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Las Morlas Hotel, Varadero Beach Cuba. 4 stars,

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  • Destination: Varadero Beach
  • Address: Carretera las Americas, Varadero, Cuba
  • Phone: (53 45) 667230
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Las Morlas Hotel Cuba

    Located only 2.4 miles away from downtown Varadero, a beach resort recognized for its crystal clear waters and thin sand in the area known as La Torre.

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    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    Satellite TV
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    beauty salon, bell boy, board games, buffet, car rental, cyber cafe, disabled facilities, grill, gym, massage, money exchange, motorized water sports, multi-language staff, Piano bar, post office, Reception 24 hrs., safety deposit box in room, satellite tv, sauna, Solarium, taxis, tennis courts, theme Restaurants, tourism bureau,

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    Review about Las Morlas Hotel
    Awfull USSRN1

    “NOT good, cockroaches, dirty beach. ”
    1. Food. Bland, tasteless menu. Only selected number of foods, which NEVER changed during our 10 days stay. Boring. Food sometimes salted too much or has no salt at all. 21 of Aug. there was a "special" breakfast at the restaurant. 21 st anniversary of the hotel. Needless to say that a special was just a word. The food was the same. One day me and my wife were standing and waiting for spaghetti's by the buffet. She saw a COCKROACH. Yes, a good size COCKROACH, crawling on the clean, washed plate by the cook's, stack. Be prepared. People in the hotel take used plastic spoons, forks, and plates out from the garbage and the DO REUSE those. I've seen it myself. Lots of flies on the food and dishes in the restaurant. Nobody cares that files actually bring diseases. " A la carte" Las books are quickly fixed up with a DUCT TAPE. Come on! So pissed off that we left the "restaurant". Horrible. 2. Beach is dirty. Locals come to that beach and leave garbage behind. See pictures. They throw beercans and bottles right into the ocean. I will never even think about going to that place anymore.

    Awfull Mgt_helena

    “Poor customer service ”
    Very rude staff on reception not one bit helpful! We should have stayed in a casa, food grand nothing to rave about, bar staff were ok, ladies in the shops nice but the reception every time was enquire about something was awful. Rude. The beach was beautiful and some of the chefs serving food were nice! Really would need to be refurbished! But the rooms were very clean!

    Awfull CzechDoc

    “Awful hotel, crap food needs renovation ”
    The only good thing I have to say about this hotel is that the staff are excellent with the exception of the 2 girls that work at the front desk who are simply rude and unhelpful. The food is more or less the same every day, poor quality tasteless food. The rooms are very run down, the AC is so loud I could not use it bedding is all cheap and nasty. The pool is freezing cold but look clean ish. They make everything with powdered milk including coffee. No effort is made to stop meat contaminating the vegetarian food. Drinks are crap except in the lobby bar. What pissed me off the most is that you have to pay to use the safe which I did not bother to do. Sadly 2 of my mobile phones went missing. I would consider this to be a low end 3 star not a 4 star.

    Poor jorowlands

    “avoid this hotel was shocking ”
    Just returned from cuba and spent just 1 night at this hotel which i can only describe as the HOTEL FROM HELL the room was filthy our bed loooked like a dog had chewed it, the bath was rusty and filthy and the bathroom disgusting the walls were covered in dirt and the curtains shocking .The restaurant was full of birds eating the buffet tables were uncleared and dirty i have travelled the world and this is the worse hotel i had ever stayed in had booked a 10 day stay and lasted 1 night before i begged the rep to move us avoid at all cost

    Poor Keremakin

    “Worst stay in Cuba”
    It was the worst hotel at our entire Cuba trip. Pros; - Location - Beach Cons - Food We get sick and stop eating from hotel. Last two days ne never eat anything at hotel and went to restaurans in Varadero for all meals. We are not fussy eaters and been worse places but I never been poisoned from food. - Staff - Common areas are dirty Room was OK, but need renovation. Drinks in Lobby Bar were acceptable.

    Poor Calliope_NL

    “Beware the towel lady! ”
    We had a great trip until the last day at Las Morlas when the cleaning woman with the blond hair accused us of only have two beach towels (after she took them and threw them on the floor) when we gave back 3. We then went to the front desk and told the woman (dark hair, tallish and grumpy looking) and she said she received a phone call about our missing towels the day before?!! I have no idea what she was talking about as we just passed in the towels minutes before - so we had to pay an additional charge which isn't a big deal but - I don't like being scammed. Be sure that you count the towels out in front of her before you pass them in otherwise you will be scammed too. We were good tippers (and happy to do it!) throughout the whole trip but this just left a lasting bad impression. The resort itself is run down - it was clean but basic and the owners need to upgrade. The food was good by Cuba standards. Most of the staff were nice (except the front desk woman and cleaner) especially the bartender, Isobel. She was great! Some of the staff hovered over us as they seemed to know we would leave a tip and that was a bit disconcerting! Watch out for high prices in restaurants in Varadero - they seem to have a "special price" for non locals. We have been to Cuba before but it seems less genuine, less friendly and more focused on money than before. Disappointing. The excursions we went on were all excellent - a trip to Havana with Ray and Richard, deep sea fishing and the safari jungle were topnotch - we had a lot of fun but I don't think I will go back any time soon.

