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Tropicoco Hotel, Havana City Cuba. 3 stars,

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  • Destination: Havana City
  • Address: Ave. Banderas y Las Terrazas, Sta. Maria del Mar.
  • Phone: (537) 97-1371
  • Accept child:Yes
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  • Description: Tropicoco Hotel Cuba

    The Tropicoco Hotel, located in the eastern Havana beaches - in the so-called Circuito Azul (Blue Circuit) -, is just 50 meters from the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea. It is surrounded by indoor and outdoor gardens that highlight the Caribbean atmosphere of the place. The hotel is an excellent sun and beach option for those who want to escape - at least for a moment - from the noise of a city that has a population of two million. The sandy sea bottom spreads to the edge of the insular platform, which is populated by corals and fertile marine life that turn the area into a great spot for scuba diving and snorkeling.

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    Review about Tropicoco Hotel
    Awfull Cobbleston

    “Never again ”
    I had my reservations after reading some of the reviews on here. But as many suggested, I kept an open mind and was prepared to take it for what it was. It was awful!! We were there for a week of baseball with our son's team, so we didn't personally book this hotel. Watching my son play ball and spending time with my daughter at the beach and pool, were the only things that made it a positive experience. The rooms are not cleaned. They are straightened up, at the most. Another family were luckly enough to have their floor washed but only because their room was flooded with black sludge coming up from the bathroom sink. Towels were not changed and then we were out of luck if we had put them on the floor to be changed. I started putting mine on the toilet just in case and that seemed to work. Apparently, there are not enough towels for the hotel and they are not washed on premises. Food was not great-but we had not expected it to be. The wait staff were ok for the most part. I did see a waiter look at a tip someone gave and scowl while they were still standing there. The best waiter was a taller gentleman who was the only one who came and asked how we were enjoying things. Often, the dining room filled quickly and there was a line up outside the door. The hostess, otherwise known as the 'Door Nazi', would proceed to lock the door so people couldn't get in, but diners also couldn't get out. Diners would have to search for her to leave as she often wouldn't be anywhere to be seen. There is also a shortage of spoons and don't ever try to get your own if your waiter is busy-that really annoys them. Last, but not least, there are the dirty creepy guys that walk around with their younger companions (male and female). They are disgusting! My daughter was never allowed to leave my side. My mother was coming down the elevator with a man who said to her, 'well, this could be dangerous'. Great pick up line, Creepy Guy! But hey, if you do want such companionship, just contact one of the head security guards, because he is the pimp. He offered to find a girl for one of the dads with us. Nice! We let the manager of the team that he will have to book different accommodations for next year. I'm sure others can look past these things, but myself and the company we were with just couldn't. All this said, our best days were the ones away from the hotel. Havana is a very interesting place to visit and it gave all of us something to think about. Highlite of our trip was when my son saw a boy playing baseball on the side of the road, using a stick for a bat. My son ran to our bus and gave one of his bats to the boy. Made his year, I am sure. Go to Havana-just stay somewhere else. :-)

    Awfull Christian M

    “Never Again ”
    The rooms are flooded half the time. They close the bar when they feel like it. Filthy bedding with "stains" on the spreads. If you like hookers, and booze, this is your place. Hookers slip past security. They just ignore it. A place for old men, and especially for drunks that drink until they fall asleep, or argue etc... Alcoholic haven for some, with 6 beer in front of them at all times. They did not give me towels, had to wait till next day, no television until a remote was found the next day. The maids straighten up, they DON'T clean!!! The beach is ok, but you have to cross the street, not bad, and the one good point was the bus to Havana. NEVER AGAIN. Too many drunks, and hookers!

    Awfull Quick_Tripper2014

    “Used condoms & prostitutes ”
    I don't want to spend too much precious time writing this so a list will have to suffice... 1) 5 used condoms found on the grounds just outside the front of the hotel - this was just what I noticed/counted on morning number one :-( I decided not to take notice after that. 2) I'm female and was 'called to' by many old Canadians asking if I wanted to join them for sex. I'm a 45 year old Scot for goodness sake! While the old white guy catching a young Cuban lass is prevalent all along this shore, it was at it's most blatant and desperate here! 3) My husband was offered 'viagra' by 'husslers' at this hotel. They were very pushy and insistant and didn't give in after a few swift "no's".

