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  • Hotel Club Amigo Faro Luna

    Club Amigo Faro Luna Hotel Cuba

    • Destination: Cienfuegos Ciudad
    • Address: Carretera Rancho Luna Km.18 Cienfuegos.Cuba
    • Phone: (53-43) 54-8012
    • Accept child:Yes
  • Description: Club Amigo Faro Luna Hotel Cuba

    Faro Luna Hotel, an ideal haven for diving enthusiasts, was built in a small cove on Cuba's southern coast. It is 20 kilometers away from the city of Cienfuegos and close to Rancho Luna Beach, provides visitors with excellent and personalized services.

  • Food Facilities

    The hotel provides its guests with its own bar and restaurant.

  • Airports next to Club Amigo Faro Luna
  • Airports: Cienfuegos Airport

    Cienfuegos Airport

    The airport is at an elevation of 31 m (102 ft) above mean sea level; it has one runway designated 02/20 with an asphalt surface measuring 2,400 m × 45 m (7,874 ft × 148 ft). Jaime González Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto "Jaime González"[2]) (IATA: CFG, ICAO: MUCF) is an international airport that serves Cienfuegos,] a city on the southern coast of Cuba, and capital of the province of Cienfuegos.

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  • Punta Gorda Car rental officePunta Gorda Car rental office

    Punta Gorda. Cienfuegos
    043551211 9km 328m

    Hotel Jagua Car rental officeHotel Jagua Car rental office

    Hotel Jagua, Cienfuegos
    043552014 9km 794m

    Hotel La Union  Car rental officeHotel La Union Car rental office

    Calle 31 esq A-54. Cienfuegos
    043551645 12km 319m

    Aeropuerto Cienfuegos Car rental officeAeropuerto Cienfuegos Car rental office

    Carretera Caonao km 7 Cienfuegos
    043524289 13km 253m

    Aeropuerto Internacional Cienfuego Car rental officeAeropuerto Internacional Cienfuego Car rental office

    Aeropuerto Internacional Cienfuegos
    043552309 13km 253m

  • Gas stations next to Club Amigo Faro Luna
  • El Trébol Gas stations El Trébol Gas stations

    Carreteras Cuatro Caminos. Cienfuegos City. Cuba
    (5343) 551706 15km 233m

  • Restaurants next to Club Amigo Faro Luna
  • Palacio de Valle Restaurants Palacio de Valle Restaurants

    Calle 37 esq. a 0, Cienfuegos. Cuba
    9km 665m

    Club Cienfuegos Restaurants Club Cienfuegos Restaurants

    Ave. 37 e/ 8 y 10, Cienfuegos City
    (53432) 512891 10km 200m

    El Nicho Restaurants El Nicho Restaurants

    El Nicho, Escambray Carretera Trinidad, Km 59, Cienfuegos. Cuba
    30km 504m

    Villa Caburní Restaurants Villa Caburní Restaurants

    Topes de Collantes. Sancti Spiritus. Cuba
    +(53 42) 54 0330 41km 887m

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    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Club Amigo Faro Luna Hotel
      Awfull Awfull

      “One star awfulness.”
      We should have been staying somewhere else but got transferd here instead. Room awful, t.v. hanging off wall room small, but there was water!!. To reach the room we had to climb a stone staircase with a handrail that was completely loose, an accident waiting to happen.We all had a special dinner in a private room which was good but the next morning the free for all at breakfast was unbelievable. Food ran out, crockery ran out, we had to use each others cups etc. we had to queue to even get a slice of toast. Thank God we were only there 1 night. There was absolutely no customer service at all. This is not uncommon in Cuba we found it pretty well everywhere we went in Cuba. Cubans get paid a pittance to serve "us rich" as we were frequently called. It has got a long way to go to achieve a viable tourist industry.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Club Amigo Faro Luna Hotel
      Awfull Awfull