    Poor Lia1971

    “Invasion of locals left us puzzled ”
    The second time at this hotel, but it's getting worse. Food is not as good as before, but this was not the issue, considering the location and the looks of the resort overall. In weekend the resort was invaded by locals that took over the pool and the beach, making noise and leaving mountains of trash behind. No one cleaned the pool area for two days, plastic cups were floating in the water and plates with leftovers everywhere. The beach was full of bottles and beer cans left by Cubans. Tip: go to the restaurant as soon as they open. Locals will leave the food trays completely empty. We felt sorry, it seems that they are very hungry, as well they take casseroles of food home for their relatives. This fact leaves tourists with little food to choose from and mixed feelings. Conclusion: will not go again.

    Poor EdParsons706

    “Horrible ”
    Blimey. Where to start? Just dumped off the coach by The Holiday Place Rep. Very matter of fact check in. Room was small dark and dingy AND reeked of cigarette smoke. In fact all the public rooms in the hotel stank of fag ash. Main hotel lobby is dark, crowded and noisy. All rooms overlook main pool/disco bar area so no quiet time. We were offered 2 other rooms by the hotel but they were small and dark as well (though no fag ash smell). In the end we were upgraded free for 1 night to suite while we negotiated another hotel with The Holiday Place. This was nice room with roof terrace etc BUT slap bang next to disco bar (Loud music till 1am) and after heavy rain the sitting area flooded! To their credit the staff were lovely, especially in the restaurant (food distinctly average). Restaurant was crowded and noisy as well. We switched to Blau Marina which was fab - see that review. Would not go back to Las Morlas. Only 2 plus points I can think of are friendly staff and proximity to Varadero.

    Poor h s

    “dated and unfriendly ”
    Front desk people obvious only welcome Eastern Europeans and Caucasians. As a visible minority ourselves, all staff looked at us with strange eyes , rude rude rude.. they were not helpful, they're so cheap, they wouldn't even want to help us by making a phone call to our Westjet Travel agent when the excursions we've paid for did not show up. Everything cost $$$. Like where is the customer service. Housekeeping did not change our bed sheets until we intentional pulled out our sheets, then they finally gave us clean sheet. Ants were infesting our unit, when we called the front desk, one staff came and just used cleaning cloth and wiped them off. TV was not working, repairman had to come three times and finally we get to watched the TV on our last night. Light bulb went off a few times. Like, everyday we say: what else can go wrong? Will never go back this place

    Average elipticaljunkie

    Went with my 16 year old daughter for a week. I would have much enjoyed it if she went to rehab for withdrawl from wifi before we left. In other words, do no take your teen here. I on the other hand enjoyed the small environment, the wonderful staff, the pool, and the amazing beach. the rooms are survivable and the food tolerable. the people I met and visited with here were all on the same page. RELAX. this is not a party place, but fun enough. Great cozy resort.

    Average nadma

    “Disappointing - went downhill since last summer ”
    I recommended and took my friend who had never been to Cuba before for a one week long stay at Be Live Las Morlas last week. I was very much looking forward to staying at this hotel for a week after my 4 days stay back in 2013. I was disappointed! The big disappointment is in the food that was mediocre at best. This hotel, under the Spanish management last May had better food (options, freshness, quality) than most 4.5* I got to. This trip we had to resort to eating rice and cabbage almost every day. The small selection of fruit was mostly over ripen and bad, the meat tough, the potatoes under cooked, the cheese were bad, the pancakes cooked with bad butter, it was a mess. What happened to the elaborate themed and tasteful dishes that used to be served? The Spanish manager has been gone for a while and it shows. Everything else was good at the hotel: rooms were clean, service was good, pool was clean, love the small intimate feel at this hotel. Another bad decision made by the current Cuban management is that of suddenly rotating the staff from their position with the only result being a diminished morale of the staff and of the clients alike. This hotel sees a lot of repeat customers that come to spend time with their favourite staff member who have been doing their job extremely well for decades, as long as 21 years in some cases and they are suddenly pulled from the job they love and exceed at to be placed in an often completely unrelated job. The customers are upset, service is impacted and morale is low. I sure hope the management takes the latest criticism from the customers seriously and make some serious changes or that some other Spanish manager comes and saves this beautiful place before it self destructs. I still had a good time thanks for some of the staff like the lovely "chocolate lady" that was friendly, happy and engaging. Also met other wonderful guests at this hotel. The clientele here is a great mix of europeans, canadians, argentinians and cubans. Thanks Yodimil, Jorge, Yoel, Pedro, Johnny and all the others for your attentive service and smile. Also something to note, they are building a large hotel complex of 900+ rooms right next door. I am sure the quiet side of the hotel will be disturbed when the heavy construction starts and the beach will get crowded when this new hotel opens. I doubt this will be for a few years still. I hope to return one day but I will watch the reviews closely before I decided to try it again.

    Average TrooperMax

    “Great experiance, hotels dated ”
    Cuba is absolutely beautiful, from the sights to the people to the beaches. But don't expect much from the hotels, the country is stuck in the 1950s and the hotels have not been updated since. There are no computers, wifi or any new technology. Just go and have fun on the beach, sleep in the hotel at night. Well worth the visit just don't hangout in the room.

    Average SD222

    “Good Small Hotel ”
    Really a decent small hotel that is close to town. Food could be better but we always found something decent to eat. Staff is really nice, Yoel in lobby bay is one of the best professional servers in Cuba....will always ensure your glass is topped off...really classy guy. So if you want quiet, minimal activities, decent food and easy to walk around hotel then this may suit you...really not for Party type(s) as everything quiet after 11pm ish....though dancers/staff will take u out to party if u want...good time!