    Awfull PaulRon13

    “A total catastrophe! Worst vacation EVER! ”
    This was by far my worst experience in the Carribean by far. This hotel needs to be either torn down or completely renovated. It was my first experience at a 2 Star and will definitely be my last. Im 24 and went with my dad who is almost 60 and we stayed from Dec 6 to Dec 10 at this hotel. We could not wait to leave this resort and go home pretty much after the first day. The reason we booked a room here was because we already had our flights paid already to Havana and just needed a hotel room. After looking around we found this place. Im not usually one to give negative reviews or believe the ones that are written so I ignored the bad ones, BAD IDEA. First of all we arrived by taxi at about 9 pm (cab costed $40 CND and took 45 minutes) which was fine. Check in was almost a disaster as I did not print my confirmation from Cubanacan. Luckily after 5 minutes the receptionist found my reservation. The first room we got, the Air Conditioning didnt work so we were immediately given another room where it did work. The shower in the first room had wood pannelling in the shower and bathroom. It looked terrible and disgusting. The second room the bathroom looked newer, thank god but was nothing to brag about. The shower pressure was only good when it was turned to the cold position, and was basically dribbling when we tried to get warm water. The toilet and sink were ok and worked. One night the sewage backed up through the shower drain when the toilet was flushed. A bunch of black stuff just kept coming up if you tried to flush the toilet. We told the receptionist and she said it would be cleaned in an hour, which it was and didnt cause us any future problems. The hotel looks like a bleak old Russian builing that was given a shotty paint job 20 years ago. From the road it looked decaying and falling apart. The room itself was small and depressing. Everything in it looked dated and dirty. No alarm clock but they didnt have a 24 inch TV, which had a few English chanels like CNN. The beds were twin sized with mattresses that looked to be about 20 years old with many stains. It had thin sheeting and a thin blanket which too had stains on it. It was the first hotel Ive stayed at that actually used a key to get into your room (not a card) and only one was given to us. It also had a small safe with one key (no pin). Our room was on the second floor and within sight of the lobby area, so we could hear everything from the birds in a cage, to some plastered Russian guy in a bathing suit yelling at the receptionist at 2:30 am. Pretty much any noise could be heard in our room, but luckily we are both deep sleepers so we lived with it. We missed dinner when we first arrived FORTUNATELY. The food at this place was appauling and disgusting. I could barely eat anything. Even the bread was usually stale and the rice tasted weird. You would have to be very brave to eat any of the other buffet food as it all looked disgusting. Fortunately I brought a lot of snacks from back so those kept me going. On our last day we decided to go to a real restaurant and try to find some good food. The receptionist recommended a place called Los Nortas in front of the Capital building in Old Havana. We took a cab ($15) and the food was actually amazing for the price ($25 for two). We actually couldnt finish our meals. The beach was conveniently located across the street and I spent a couple of days there. They provide a section with beach chairs and umbrellas. The beach itself was beautiful but there was garbage everyhere (like straws, cups, even a condom wrapper). It really needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. The drinks were ok, but we figure the draft beer made us sick so by the end we avoided it. We also figured the draft lines probably never get cleaned and contributed to this. There is a convenience store accross the street that sells beers for $1 each. The wine was ok and drinkable so I basically stuck with that. One of the few good things about this place was the 2 free shuttles provided everyday which take you into Old Havana at 930 am or 230 pm and return at 1 pm or 6 pm. Another good thing was the lobby furniture which looked pretty new and there was plenty of it to sit in and relax. The receptionists were ok to deal with. Sometimes they were helpful and other times they were useless or in the back and not even at the desk. Internet was also pathetically slow. It took about 10 minutes to sign into my facebook page. The cost was 3 pesos for 30 minutes. The service from the bartenders and servers was pretty good considering it was a two star. I did notice some of the glasses I had in the restaurant were not cleaned properly though. Obviously if you tip your service will be better and the waitresses and bartenders will be more helpful. The pool was pretty enclosed, seemed clean but small. I rarely saw anyone using it or hanging out nearby. The last thing I have to say about this resort is the blatant prostitution that is occuring there between old foreigners with local cuban girls who probably arent even checked in at the hotel. They never bothered us but it was always in our face and depressing to look at. This definitely is not a place for families or people looking for a nice vacation. It is basically a greasy old hotel that is a cheap place for old single men to get action. I would never stay here again or wish it on my worst enemy. I felt bad for the people working there who probably have to see this stuff everyday and work in such an environment. I've been back for 2 days now and my stomach is not feeling well, and that's without even eating the so called food at the buffet. YIKES!

    Awfull Driver2008

    “Old men and Corrupt security, cops ”
    Stayed at this place for 5 days just recently Did not enjoy seeing Old men in there late 60's and up to probably 80's with these young girls, Don't they think of there daughters or granddaughters being that age, As for the food same crap every morning afternoon and night, rooms were maybe 1.5 out of 5, Best part of the stay was going to Old Havana. Would Never stay at this place ever again, The security team saying team loosely and cops all around the hotel were so openly taking money from tourists to let the girls past the front doors, They said the cops where there because a Local beat up a Tourist. Even my friends didnt enjoy this place, One last thing the Best place for a Great clean place for Dinner is a 5min taxi ride called Chicken Little 10 out of 10.

