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Mercure Cuatro Palmas Hotel, Varadero Beach Cuba. 3 stars.

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  • Destination: Varadero Beach
  • Address: Ave. 1ra, E/ Calle 60 y 64, Varadero. Matanzas. Cuba
  • Phone: (5345) 667040
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Mercure Cuatro Palmas Hotel Cuba

    The Cuatro Palmas Hotel, located in the Cuban beach resort of Varadero, has a privileged location by the beach. Its singular architectural style grants the hotel elegance and class, and it is perfectly combined with the colonial elements of its architecture and decoration, in addition to offering excellent services aimed at providing tourists with rest and entertainment. The hotel is 25 kilometers away from Varadero

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    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
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    24 hrs. emergency medical service, art Gallery, babysitting, beauty salon, bell boy, bikes, board games, buffet, business centre, car parking, car rental, conference rooms, cyber cafe, disabled facilities, discotheque, grill, gym, hotel shop, laundry & dry cleaning service 24 hrs., luggage storage, massage, money exchange, motorized water sports, multi-language staff, no smoking rooms, Piano bar, post office, Reception 24 hrs., room services 24 hrs., safety deposit box in room, satellite tv, sauna, scuba diving center, Solarium, swimming pool, taxis, tennis courts, theme Restaurants, tourism bureau,

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    Review about Mercure Cuatro Palmas Hotel
    Very good Nicolas

    The Cuatro Palmas Hotel, located in the Cuban beach resort of Varadero, has a privileged location by the beach. Its singular architectural style grants the hotel elegance and class, and it is perfectly combined with the colonial elements of its architecture and decoration, in addition to offering excellent services aimed at providing tourists with rest and entertainment.

    Awfull Cocochanel1982

    “Heed the advice of all of us who gave this hotel poor reviews ”
    I am still too upset to write the complete details of our experience here. We are seasoned travelers to Cuba, having stayed even at Casa Particulaires and this was the worst Cuban experience I have ever had...seriously. The room was the worst I have ever seen in Cuba and was in an annexed part of the hotel called "The Colonial", supposedly not as bad as the Las Palmas's section but horrifying just the same, our balcony made of wood was held together with ZIP TIES! Just tear the darn things off for goodness sakes. Needless to say we never sat out there. We ate at the buffet only four times in the week that we were there because the line ups were so bad and the hours of the buffet and snack bar did not jive with the crowd. The snack bar hours were too short and the buffet hours to short and too early for dinner and too late for lunch. Really though that is minor compared to what really happened, we departed for two days to explore Matanza's and Cardenas and when we returned the hotel had RESOLD our room! That's right, we had no room, someone else was in our room. The room we had paid for for the full week had been resold. This whole fiasco ended with us having to attend the Canadian Consulate office on Calle 13 in order to get another room. Shame on Sunwing Airlines for including this horrible hotel on its bookings! We will never return to this hotel for certain and we are now going to try to deal with Sunwing to get reimbursed for the two days in which we were supposed to have a room but said room was clearly occupied by someone else! BUYER BEWARE PS Abel and Lazaro at the lobby bar thankfully were wonderful, the two tiny shining lights in this entire disaster.

    Awfull trinity2355

    “Moved out after one night!!!!! ”
    Unfortunately I did not heed previous reviews. The food was way below par even for Cuba. The dinning room very disorganized and a lack of seating. All the beach chairs were taken by 8 am. Front desk staff indifferent. Room on the small side and not the cleanest. Toilet plugged after one use. Spend a bit more and you can find better properties.

    Awfull lisadoucette

    “Worst rooms in Cuba”
    We bought a hotel package from sunwing for my husband and me and our parents. After a 10 hour flight delay we arrived at 4 in the morning. Everyone else that arrived with us was given a room in the main part of the hotel but we were shuttled over to las palmas across the street. We had asked to be put on the mail level because my step mom has mobility issues but we were placed on the second floor. I am a very seasoned traveller to Cuba and other developing countries and I can honestly say these were the worst rooms I have ever seen. There was a crackunder the door big enough for a cat to crawl through, the patio door didn't close all the way, and it didn't lock. The bathroom toilet was black. There was no hot water. The rooms smelled of insecticide, which I understood the next day because all the maids have bug spay on their carts. The sheets and blankets were stained. The safe didn't work. There was black mould on the walls. There is a discotec up the road that is open until 3 and from the room it sounds like you are inside. The staff were really unfriendly and the front desk lady actually snapped at my husband when she asked him a question. We spoke to our travel rep the next day and she said that these rooms were the worst in Cuba and she upgraded us to another resort. I have stayed in 2 and 3 star rooms in varadero and hoguin and honestly have never seen anything like this. Once we made the decision to leave, we were rushed out. The maids didn't even let us finish packing before they came in to clean. The porter demanded a tip from my husband even though we had to lug all our luggage overt he's taxis and pack it onto the cart. This was a complete disaster. This room was less than a 2 star for sure. If you are going to book here make sure you don't buy the one that says las palmas, or you are buying a week long stay in the roach motel.

    Awfull tokyohos

    “Run away as fast as possible......... ”
    Booked last minute with Sunwing for an all inclusive at a great price, but had I known what we were in for, I would gladly have paid more to be somewhere else. We arrived in the wee hours of the morning and were told that there were no rooms available until after 4:00p.m. So, after being up for over 24 hours, you are left to entertain yourself at the beach. Many people were crashed out on the dirty furniture in the lobby. What kind of hotel would promote this kind of shabby image? Why, the Cuatro Palmas of course. Others have noted the surly staff at the front desk. They were the worst I have ever encountered. Who the hell manages this place? Someone with some hotel know how needs to get a grip on this hotel. They give you virtually no information (front desk could not tell us where there snack bar was or the hours it was open, no map of the hotel grounds, couldn't tell us the place to exchange money, etc.). The main method of getting information, seeing as there IS NO INTERNET OR INTERNET CAFES, is by word of mouth from one traveler to another. We were placed in some unit that was about a 5 minute walk to the hotel! It was down a side street with very poor lighting and about a three block walk. You definitely don't want to be here and if you find out that they are placing you here, try to change immediately. Keep in mind that you will be dealing with the front desk staff and they are not for the meek. We never did see any of the other rooms, so can't speak to whether or not they are actually any better, but would find it almost impossible to believe that they could be worse. Here is the breakdown: Pros (it will be a very short list): -Proximity to the lovely beach -Good working air conditioner Cons: -poor food selection that repeats itself as they try to reuse old food/flies all over the food/no sneeze bars/birds flying all over the place and pooping on tables and food/cats wandering around the buffet/dirty silverware and plates (this is the only time that I have gone on an all inclusive and actually lost weight) -very limited hours for the snack bar and other bars/main bar in lobby open 24 hrs. -Filthy sheets that were never changed(bottom sheet is flat and comes out at night only to expose you to the absolutely filthy plastic sheet they use instead of a mattress pad. Mine had urine stains all over it and dirt marks that I shudder to think from where they came. My travelling partner had bed bug bites all over him after his first night of sleep). -Dirty cover/mine was stained with gobs of crud on it -Pillows that are made of stuffing from something like a mattress, folded over and over...gross -Mold, mold, mold....on everything -spiders everywhere with cob webs...even the one upholstered chair in the room had cob webs on the arms and back deep in the seat -poor upkeep and even poorer maid 8 days, our room was never even swept -large areas on the floor with termites teeming which were never cleaned -loss of electricity several times -music blaring from the club across the street from the main hotel and more music blasting from another club on the opposite side.....kept going until almost 4:00 a.m. EVERY NIGHT -fire alarm going off across the hall at 5:00 a.m. for hours until some "manager" finally came and turned It off. After that, I noticed that the fire alarm in our room that had been flashing a light was now dormant. Guess he shut off all the alarms. Great. -woke up at 4:00 a.m. another night because of a wretched smell...guard said it was sewage backing up somewhere by the hotel -no toilet paper -dirty ratty little towels and no washcloths -maids that write you notes about how it is their last day, so if you want to leave another tip and gift, make sure you leave it that day and that your "room is cleaned with love". Really? Mine wasn't cleaned at all despite gifts and tips. She just pulled the dirty bed cover over the disgusting sheets without doing anything else. Our bathroom was never cleaned either. I have travelled around the world several times and have stayed at some pretty low end places in Calcutta and Rangoon. Mecure Cuatro Palmas belongs on that very list. This place needs to be overhauled and many of the staff relieved. Too bad, because the beach is beautiful.