      “A lovely situation - maybe there'll be a hotel here one day ”
      We were supposed to be staying in Cienfuegos, but we heard from the tour agent the day before we left UK that we had been transferred to this "hotel", and was somewhat concerned that they felt it necessary to give us a range of "compensations" for the change. I was right to be concerned. Not only was this place around 15 miles out of Cienfuegos, making you a virtually prisoner for the evening, but the state of the "accommodation" was awful. It is a shame as it occupies a lovely position with superb views over the Caribbean. On our way to it, our tour guide said that it did (at least) have one advantage over the hotel we were supposed to stay at in that it had a pool. He was right, but that was of little value to us in that the very basic square pool was empty! Nevertheless there were two beaches which looked quite attractive from the distance - I say from the distance as the small one appeared to be completely fenced off from the hotel, and the large one only seemed accessible by going back to the main road, quarter of a mile or more down the drive of the property. So, it was back to the "room" - we did not have a very good start to the room, in that we opened the door to find a gecko running across the floor. However, there was a balcony with a lovely view over the sea - unfortunately, this came with a flurry of mosquitoes, an extremely rusty air-conditioning unit which appeared to be about to fall off the wall, and a door which would not shut. The air-conditioning at least did work (albeit somewhat noisily) and we had a fridge in the corner of the room, although the electrics connecting it to the wall would fail any health and safety regulations. As to the bathroom, the less said the better - it appeared to be decorated by a 3-year-old (although that's maybe unfair on 3-year-olds) with paint slopped everywhere, and we were unable to tap into any hot water after 10 minutes or so in the evening and again the next morning. Finally, the breakfast was easily the poorest we encountered in a fortnight in Cuba and the "breakfast experience" was dominated by the swarms of flies on the food! As to service, we did not really experience any - the tables at breakfast were left with dirty plates on them for long periods, and although we did get drinks at the bar the previous evening, the service was somewhat haphazard with the bar staff uncertain who they were serving! Altogether not to be recommended - fortunately we only had it for one night.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Club Amigo Faro Luna Hotel
      Awfull Awfull

      “Don't stay here! ”
      Moved here after hotel booked in central Cienfuego got overbooked. How this place got 3 stars I don't know! It was dirty, ants in the bed, ac unit made so much noise we got no sleep or boiled. beds so uncomfortable ended up sleeping on the floor. The pool was empty and the only way to the beach was to walk back to the main road and then around. Only place I've stayed with chickens/horses etc wondering around the grounds. Food was covered in flies so didn't have any! Of the 2 weeks travelling around Cuba this was undoubtably the absolute worst, avoid if at all possible!

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Club Amigo Faro Luna Hotel
      Poor Poor

      “Lots of great places in Cuba ... this is NOT one of them ”
      Two stars at best. Hotel is about a block away from the actual beach, which is really one of the worst beaches in Cuba. Maybe the diving is OK (I did not try it) but it is very inferior to the beautiful beaches of Varadero, the Cuban cayos, even Guardalvaca. A lot of the hotel's clients seemed interested in drinking as much as possible and being loud ... in contrast were the other clients who were clearly disappointed with their choice. The rooms were very basic. Some of the staff were friendly and helpful (the norm for Cuba) but others seemed tired and weary of the trailer-park Canadians who were plentiful. Cuban food is not the greatest but gets better when 4 or 5 stars. Another 2 star indicator for this hotel although a fresh omelette (tortilla in Cuba) or fried egg is pretty much the same wherever you go. The nightly entertainment was a joke ... often it is very good in 3 star or more Cuban hotels featuring groups who tour to various hotels. But at this place the "house group" must have run out of ideas .. little more than a bingo game for a bottle of rum. The pool was a simple rectangle model with no ambience or style. So... unless you have a girlfriend or boyfriend iln Cienfuegos that you want to entertain on the cheap, Club Amigo is a good place to avoid. There is free parking with a more or less mandatory $1 per nght fee to ensure the security guys actually protect your high priced car rental.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Club Amigo Faro Luna Hotel
      Average Average

      “Quiet Hotel - good staff - no dedicated beach ”
      This hotel seems to accomodate a lot of coach tours fro one night and on those nights the restaurant does a full buffet with a good choice of salads etc. On other nights there is a choice of chicken or pork which can get monotonous but you don't go to Cuba for the food. The hotel is great is you want to lie by the pool and indulge in the all inclusinve bar but some areas are now derelict as it's sister hotel Rancho De Luna has opened about 1km down the road. Rancho is a much busier and lively venue with entertainment etc and it appears that Faro Luna is now only open 4-6 months of the year. We went for the diving and the dive centre is at Rancho de Luna but it is only a 15-20 min walk down the beach and we would not have wanted to stay at Rancho! The staff were helpful and courteous.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Club Amigo Faro Luna Hotel
      Average Average