    Poor Clau1966

    “Only if you want to be at the beach and a few minutes away from Havana ”
    Ok, lots of old men and young prostitutes. But my experience is that they mind their own business. Its an old building that has not been maintained- like most places in Cuba. If you want to be close to Havana and still get to enjoy beautiful beaches, playas del este is great but at Tropicoco, they don't change the bed sheets or bathroom towels if you don't complaint about it (and even if you do, they'll tell you a story about not having any more towels in the hotel!). Keep argueing! But that's simply not acceptable, even for a 2-stars hotel. And you don't want to feel you have to fight about these things when you are on vacations. Next time, I might try the Atlantico neardy or simply stay in Havana and come to Playas del Este for beach days. Also, be sure to check the prices of things you buy in the store accross the street and your change. They seem to easily "forget" to give back the correct amount... Ah, but they were so sorry about the mistake.... This happened twice the same day. As for the personnel in the restaurants, they are the most friendly faces and make the whole experience bearable for a week (the service, not the quality of the food!).

    Poor Ray F

    “ok for what it is ”
    ok for what it was nice free trips to havana twice every day nothing to do after 6 pm few hookers but they dont bother you . a few good restaurants around about 5 min walk open late 15 dollar taxi ride to havana

    Poor redstar1991

    “if is possible do not go there..................”
    simple and old hotel with very poor food. if you go with kids will be in troubles about what to give them to eat. buffet is very poor with maximum 2-3 choices. if do not come early to lunch or dinner probably will leave restaurant hungry. there is the grill same, but just sometimes is possible get sandwiches ( simple toasted sandwiches with salami ) . rooms are simply and clean. only problem in room are TV ( me and my friends were in 3 rooms and have many problems about TV which usually does not work and no remote control in any room)). the beach is nice, long and beautiful, but have go over the street to the beach ( about 200 meters away from hotel). there is too many local people on the beach and I love it. the beach bar is so far from the beach ( 200 meters), but on beach is possible to buy drink or food ( domestic beer 1 cuc, imported beer 2.50 cuc- lunch on the send cost about 10 cuc or even less ). the hotel has bar which works 24 hours ( sometimes is possible to get sandwiches, but no often). on evening nothing special; too boring after dinner except night show nothing more ( 1 hour of dancing group or animation show). guests in hotel: many old with young and in one week I did not see any family with children ( that is really not resort which you have visit with children). if is somebody fun of easy young partners there is a few night clubs in distance about 10 km where is always possible to find somebody who is happy spend night or more with tourists. very good location: Havana is so close and every day there are 2 buses free to Old Havana ( 9.30 am and 2.30 pm) and same return buses ( 1 pm and 6 pm). bus drives about 30 minutes from hotel to Old Havana. honestly I can not recommend Tropicoco for vacation ( I was on Cuba more then 20 times )...... and for end about money: 1 cuc is same like 1 US dollar.........

    Poor OttawaAndr_P

    “It is what it is ”
    To many it qualifies as a dive. However it has some redeeming features. I have been to this hotel three winters in a row. What brought me back was the proximity to Havana (25 mins.). A free shuttle from the hotel to Havana is available every day. One can take the 9:30 am shuttle to Havana for sightseeing and come back either at 1 pm or later as you wish. The beach is across the street. The beach has very nice sand and one can walk for miles or use available chairs to get a tan. The hotel has six floors with two elevators. One has never worked in the three years that I have been there. The other broke down for a couple of days without being fixed during my last stay. The food is cafeteria style and rather basic even by Cuban standards. The wine served is from Spain and very drinkable. So is the beer. The room had both 220 and 110 volts outlets so that you can recharge your electronics. The room was clean but very old. The mattress is hard and the A/C is noisy, which is a blessing as it kills traffic noise from the front of the hotel. The staff is nice in spite of the terrible salaries they work for. Tips from guests are very important to them as they struggle to feed their families.

