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Ernesto Che Guevara Memorial Museum, Villa Clara. Cuba

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  • Plaza de la Revolucion Ernesto Guevara, Villa Clara. Cuba
  • Destination: Villa Clara
  • Open: Daily
  • Telephone: (5342) 205878
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Solemn place located at the entrance of the so-called City of Che. The memorial is the burial place of the heroic guerrilla leader and most of his comrades killed in the Bolivian jungles during the second half of the 1960’s. The monumental complex was the idea of Jose Delarra and has become a place of obliged visit for tourists coming to the city.

Mapa de Ernesto Che Guevara Memorial Museum

Ernesto Che Guevara Memorial Museum is located in Villa Clara


To the north it limits with the Atlantic Ocean; to the west with Matanzas; to the south with Cienfuegos, and to the east with Sancti Spíritus provinces. This is Villa Clara, a destination with more than 800 000 inhabitants in a territorial surface of 7 943 , Km². You can reach it by plane through the airport of the provincial capital and the one in Cayo Las Brujas, both for medium and small size airplanes.

By road you can get here through the National Freeway and the Central Highway. The city of Villa Clara opens up to tourism with a solid proposal supported by the virginity of its keys, more than 17 , Km of paradisiacal beaches and its historical-cultural patrimony that enhances all the natural attractiveness of the territory.

Among the main exponents we have Ernesto Che Guevara Memorial where the Heroic Guerrilla fighter's remains rest next to those of his comrades from Bolivia. The monument depicting the derailing of the Armoured Train, a place linked to the Cuban recent history, is another of the places related to the figure of Che.

Places such as La Caridad Theatre, National Monument and a symbol of Cuban neoclassical architecture, the existence and permanency of one of the oldest universities in Cuba, Leoncio Vidal Park, the boulevard, José Martí Library and the Museum of Decorative Art, are cultural emblematic places of the city. Next to it, we have the city of Remedios, the eighth village founded by the Spaniards in the Island and where the Parrandas de Remedios, one of the oldest popular festivities in Cuba, are originated. In this city there is also located the biggest Parochial Church (16th century) with its Baroque altars laminated in gold, it is the most valuable exponent in the city, where the famous musician Alejandro García Caturla was born.

On the north coast of the province, Santa María, Las Brujas and Ensenachos keys are located, well-known as La Rosa Blanca de Jardines del Rey, deal for the practice of diving. A travel around the spa of mineral-medicinal waters of Elguea and a boat ride on the great artificial lake, a stay in Villa La Granjita, and a typical Cuban lunch Black River at Villa Clara's Escambray, are options to keep in mind for those who arrive to the most central province in Cuba.

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Review about Interesting Places: Ernesto Che Guevara Memorial Museum
Average Ruth T

“Museum of Che Guevara ”
Interesting place to view history, Would suggest hiring an English speaking tour guide before you go as no one there speaks English. Most of displays are translated but you cant get the real feel for what it means. Free Be prepared to hand over your bags, camera's etc before entering the museum itself - no photography allowed in museum or... More 

Very good AfromN

“History ”
We stopped by this site when driving into Santa Clara. So important to the history of Cuba. It's majestetic, and the small museum gives you a peek into how the days were during the revolution.

Very good SanctuarySeeker13

“Impressive site ”
This museum comprised the monuments plus a collection of memorabilia from the Che era. It is well laid out however there is little information linking the artefacts to their role in history.

Very good Sarah R

“It's worth the visit! ”
I have visited the Che Guevara Mausoleum twice, and found it to be very interesting! It's a very touching visit, and it's great to know more about such an important person in Cuban history. It's a must-visit when in the Santa Clara area.

Very good shay55

“Impressive ”
This site is well worth a visit, the Che statue is quite impressive as is the mausoleum and museum. Nobody bothers you here as there is an army presence which deters the usual hawkers etc.

Very good Helen C

“Che Guevara mausoleum ”
This place is amazing and certainly helps you understand the importance of Che to the people of Cuba - but it had been raining when we went so mausoleum and museum shut - disappointing.

Very good Wms3070

“He's a national hero ”
Good exhibition of the role played by Che in Cuban Revolution. Good photographs too. Well air condition museum.

Very good Jimtraj

“Pay respect to a visionary ”
This small Museum provides you with documents about the life and items belonging to Ernesto Che Guevara.Worthwhile to visit!One will acquire much information about the revolution in Cuba.