      “Fine hotel for peace and quiet ”
      This is a small resort, as mentioned, perhaps 40 occupied rooms with one dining room and bar. The store was in the process of re-opening as we left so at least basic items will be available on site instead of a 15 minute walk to Rancho Luna. Speaking of Rancho Luna, if you're dead set on being in this area, try to find a package to Rancho Luna instead. It's a far bigger resort, that implies certain problems, but at least it offers a variety of activities to keep kids and adults occupied. It's important to note Faro Luna offers NO activities such as watersports, dancing lessons, nightly entertainment, bingo, general Spanish lessons or fitness programs. You are completely on your own to find something to do while here. The resort appears deserted most of the time, the dining room is quiet, the bar is dead as is the pool. I don't know where the patrons go during the day but they are hard to find. The food is below par compared to other similar star resorts I've been at. It's bland, sparse, repetitive and not well prepared for the most part. Most of the staff are pleasant and try to make your stay enjoyable but beware, there are a few who ignore your drink request with a shrug and "machine broken" response. This is not a family resort nor for singles looking for fun, it's best visited by those who want a quiet place to sit by the ocean and pass the time. I've noticed there a quite a few cheap deals to Faro Luna, so if price is an issue you may consider it worthwhile after debating if the lack of activities will compensate for saving a few dollars.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Club Amigo Faro Luna Hotel
      Average Average