    Poor 871sarahj

    “depressing ”
    I booked 2 weeks holiday here with my boyfriend, it was cheap and cheerful and I was not deluded expecting anything grand for the cost and based on previews reviews, however it was definitely worse than I expected. Arrived first night after a 9 hr flight and thought great go get some food, went into the buffet and food was not recognisable to me (no labels) and tons of flies all over the food I rapidly lost my appetite and didnt bother. Breakfast next morning was a bit chaotic - no plates or cups anywhere had to ask staff for more - they were just standing around they could have been proactive and kept the stock replenished. Stuck with toast and omelette for breakfast no real complaints. No fruit juices available for breakfast only coffee which was the best thing on offer. Next night we decided to try the a'la carte restaurant in the hotel - had spaghetti, beef and ice cream which at the time felt edible - but that night I had stomach cramps and diarrhea so we vowed never to eat dinner there again! There is a great little pizzeria up the road for $6 you can get a meal for 2 which I would recommend instead. The bedroom was basic, two single beds and a loud a/c unit.. the bathroom was the highlight very clean and a nice shower. We stayed away a few nights and in that time the ceiling had started leaking all over my bed and no effort had been made to resolve the issue whilst we were away - just the puddles mopped up. I had to move my bed in the end so we were scrunched up in half the room as I just couldnt be bothered to report it as it wasnt a hotel with any customer service. I think there were bed bugs too as got some bites and was itching lots whilst there and they were not mosquitos. I did also find a cluster of ants on the chair in the room on the last day. The reception area was passable but somewhat depressing atmosphere and didnt really spend too much time there. Dont sit on the chairs by the pool table or you will fall to the floor as the chairs are broken. There was prostitution at the hotel which was more discreet than I was expecting so didnt bother me too much. The drinks bar was fine and no complaints, served beer, rum and soft drinks. The beach was the highlight, although there is only a tiny space designated for the tropicoco hotel which in busy season would be no where near enough sun loungers. The beach was clean and the kayaks were great fun, the sea was beautiful and clear. The pool at the hotel was actually nice too, very clean and refreshing although the music by the pool was a little loud and asked for it to be turned down a bit as we were the only ones there. You can get toasted sandwiches around the bar area which we had one day and was tasty. We booked alternative accommodation for part of the holiday so we could travel around, I was depressed when we came back to tropicoco and it was a relief everytime we left. The rest of the accommodation in cuba was outstanding compared to this. I think I would have got an early flight home if I stayed here for the whole holiday. I would suggest either spend a little more on a nice hotel or book a casa particular which will be much better value for money.

    Average Salsalitta

    “Inexpensive beach vacation. Don't expect any frills... ”
    I came here as a solo traveller for the first week in April. I was in room 409. Two twin beds, hard mattress, some stains on the bedspreads but sheets clean. Bathroom clean. when requested, fresh towels were not available but the maid ensured to provide me with them the next day without having to ask again. Downside was mould on bathroom ceiling, mildew smell in room, tv and phone not working. Beautiful view of palm trees and ocean from room. Food not great but there were lots of options. The rice, pork and fried fish were excellent IMO and I always had seconds or thirds of these. As far as the service goes... do not exchange money at the front desk. You only get the actual exchange rate at the airport, bank or Western union. Service in dining room was hit and miss, somewhat slow. Drinks are technically all-inclusive all day, however the glasses are tiny so I would typically have to ask for two of any drink so as not to be totally dehydrated. There is a corner store to buy some water, pop, beer very cheap just a couple min walk. Beach was great. Wonderful service from the guys in charge of the chairs and umbrellas. Complimentary shuttle service to Havana was excellent! Shout-outs to the entertainment staff who put on such excellent shows. In particular the tall man who did the Reggaeton-type singing performance. All in all, Tropicoco provided a fun, laid-back vacation to enjoy both beach and Havana. As long as you are not expecting Canada/European standards you should be okay.

    Average RyanEs2013

    “A different experience on the beach ”
    It has an excellent buffet, no doubt, is the best that can be found in Cuba for a 3 star, especially if you bring a package "All Included". The bar always available in their schedules. Good service and cleanliness. Area pools within the hotel and special option for those who do not like the sun much because part of the pool is shaded. Huge lobby. Elevators always available. checking agile and pleasant service, always attentive to answer your questions about the service. Sand Area reserved for the hotel with umbrellas and bar service to access the hotel and the handle guest services required. You can feel a different experience.

    Average oceongardner

    “Intersting ”
    Trip was Dec 8 -15 , to start the trip was about 700 from alberta for everything . Let's start with wages there 10 cuc a month for most , biologist 20 , engineer 20 , engineering professor 40. A dish of cooking oil 3 cuc . So about the working girls, I didn't pick any up but I did treat them with respect, gave them gum , talked with them, let them listen to my ipod and 1 of the girls took the time even when she was leaving for home in a hurry to help me make a call, no tip no money just to help, and they never harassed me .room basic with the bed made daily. I had hot water and pressure to shower.there seems to be no cleaning in general in the rooms. But there was nothing in my room touched even with stuff laying put. My cleaner Maria on 6th floor was honest and even helped me with Spanish. The elevator worked but sketchy .The a/c was great , server hit and miss like the bartender .The front lobby cleaner seamed busy.the food wasn't great but I work in camp so I have had worse.internet yes it is slow but when I had dial up at 28th it was as well .I stayed in a casa for 2 days with anyelli and jose they speak English Spanish and French I think beautiful room and great food for about 25 a night with your own bath and a/c there contact number is 53 7796 9352 or cell 53 5284 9589 , Calle real #76 Barreras, guanabacoa about 5 cuc by cab .they aranged a great driver to take me to santa Clara .they next day a full day tour seeing havana many places with no hassle from locals.including a cool tower with mirrors that show you havana in real time. ( the driver was lali) he speaks English , French and Spanish, he is very honest I left my money in the car with him and it was safe .He drives a 52 Chevy with great brakes ( I know as a police car cut us of without warning but we avoided a collision). Yes and a great meal of fish with a drink for 2 was 7.50 in cuc it saved me so much being with the locals. In closing the tropicoco was safe , mostly clean food was do able , and if nothing else a cheap way to go else were .If you would like a clean place with a great family or a personal driver for a day or 2 of your trip here is contact info in closing yes I would go back to both the hotel and the casa.