    Poor missygyal

    “Budget resort”
    For the price I paid for this resort I expected it to be on the same level as other resorts for the same cost nearby (Arenas Blanca/Bellvue Palma Real) but it wasn't. I went to these resorts because Palmas didn't have foreign exchange counter, what an inconvenience. Other cons: - no pool bar - only one bar is open at this resort which had a line up of 10 people on the weekend and only one bartender who is very frustrated and not friendly despite getting a tip and they take their time changing staff if their shift is over - no 24 hour snack bar and if you miss breakfast that finishes at 10am then you can't eat until 12:30pm. and snack bar by the pool is open from 3-5pm only for fries, pizza, and cold hot dogs - lack of food options at this resort - food is the worst I've ever had in Cuba and this was my 5th visit and I've stayed at other 3.5 stars and there was lack of variety, fruits were not ripe, not many veggies, poorly cooked food, lots of pasta - female staff were not friendly (myself being a female I attracted the attention and courtesy of a lot of male staff) - cockroaches around the resort at night, one ran into my room when I opened the door, I found another one on the bathroom wall - nightly entertainment show is very boring, just dancing, no audience interaction, you don't get to know any one of them even when they are around practicing they aren't there to interact with guests - my bathroom stank of pee everytime I walked by the bathroom and my room was small and A/C was old where the cover fell off of it when the bellboy went to turn it on when I arrived (the rooms are not cold when you first get in) - no a la carts, you're eating at the same buffet everyday for every meal Pros: - Super clean pool, Michael the nice pool guy takes pride in his work and ensures the pool is emaculate everyday - Location! two bars right in front of the resort (Beatles has an amazing live cover rock band and the other is more for stage entertainment) and two clubs within 3mins walking distance (Havana club plays American music and is amazing!! packed with tourists and Cubans and great DJ, the other is a Cuban club that's also 5 CUC but comes with unlimited drinks I heard) - Great beach! clean soft sand, clear blue water, no seaweed, coral or garbage - Small resort if looking to meet other people including Cubans it's easier. I went alone so this was one thing I was looking for when booking a resort In short, I would never stay here again, stay at the other resorts I mentioned, it has a much more nicer lobby, more bars, and services at the other resorts.

    Poor Afcan

    “Buyer beware!! ”
    Where to start? We booked our trip through Sunwing a month in advance through their website clearly advertised as Mercure Cuatro Palmas and the only hotel we booked but to our and many of other travellers surprise when we got to the front desk, we were shipped to a different hotel across the street on golf cart! Wow what a deceptive advertisement on the part of Sunwing and the hotel! We tried to talk to the front desk lady to keep us in the main building but to no avail. She was the most unfriendly and rude front desk agent we have ever come across anywhere we travelled. Tried to speak with the manager to resolve the issue but the guest agent was in charge and refused to let us stay in the central section of the hotel. This was not a good a start to our stay at this 3 star hotel. The next morning we tried to bring it to the attention of the Sunwing agent lady but she was no help either telling us we made a mistake in booking this section and that we should deal with it when we get back to Canada and so argumentative and no help whatsoever but wanted us to pay more per day to upgrade. We made it clear that we were not pay an extra dime as we had already forked out plenty to Sunwing and the hotel. We also made it clear that should it not be rectified while we were in Varadero, we'll take it up with Sunwing at home. Well, this got her thinking long and hard after she told us there was nothing else she could do. The next day we were contacted by a really professional Sunwing guy who was such a breath of fresh air to talk to us and who took our concerns seriously and was willing to do something about it that same day. We wanted to see the room before we made the move as we had already unpacked. To our bad luck, that same front desk lady is on again and guess what room she gave us, one that is twice the distance within the main building and nasty room. At this point we told the Sunwing agent that we appreciated what he had done for us but informed him that we will remain where we were. We moved on to enjoy our holiday and give the hotel a chance but with few exception of staff in the Buffett restaurant, entertainment (Fedel), musical bands and dancers, we did not find staff that friendly nor helpful at this hotel. We travel to Varadero a lot and have been to many places and we love Cuban people but this one was different. So some other pros and cons for you to consider if you still wish to stay at this hotel: PROS: -walking distance to shops, clubs, and restaurants -nice access to beach if you are on the main section of the hotel -several music bands and dancers -free dancing lessons -some friendly staff -plenty of fresh fruits and salad and deserts CONS: -near several major night clubs so too much noise every night especially if you're facing the 1st street (club across the street). I suppose pro for those who want to party every night. No need to buy your drinks as you can step back into your hotel:-) -walk to the main hotel from across the street to go have breakfast, lunch and dinner and the beach -the hotel rooms are dated and need some Reno -the food while plenty, the quality wasn't that great and mostly salty and frozen looking fish dishes -unfriendly and unhelpful front desk Overall, we didn't enjoy this place at all and would not recommend it as there are plenty of other hotels in town. We would also not make Sunwing our first choice of travel booking agency in the future due this and our last experience. They seem not to deliver on what they charged for. Travellers should demand better when forking lots dough. Please heed the negative reviews here as they will save you this kind of disappointment.

    Poor Kathrine C

    “Stay away ”
    This resort is terrible. From rude staff to badly out dated rooms. First off, I've read many reviews about this resort and I knew it was two resorts separated by a road. But everyone made it seem like it was across the road, not across the road and down a block. We had problems checking in. The front staff was very rude. You knew they were mocking you when they spoke to each other in front of you as they rolled their eyes, and I could pick up a word or two. We booked this trip as a family of 6. Two of our party had to travel 2 days ahead of us due to work reasons. Once there they were given a room were the shower was full of rust and black mold. The room also smelt of raw sewage. One of the travellers has a compromised immune system and couldn't stay in that room. The hotel was over booked so they were switched to a different resort. Once we got there we could not be moved to the same resort. Our room was clean but very very out dated, every morning we would have that lovely sewage smell. There is no "bank" on site to exchange your money, again would have to walk a few blocks to go to another resort to use their "bank". Lobby bar staff was rude also. Unfortunately the rudeness out weighted the nice staff members we met. There is only one pool. If you decide to stay at this resort, try and meet Mario the pool guy. He is so sweet and will hook you up with anything you need. Tip the bartenders at the pool bar as no one wanted to tip them. Warning. : We had a security guard try and invite himself into my 16 year old daughter and my 16 year old cousin's room for a little loving. I guess I thought wrong when I thought security was there to keep you safe, not to get into young girls pants. We were told there would be an "investigation" That means nothing once you are gone. Again go their at own risk. Just wherever you go please bring lots of kids stuff as the prices there for kids is outrageous. I will never stay here again. Only thing going for it is the location. Right on the strip. Food was bland with no variation same thing night after night. I know this is Cuba but have some imagination. We ate off resort a lot and the prices were cheap. Beach is absolutely beautiful I do not recommend anyone stay here. Spend a little bit more money and go to a 4 or 5 star. It would be worth it.

