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  • Discotheque: La Rumba

    La Rumba, Varadero Beach. Cuba

    • Destination: Varadero Beach
    • Open: Daily
    • Address From: Carretera Las Americas, Km 3, Varadero Beach. Cuba
    • Telephone: (5345) 668210
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  • La Rumba is located in Varadero Beach
  • Varadero is the famoust beach in Cuba and one of the most important destinations in the Caribbean. Varadero is the main tourist destination of the country. Its total area is 14.4 km square and its most important natural potential is the beach that is 20 375 m long with a sand strip of around 22 km wide and an average dune height of 1 m.

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  • birdsofafeather1
    Review about Discotheque: La Rumba
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    Dancing all night
    La Rumba. La comparsita: NIGHTLIVE IN VARADERO. First the party change by the day in Varadero so you have to ask the locals. La rumba Most Tourists than locals come to this club. Its $10 to get in , includes 5 pesos in beverages .Music is great,you could ask the dj some music if you want...its crowded sometimes so you should wear ligth clothes cose its very hotttttttttt. La red Cuban discotec, if u wanna met cuban people go there , the music is like la Rumba , very corwded so u should go early to get a nice place , close at 2 pm . La comparsita Open cealing bar , so its not so hot as the other , first live latin music , adn then the party start , we loved that place !! You should pay 10 cuc to get in and all drink are included All bars in varadero are open until 2.30 pm , bad news ...but some people go to calle 32 or 62, dont remember ...the after is there, tourist and cubans people drinking and listening music in the street =) Ahhh if u wanna eat at 5 am , go to mediterraneo Have fun!

  • birdsofafeather1
    Review about Discotheque: La Rumba
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    La Rumba: dancing
    La Rumba: One of the biggest clubs in Varadero besides International. When i went there were maybe 10 people inside cus apparently thursday is not the night to go to La Rumba as the day before i went there people were standing in the street for hours to get in

  • birdsofafeather1
    Review about Discotheque: La Rumba
    Awfull Very good

    Wild night out
    La Rumba is a pretty wild and exciting bar on certain nights of the week. They have a bubble machine on the ceiling, and the dance floor was about a foot deep with bubbles while we were there. If you're okay with the concept of "anything goes" then you will probably have a fun time at La Rumba.