    Average Jojo4470

    “Close to Havana ”
    This is an old Soviet building that needs work. Of course that's typical for Cuba. Rooms are very basic and the bathroom had a bad smell. Food was OK but plenty of it. Beach is just across the road, with a small bar to keep the drinks flowing. The bus to Havana passes by the front door, we used it every day. Good value for what we paid.

    Average Jude Y

    “Location, location, location.”
    I was actually at this hotel last year but decided to put in a few words about this place. The hotel itself is a bit of a throwback from Russian built concrete hotels in Cuba but and the food is nothing to write home big deal for Cuba. The reason I would go back here somtime is the location. You are a short cab ride to havana and can visit without having to stay in the city. You have Guanabo nearby, the small cuban vacation town with lots of discos, one going eveynight. the disco called guanamar in the best, three big video screens and more chicas than you can shake a CUC at! I like the chicas so i focus on this in my reviews. There are places to shop and eat and drink all up and down the strip there in guanabo and plenty of locals, whether you want a sweetheart or just some good interaction with the Cuban. The Cubans are some of the best people I have met on world travels. Seriously. Al well, there is almost no crime down there other than maybe a pickpocket girl at a bar so keep your hand on your money in your pocket when surrounded by many beautiful women. I have never had a problem. Outside the hotel there is a nice beach across the street, very sandy and excellent for swimming, Just heed the warning flags for rip tides. If caught in one remember to swim sideways along the shore and you will eventually be free of its pull out to sea. There is a little bar just outside about a two minute walk down the street where you can have a burger or whatever and some drinks and lots of locals go here to. Just remember, most guys are hustlers, harmeless but always trying scam you into something lol I just deal with the girls myself. All in all, this place makes a good home base but definately not a luxury hotel. the location close to the city and Guanabo with all the awesome clubs is why i go here. Enjoy!

    Average bittenbytravelbugg

    “Safe and comfortable enough ”
    I was travelling for a work trip (I work for a non profit) and our Cuban partners set up accomodations. Possible cons: The rooms are very basic, but comfortable enough. The meals are a buffet setup with a limited variety. The elevators (1 of the 2 were functioning) are somewhat sketchy. Something in the bathroom leaked - not sure if it was the sink or the toilet - so the floor was wet the whole time. Seemed to be some non-family friendly individuals around the entrance of the hotel in the evenings. Pros: The air condition cooled the room quickly. The staff is for the most part friendly. I agree with another review - the omlettes are pretty delicious. Right across the road from the beach. All inclusive (small glasses for unlimited beer). I had a beautiful view from my room of the beach. The pool area was nice, sat and read. Here's an example with the food: I checked in at 10pm-ish and there were many people still buzzing around. I was told that there was 24 hour bar which serves sandwiches as well as snacks by the pool until 6pm. When I asked at 10:30 about sandwiches, I was told the person who makes them isn't around until 11. By 11:30 I had asked a few times and nobody was available - so I ended up going to be without dinner due to my late flight and no food available at the hotel. Similarly, the next day when I went to the pool at 5:30 I was told there was no more food. Dinner starts at 7.

    Average crazyhaze1

    “Tropicoco Dec 2012 ”
    Pros: - excellent beach. - friendly staff. - cheap shuttle and 15 minute cab ride to Havana.($20) - room safe. - tasty morning omlettes. - nighltly entertainment shows were surprisingly good. - very secure. Cons: - average cuban food. - dated, run down facilities, and rooms. - no fridge, and limited TV choices. - not much nightlife. - dodgy elevator This is a 2* hotel and excellent choice for budget travellers who wish to lounge on the beach during the day and enjoy Havana at night. Great hotel for open-minded solo travellers or small groups looking to have fun. This is not a good choice for newlyweds, families, or finicky, high maintenance people. Also, probably not a good choice for uptight or conservative people as well. $500 - $750 with airfare from Canada is a fair price. Cheers,