Very good Harris H

“Che is Cuba ”
How can you not visit Che's museum? A man also responsible for the shaping of Cuba and an icon for revolution around the world. The museum is not very big but it has some extraordinary and rare photos and personal belongings of Che. The mausoleum has a very intense atmosphere and you can see the graves of Che and of... More 

Very good ABC18

“Worth visiting if in Santa Clara ”
We visited in the pouring rain and took some very atmospheric photos of the huge statue of Che with a stormy sky behind. Underneath the statue are two rooms: one is a small museum containing photos and artefacts relating to Che's life (with some captions translated into English) and the other is a mausoleum with an eternal flame and plaques... More 

Very good keesvk

“Che religion ”
Santa Clara is Che-city, And like you won't skip the Vatican visiting Rome, you don't want to skip the Museum of Che Guevara. The Museum part is well to do: one hall with pictures, Che paraphernalia and explaining texts. The other entrance gives access to the mausoleum where the bones of Che and his Bolivian comrades rest and the eternal... More 

Excellent Hazel F

“History in the raw ”
On our trip to Havana we stopped of at the che gavara monument, it seems impossible not to get goose bumps when you are at the shrine of such a place in Cuban history. The soldiers and leaders of such a powerful people make you think of all the possibilities that still move these people.

Excellent Hailsk2411

“Fascinating ”
Very interesting place. Very well done and very moving. Was a good place to reflect on life and how different life is for Cubans.

Excellent Emelyn D

“Inspiring! ”
Seeing this made me develop a little crush on the man. Really wanted to learn more about him. The depth of Cuban love for him can really be felt at this place. It's almost religious.

Excellent AliWestCountry

“On my bucket list for ages & it surpassed all my expectations ”
A stunning place in honour of my hero Ernesto 'Che' Guevara x A quite place to reflect, with a tear in my eye.

Excellent Flavia V

“Pretty awesome history! ”
This is the city I am from and I absolutely love coming to see this monument! You must come and visit the museum as well. Since I was little we always visited here and it's pretty nice. You can bring a picnic and have fun with your family!

Excellent Sun-SeekerCalgary

“Very Interesting ”
I didn't know too much about the history of Cuba, just the generic information that we all know so this was good to see and read because he is such a big part of the Cuban history

Excellent JeaneD2013

“Not to be missed ”
Any visitor to Santa Clara should visit this museum, regardless of your views of Che. Be sure to ask a guide to explain the symbolic elements of the Che statue of the plaza adjoining the monument. Cool bookstore too.

Excellent Hazel F

“It's like being inside a cave ”
The history sort of hits you.its like being inside a cave at the burial site right inside the monument, the women that gave their lives for these men also stand a place inside this tomb history could have been so different if it wasn't for these soldiers.

Excellent RonWamberal

“So much to learn ”
An amazing experience - there is more to Cuba than Havana and this memorial puts so much in perspective. The photos are graphic and telling and the mausoleum shows the reality of the history.

Excellent bustersmum

“An ambition fulfilled ”
For as long as I can remember I have wanted to visit this place.This is a place where you can learn so much about cuban history as well as view many of the personal artefacts owned by Che himself.The guides who work there are very informative and help explain as best they can the items to view.

Excellent Mavromata K

“Exceptional ”
We were honored to have had the chance to visit this museum. We learned so much about the revolution.

Excellent squajackyl

“Great experience. ”
It is one of the most important place in Cuba. Here you can see how much Che Guevara have been great for the Cuban history. It can be seen from the dimensions of the mausoleum, from the many people there and the atmosphere in there. The museum inside the memorial is very interesting and shows the many things from Che's... More 

Excellent Mary38677

“A must for any history lover ”
Che went to Cuba to help with the struggle and was made an honorary Cuban ,he is well loved and respected and this Memorial Museum is dedicated to him .

Excellent MStJB

“POWER to the People! ”
A place where we had to make a pilgrimage. A giant square reminiscent of Independence Square in Kiev or Red Square, Moscow. Built in 1987 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Che?s murder in Bolivia by the CIA. A giant, powerful bronze statue of Che towers over the square, whilst below in an air-conditioned mausoleum, 38 graves of Che?s men... More 

Excellent Lucie A

“Worth the visit ”
It was a special place to visit. Che Guevara remains are there now. The large bronze statute outside is amazing.

Excellent Mario M

“Che and the Revolucion ”
This museum depicts Che Guevara's contribution to the cuban Revolucion. Plenty of pictures, arctifacts and guns ...

Excellent RonWamberal

“A moving and emotional experience ”
Should not come to Cuba without visiting this museum - gives you a wonderful understanding of Cuba's history - some telling photographs puts so much in perspective. Easy to get to from Havana so should be a must on any visit.

Excellent emrystravel

“Che hero-worship ”
The Che Museum and the neighbouring mausoleum are really revered in Cuba, more like sacred religious sites than anything for tourists. Be respectful here, I think you could get into trouble if you were not. No cameras, backpacks etc in either - but there is a free place to deposit them which I was told is safe. Che was a... More 

Excellent Mary38677

“A must if you are interested in a Cuban history ”
A interesting museum dedicated to one of Cubas most well known fighters ( although he wasn't Cuban ) .The artefacts are well displayed and very interesting , Well worth visiting .

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