    Poor Carine P

    “Very poor ”
    I don't think I would recommend to stay here... First of all rooms and especially bathrooms were terrible, everything old and falling apart, ac didn't work properly, there were a funny smell at bathroom and in general staff wasn't very friendly. About organization also another problem, when we booked online at we were told check in was at 12 but when we got there it was actually at 16 and when I questioned them I was told that it was a mistake from Accors web page. About food... Very poor... I had better meals at casas particulares, not much options and actually we were having same meals everyday. The pool was always dirty and disgusting, the snack bar only serving pizza and burgers that didn't even have some cheese, but at least the piña colada was very good. The beach was very nice but in terms of entertainment the hotel is also extremely poor... We were very bored at night. Btw if u choose this hotel try to make reservation for the Cuban restaurant, the only good place to eat at this hotel.

    Average Rafael S

    “Mediocre hotel ”
    Average hotel standard of the building. Poor service with a couple of exceptions. The Cuban attitude makes you not want to come back. They always make you feel like that you have to tip them to get any kind of service or a smile. The restaurant's food was substandard.

    Average Laurie D

    “Mercure Cuatro Palmas = June 2014 ”
    ~~~ This was the 5th time we have stayed at the Mercure Cuatro Palmas Hotel. We overall enjoyed our stay again this June 2014 but there were a few new things happening at this hotel this time around. CHECK IN= We arrived at the hotel @ 11:00 a.m..We purchased an oceanview room & we received one that was just awesome. But we were not able to get into our room until 4 pm as they said 'it was not ready'. This was our 5th stay at this hotel so we are very well versed with finding our way around. And we now know many of the hotel staff personally..Therefore we watched our room all day long . Not one single person came or went in or out of the room all day. The room sat empty all day but we were told it was not ready? Not very good business for repeat customers. BARS= The bars provided good service once again this time round. But, many guests are bringing 64 ounce Bubba Mugs with them and the bartenders are filling them at this hotel. This caused the bar to run out of beer around 3pm on the weekends especially. Many hotels are now refusing to fill these extra large Bubbas because they do dry up the bars. Bring the bartenders some razors and toothpaste and they are so appreciative for that. GUESTS= This year there were many guests present who were just disrespectful to others and their surroundings. There were many guests not putting garbage in the garbage cans, tossing cigarette butts everywhere, budding into the front of lineups at the bar and restaurants. In the buffet restaurant they were hoarding food into beach bags?? RESTAURANTS= All the restaurants were as usual awesome. Very good food at this hotel. The Cuban Restaurant was especially good and so is the Tropipalmas Restaurant on the beach. Excellent homemade hamburgers. Excellent fish dinners. Celleio is a very very good cook at the beach restaurant. Bring him some spices from Canada and he will just love that! BEACH= The beach is incredible. One of the best beaches I have ever been to. Just beautiful.You could walk for miles on this beautiful soft white sand. I just wish people would put their garbage in the garbage cans provided and stop dropping cigarette butts on the beach. ROOM= Oceanview rooms are the best. I have always stayed in an oceanview at this hotel because the view is spectacular.. 2nd best would be any of the Cuatro Rooms which are located in the main building amongst the bars & restaurants and the beach. The air conditioner worked very well and the maid kept our room clean the whole time. 'Las Palmas' rooms are located across the street, so be aware of that if you purchase a Las Palmas room. LOCATION= This hotel has the best location of all hotels. Downtown Varadero. There are many shops, cafe's, pizzarias, bars, restaurants on the main street of Varadero. There is also a good grocery store - El Ecuador -which sells cases of water, beer and food items etc. There is a bus that you can catch or you can walk, or there are small taxi's, horse drawn buggies etc.for transportation. EXCHANGE RATE FOR CASH= Be aware that the exchange rate is very high. 1 peso will cost you $1.13 canadian- yes thats right! .87 cents is the current exchange rate for canadian dollars. This does fluctuate of course. This has impacted on tipping but I am not sure the Cubans have figured this out yet. HOTEL= This is a very nice hotel. The layout is perfect. It is a small hotel. I like small hotels because you really do get that 'guest' like feel while staying there. The pool is lovely, the beach incredible. The bars are good. Beer is very cold. The hotel is clean. The housekeeping/maids work very hard at keeping the place nice. I just wish the hotel would get painting!! It is definitely overdue for a complete paint job. OVERALL= I most likely will return next June 2015 because I really enjoy this hotel. The staff are really helpful and genuinely want the guest to enjoy their stay. Alberto the doorman is awesome and he will help you with information about other stuff such as tours, restaurants to go to etc. Celleio the cook at The Tropipalmas Restaurant on the beach will cook you up the best lunch ever ! George the bartender will serve you up a cold beer and he makes sure everyone lines up accordingly ! The lobby bartenders provide fast service with the cold beer and wine. Bring your own 20 ounce travel mug for beer. All the buffet restaurant staff are helpful. Carmen , Andrew, Eyloise, to name a few. This hotel is a 3.5* . It is very basic. It is not ritzy. If you are wanting a flashy, ritzy holiday do not stay at this hotel. If you want just a clean, small hotel, with good food, nice pool, beautiful beach, cold beer -> then stay at Mercure Cuatro Palmas - in an oceanview room :)

    Average Pierre L

    “Close to the action ”
    Central location...great music all around...close to everything in Va...make sure you book main building or Coloniale...other buildings are below par...friendly staff when properly approached...Food is not as good as other Varadero hotels but plenty of restaurants around...Good value for the money if you are adaptable...