    Average igram42

    “tropicoco-go-go ”
    3rd time staying at the ol tropicoco. The thing that kept going in my mind is that the Tropicoco is like an old girlfriend, comfortable, easy to be around with, beautifull scenery, until her cooking brings you down to reality! My major downslide of this hotel was the food. One night we had decent food.(shaved pork)Lunch and dinner is the same thing,and if you get the pork ribs, you are literally spitting bones. Seems like the used a cleaver, missed, and kept chopping with it. Im not the only one that had issues with them.Tasty, but chew slowly, or you will need dental work! It seemed like 80% of every meal is boney boiled chicken,,or hamburger helper.They have a spaghetti station, repetive every night. The pizza joint to the left of the hotel seems to close at 5pmish. It used to be open later,but atleast in Sept it wasn't If, and when you need to get half decent food ,walk to the right of the hotel about 10 min. Pedros its called and the food is about $5. As always no ala carte restaurant in Sept. Pro The beach and water are very good, the atmosphere,scenery wonderfull.They have taken down the volleyball net, they have added a boardwalk, to the beach.There is lots of security, and don't worry about your belongings, leftalone on your chair.The chairs and umbrellas are plentyfull, but a downside is that both are colleceted at 6pm! There is broken glass on the cautiouse.Be smart. go to front desk, ask for beach towel coupon...its a deposit of $10, and u change the towel every day...There is only the lobbybar open at night. They do have hotdog, or ham sandwhich at the pool bar some days, if the bartender feels like it.Dont be in a hurry.One thing about this hotel, is nothing has ever been stolen from the complimentary safes in the room, if u read the reviews, ask for your key at checkin.They do change money at the front desk,,in Sept it was 10% Canadian. As always, on first day,write a note for the maid that you want a remote for the tv..and a couple of pesos, your wish is their command!Liquids are no longer allowed at the airport in handluggage, so buy at duty free, or checkem in, would I return here for a 4th trip...yes, but I wouldn't pay much more than $550 per wk. But if you want to experience Cuban culture, beach wise, and have a steppingstone to Havanna,do it! Just don't be high maintenance,pretnd its extravagant wont be sorry!

    Average Jeff L

    “I feel compelled to defend this little gem of a hotel...awesome time!!! ”
    When we see 2 star we tend to have low expectations. Combine it with some of the reviews on here and it's enough to justify not going, understandably so. Well you'd be wrong to avoid this place. I'm not saying you should bring your kid's and expect a Disney style vacation but if you're budget conscious and adventurous this is the place for you. You'll fly to Varadero and they'll bus you the 90 minutes to Havana. Buy a couple of beers at the airport for the drive (they're good like that). Upon arrival you will notice a huge ugly Soviet style hotel build in the 1960's. It can be intimidating at first but don't let this scare you. The place might be old but it's everything is should be. A roof, a bed, hot meals, free booze and beach! The rooms are simple and sufficient. They have 1 buffet and 1 a-la carte. There's a lobby bar, sports bar and a bar across the street at the beach. You'll find a free shuttle to Havana 2 times a day and it's about a 20 minute drive. I spend at least half my trip wandering around Havana getting lost and drinking rum. Met some locals and drank at their place and got the tour from a local perspective which was priceless. Havana is awesome! Now...onto the prostitution. Yes it exists and yes it is out in the open. It's mostly older European men who are always respectful and the prostitutes don't harass you. They are there however and you can't avoid it. Leave them alone and you'll be fine. So to sum it all up. I paid $499 for 7 days from Moncton direct flight. I got fed, I got drunk, I got a tan, made some friends and had a blast. Where in the world can you have an experience like that for less than $500? This is not a resort, it's an all inclusive hotel but it's all you need if you are looking for a home base to have some awesome adventures. I've stayed in 5 star all inclusive resorts and I've stayed at the Tropicoco. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

    Average 4Mshmsh

    “Fiendly place ”
    Three 1 week trips in 2013. Always very satisfied. Not a new hotel but rooms always clean. All employees give very good service and smile. Free bus to Havana twice a day. New manager get it better an better. Go across the street and you are in front of the beach. Free bar service at the beach. In the hotel, 24 hour bar service. What could we ask more for the price?