    Average Smileypants2014

    “2 week holiday”
    Mixed feelings about this place. Its my first review here but after we left varadero last Thursday there were so many things that I wanted to say so here goes.....The hotel was quiet, very quiet, the entertainment was sparse and eurovision style!!! The beach was fabulous, the staff very friendly, the rooms very basic but clean , the food was extremely bland but plentiful but the eating area was boring ( we never used the restaurant as there was never anyone there and it had to be booked way in advance!) . we took a trip to Giron with a local guide that was ok, but way over proceed . we booked the 2 day trip to Havana which was good, the lunch was horrific so if you go get a good breakfast in , but the hotel nacional in Havana is fantastic as was Club Tropicana. Tipimng is everywhere, even moreso than central America so change your CUC notes into coins asap . Bring toilet tissues and antibac hand stuff everywhere but you have to tip for the loo also anyway! I could go on but Cuba for me was beaufiful people, beautiful beaches, mucho propoganda and tiping .. get there before it changes!!!

    Average johainsworth

    “Good for families ”
    We stayed here for 6 nights in March 14. The rooms are fine, however our view overlooked a building site so contractors were working from very early. I asked to change rooms and the Receptionist said that we could change from the next day as the hotel was full. In the end we didn't bother as we also have a good view of the beach and sea. The food is very bland - especially in the a la cart restaurant. the other main restaurant is buffet style and also had a fresh grill, pizza oven and pasta stand. There was lots of choice, it just was so bland tasting. The restaurant staff were all very pleasant as were the chamber maids - both expect regular tips! One day we left 2 CUCs in a dish in our room and the maid took it, possibly because we had tipped her the day before for taking some laundry. Considering the hotel was full the pool area was very quiet through out the day and also very hot. We soon discovered why when we tried to get a sun lounger on the beach. They were all full constantly. One morning we went to the beach at 8am and all but a couple of sunbeds had towels on them already and no people. The beach is really lovely, the sand is like powder and the warm turquoise sea is shallow until you get far out. There are canoes and pedalows on the beach which can be used free of charge. They were only open on Saturday and Sunday. I'm not sure if it was because of the weather or if they are only available on weekends. The weather wasn't bad but we had a thunder storm one night and the next day the sea had some small waves. On the days the boats were open the sea was like a mill pond so I'm not sure. There are activities during the day such as volley ball, dancing and darts on the beach and in the evenings there is a show put on by young performers. We only saw a couple, the synchronised swimming show was quite impressive. As the hotel is all inclusive the drinks are free flowing however my partner struggled with the fact that beers were served in tiny little plastic cups. Lots of other guests had brought large insulated mugs that they took to the bar to be refilled. On the first day a large bottle of water is left in your room then from there on you need to buy water for your room from the bar- all inclusive??! Its really expensive too at 3 CUCs for 6 small bottles. I couldn't quite work that out. There was also an option to purchase beers and rum for the minibar in the bedroom too.

    Average Karen E

    “Fine for what it is”
    I stayed at this hotel as part of a Cuba Tour, and will admit, that time on the beach was the least interesting part of going to Cuba for me, so I may be a little biased. For what it is, it was mostly fine - the rooms were adequate although the a/c had only two speeds - HIGH and OFF- which wasn't ideal. Two single beds pushed together to make one King was ok with me. And the little balcony overlooking the central courtard / pool area was nice. The pool itself was lovely, as was the beach - equipped with shade canopies and borrowable paddle boats and kayaks and snorkels. The beach itself was beautiful, with warm turquoise water and white sand. The drinks were free flowing, which is nice if you drink - but if you don't it might be less of a draw especially because it means drunk tourists. Staff were friendly, and periodic hotel organized activities like dance lessons and volleyball were a nice touch. I found the food to be mediocre at best. Both the buffet and the sit down restaurant were rather bland, with much of the food overcooked or too long on the steam table. Shortage of fresh vegetables and dairy products (characteristic of Cuba) were evident. The coffee was weak and the milk was powdered. We were glad to discover that the bar had an espresso machine, which became a quick substitute for morning coffee - but no solution for the lack of real milk. The evening entertainment was also mediocre at best. For the life of me I don't understand why this Cuban resort wouldn't feature entertainment in Cuban dance and music forms performed by people who know what they're doing. Instead, the "shows" were amateurish recitals by young and inexperienced dancers featuring poorly choreographed numbers - one night it was in "international" styles - and I have to say that the faux Riverdance made me wonder whether to laugh or cry. Another night it was numbers choreographed to a strange array of show tunes (including two from Cats. Cats. Really?) And another was to rock and roll and disco hits. Following the performance, the dancers go into the audience and aggressively solicit contributions. Which was uncomfortable. Add to that drunk tourists puffing away on too many cigars. Anyway - let's just say this was not my cup of tea. I'm not an all-inclusive beach vacation type of person - so I don't have any comparable experience - I think if I was going to choose that kind of vacation again, I wouldn't do it in Cuba but rather in a place with better infrastructure and resources. And there are too many fascinating things going on in Cuba to spend too much of it drinking rum by a pool (which one could do in many other places). Just my opinion. YMMV

    Average Sokratine

    “Avarage hotel ”
    The hotel is pretty avarage. It must have been a long time since it was given the fourth star, should have been three stars in my opinion. Great beach, and most of the staff helpful. The food was far from great, hardly any taste at all. But I guess that goes for most of the food in Cuba. The safe wasn´t inclued, and the air conditioning was _very_ noisy. Rememeber to bring toilet paper and bare in mind that there are very few atms in Cuba in general (two in Varadero).