    Average CubanDandy

    “A Little Bit of Everything ”
    Recently returned from Cuatro Palmas after a week at the resort. Took some of the advice of previous posters and was sure to book in the Cuatro Palmas (main building) section, rather than the Las Palmas across the street. The resort, while extremely conveniently located was just okay. I travelled with a friend (two guys in late 20's for reference) and although we were happy with the relative peace and quiet of the resort - I was disappointed with the lack of activities taking place around the pool / etc. Despite being advertised with specific times on the wall - we never once were recruited into playing beach volleyball / pool volleyball or otherwise. A few quick reviews of various parts of the experience: Buffet Restaurant: The food was actually surprisingly decent, based on expectations - a good spread each meal of fresh breads, vegetables, desserts and well-prepared meats (pork, beef, chicken, fish) with plenty of options. The service was exceptional (specifically German & Gabriel) and was pretty easy to find a table (of course - you throw around some money in your early meals and the servers will fight over you for the rest of your stay) A la Carte Dinners: Was very impressed with the Chameleon (Italian) restaurant and ate there twice with similar results. Decent meal at Cuban restaurant as well. Unfortunately, the International was not taking dinner resos in the week we were there - but ate lunch there one day and was decent. Nightly Entertainment: All Dance Numbers - not great by other trip entertainment standards Room / Housekeeping: Room was well upkept - didn't get fresh bath towels after first day, only new smaller towels - no towel animals, which was disappointing Noise / Activity on the Street: We were located with our balcony overlooking Calle 62 (Salsa Night Club), which is quite loud until 2 AM nightly - but with the sliding patio door shut, it was bearable noise to sleep through on the nights we chose to do so. Beatles' Club: a MUST-attend for those who like a good night out, with live music (entertaining Cubans recreating the great rock hits of the 60s, 70s & 80s) - with drinks available for 2 cuc. Excursion (Tour of the Caribbean Sea): A great value for $55 USD each - with a trip through the province from North-to-South, stopping along the way at a Cuban Outdoor Zoo, a Crocodile Breeding Area, a tropical fish cave and finally at the Bay of Pigs - which included a Lobster Lunch, Open Bar & Snorkeling. Only downfall of the trip was >6 hrs on the bus in the day. Clientele / Other Guests: Very high concentration of Russian, German, Spanish & French Canadians - not a lot of similar demographic people to us; but some very nice people around the resort. On the first day that we arrived, it was the end of a first-time ever Cuban offer for locals to stay for 50% off at the resort - which made it VERY busy and most were very rude, but gone within our first 24 hours of trip. Bar Service: Didn't drink a ton, but when we did look for drinks in quick succession - often were provided very slow service with a lot of attitude for not tipping on every trip to the bar. "Afternoon Snack" - the Pool Bar serves an afternoon snack, of Pizza of many varieties, French Fries, Burgers, Hot Dogs and sandwiches. The pizza was a must-have most days for the closest taste to home. Beach / Ocean: very clean and well-kept, better get out early to snag a chair on the beach. Sunwing Staff / Transportation: An extremely easy way to explain all dealings with people is "Cuban Time" - just remember that. Our shuttle to the airport for our return flight, scheduled for 7:30 AM pick-up, arrived at 9:05 AM - without explanation. Our Welcome Orientation was very helpful, and had no other direct dealings. Market / Downtown: Very similar products in most of the shops - very safe to walk through the downtown corridor and we made an effort to walk a lot throughout the week. Currency Exchange / El Banco: The exchange rate is very much the same regardless of where you go - there is an exchange available at the resort beside Cuatro Palmas (walking away from Downtown) and the closest bank is located on 1st Avenue at Calle 36, a brisk walk - but worth the time of walking through downtown. To sum up all of the above - a decent trip for relaxation purposes. Would return to this resort, if travelling with a few other english-speaking people.

    Average Andrea D

    “Location location location ”
    This is a great budget hotel with a great location, if you want to party then this is the place to stay. You have Calle 62 just across the street, Havana Club and the Beatles bar is just minutes away. Hotel is a bit dated, the food OK, but the beach is just breathtaking, the best in Varadero. I stayed in the main building in a room with no view, but it was clean and near the beach witch suited me just fine. If your room is facing the street make sure you bring earplugs. It`s a small hotel and by the end of the week everybody knows everybody the clientele are laid back people and the staff is AMAZING. If you are expecting luxury then this might not be a hotel for you, but if you are a laid back person that enjoys little things in life then this is a grate place for you. Go with an open mind and remember to have fun, smile and enjoy. There are a lot of returning guests and I can se why, you get to know the staff and become a part of the family. Would definitely recommend this hotel and I`m definitely coming back. Thanks to all the staff you maid my holiday!

    Average mascj

    “Not Impress! ”
    We travel to Mercure Cuatro Palmas from Jan.25th to Feb1st. 2014, left from Moncton airport four hours late traveling with Sunwing airline heard they might be changing their name to ?Sun late ?because every time we fly with them their never on time. As for the hotel itself we were a bite disappointed we arrived at 3.30 a.m. and were given a room on the first floor which were infested with bugs no room available till next morning we were told. Met with the sunwing rep. next morning and we payed extra and got a lovely ocean view room lots better from the first one, clean and no bugs! This hotel is very well situated right in downtown Varadero; stepping out from the main lobby you have a street which is full of venders and restaurant and night club and very safe to visit, on the other side of this hotel you have this lovely beach of white sand and turquoise water probably the best in Cuba. Food at the hotel was ok but the choice was very limited, drinks at the main lobby bar are all Cuban products and the bartenders are not very friendly even if you tip them they make you feel as you are bordering them. If you want better drinks there is a bar at the back of the hotel near the beach with a good international selection of liquor. The hotel also serves a good Spanish white and red wine during meal. This is the negative part of the hotel: Not enough beach chairs you will have to get up early in the morning to get one, in the public area toilet paper missing most of the time in the ladies room and no paper to wipe your hand no air dryer machine, this is a good way to spread decease. Public washroom with door hinges falling apart and no locking mechanics all small things which could be corrected but they seem to overlook these issues. On the positive side we had lovely weather, made good friend with visitors and some staff of the hotel were very helpful just to name a few ?Raphael and Mario front desk? Madeleina our cleaning lady always smiling and keeping our room spotless. Will I return to this resort? Probably not

    Average Johannaila

    “Uncomfortable setting ”
    Varadero is a peninsula in Cuba where Cubans are not allowed to come, only those who work for the government, and taxi drivers who have a special license. Varadero is a tourist bubble where we are expected to forget that there's a real Cuba out there. Forgetting for me was impossible because the forced smiles of the workers in Cuatro Palmas all inclusive hotel (all the all inclusive hotels in Varadero are owned by the government) couldn't hide how tired and fed up they are with us. I really, really hate the thought that I'm expected to pay money for people to be friendly with me. The workers in Varadero get a very small salary and they are taxed beforehand for the tips. So you have to tip, everywhere you go, whatever you eat or drink, spending hundreds for free food. That's not all inclusive in my head. Don't get me wrong, the workers were very lovely and did the best they could. I just wasn't comfortable relaxing and tanning when I saw old men drudge around the clock. The setting in Varadero is not pretty. The Cubans hired by the government try to create an atmosphere of everlasting fun with nonstop latin music and mojitos, but under a very thin surface you can see people who work too many hours and have too little money. And all they can see are fat Canadians and Europeans whose only problem is how to carry five glasses of beer in their hands and how to get the most comfortable lying position in the pool chair. We are like a marked cattle with our pink bracelets and the aim is to milk us as much as they can. This is during day time. When the night sets, the Cubans from other cities sneek in to party. Find a small dance club not from the center. You will have the time of your life. Real fun, real Cubans. And go out from Varadero!!! You HAVE TO see other cities! One more thing: Cuba doesn't surf. No surf boards what so ever. The waves in Varadero were also quite pathetic, but a boogie board would have been nice.

    Average Carolina0011

    “Great for a Cheap Getaway! ”
    Check in was great, we received very speedy and courteous reception. (However, there were kids in the lobby drunk and playing with a blow up doll, hmmm should that really be allowed in the common areas of the hotel)? Got to our upgraded room, pool view ground floor very nice, clean, beds looked shabby, but they were actually quite comfortable. Drinks were great, actually served in nice glasses at the lobby bar. Coffee in the lobby was to die for, delicious cafe con leche and espresso. The staff at the lobby bar was amazing. A bunch of kids came in and were playing drunken shooter games and drinking beer from a funnel and getting extremely intoxicated (again should this really be allowed)? Food in the restaurant was ok, this is Cuba, don?t expect to be wowed by the food, it was ok and hot, service was superb! The bbq at the beach everyday was delicious! The a la cart restaurant was not good at all, the buffet was way better. Pool was great, nice and clean, the activities staff was a lot of fun, if you want to participate great if not they didn?t bug you. Beach - OMG amazing, just loved it!! Rented a private car and driver for the day, went to Habana. Unbelievable, it is a must if you are coming to visit Cuba!! All in all a good vacation, we enjoyed ourselves. Despite the kids partying, I would go back to this resort, would be nice to see Management if possible have a bit more control on this type of behavior, maybe they don?t have many rules at this hotel, but it was good. You get what you pay for 850 for one week is a pretty darn good deal I'd say, so didn?t complain much :)

    Average lucie b

    “nightmare ! ”
    very bad hotel ! Been there jan 03 for a week. My 12th trip in cuba but this one was my LAST. Staff not smily at all !!!! worst than that .....A beef is more smily than that. PLEASE FORGET THIS HOTEL. I paid 1265$ for week not a bargain .....looking for a chair on the beach forget it , not enough for every one. Catamaran it's a joke you have to pay to get it...always pesos to get services !