      “A Quiel Cuban Resort ”
      Little to no recent information is posted on Faro Luna. The size of this facility probably is a prime contributor to this fact. In addition, trying to write a comprehensive report is proving to be rather challenging. Although a number of shortcomings can be easily listed which would put a very negative spin on the place, we actually had a great time. It is hard to convey this feeling in a few lines. Given the strong support we have received on other detailed reports we have posted, we have decided to take the time to share our thoughts. For those wanting only the bottom line, here it is. This resort is a very quiet place and not particularly suitable for individuals looking for a vacation and/or party atmosphere. Many of the typical complaints surrounding Cuban resorts can be easily found at this resort. If you are looking for rest and relaxation, a place to gather your thoughts, this might be a good budget priced facility to consider. The food is rather repetitive but well prepared. For us, price would be a prime consideration in booking a return visit to Faro Luna. CUBA: Just like all hotels are not suitable to all travellers, so are countries. Cuba has been the subject of a trade embargo for close to 50 years. To think that it has not had an effect on many things we take for granted is rather naïve. We happen to think Cuba is a great destination and find new reasons each time we go. Others appear to focus their attention towards criticism and/or complaints. After awhile, it gets rather monotonous. The pricing should be your first clue. In this case, if it sounds too good to be true then take for granted it is. People, please do your homework and either stay at home or find a more suitable destination. Is Cuba for You? The following are some of the more common irritants: Things are of a low quality, missing or broken. Well, ?Welcome to Cuba?. If this bothers you or if it is a problem, then use your head and feet rather than your mouth! If you complain, you only have yourself to blame. It should not come as a surprise as there is no shortage of information. So, on occasion expect a cold shower assuming there is even water. Do you actually think there are no bugs, insects, etc. in warm, humid climates? If there are none then, what chemicals are they using? We would prefer to see the odd bug rather than worry about what unknown substance we are breathing. The buffet is repetitive, bland, they run out, they don?t have my favourite salad dressing/condiment or they serve funny things. First, you do not go to Cuba for the food. Second, do you constantly need to put everything in sight on your plate? If there is a problem with hygiene or some other factor that could adversely affect our health then, we are all ears. Beverages such as beer, wine and soft drinks run out or the coffee machine does not always work. The drinks don?t taste like they do at home (watered down). The bartender does not know how to make a good drink. Actually, he/she probably does, the problem is American products are not available and Cuban substitutes are generally inferior. They have no diet drinks. They only have those little plastic cups. Again , if this is a problem then why are you going? The staff do not speak English and only work if you give them tips, etc. Sorry, this can be true but, our experience is the attitude of some people makes them their own worst enemy. First, do you speak Spanish? Second, English you say, well what about those who speak French , German, Dutch, Italian or ??..? How about a smile instead of a frown and the occasional please or thank you. Bottom line, we have had occasion to be appalled and embarrassed to admit we are from the same country as some people. Canadians are often identified as preferred tourists but some seem to work hard to tarnish our image. We do not tip repetitively, but we do show people common respect and by the end of our trip, we have shown our appreciation to those who helped make our trip enjoyable. The list could go on and we apologize for the lecture. The point is, these are some of the more typical issues to expect in budget priced resorts in Cuba. In our view, this applies to anything less than 4 stars. Actually, as they get older, we would include most 4 star resorts. Please do your homework. It is well worth your time and effort. If you are still reading and wish to know something about Faro Luna, this is what we experienced during our recent visit. Before Leaving: Sunwing has a good section on restricted items that will be confiscated without return by Cuban customs officials. If you are not familiar with the rules, you might want to peruse them otherwise, it could be costly. Keep in mind this is Cuba so, make sure you bring all the items you need. The brand name products we use are for the most part produced by American companies hence, not available in Cuba. Things like over the counter medications and sun screens are good examples. Also, make sure you are conversant with airport security rules ( hand luggage) otherwise, banned items will be confiscated. Take CANADIAN MONEY. US money is subject to a 10% premium on exchange. Also, credit cards drawn on US financial institutions or their foreign subsidiaries do not work. Example of popular ones in Canada are AMEX, CITI, MBNA. Cards issued by Canadian banks work. Forget ATMs and travellers cheques (typically issued by US based financials) You will require your passport for credit card withdrawals as most Cuban banks will require that you present proper identification. You may be able to provide a photocopy which is a good thing since, the reps typically suggest it is not wise to take your passport off site. The lowest exchange rate we got was $1.12 Canadian for $1.00 Convertible Peso (CUC). The airport is a good place but keep in mind there is a minimum 7% (rounded) spread between Buy and Sell. Sometimes paying a little more actually ends up costing less. Also, the hotel appears to convert cash only and all excursions are cash only payments at this location The departure tax is $25.00 CUC per person ( cash only). The Trip: You will be provided a two sided tourist visa that you will be required to complete. Sunwing staff took us through it. If you make any mistakes, you will have to purchase a new one from Cuban Customs at a cost of $20.00 CUC. This also applies to any scratched out items. Also, the second part that is returned to you is required upon departure. Do not lose it. One solution is to place it immediately in your passport. The Location: It is slightly remote but far less than others we have visited. The immediate area has a little village and is a 10 minute walk from Rancho Luna. In the past, you could use both facilities. This year, you are no longer permitted and the security guards are constantly on the watch. Less than 5 minutes off site there is a diving shop and a dolphin pen to visit. Admission is $10.00 CUC per person plus a small charge for camera and/or film equipment. Concerning personal security, there was considerable police presence off site and guards on site. The locals we encountered