    Very good TracyHasTheTravelBug

    “First trip to Cuba--won't be my last!! ”
    We stayed at Las Morlas hotel in Varadero for 10 days in the end of July. This is a small resort with approximately 150 rooms, however most the time they were only at half their capacity.....which was great, as there were always plenty of spots (including shade) at both the beach and pool. The pool is fabulous, and the beach is amazing! The music is lively, and the staff are super friendly. There was always entertainment in the day and also at night. In the day, there were dance lessons, volleyball, and various games (to win a bottle of rum). At the beach there were paddleboats, kayaks, and catamarans that hotel guests could use free of charge. At night there were shows on the stage by the pool, and some days water shows took place in the pool. Awesome awesome awesome location!!! Short 15 minute walk to downtown Varadero (although in July it was way too hot to walk too far) was much easier to take the double decker bus for 5 CUC (for an all day pass) and cabs were relatively inexpensive too. We had a duplex room (two twin beds and a TV and washroom on the main level, spiral staircase leading upstairs to a Queen bed, TV, washroom (with a tub and shower). There was air conditioning and a ceiling fan as well. There was a safe (3 CUC per night charge) and a mini fridge in the room as well. Rooms were clean, beds were comfortable, and as for the food---there was always plenty of selections for everyone, and the menu was changed up a little bit each it never got "boring". People who say food in Cuba is bland---never ate at the Las Morlas, as the meats and vegetables were always seasoned with various spices and herbs. There was a salt and pepper shaker on the table, that we never used once! The pasta station was wonderful, and they always had various grilled meats and fish to choose from, and an omelet station every morning as well. There were always new flavours of ice cream each day, and the staff always went out of their way to make you happy, and accommodate any special requests you may have. This was a truly memorable trip, and we will definitely visit Cuba again!!!

    Very good Ladilaura

    “great spot ”
    On the 7 of May 2014,my wife and I thought we would try Las Morlas,and after 27 trips to Cuba,we found this GEM..If you don.t like this place then there is something wrong with you,not Morlas..sure the food is bland at times,but the accomadations and pool,and beach is second to none.Very clean room,clean pool and beach.staff were outstanding,friendly.Now if your looking for 5 star or more,then pay more somewhere else,and leave ths one for us!!!!In our view,it was at least a 4 to 4 1/2 star...

    Very good Syl652014

    “Highly recommended ”
    Very well situated and pleasant hotel. Extremely friendly staff, comfortable rooms, excellent food and wonderful setting. The hotel is situated not too far from the town and is accessible on foot. It is situated right next to a beautiful beach which is very clean. The swimming pool is delightful and surrounded by greenery.

    Very good Tracey G

    “Nice Hotel ”
    It was well positioned for the direct beach access and the rooms were a nice size. As with anywhere in Cuba, it did need a bit of paint work and new air conditioning machines, but the people were lovely and the food was ok with a reasonable variety

    Very good JuditAngeli

    “Nice cheapish resort, has everything ”
    We stayed only for one night as our hotel had no rooms for us on day1. Very nice resort, food was all right, bartender at the pool bar super cool.The rooms are refurbished already not like in many other hotels in Varadero.

    Very good Andrew F

    “A Nice Small Resort That Has Everything ”
    Just got back from my first trip to Varadero where we stayed at Las Morlas. It's a smaller charming resort which is just what my wife and I wanted for our honeymoon. We wanted to avoid the party resorts crawling with drunk college kids at all costs and Las Morlas is a good place to do it. There are still people having fun, but it is still a great place to relax. Seems to mostly be couples, young and old, however there were some groups of singles as well and the occasional family. The beach is beyond beautiful, words can't do it justice so I won't even try. The rooms are nice, and eat one has a nice balcony overlooking the pool. The buffet serves it's purpose, the beach grill is open for lunch only and serves up some nice hamburgers, but by far the best food is in the A La Carte. Our four course meal there was fantastic by any standards. There is a fitness centre on the second floor that covers all the bases. The resort has three bars, a beach hut, a pool bar and the lobby bar. The Lobby bar was my personal favourite. Along with drinks, you can also get a cappuccino or espresso in the lobby or at the pool bar. The pool bar also has a swim up section in the pool. The resort puts on a show each night, ranging from dance acts, water ballet to live bands. The shows do not last very long but they are still entertaining. There is a disco that opens up at night, but it was never very crowded during my stay. The hotel is close to town, so you can easily walk in or talk a taxi or bus for about 5-10CUC depending on how far you want to go. The town of Varadero at night has plenty of options, from tourists bars such as The Beatles Bar that has a really talented cover band every night, or a range of other smaller places that usually seem to be a mix of locals and tourists. The Hotel basically has everything you need, there is an internet room, but I never bothered to use it, after all vacation isn't a time to sit in front of a computer. There is a convenience store in the hotel that has everything from bottles of alcohol, packaged snacks, pop, bottled water and souvenirs. From mornings on the beach, to afternoons by the pool, it was a good experience, and you'll end up making friends among many of the other guests. All the staff I dealt with were nice, and I particularly want to mention George in the lobby bar, and Pedro, who usually works at the pool bar.

    Very good NeeCee709

    “Can't Wait To Return”
    This was my first stay at Las Morlas. There seemed to be mostly seniors staying at this resort. Super friendly staff -- made me feel so welcome from Day 1.Clean and comfortable rooms, AC worked great.Great location-- close to town and the bank is just across the street. Food was okay - great selection of fruits and vegetables. I'm a picky eater but always found something to eat. Wouldn't hesitate to return!!

