto Che Guevara Memorial where the Heroic Guerrilla fighter's remains rest next to those of his comrades from Bolivia. The monument depicting the derailing of the Armoured Train, a place linked to the Cuban recent history, is another of the places related to the figure of Che.

    Places such as La Caridad Theatre, National Monument and a symbol of Cuban neoclassical architecture, the existence and permanency of one of the oldest universities in Cuba, Leoncio Vidal Park, the boulevard, José Martí Library and the Museum of Decorative Art, are cultural emblematic places of the city. Next to it, we have the city of Remedios, the eighth village founded by the Spaniards in the Island and where the Parrandas de Remedios, one of the oldest popular festivities in Cuba, are originated. In this city there is also located the biggest Parochial Church (16th century) with its Baroque altars laminated in gold, it is the most valuable exponent in the city, where the famous musician Alejandro García Caturla was born.

    On the north coast of the province, Santa María, Las Brujas and Ensenachos keys are located, well-known as La Rosa Blanca de Jardines del Rey, deal for the practice of diving. A travel around the spa of mineral-medicinal waters of Elguea and a boat ride on the great artificial lake, a stay in Villa La Granjita, and a typical Cuban lunch Black River at Villa Clara's Escambray, are options to keep in mind for those who arrive to the most central province in Cuba.

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  • birdsofafeather1
    Review about Cuban Keys: Las Brujas Key
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    Las Brujas Key
    if you find yourelf around santa clara then you are pretty close to the keys, it's worth going here for some beach time, beaches here are fantastic, and las brujas doesn't have hotel, hence no tourists.

  • birdsofafeather1
    Review about Cuban Keys: Las Brujas Key
    Awfull Very good

    Booked Villa Las Brujas at a tourist desk in the Florida Hotel in La Habana. The lady was very nice and helpful and spoke good English and I'm sure that if she had known all the facts she would have advised us to purchase something different from what she sold us. Money: dual currency: Peso Convertible, tourist currency, exchange rate July 2007 1 Euro= average 0.95 Peso Convertible, 1$US= 0.87 Peso Convertible. This is the money that is accepted by the locals if you are a foreigner. Peso Cubano, only for locals, exchange rate 1 Peso Convertible= 24 Pesos Cubanos. We booked 8 nights B&B at Villa Las Brujas for 2 people. It was recommended to us that we should book the package with dinner included (which was thought to be a buffet dinner) as the hotel was far away from a town and other restaurants. A list was produced that showed how much one had to pay extra per day for dinner. The prices on the list were in accordance with the number of stars that the hotel had been given. Villa Las Brujas was classed as a *** Hotel and the cost of dinner was 17 Pesos Convertibles per person per day, almost the equivalent of 17 Euros. When we arrived we found out that there was no buffet and that eating ala carte would have been much cheaper on a non-prepaid basis (most days we didn't eat for more than about 10 Pesos Cubanos per person) and frequently the food that we had chosen was not available, a common problem in Cuba. Also the food was mostly not very nice, European in price but not in standard. What really annoyed us was that there were two menus, one for the prepaid and another one for pay-as-you-go guests. The ala carte had a larger choice and we were not allowed to select food from there even though it would have been within our prepaid budget. Unique Quality: Cabanas between mangroves with own bathroom, TV, air conditioning, quite spacious, quite clean. Boardwalks through mangroves connect the cabanas to eachother and to the restaurant as well as to the beach. No swimming pool (who needs one with the most beautiful warm water and white long sand beach within walking distance) but two jacuzzis at cabana level. Stairs from boardwalks down to beach. Beautiful view over ocean and beach, fantastic sunsets. Problem is the wild life namely the mosquitoes and sand flies that inevitably live in the mangroves. Without wind it was almost unbearable to stay out in the open (beach as well as restaurant) even though the 'mossie man' came and poisoned the air every day. As I got the hives from our insect repellent I unfortunately had to spend a significant part of my time indoors unless I was in the sea.The restaurant service ranged from reasonable to indifferent, depending on what team of waiters was on in the restaurant and how tired the waiters were. We were satisfied with the hotel as such but the annoying experience with the food did take some of the enjoyment away.