    Average szszszszsz

    “Enjoyable stay at Hotel Tropicoco, July 2013 ”
    Just spent 14 days in this hotel, it has a 2 star rating. Wanting to be close to Havana but not in the city this all inclusive was a good option. The standard room was a bit small and depressing so we upgraded to a larger room with balcony and small fridge. The room had king size bed and sitting area, the view was fantastic, air conditioner and tv worked great. Hot and cold water always worked in our shower. No cockroaches or ants in our room during our stay. The service persons were helpful and there was never a language barrier. Dining was often a challenge, the food was just ok, the selections were repetitive, but everything tasted ok. We jokingly called some of the choices, mystery meat, and when fellow travelers complained we got them calling the food mystery meat, this helped to lighten the frustration. The dining room was too warm and on the last day the air conditioning was completely down, I felt sorry for the staff working in these conditions for 14 or more hours . Sometimes the flies were very prominent ,didn't like seeing them in the food areas. Avoided the obvious. Alberto, thank you for your service, and the two others who we usually had as servers in the dining room and I am sorry I forget your names. You can fill your water bottles in the dining room.. The entertainment was minimal, thanks to Jeannie, for the dance lessons and getting us involved in Kareoke, it was fun and very interactive. The ala carte restaurant is closed during quiet months, but we had a beautiful dinner in our room which made up for the lack of ala carte. There are a few stores in the area, the taxis are always available, although it is a bit pricey to Havana, $15. during the day, and $20 to return after !1pm. Buses stop at the front of hotel regularly. Free shuttle 2 times a day, and Viazul, $5. Also the hop on hop off is passing regularly. I changed money at the airport, and then the desk changed the cucs to smaller currency if needed for tips. Sunwing rep.. was available Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2:30 in the foyer. We thoroughly enjoyed the Parisian Cabaret , National Hotel, and Buena Vista Social Club dinner and show. The beach , across the road has a small area designated for hotel clients, a bar is near this area which we located late in our stay, the beach is beautiful. Thanks to the P R staff and managers for the lovely anniversary dinner, room service. I would return to this hotel, we had a great stay. Thanks to all the staff.

    Average JOHN D

    “Don't expected mutch ”
    At checked in some staff ask you for are ok clean every day friendly house keepers .alot older men with young girls make you sick. 6floor it's close only open for securities hung out with prostitutes for not that great to avoid get sick better be on bread and and cheese ham.bartenders if they are on phone you could be waiting good 10 min for your drinks.croos the street beautifull beach very crowd on weekend stay way . Look for 10 min walk for a quite area. Tropicoco is for single people not for a family.night time prostitutes hung out front the hotel could be very noise .

    Average ercru

    “not bad ”
    you get what you pay for. food tasteless. we were given an attitude when we checked in. i got bug bites from the bed, the beach bar only has rum and no beer. some employees act as if we are a disturbance to their job. good things: proximity to the wonderful beach, room is big enough; havana is just minutes away; some empoyees are just superbly excellent like Ruben and especially Rosa from the Swimming pool bar. Ruben is friendly and Rosa is very professionally nice.

    Very good yvr_mex

    “Didn't expect much so was pleasantly surprised....”
    The beds were hard the food OK - if your made sure you showed up early/on time. The beach was great and best part of our trip were the Cubans we met. The one thing I said at the hotel and repeat here is "this is not a hotel I would take my kids". There are a lot of prostitutes and john?s with them. Oh Last thing tip a dollar here and there and you'll get the best service. Don't tip and don't expect much if anything. On the plus side, the people I met at the hotel were the best. I am on a return trip just after one month of getting home and returning to the Tropicoco. Visiting Havana is a must ? hopefully more the once. My partner and I had a great time. The beach across the street is fantastic and lots of fun. It?s definitely not Cancun but for something different I would say check it out. It can be a really great experience. After reading the other reviews they seem fairly accurate of my experience. The only real negative I could say was the lack of food in the evenings. I definitely recommend the hotel with the understanding of what a two star Cuban hotel should be.

    Very good Linda O

    “Tropicoco Authentic Cuba ”
    My husband and I spent the first two weeks in March at Tropicoco Hotel. We hadn't been back to Cuba since our honeymoon 35 years ago in Varadero. We purposely chose Tropicoco because it was a two star even though we were strongly advised against it. Because it's a two star it's not pretentious nor judgmental and doesn't have luxuries. It's authentic, we felt we were going back in time just like Cuba was 35 years ago unlike Varadero which we hear has become so commercialized. We met great people like minded from all over the world and some wonderful locals. A pleasant surprise is that we truly enjoyed the food. Being a registered dietitian, the food at this hotel is very healthy. No, it's not cruise fare and we were grateful that it was authentic Cuban food. We eat whole foods plant based vegan and guess what we had a variety of "organic" fresh fruit, vegetables, beans and rice, potatoes along with an assortment of animal products for those that wanted them. We brought a few items from home and were pleased that we could use the refrigerator behind the bar to keep it cool. The elevator has a personality, only one elevator works and it sometimes doesn't want to go to the 6th floor as it stops at the 5th and doesn't go any further. A tip we discovered is to simply skip out and push the "Up" button outside and quickly get back in (fast doors). We loved the simplicity of the hotel and the open air architecture which meant that smokers didn't bother us. No, this place isn't perfect, you may not get clean towels everyday which worked for us as we don't want or need clean towels every day as we are environment conscious and try to conserve. If you are able to drop the perfectionism and embrace the authentic nature of this place, you will be enriched with the richness Cuba and the people of Cuba have to offer. We expect that the Tropicoco will become our regular winter getaway destination. Our experiences are so memorable. Linda and Mitchell

    Very good 4Mshmsh

    “Twice in 2014 ”
    I was in Tropicoco Hotel in last January. I found a lot of ameliorations compared to the year before, including more variety in the buffet. I also noticed lots of rénovations and repairs. Then I was so satisfied that I decided to go again at the end of March. And for sure it is not the last time this year. I will go again this yeat without hesitation.