    Very good Gail M

    “Lovely little resort ”
    I felt immediately at home at this resort. As many others have said already, the staff is great with very few exceptions. Friendliest and most helpful reception desk staff I have yet encountered in Cuba, buffet and a la carte staff also were great. Only one negative - one man serving at pool bar didn't appear to want to serve my sister until he had finished with any men who came and butted in, but I only mention it as it was so out of the ordinary for the resort. I should also mention the nurse in the medical post whose name I did not get but she was so extremely nice and helpful I wish I did know her name. We got a really good room with perfect view. I loved the way there are so many places to sit and 'hang out' all over the resort, I loved the lobby area, loved the casual lunch area and we loved how clean the beach was kept. Cleaner than for example, down peninsula in front of Las Antillas was. Need a few more palapas to prevent the nefarious chair thieves from tossing away your belongings, but then most of the resorts don't have enough palapas. I normally go to adults only but I really want to come back to this one, nice being close to town for a change, too.

    Very good CND_NoviceTraveller

    “Quiet gem ”
    This was my first stay at Los Morlas. The resort is small and tucked away off the main road. In my opinion, it is an ideal place for families and older couples. The staff is very friendly and very helpful. They are always happy to see you and chat. My room was clean and comfortable. I like that I have an AC that takes in from outside. I've stayed at a hotel where the AC was from the building air vents and that wasn't nearly as cooling. The food selection was varied. I had a delicious chicken for supper one night. I have read many reviews where people complain for Cuba's lack of selection and the restaurants offering bland food. I did not find this at this resort. They offer fruits and vegetables at their snack bar which I really appreciated. I didn't use their gym, but it does look pretty useful. There is construction going on next to the hotel. I was fortunate enough to get a room on the other side, so I wasn't bothered by the noise. It was about a 15 to 20 minute walk into the city, I would walk in daily for the exercise. I don't have anything negative to say about this resort and would recommend it as a place for the person who is looking for a smaller, quiet getaway location.

    Very good Bill G

    “A Dozen Times! ”
    My wife and I just returned from our 12th trip to Hotel Be Live Las Morlas and it will not be our last. At the risk of repeating what many other reviewers have said about the hotel, it is an excellent choice for vacationers who wish to stay at a smaller resort (less than 150 rooms), on an excellent stretch of the fabulous Varadero beach and in an excellent location on the edge of the Town which you can walk to by street or the beach in 15 to 20 minutes. It is an older hotel and doesn't have all the bells and whistles found at newer places but it is very clean, has an excellent pool in addition to the great beach location, and very good food and drink. Over the years, we have seen Las Morlas go through many ownership and management changes and this is where the most important part of my review comes in to play. The one constant in all of our visits to the hotel is the fantastic staff who have worked together for many years. I really need to mention some of these wonderful people who have become very good friends and like family to us over the years. Starting at the front with Managers and Reception, Isabelita, Marlena, Yulisa and Mirell, Bell Men, Pavel and Javier, Bar Staff, Yoel Ricardo, Jorge, Ivan, Yamir, Renaldo, Horchek, Zenia, Milagros, Miriam, Isabel, Ernesto and Yoel Gonzalez, Restaurant Staff, the 3 Carey's, Josef, Elena, Jonnie, Guillermo and Yocilyn, Chefs/Cooks, Freddie, Omar and Renaldo, at the beach, Omar, Animation, Hayley, Maintenance Staff, Oswaldo, Felix and Daniel and last but not least our wonderful Maid, Olga who takes such good care of us every time we visit! I have probably bored some people with naming all of these staff members, but they are truly the most important factor in why we continue to return to this wonderful little resort. Salud!

    Very good Hidden_treasures4

    “One of the best kept secrets in Varadero ”
    Be Live is probably one of the best kept secrets in Varadero. It is a gem in this beautiful tropical paradise and one cannot help but wind down with the intimate yet uncrowded all inclusive smaller resort that has staff that really care and will go out of their way to make your stay enjoyable. We stayed in one of the two roomed duplex's as we had our 19 year old daughter with us and it gave her some privacy (after living in military quarters for the last eight months and this being her first real vacation). The resort has the absolute bonus of being a ten/fifteen amble along the beach to "downtown" Varadero, which is a very friendly casual village and has small eating places, markets, banks and bars. Food at Be Live Las Morlas is very substantial and there are always heaps of fruits and vegetables available plus so many variable dishes with every meal. The restaurant staff are wonderful (as are all the staff throughout the resort) and I have to tip my hat off to the wonderful lady who cooks omelettes every morning to the impatient guests, always with a smile. And she makes the best omelettes ever. Oh, and I forgot, there is the most wonderful a-la-carte restaurant one can book into any night for a change of pace. This vacation was the best ever as we were escaping the crazy Canadian Winter and being able to reconnect with out daughter. Be Live Las Morlas was the most relaxing place we could wish for and we thoroughly it.

    Very good Pomojack

    “Wow! We loved it! ”
    Everything was amazing! The rooms were a little rough around the edges when compared to a hotel room in a major north American city, but nothing to complain about. The food, drinks, nightly entertainment was all wonderful. The amazing beach is steps away and the pool is perfect. I spoke to many guests that return year after year to this very resort. We brought bug spray from reading reviews of mosquitoes, but did not need it. It seems some resorts further down the peninsula have mosquitoes because of standing water but this is not the case at this location. Lesson : before booking any resort, check satellite images to see proximity to standing water. Not a problem here. Great hotel, great beach, great value. Highly recommend.