    Average Lori M

    “Good location ”
    We stayed here mid December. We were not in the main part of the hotel but across the street in the budget building. Our first room smelled like someone had just finished smoking 10 cartons of cigarettes. We went to the front desk and asked to switch and the lady was anything but helpful. The front desk staff here are very indifferent. I have been to Cuba 20 times and the front desk staff here were probably among the worst I have dealt with. We had to stay in the room for the night and with the help of the house keeper we were able to change the next day. The real deal about the hotel. The rooms are not cleaned very well even when you leave tips. Some of the staff are quite rude even when you speak Spanish to them. The staff in the buffet for the most part are great and the staff at the pool bar are awesome. The food at this hotel is probably better than most hotels I have stayed in though it would be nice to have more variety in the vegetable and fruits . I do understand that certain times of the year this is very difficult. Calle 62 is across the street which can have good entertainment but they charge more than double for drinks. Beer is $!, 2 blocks away. The good about this resort is the beach is great, the guests are awesome, you can walk pretty much anywhere you want to and there are tons of great restaurants and places for a beer along 1 Ave. The a la carte restaurants are terrible and during our week stay there were numerous people sick from them. The buffet is your best bet. The pool bar also has food from 12 - 4?! On the plane returning I heard a lot of complaints about different resorts and many I knew and have stayed at. In the 11 years I have travelled there I have never heard so many complaints regarding food, resorts, and prices, people being harassed on the street. Although I have a soft spot for Cuba I don't think I will be returning anytime soon!

    Average susiemcgill

    “Know before you GO ”
    My hubby and I just had our 2nd visit to this resort and met so many visitors who were frustrated I thought I would give a review to help you before you choose to go here. First of all if you get in on a flight that lands early morning be prepared to sleep on the hotel lobby couches until they get a room ready for you - their check -in is 4pm. They do not have internet here - although their info board says they do. You need to buy a card from an internet 'cafe' around 44 Street or 30 Street. The wait can be too long to be worth it in my opinion. Bring ear plugs. If you get a room in the main building there is the club Callie 62 across the street which cranks out the tunes till 2am and if you face the pool the resort's entertainment lasts till about 11. Don't expect great food. The food is adequate. The restaurant on the beach is the best. The coffee is amazing. Drink lots of coffee and rum, don't worry about the rest - you may want to bring ketchup or hot sauce, it helps :) They rent you beach towels for 20 Cuc. You get the money back when you return the towels at the end of your stay. You can exchange for clean ones all week - if they have them, we didn't get beach towels for our first three days because there were holidays and they were time we will bring our own. Ok, the best thing is the BEACH! The water is amazing! Also the town is entertaining to walk around and very safe. We walked through the park just behind the 'Beattles' club and on the other side is an actual Fair with rides/roller coaster, lol! Absolutely take a day to ride the double decker bus, so fun and great value. You can get off and on from 9am - 9pm. If you get off at the shopping center Los Americas head right over to the beach, they have some really cool scenes. The music in Cuba is Great! They have a super band in the bar every night & dancing. So to summarize, it's Cuba, don't expect too much, if you get a cheap last minute deal for $500-$600 then you will get your money worth. Next year we will go take necessities( shampoo, razors, clothes, baby stuff, runners, Tylenol, soap...) back to the wonderful staff we got to know - however, we may spend a bit more money and stay at a nicer resort.....

    Average Poppin2

    “Its about the value! but room choice is very important here”
    For a 3 star resort in Cuba, this place provides great should be aware however that there is a chance you'll be placed in-off site buildings 1-3 blocks from the main resort itself. The rooms overlook a noisy smelly street & are old & dingy. We recommend you contact the hotel before you go & request a newer room in the main facility. If there are ocean front rooms available there is an additional $20/night charge. While the resort itself is nice, our trip would have been diminished by the inadequate room. We were fortunate to be offered a resort change by our Sunwing rep which we gladly accepted when the hotel was full & could not change our room. Beach was lovely, poolks were also nice. Service was great.

    Average Maryanne G

    “Great for value ”'s a 3 star in Cuba so you will NEVER and should NEVER expect luxury. For what I paid I thought it was awesome. Things to note. Switch your Canadian money at the airport outside currency exchange booth. This hotel does NOT do it for you. Although their gift shop does take credit cards. The prices of cigars and alcohol was almost the same as duty free in the airport. Also, they are 100% firm on check in at 4p.m. No matter what you won't get into your room before then. In my case I arrived at noon, they store your bags for you. So, pack your beach stuff in a bag and head to the beach until your room is ready. The front reception staff was the only ones that were not overly friendly, everyone else was amazing. On your way to breakfast put your beach towels out on the chairs, most people started doing it around 830am. I brought my own beach towel and was glad I did, I couldn't find out where theirs were and they looked tiny anyway. The food is average, excellent fruit though as it's fresh, the fresh bread was awesome too. Book your a la carte restaurant reservations the minute you check in or you won't get in, the food is much better there but book quickly. Don't stay in the Las Palmas block, it's not worth saving $100 and it's seriously way across the other side of the road from main hotel. I stayed in the Colonial building and it was fine. No beach view in that building. Yes, all rooms are a little worn but you aren't in them too long anyway. Great live music at the Beatles bar (about a 5 min walk). The entertainment at the hotel is below average at night but not bad if you are just looking to sip some drinks and listen to music. The beach itself is GORGEOUS! Yes a lot of chairs are worn/damaged however...once again it's not the end of the world. I travelled alone and always felt safe. You can definitely hear noises from the music on the road until about midnight, but I just put the music on the tv and drifted off. The one thing I went for was a convenient location, very affordable without being "budget" and most importantly a superb it met all 3 of those.

    Average Joe N

    “Cheap excursion to Havanna!!! ”
    If the waiter named Ulysses tries to set you up with a deal to go on an excursion to Havanna,DONT GO!!!!! We were told there was a van for 200 pesos that would pick us up in the morning and were driven in a nice cab van a couple of miles down the road and told there was something wrong with the van and we would have to change vehicles. We switched to a 1958 Pontiac station wagon,which would have been a nice car to tour around Veradero in but all the way to Havanna!!!NOT!!!! The ride from hell sums it up. LOved Havanna though and would not let this experience turn me off of Cuba,just watch out for deals ia all I want to say!!! Joe Oshawa!!