during off site walks paid little attention to us. There is a little store near the main entry and articles (liquor we are told) are actually very well priced. Occasionally , there is a horse drawn taxi at the front entry for local tours. The Hotel Complex: The good news is that it is less than 30 minutes from Cienfuegos airport. Be careful, since some flights land in other cities and the travelling time can be long. The hotel comprises 3 distinct buildings which house some 40 units. Virtually, all have great ocean views. The surrounding area makes for a great setting and the sunsets over the lighthouse can be spectacular. The 200 block appears to be most coveted. We were in a second floor 300 unit which also had a great view. Many elements of the hotel including our room were modernizations. In typical Cuban fashion, things are done in stages and items that are still in relatively good shape are recycled. There is one dining room and a pool bar that serves snacks. Actually the snacks are simple to remember, a ham and cheese sandwich. Your option is plain or grilled. You could ask for either the cheese or ham to be removed for greater variety!! There is a basic store on site and a lonely animator. The bar is equipped with a music system that is simply too small to crank out very loud sounds. You will have to find the maid for beach towels. The pool is in good shape and there is more than sufficient loungers, chairs and tables. Actually, there are seldom more than a dozen people in the pool area during the day. There is no direct beach access as the property is located on a bluff with a rocky shoreline. Less that 5 minutes away, there is a decent public beach. The hotel provides no services on this beach but there are local services available at moderate prices. Cubans use this beach especially on weekends so, you will find yourself having to share space. Sadly, some people seem to have an issue with being close to them. We were there on several occasions and never had any issues. Our Room: We were in a second floor 300 unit. It was very clean with a lot of new furniture. Ample storage space and a free safety box. Two double beds with low end mattresses and bed long single pillows . Our unit had no fridge but we were told some of the 200 series units did. The wall sleeve A/C unit was quiet compared to some we have had. TV with CNN coverage. Common front balcony ( no dividing wall) with two new chairs and a table per unit. Be selective when you choose to leave the patio door curtains open! The Food: Meal times are posted and the staff observes the times in a very punctual fashion. This is especially true when it comes time to close the doors. Many of the common complaints previously eluded to apply to the food you will be served. They ran out of white wine one day and the coffee machine only partially functioned. This being said, we found the food well prepared and had no problems filling our plate. For the most part, the waiters do not serve beverages. You will find yourself going to the in-restaurant bar to have your glass filled. On occasion, waiters will save you the trip but tipping does not appear to be the prime motivator that produces this courtesy. During busy periods, used dishes can accumulate on your table. Also, if you come late, you may have to scrounge around for missing utensils. There is an outside terrace. Some people use it however, be forewarned that there are a few dogs and cats who call the hotel home. For the most part, they are timid and stay a respectful distance. They will sit around in the hopes of getting some table scraps. If you forget something inside, take for granted a cat will quickly find its way onto any unguarded table. Actually, writing about our experience makes it sound worst than it really was. The Staff: This is a small facility and many of the front line personnel work a double shift followed by a day off. We found them courteous and willing to help. Many can speak English. Any problems we brought to their attention ( no water in our room, no hot water and a broken safe door) were taken care of quickly. Communications: There is no internet access at Faro Luna and we were led to believe none at Rancho Luna. If you want to call home you are strongly recommended to purchase a calling card. They start at $10.00 CUC and basically last 5 minutes. Excursions: Of all the places we have visited so far in Cuba, Cienfuegos is by far the region offering the most varied and among the best priced excursions. Many are offered for less than $20.00 CUC per person. There is even a full day trip to Havana for $33.00 CUC per person but your meal is at your expense. A meal for two in a decent restaurant can cost less than $15.00 CUC but think more in the $25.00 CUC range if you add liquor and/or desserts. Local taxi rides are a function of distance. Many short distance rides are $2.00 to $3.00 CUC. A one way ride into Cienfuegos is $10.00 to $12.00 CUC. Taxis called by the hotel are typically minivans that can easily accommodate 4 adults. If you can hook up with another couple, it reduces the cost . Also, always ask the price first and don?t be afraid to request the lower price when a range is quoted by hotel staff. We encountered people who were charged $2.00 one way and $3.00 for the return trip. If you like the driver, ask if he will pick you up at a designated time and place. We especially liked our self guided tour of Cienfuegos. The taxi driver took the time to map out where to go and the time needed to complete the circuit. If you get tired of walking, there are different types of taxis available. Don?t worry, you do not have to find them, they will find you. If you go to the popular tourist destination of Trinidad del Sur a UNESCO site, expect to be constantly bugged by people looking for anything they can hustle from you . In particular, be leery of little children as they can be used as bait. Sadly, it is a problem! This being the case, we are glad we took the time to visit this location and strongly recommend that if you chose to go that you consider being part of a guided tour ( $13.00 CUC+/- per person). The bus can be a great refuge. Who is at the hotel?: Typically, there are many Canadians from flights arriving from Toronto and Montreal. A good number were taking extensive Spanish courses. On several occasions, small chartered tours used these facilities for one and two day stops. They were typically European from: Spain, France, Germany and England. You will also have some Cuban families who are being rewarded with a state paid vacation . Bottom line: This is not a suitable facility for all travellers. Actually, those looking for a little more action might want to consider Rancho Luna. By the way, you can buy a day pass to Rancho Luna for $15.00 CUC per person (9 AM to 5 PM) all inclusive without room or supper. If a quiet place is something you seek at a reasonable price, you might want to consider Faro Luna. Personally, we would have no qualms returning to this hotel even though we have identified a number of shortcomings. Hope you find the information helpful. Have a safe and pleasant trip.