    Very good Sarah H

    “Fantastic Vacation!!! ”
    I stayed at Las Morlas from January 30 to February 6 with my husband and another couple. This is a small resort with a fantastic 5 star staff who all knew who we were by the end of day 1. I have been to Cuba 7 times and this was my first at this resort, I was worried by some of the reviews on here but decide that I would go with ?I?m having a great time? attitude. Well surprise surprise, this resort was perfect and I can say that it is the first resort I would definitely return to and bring the kids next time (the duplexes are a great idea for families)! We stayed in rooms 334 & 335 and had a view of the pool and a smidget view of the ocean. The rooms were small but with only the two of us they were just fine, next time I would definitely request a ?real? king bed instead of 2 doubles pushed together (the crack was a bit annoying ? lol). Yes the air conditioning was noisy but it didn?t bother us, as we could not hear any hall noise or disco noise, if we felt like turning in early. A huge ?Gracias? to Olga our maid, she cleaned our room spotless and left us gorgeous towel art and flowers daily. The food was really good, typical Cuban food and we had no problem finding something good to eat. My negative on the food would be if you miss lunch there really isn?t much choice until dinner. I would suggest to hotel management to have a snack bar that serves pizza, burgers, hotdogs and fries in the afternoon and late at night. I have to admit, I missed not having fries to munch on, they just take the edge off! The al a carte was good and the restaurant is air conditioned so for all those men that just hate wearing dress pants in the heat (like my husband) you are covered. All the bars were fun to sit at and just chat and meet other guests. Sending a special ?Hola? to Joel, Ivan, Pedro and Miriam ? we had a blast spending every evening with you at the pool bar making up and experimenting with new drink concoctions, some were very yummy!!! Only used the pool once and was impressed on how clean it was and was not busy at all. We mainly used the beautiful beach, swam every day in the ocean and totally enjoyed it. There were lots of chairs and shade, but it seemed that most of the guests enjoyed the beach more than the pool so I would recommend some more palapas so we weren?t so squished together on the extra warm days. The location of the hotel is perfect; we walked into town a few times which takes about 10 ? 15 minutes. We visited the markets a couple times. One evening we decided to go into town for a dinner out, we ate at El Rancho - found it to be very expensive and food was just ok, but the experience was fun. Then we went to Calle 62 to experience Varadero night life ? they block off the street for dancing to live salsa music and a show, it is a place where locals and tourists can mingle, another interesting experience. We didn?t do any excursions as we have done lots of the ones offered on previous trips. The couple that we traveled with did do the Ocean Dolphin swim and they came back so excited, so they will have to review that one. On our first day we met George Kubt on the beach who offers personal guided trips. We booked a trip with him to go to Havana. What an awesome tour guide, he booked the car, the driver and showed us a wonderful day in Havana will definitely do a private tour again. Next trip we will book him to take us to The Bay of Pigs or even Trinidad. If you want a special day with a great guide (who speaks English very well), call George Kubt on his cell 5311-5895. Had a fabulous time and will return again. Please say ?Hola? to Yavosky from Mike and Sarah (we miss him). He is the vendor that comes to the hotel in the evenings, stop and say Hi he is a real sweetheart and is wonderful to chat with.

    Very good darlene58

    “Good things come in small packages. ”
    Just returned from my second trip to Las Morlas, was pleasantly surprised to be remembered. The staff at Las Morlas made me feel like an old friend on a return visit. HOLA to Milagros who who welcomed me back with kiss on both cheeks, Jorge who still makes the best pina colodas and Cary who took care of me at the buffet. Ivan and Richardo kept us entertained at the lobby bar, Miriam at the beach bar and Horshack at the pool bar. Maria kept my room clean. A big welcome to Philips, who made me laugh everyday. Thanks to the lady who kept the lobby and pool washrooms spotless. This quaint hotel is like a home away from home for me.The short walk from my room to the most beautiful beach in all of Varadero, never a problem getting a lounger.The rooms are dated but kept clean, my air conditioner worked, the bed was comfy. The food in Cuba is what it is. You can always find something to eat, and if your adventurous like me ,I had rabbit, yummy. A 5cuc cab ride to the town of Varadero, Calle 62 for your Cuban night life and the Beatles bar for rock. There was another place around Calle 42 that was good as well. Go to Cuba for the beautiful beach's, the great weather and the wonderful people. Remember; Hola, gracias and por favor , hello, thankyou and please.

    Very good LaurieKamloops

    “lovely, relaxing property on paradise beach ”
    We were here three years ago and found that the place is still pretty darn great! The hotel was a smaller resort but very clean and the staff were wonderfull! Excellent location ..walk to Varadero centre and $5 classic taxi back. The food was good (especially in the Mediterranean restaurant) and rooms were clean and comfortable but on the small side. Two days the shower water couldn't get hot. Bedding and pillows need updating. our room overlooked the pool -sparkling clean and lovely. The beach with its powdery sand and warm turquoise water was wonderful. Enjoyed evening shows and a ride on catamaran included. Lobby bar had great coffee. Alas, we are not used to cigarette smokey air.