    Average 766Karen377

    “Great Location..Lot's of fun and relaxing environment ”
    Upon my 4th trip to Cuba this year, I have to say this was the best hotel by far. I really enjoyed the other resorts but some negative experiences swayed me to try others. I was fortunate to stay in the Colonial part of the hotel and not the hotel Los Plamas side which is across the street but still considered Cuatro Palma. The staff are the staff..They do the same job everyday..over and over again trying to please vacationers with every petty complaint and sometime unexcusable behaviour...We are not royalty but to escape work and our fast paced life to be in a beautiful, no stress environment for a week or two. The rooms are basic..clean is all I care about and they were clean. Your on can take a nap on the beach or the pool side which was absolutely to die for..Get out of your room!!!! The food was good. I have noticed that in he past at other hotels there was a disgusting odor coming from the buffet. One reason why I decided to try something new..None of odor whatsoever and no stray cats roaming the hotel... No birds flying in the dining room either. I witnessed a bird defecating in the rice at one hotel I stayed and that was it for me..I lost 5 pounds after A lot of people from Germany (who were awesome) and Quebec and Montreal. I am from Ontario an met maybe 4 people that were from Ontario. A bit disappointing but to say the least, everyone was kind and by the 3rd day you knew everyone to smile and wave or to speak with and have a drink and a few laughs. Spanish men a well known for their flirting ways when a pretty woman is around..Young girls..warning..please be very careful of who you are surrounding yourself with while drinking and letting loose..letting loose does not mean someone can take advantage of you. I believe this goes on way too much and nothing is reported..Just be aware and always be with a friend and don't trust are men (enough said)! The night life is right out the front door. Across the street is Calle 62. Live Cuban music and dancing..down to the right 2 blocks is The Beatles Bar which play live Rock 'n' Roll and Blues every night of the week. I highly recommend this place..Best party place to dance the night away or just watch all the talented musicians (outdoor concert) Promise!! Make sure you go for a walk through Joneson's Park. Several restaurants and cool places to check out..Right next to the Beatles Bar. Lot's of shopping and restaurants on the main strip where Cuatro Palma is located.. And back to the hotel..Lot's of fun activities in the pool daily..Volleyball and just fun stuff..If you are a free spirit like myself and just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life..this is a fantastic place to be. If your looking for royalty than stay at the end of the Peninsula..I hear there is a lot of walking down on that end.(the hotels are massive..No Thankyou..) lol This hotel you go from...your room to the the the the beach to the bar and back again..Than out the front doors and to the other bars and vintage scenery.. Ohh, and great poker games you can get in on with the staff. Love Cuba sooo much but you have to be laid back and not snobby..Literally, EVERYTHING is within minutes of walking..Just a wonderful cozy hotel and yes..the staff were amazing..Enjoy!!!

    Very good Annabell_7777

    “Returning for the third time ”
    This is the third time that I will be in Cuba - and the third time that I will be staying here - with my family - we went in July the last two years. The location is perfect! Beautiful beach, cleaned early every morning. Great swimming. Lunch at the beach restaurant is excellent. Limited choice, but all excellent - especially the soup! Buffet in main restaurant always has fresh fruit, some fresh vegetables and fresh bread. Some excellent waiters. Very good Cuban nightly entertainment in the main building. Very good bartenders - with drinks, and with specialty coffee. Very helpful workers in the mini hotel 'store'. Oceanview rooms are the best - but of course most costly. When you are in the main building, you are only a couple of minutes to the beach. Safe, TV and mini fridge in the rooms. Sometimes issues with the shower and the air conditioner, but all resolved with time.

    Very good gizzman

    “Oh Yes We Did!! ”
    May 19-26/14. Sometimes you really do need to step back after your vacation and realize how fortunate we are to be able to go and enjoy time with one another. Our last visit was in May/12 and my review of this property was harsh and I had vowed never again, well I am eating my words as we did return and had a GREAT STAY!! Checking in was 100% reversal of our last stay, we arrived at 11am and were surprised that our room was ready and we were shown to our Oceanview Room, all I can say is WOW!! So many of the staff remembered our names and were very accommodating. Food choices have not changed much but we always found something, the pizza during the afternoon was actually good. Bar staff were busy, busy although we never had to wait to long for drinks and really who cares your on VACATION relax!!! The beach is fabulous, 20 new palapas were built and erected during our weeks stay also looks like new lounge chairs are being added. Location, location is this properties plus along with many of the staff. We will be BACK!! there is no need to look further!!

    Very good TravelingPaul67

    “Great location”
    Stayed here in April 2014 At first we were a bit surprized the room we book was not on the resort property but across and down the street beside the Beatles bar.We did book the economy room and the next day we upgraded to a room on the resort for $20 more per day, well worth it.The resort is a little old and needs a paint job in some parts but was a nice place to stay. You can see the ocean from the pool which was very clean. The bars and restaurant were good and the staff was excellent.Loved the way the bartenders would cut off the stumbling drunks. The location of the resort is perfect, two great bars across the street, Calle 62 and the beatles bar are steps away.Great night life. The bus stop is right there too,$5 for a all day pass. Will definitely go back to this hotel, good price and amazing location. Dont go here if your looking for fancy.

    Very good PLR80

    “Great beach, great people, bad food ”
    I stayed here solo for a week during April 2014. Although I came alone, I met lots of great people from all over the world and had a better time than expected. :) The hotel is located on the beach, and a second one across the street but it's not as nice or convenient. Across the street from the main hotel are two must visit bars: calle 67 and the beetles bar. Calle 67 has salsa street dancing and beetles has live cover bands. Even if you're not close to these bars, take a taxi and visit. I booked with sunwing and although the arrival time sucked (3am) and I essentially lost a day, there was still enough value to make up for this loss. The hotel itself is clean and professionally staffed. The room is not great and if I was paying more, I would criticize it. But given this is value and I didn't go there to hang out in my room, it was good enough. It was a good place to sleep. Not too noisy. At least the bed was relatively soft (good given pain in back from prior injury). The three bars attached to the hotel make getting a drink quick and easy. It's a funny place--you meet all sort of interesting people. Nothing like the bars back home. Everyone is on vacation so no stress... I think this makes people easier to chat with. The beach is the best I've been to yet--soft white sandy and clear, warm water... and the beaches have plenty of loungers and umbrellas to shade from the hot sun. I would go back even for the beach and swimming alone! The hotel buffet has bland food which is common for Cuba. I did not find one dish that really stood out as tasty. However, there's still good variety and something for everyone. You won't go hungry but you also probably won't gain weight from over eating. :) Come with an open mind, try salsa dancing, meet new people, leave tips for the staff.

    Very good Niagaraghostwalks

    “Great time at a great place ”
    After reading numerous reviews on resorts in Varadero, I noticed that most have reviews from both haters and lovers. This one stood out for location and price. We absolutely loved it. Go out the back and step onto the beach. Walk out the front and you are surrounded by shops and nightlife and a great park across the road to wander through and recharge. We did upgrade to an ocean front room once we arrived and had no problems all week long. Our room was clean, spacious and had a view to die for. The food was amazing and we ate healthy and like kings. The pool was clean but we did most of our swimming in the ocean. For Cuba standards, this was a great resort for the price and we will definitely return.