    • birdsofafeather1
      a question
      Review about Club Amigo Faro Luna Hotel
      Average Average

      “nice but noisy... ”
      nice hotel, preferable to the nearby Rancho Luna. Nice location. However, ask for a room that's not in the main building, since it's really noisy all day/night.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Club Amigo Faro Luna Hotel
      Very good Very good

      “Redirected here - so pleased! ”
      Our group stayed here for 2 nights instead of Jagua, Cienfuegos. We had a lovely spacious room with a large sunny furnished balcony overlooking the Caribbean - all we needed was a fridge & a hairdryer to make it perfect! Staff were friendly & helpful, though we thought we'd started an international diplomatic incident when we took our welcome cocktails up to our room - our tour manager told us that the bar staff were panicking as they have to count all the glasses out & count them all back, & if any are missing their wages are deducted! There was even an inventary in one of the drawers itemising every item in our room, even down to the last coathanger! The food was good by Cuban standards, and although the hotel is approx 15 mins drive from Cienfuegos we appreciated its quiet peaceful situation (with NO amplified music!)after our long days touring.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Club Amigo Faro Luna Hotel
      Very good Very good

      “Staff let the place down ”
      The hotel occupies the beach more or less exclusively and so it is very peaceful and private. There is a very good pool bar which serves hot freshly prepared snacks. Free pedallos, catamaran no charge for sunloungers and plenty of them. Generally food better than other hotels. Staff in main hotel and bars not very helpful. At breakfast they hid the glasses so you had to ask them for juice so you would give them a tip, same with desert spoons and coffee cups. I know they want to earn money but it does get a bit wearing

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Club Amigo Faro Luna Hotel
      Very good Very good

      “This is a quit resort, about 1/2 hour from town”
      We arrived at night at about 10 pm. The first impression was great, the lobby was nice, We arrived with an other couple. We checked in , a busboy took our suitcases and walked us up to the room. The room was great, we settled down with a few drinks from the bar and sat down on the balcony ,then went to bed for a good night rest. The next morning we look out and we where right on the ocean. The advertisement in the catalog from sunwing said "" BEACH FRONT '' well there was no beach ,""I post a foto from the beach front"" We stayed there for seven days, the service was great, the people where great, the place is clean, the water in the pool is cold. The food at the resort for a tree star hotel was good. I you look for a quit vacation and a rest full place,'' THIS IS IT''. we had our 55 year aniversary there, the manager found this out and serve us a scrimp and lobster dinner on a table, special set up in the lobby. Is was great.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Club Amigo Faro Luna Hotel
      Very good Very good

      “Decent Hotel ”
      The best hotel we stayed at outside Havana. We were stung pricewise in Cuba independent travellers seem to have to pay a lot more than those on tours. Recommend booking in advance to negotiate price. The hotel is in a lovely spot, decent mojitos served overlooking the ocean. The beach in front of the hotel is rocky, but there is a sandy beach nearby. The hotel is popular with divers. Rooms are clean and large, staff are OK, food is not too bad for Cuba. We loved just hanging out in Cienfuegos as its unspoiled and has few tourists. If you have a car, its about 10 mins to Cienfuegos from the hotel, if you park in the town square and someone will come over and offer to guard you car for $1-$2.

    • birdsofafeather1
      Review about Club Amigo Faro Luna Hotel
      Poor Poor

      City Cienfuegos are amazing
      Located on a discreet cove in the southern shore of Cuba, you can find the Hotel Faro Luna, the resort is a perfect haven for those who enjoy scuba diving. Next to the Rancho Luna beach, this three star hotel offers you the combination of pleasant lodging and personalized service.