    Very good DiOnneO_1208

    “Smaller resort, good for families. ”
    With 2 adults and 2 kids, we stayed in one of the duplex units near the pool... It was really great to have the extra space and extra washroom! As per many of the reviews for cuba, the food is certainly not fancy - but there was something good to eat at every meal so that everyone was always satisfied. Our youngest (9) absolutely Loved the 'create your own pasta' station at the dinner buffets, and the gentleman who worked it most nights was very personable and would joke with her. :-) The pool was decent, and the beach was really nice! The pale sand, and turquoise water looked like a postcard, and it was fairly shallow for a ways out. Another bonus of this hotel is that it is next door to a bank ( bring picture ID if you go), and you could also walk to the town of Varadero. Every evening there is some type of entertainment on the little stage near the pool. The 'disco' was also open nightly, but as we were there in an 'off-season' week, it was usually pretty empty. The off- season timing also meant that the kids club was not open, which was too bad. There were only two issues that we really ran into when we were there. When we checked in the first night, the front desk lady was kind of grouchy and questioned us and the driver of the bus that brought us ( part of the Sunwing vacation package) about if we were really there on the right day. Of course we were! The charter flight only runs so often And unfortunately arrives at the hotel around 4:30 am, so perhaps we had interrupted her trying to have a nap? Eventually she found our reservation though and checked us in. The second issue was that the sink in our upstairs bathroom developed a leak from the drain, and it ended up taking 2 days for it to get fixed. It was still useable, but created quite a puddle on the floor. Luckily there was an alternate sink downstairs in the suite for us to use. Overall, i was happy with our trip, and our memories will definitely be good ones!

    Very good DaveofManotick

    “Relaxing and Friendly ”
    Our first trip to Cuba. We loved the staff! Very friendly. It's a smaller hotel which we liked as you get to know the staff and they make you feel at home. Older hotel but clean. If you're there for the beach and sun it's great! The food was good for an all inclusive at that price point. Funny that the few people that we heard complain at the hotel about food or service we're the ones that we didn't see interacting with any of the staff. Tip: Learn to say hello, please and thank you in Spanish! Also, tips aren't expected but very much appreciated, keep a pocket full of pesos! We'll be back!

    Very good Joey095

    “Great Vacation ”
    We were a family of four and were staying in the duplex - lots of room. Yes it's dated - no big deal. Found the staff to be not rude all - it was like they were waiting to see how you'd treat them first. Saw first hand rude travellers treating front desk like crap, and then expect to be treated like royalty - shameful ! We gave and got nothing but smiles and respect ! Small resort so no big line ups for anything, rooms were clean and no bugs ever were found on our ground floor level. There is construction out back for another resort, but obviously that is not the fault of our hotel.The a la carte restaurant had a good selection and it was delicious. When we asked to stay in our room after the check-out time last day, we only had to pay $35cuc and had it for an extra 6 hours - very accommodating. Great bunch of people. Our only comment to the negative was the fact that we were never approached by bar staff poolside or in the lobby - we always had to go to the bar and perhaps it's because it's a smaller resort (so less staff), but it was such a little thing and what's a little exercise :)

    Very good SnorkleT

    “Vow Renewal beauty ”
    We were at this resort a few years ago for 2 weeks and really enjoyed our stay. We renewed our wedding vows on the beach and the staff were very helpful with all the preparations. We met a dear Cuban friend that trip whom we still keep in touch with. We would love to come back one day!! Varadero is one of our favorite places!!

    Very good Gone_Again109

    “Great spot to relax ”
    We were a little worried when we first arrived at the resort as the reviews seem to be so diverse and our first impression of the hotel heading up the service elevator was that this was going to be a terrible vacation. The elevator was old and creaky and there were signs of mold and peeling paint. It was actually quite disgusting. Our room ended up being great though and must have been one of the ones to be recently refurbished so we had no complaints. The bathroom had been upgraded to a marble-like finish and the room was very clean and comfortable. The bed linens were still in need of an upgrade but that would be our only complaint with our lodging. The hallways and stairwells were clean and newly painted. The pool area was beautiful with lots of beach chairs and well maintained greenery. We took our own air mattresses and spent lots of hours floating around in a very empty pool. We highly recommend taking your own inflatables for use both in the pool and the sea waves. We could have spent our entire holiday doing nothing else! The beach was also very inviting with shade areas and plenty of lounge chairs for relaxing. There were kayaks and paddle boats which we used. We enjoyed the close proximity of the beach to our resort. The food was actually very good and provided much more variety than what we learned other resorts offered. The grill offered a different option each evening with choices of fish, chicken, pork, and beef, as well as a taco night, turkey another evening and even grilled shrimp on a 3rd evening. There were always raw vegetables to make a salad with and trays of fresh fruit. Our kids enjoyed the made to order pastas and morning omelets. The bars offered everything we wanted, with lots of liquor, wine and a choice of iced lemonade and virgin pina colada for the kids. The staff really were exceptional from the maids to the bar and kitchen staff to the maintenance people. They were very pleasant and helpful. We really did get to recognize each of them because of the small size of the hotel. We made sure to tip regularly and didn't have any problems getting service or having supplies in our room. The entertainment staff offered dance lessons, beach volleyball, and Spanish lessons during the day and the kids enjoyed the ping pong table and pool table that were available. The fitness center looked to be well stocked although we didn't make use of it. The 10 minute walk into Varadero to the restaurants and markets was also a real plus. We walked over a few times and then caught either a Coco taxi, horse carriage, or 50's taxi cab back to the hotel for about 5 pesos. We thought it was a perfect location. The hotel also had a small gift shop and offered a few chocolate bars, Pringles chips, and some cookies as well as toiletries and souvenirs. We did do the Jeep Safari excursion one day and had a blast driving through the countryside, swimming in a cave, snorkelling, doing a little river cruise, and visiting a farm for lunch and horseback riding. There were so many activities crowded into a single day trip and all for about $85 per person. We definitely enjoyed our holiday and wouldn't hesitate to go back to Las Morlas.