    Very good BCtravelman61

    “Awesome Location ”
    We stayed at the resort from Feb. 8th to Feb. 22nd 2014, left from Vancouver airport at 6:30PM on Sunwing. We stayed in the colonial section on the ground floor and could see the ocean from the balcony. The rooms are dated but clean and not in the room very much anyways. We had hot and sunny weather the whole two weeks there. The beach is just amazing but hard to get a lounger and the loungers at the beach are in need of replacing. There were new loungers at the pool so spent most of the time there. The food and service was good at the buffet. Breakfast selection was not always the best but always found something to eat, lunch and dinner very good. We went to the A la carte restaurants and found them very good especially the Cuban and Italian. The food and service was top notch. We went to the restaurant on the beach one night for the special dinner for repeat guests and it was good also. One day a week they have a BBQ out by the beach for lunch which was very good. The 24 hour lobby bar drinks and service was good and in the evening's there was a good band playing and dancing. The pool bar you could get pizza, hamburgers , fries and hot dogs at lunch and the service there was good. At night time the Cuba bar close to the beach was open from 6:00pm till 12:00pm and had some top shelf liquor and an awesome bartender. The public relations lady you book the A la carte restaurants through or have any problems to report with the resort is just amazing, so friendly, courteous and helpful. The location is very good. Calle 62 night club across the street and the Beatles Bar with live bands playing cover tunes from AC/DC, Gun's & Rose's, Rolling Stones etc.. nightly across the street and down a block is a lot of fun and well worth checking out. The double decker bus stop is right out side the resort to the left of the lobby and is well worth the $5.00 CUC per person for all day getting on and off as much as you want. They even sell beer on the bus at the one stop. It is an easy 10-15 min. walk downtown to the markets and restaurants from the resort. Most of the markets have the same items to buy and prices are the same through out the shops all with very friendly workers. We ate 3 times off the resort for dinner. We had lobster at Waco's Club which was awesome and good service. Two lobster tails with shrimp $25.00 CUC per person. Went to Kiki's Club for pizza which was very good and cheap, $6.50 CUC for a large shrimp pizza and $1.50 CUC for beer. Went to El Rancho with a bunch of friends and the food and service was good. This is a 4 star by Cuban standards and would recommend this resort if you want a place with a clean room and good food and service and not far from downtown.

    Very good Cheryl P

    “Ola! ”
    The hotel and staff were amazing! We love Carlos, Fernando & all the bar staff, they treated us like family. Perfect location, walking distance to clubs, restaurants, bars, shopping etc. Check out the Beatles and Club 62! Also check out the park besides Beatles, so pretty. The hotel has a beautiful pool & fantastic beach!! The buffet has a variety of food and the 3 restaurants are very good! Great entertainment from the hotel band & bring your dancing shoes! We would highly recommend this hotel if you want a friendly & fun vacation! The best beach in the world! Enjoy your holiday!

    Very good InhabitYourDreams

    “A bit worn but good in-town choice ”
    I hate all-inclusives but needed an easy, not-too-expensive reprieve from an extended stay in La Habana. I booked through HabanaTour on The Rampa and my 4 days included a bus from and to hotel from near Plaza de La Revolucion. Arriving, I found my room was to be in the annex across the street. No, I insited, I want an ocean view. That will be $40 a night more. I explained my plight to the woman behind the desk. She retreated to a back room and returned saying I could have one for $10 more a night. Done. There were no bellmen to help with luggage (only stairs, no elevator) but I cornered a young male worker and asked him to carry my heavy suitcase and tipped him of course. The room ? with comfy firm king-size bed, reading lamps, desk, TV, small fridge, safe, large step-in shower, toiletries, plenty of towels ? was such a lovely surprise after shabby casa particulares in Havana. I opened the sliding glass doors fully to let in breeze and the sound of waves and never closed them or used the air con. The buffet was ample and varied, although by the end of 4 days I could see it was getting redundant. But compared to what's available to Cubans outside of the fairyland called Varadero, it was an incredible feast. The food, bar and entertainment staff were all friendly and helpful (remember, they have the most cveted jobs in the country! They're making more in tips in one day than all other workers - including doctors and engineers ? make in a month or more). The desk staff, not so much. Internet service was not functioning while I was there, and I was told it was off at all the hotels. The hotel itself is showing signs of age and needs a facelift. As a single traveler, I had a lonely experience amid all the couples and groups of friends. It would be nice if management set up a communal table where singles could dine together if they chose. If I hadn't had an ocean-facing room, I would not have felt so positive about the experience. For the price, and if you fancy an all-inclusive gulag, it is a reasonable place to stay.

    Very good Sheri M

    “Perfect location ”
    We booked a last minute flight to cuba, deciding to take whatever was offered for our accomodations within reason. Coincidentally, the hotel that got booked in our package was one we had visited on an earlier stay in Varadero and one which we had decided we would like to book for a future stay. The location of the hotel is central in Varadero which makes it an excellent choice if you just want to walk out the door to take advantage of shopping or nightlife, both of which are right across the street. The hotel was clean, well maintained, a little tired but that was part of the charm. The rooms were just average but who cares....very little time was spent in them because you are either on the outstanding beaches, in the ocean which is pristine or lounging by a perfect pool. The bars,both in the hotel or by the beach were great and convenient when you felt the need for a monitor wonderful piña colada to refresh with, of course, the excellent Cuban rum available everywhere. Oh yes, did I mention the rum factory is across the street from the hotel as well. The food was adequate, nothing exceptional but fine considering how difficult it is to get fresh food in Cuba. The ala carte restaurants were very good and we took advantage of those when we needed a break from the main buffet. Getting around Varadero is very easy as there are vintage cars which are licenced for use as taxis and available everywhere, horse and buggy and various other forms of transportation. The double decker bus is running steady for a mere $5 day pass and it's a great way to tour from end to end Varadero. All in all, the weather was excellent with a few rainy days thrown into the mix but they were warm and lovely too. A great one week stay which felt like a relaxing two. What more do you want. A good, reasonable choice.

    Very good arangemas

    “Better than expected ”
    Reviews on TA were mostly negative. Our expectations were low. But the 12 of us were pretty happy with our stay. Our rooms were at the back of the main block which was linked by a shaded path. Though dated, our rooms were clean with brand new air-cons. We felt that food from both the buffet and Italian Restaurants were very salty. Services were good especially if you are willing to tip a little. We took the hop on and hop off bus to visit other places. The buses stopped right in front of the hotel. It was a good way to see Varadero.

    Very good Paw2508

    “Best holiday ever ”
    I've been the with my group of friend few years ago and had the best time of my life. Amazing service ,food and atmosphere. Grate night life and lots of attraction to see and to be part of it. I'm planing to go the next year with another group of friend. Can't wait :)

    Very good Salsatrini

    “Four Palms are okay ”
    Went there to celebrate our 42nd anniversary and stayed 12-19th September. Hotel is quite dated but kept neat and surroundings pleasant. Staff are attentive. Main bar could do with some extra staff at night. More beach chairs are needed and some require replacing as they are worn and soiled. Food was quite tasty and buffet carried a wide variety so you must find something palatable to eat. Ice cream was delicious. Buffet staff was very cordial and polite, especially Ulysses, Gleydis and Janicey. Violin music at buffet dinner was a lovely touch. Had dinner at Tropipalma and Italian restaurants on premises, preferred the latter. The Calle 62 disco opposite this hotel is convenient if you like Cuban music. Also the hotel's animation group and house band both performed fantastically. Dance shows were of a very high standard and represent dedication to performing the best they can. We love to danse latin music and enjoyed every bit of Salsa and Bachata . Pool is kept quite clear with ample clean lounge chairs. Can't say enough about Varadero's sea water and sand quality. We practically lived in the sea. What a gem. If you want to be in the heart of Varadero, this hotel is good value for your money and as repeat visitors to Cuba, we say, you could safely ignore the negative reviews.