    Excellent Maciej L

    “Amazing stay, would love to come back ”
    We had a great 2 weeks stay at Las Morlas Hotel. Nice, smal and quiet place. Way above my expectations (remember - it's Cuba). Beach - fantastic. Hotel pool - very good and suitable for kids. Animations - not a big fan but there was a lot of different things for everybody. Food and hotel rooms - typical cuban 4 star standart or maybe better. The last - hotel staff (either tipped or not)- simply amazing. They made our stay very enjoyable. If i really have to mentions something that we were not happy about, it is going to be the noisy air conditionig (took us 2-3 days to get used to it). Overall - well worth the price we paid and we would love to come back some day.

    Excellent G K

    “Great Vacation Spot ”
    We had a Great time. The staff was extremely friendly and with the food there was always a good selection, something for everyones taste. Lots of day tours can be arranged. What more could you ask for.

    Excellent Vi G

    “Pura vida at Be Live las Morlas ”
    We had a wonderful holiday for 2 weeks. Thanks to this great hotel in Varadero. The staff is very friendly and correct. They do everything to make your holiday a success. The bedroom was cleaned every day (by Gema.) All areas are clean and neat. The food is delicious and varied. The intertainment was great, in the morning at the beach (by Miss chocolate) as the evening shows. And the cocktails are delicious. The beach is beautiful. Quality / price ratio is excellent. To all the staff: Thank you, keep doing the good work. See you next time!!...La colombiana y esposo.

    Excellent Lynne K

    “Great Location ”
    Stayed in this hotel for 7 days in May 2014. Location was really good, just a short walk to Varadero either along the road or a stroll along the beach. Easy access to the beach, white sand, warm sea, beach bar, what's not to like? Room with balcony overlooking the pool, comfortable beds, cleaned every day, nothing too much trouble for the staff. Food at both the restaurant and the grill was good and plenty of options to choose from. All staff were friendly and welcoming and we will definitely be going back.

    Excellent nddray

    My husband & I stayed at Las Morlas Jan 25-Feb 1/14. This was our 3rd trip to Cuba and the best by far. In 2013 we decided not to come back to Cuba due to the experience with the resort we stayed at in 2013. We are so happy we gave Cuba another chance as this resort was incredible!!! Las Morlas is very relaxing and most of the guests are mature couples. There really is not much for children at this resort although most were happy with the pool & beach. Basically the resort is quite after 11pm as the buffet closes at 10pm and the bar closes at 11pm. The staff at this resort are absolutely amazing. They go above & beyond to make your stay a memorable one. The food was the best we have had in Cuba, always fresh and lots of variety. My favorite was the chicken and fries at the beach grill. Try a bit of everything and decide what you like best, you will not go hungry. The bars do not skimp on alcohol in the drinks! We took our bubba mugs for fewer trips to the bar. Our favorite was the pool bar. The pina coladas are excellent! Our room # 305 was very clean and everything worked well. The a/c was a little noisey but no big deal. The rooms may need a bit of updating, cosmetics really, paint etc. Nothing that will ruin your stay. The beach....this is what we go for. The most beautiful beach ever! Soft sand, sunshine, bathtub temperature, what more could one want on vacation? Honestly the only way to improve this resort it to have a snacks and drinks until midnight. My husband and I plan to return to Las Morlas for 2 weeks in 2015. We have NEVER returned to any 1 resort before, once you find a good one stick with it. ***On our return home through Calgary we were advised of new rules pertaining to duty free alcohol as carry on. Customs in Calgary tried to take our 2 sealed micki's of rum as we brought them as carry on and they needed to be checked in with the luggage. News to us, so I went back to West Jet counter and they added our carry on in as luggage, thankfully at no charge.*** A word of advise.... take some toilet paper with you as the paper products in Cuba are in short supply. Enjoy your vacation, we sure did. We also met some very wonderful new friends.

    Average Rob

    Located only 2.4 miles away from downtown Varadero, a beach resort recognized for its crystal clear waters and thin sand in the area known as La Torre.

    Average angelica

    Not bad
    Las Morlas is an attractive and modern hotel equipped with the necessary facilities and services for an enjoyable stay in Varadero. Located in a magnificent beach area, Las Morlas is characterized by its comfortable and functional facilities, as well as its excellent quality and variety.

    Average Jhon

    I dont like
    We arrived Jan 26th, the young lady at the desk-Indirea was fantastic...happy to see us....helpful all 7days. Food could have been a lot better they don't use spices, being Italian we found it bland. The beach amazing... nothing else like it... the the bar service..both inside and outside bars...out of this world... go all inclussive always the best...LOL we took 325 pictures.... wow!! Rooms could have been better equiped..with better hair dryers...water every other day??? What's up with that!!! In gerneral above average. See you again Feb.23/08 we're going back just after two weeks cause we liked it and taking our kids this time. Bye see ya.

    Average Katherine

    My husband and I stayed at Hotel Las Morlas from November 2-9, 2007 and had the time of our life!!! We have stayed in Varadero 3 times (the first 2 times at a large resort), and I must say that the smaller more intimate resort was awesome. The staff were amazing and very accommodating and always remembered your name. We celebrated my birthday and EVERYONE at the resort helped celebrate. We were very sorry to leave and will be returning again October/November 2008. Thanks to Miguel, Miriam, and Alian!!!!!

    Average Smith

    Small but very clean and comfortable. Awesome staff - I cannot say enough about how they make each guest feel very special. The singing bartender, Ivan won over my heart! Yulianne (not sure about spelling) at the front desk was so helpful and friendly, Gema cleaned our room and was a real sweetheart. Pool bar staff, gardener, entertainment staff (Alian and Miguel to name a couple of favorites), restaurant staff, cleaning staff .... EVERYONE was amazing! Cannot wait to go back next year. Denise

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