    Excellent mojitogirl

    “Another great stay at Cuatro Palmas ”
    We had another wonderful stay at this wonderful little gem. We stayed across the street in the las palmas section, room 3107. It was basic, but clean, private, secure and all we required. The food was again nothing fancy, but there was always something we liked and we never went hungry. The snack bar was very good as an alternative to the buffet, but there are also plenty of inexpensive restaurants within walking distance. We found the service was generally very good, especially Hernan at the buffet and everyone at the Bar Cuba. A little tip really does go a long way. There were always plenty of lounge chairs at the beach and pool and both areas were well kept. We love this hotel for it's location most of all. There are plenty of markets, restaurants and activities just outside your door. We felt very comfortable just walking the streets, even late at night. It is also hard to get lost, as there are only three main streets that run the length of the peninsula. Josone park is a wonderful place to take a leisurely walk and enjoy a mojito or Piña Colada. The only negative experience we had was at the American Plaza. We were at the grocery store there and they frequently tried to short changed us, or give us change in their pesos. We were warned of this before we went, and payed close attention at the cash register. Whenever possible, ask for a receipt and pay in exact change. I hope to return soon, and look forward to making many more memories.

    Excellent Mandy I

    “Great and Fun Stay at the Cuatro Palmas ”
    I just returned from two weeks at the cuatro palmas. It was my first stay at this hotel but I have been to varadero 50+ times and I have stayed at both 5* and 2.5* hotels. I just loved the Cuatro Palmas. I had a wonderful, fun time. The staff at the reception desk were very helpful and friendly and always greeted me with a smile. The lobby bar staff were just the best and so much fun to visit with and they really work hard. They keep their bar running smoothly and always served me with a smile. I really enjoyed the live bands every evening at the lobby bar, it was great. The shows were great. The staff in the dining room were very friendly and nice. The dining room was always clean and the variety was excellent. I really enjoyed the food it was very very good and the desserts yummy.! The restaurant on the beach had delicious food I ate there several times. The pool was clean and very well kept. My room was in the main building and was perfect, my maid was just the best. The nightlife in front of the hotel is amazing there is lots to do. I truly enjoyed my stay at the Cuatro Palmas and I will be going back very soon. I would like to thank all the staff at the Cuatro for making my vacation perfect in every way. And I look forward to seeing everyone again very soon. thank you Krista .

    Excellent Angela A

    “Fantastic ”
    My partner and I stayed here for 1 week, as we drove up in the taxi we couldn't believe this was the hotel we were staying in for so little money. It exceeded all our expectations the staff were friendly, room was clean and the location perfect, as you have everything at arms reach. Club across the road, hotel situated on the beach, market's, we hired bikes and rode around, we even had dinner at a locals house after meeting and befriending some locals. Excellent trip and a good clean hotel with friendly staff.

    Excellent the4taylors

    “Warm Vacation Destination”
    This is my 3rd trip to Varadero, Cuba. When we first arrived it was a bit odd. We arrived at 12:30am Sunday - were told we were across the street and down - we were a little taken back and none of the hotel people offered to help us. Ok so we got to where we were staying - security helped us with our bags and to find our room. We could hear the music from The Beetles night club going strong (til 4 am) and the Calle 62 was also going strong on the street on the other side (but our window faced The Beetles). Room was clean (smelled a bit moldy but considering the humidity in Cuba) Our bed was nicely made with clean mattresses, sheets and pillows - not home comfy but that was ok. You should be aware that their plumbing can't handle toilet paper which is why every toilet has a small covered garbage can to put your used paper into rather than flushing it and plugging the toilet. Breakfast was 7:30 - 9:30, Lunch was 12:30-2:30 and Supper was 7:00- 9:00. No complaints about the buffet. There was always a selection of meat, veggies and potatoes. The serving staff would direct you to there section and ask you right away what you wanted to drink. Breakfast and lunch servers and then you had different supper servers. If you treat the servers with respect and are friendly to them they treat you in kind. Ask them questions - they love to talk about their families (as we all do!) We never booked the a la carte restaurants (which is done every morning for the coming evening). The bar and beach staff too were mostly friendly (but you get that anywhere you go - some people are just miserable socks and you avoid them) We enjoyed the beach (go right after breakfast and reserve chairs and a hut) We noticed after high winds and waves as we walked the beach there was jelly fish in the sand - just watch where you are walking. Be careful to bring varying degrees of sun lotion - I started with 15 and should have started with the 30 (oops!!) Bring along after bite - as they do have mosquitoes and sand flies - both being itchy bites. Bring also a container to fill with water regularly - bar and restaurant staff are more than happy to fill with water for you. We strolled through most of the 6km main shop and store section of Varadero - lots of shops. I noticed this year, which was never as bad in previous years, (maybe because I had a male with me this time) they are starting to get a bit more aggressive with selling cigars on the street or trying to get you into their stores. There are still a number of them that will wait and if you come in and say Hola - they smile and return the greeting. We took only 1 tour and that was the Sugar Cane Tour - very informative, although a little rushed - they could make it a full day excursion and allow you more time to enjoy the museum (our poor museum guide was rattling off information and on to the next room. It made it difficult to enjoy and appreciate the museum. Our tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable. We learned that although education is free (university as well) they have to do civil service (women 3 years and men 2 years- men because they have to serve a year in the military) if you don't do you service they take you diploma away. All in all it was a wonderfully relaxing hot get away. I love Cuba and the people there. One word of advice - if your plane leaves later in the evening ask to extend your occupancy - I found out too late that we could have had our room for free until 4 pm and then from 4-8 for 25 CUC (we didn't get picked up until 8:30 pm - it would have been nice to have a place to shower and nap in the afternoon instead of wandering around with no where to really clean up before the trip home.

    Excellent Berryp

    “LIke going home”
    This was out 7th stay at the Cuatro Palmas and it is almost embarassing how much attention return visitors get .friendly hugsand kissesevery where you go . We love our stays in the Colonial section it is very quaint comfortable and quiet . This was our first visit in November and the weather was perfect but the resort and varadero as a whole was very quiet . Service was excellent , buffet great . On our first visit here we tried the Italian restaurant and were not impressed , we finally tried it again this time and had one of the nicest evenings and meals that we have had in our many visits to Cuba . We were able to try a couple more off resort eateriesand more andmore are impressed by the little bistros which are popping up all over the city . This hotel is ideally located in town and on one of the most exquisite beaches anywhere.We have met great people here and are regularly asked to visit the family homes of staff . This isa great Cuban experience . We love this little hotel and start to relax the minute we step in the frront entrance .

    Excellent Maveve32

    “Beyond expectations ! ”
    I chose this hotel for my first trip solo. I stayed in the colonial part of the hotel; the room was nice and clean, the cleaning lady did an awesome job ! Location of the hotel is just perfect. Food was more than OK, drinks were good, and the staff was really friendly. The beach is marvelous as well. Single ladies, this is the perfect place. I left Montréal crying over a heartbreak, and my stay at Cuatro Palmas definitely cured me. At night, there are always many many people, the hotel itself was quiet but across the street you have bars, such as Calle 62, Havana Club and The Beatles, where you can meet people and drink and have fun. This is definitely a place I will go back to. I felt very safe, security agents do a great job, and not once have I been scared of being alone, even at night. The pool appeared to be really clean as well, although I didn't hang out there very much, I was much more interested in the beach. Along the coast are a lot of other resorts, so you have plenty of action, while it remains quiet at the same time. It's the perfect balance. I live by the rule : Be nice to people, and they will be nice to you. Everybody smiled at me and has

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