    Very good 65Islander1967

    “Spent 5 Days ”
    We found the Hotel very accomodating We arrived after 9pm and they had us checked in and kept the buffet available to us We really appreciated that after over 10 hours on a Bus from Holguin. The room was clean and comfortable. The Kitcken staff were awsome as well as the dining staff. Front desk staff always served us with a smile and extremely helpful. We would stay here again.

    Very good Leonora K

    “It was not bed for this money!”
    Nice beach, need more evening enterteiment and sochial dance and lesson dance! Close to Havana and good transfer services. I think need to change schedule of transfer bus to give more time stay in Havana for excurcions.

    Very good RickChiCan

    “Pretty good place to stay ”
    What can I say about this place..It is a very big and nice hotel..I stayed there for a week. I thought my room was pretty nice; everything worked fine in the bathroom. The room was cleaned everyday by the maid. I had a great room with an ocean view..I thought that the food was really good. The buffet had lots of choices everyday..They had beef, chicken, pork, sausages, lots of rice, potatoes, salads, desserts..I can't complain about the food. The food was pretty good. There was a 24 hour bar open. They also have a pool bar and a beach bar..The beach is right across the street, and it is a beautiful beach...Met some pretty awesome people here. There are 2 free shuttles to Havana and back..The shuttles are very comfortable. There is another shuttle that charges 5 CUC to Havana and back. For me it was a great place to stay and I had a wonderful holiday in Cuba..

    Very good Kathy L

    “Excellent value for the money! ”
    This is a very cheap hotel. We - my husband and I - are a retired couple who spent a week at the Tropicoco in early February and enjoyed it very much. It's a little out there, off the wall for sure, and you'll meet a lot of oddballs and may begin to wonder fairly soon if you are as odd and hadn't realized it. The beach is 100 yards away, beautiful and clean and sandy, and we could see the ocean well enough from our room to tell how wavy it was. The food is like mom used to make, and maybe she wasn't always on her game but I had delicious rabbit, lamb, pork, chicken plaintain, squash - all cooked from scratch, not a restaurant supply truck in sight. Very pleasant staff, room clean and comfortable, Havana 20 minutes away. Much more interesting than a run-of-the-mill all inclusive and if you have an adventurous spirit, you'll like the Tropicoco. (Don't let the outside of the hotel throw you off; the inside is nice enough.)

    Very good canadian_photog

    “Not bad at all! Just relax and enjoy Cuba! ”
    First, let me get something out of the way: This is not a high end resort, nor does it pretend to be! If you're expecting something luxurious with all the amenities and comforts of a 5 star resort, you should probably have done some better research and/or stay elsewhere. However, if you want some basic accommodation that provides a place to sleep, some decent entertainment, access to a lengthy stretch of beach, and a short drive into Havana, Hotel Tropicoco is a perfect option. I find it tiresome when people complain endlessly about how bad their experience was at this hotel (or other similar hotels) when they should know exactly what to expect before landing in Cuba. Put things into perspective people and simply enjoy the unique experience. The hotel is rather interesting from an architectural perspective with open, breezy corridors and large main floor spaces. Rooms are small but decent. Again, don't go in expecting something amazing and you'll be fine. I never had a terrible sleep other than the a/c unit was quite loud and one night about 10 wasps found their way into the room. As for the food, it's typical budget hotel quality - not bad, but nothing to write home about. Go for the morning omelettes which are pretty good and several of the meat dishes in the evening weren't too bad, either. There are a couple of small shops nearby where you can pick up some food items, water, etc. The beach is a few minutes walk from the hotel. There are some computers on the main floor which are connected to the Internet, but I never bothered. Prostitution: I think all the negative reviews include at least one mention of rampant prostitution at the hotel! Sure it's present, but not at all noticeable or in your face. Mostly, it's old guys with much younger woman which can actually be quite entertaining to see - especially while eating in the restaurant. Positives: > Access to a long stretch of beach; > Location - it's close to Havana (about 10CUC by taxi/private car) or free with the hotel shuttle; > Friendly(ish) staff; > Rental cars available; > I've never had issues with bedbugs or cockroaches. I can't speak for other visitors on this subject; > Rooms (as far as I can tell) all face the ocean. Negatives: > Very dark at night as the street lamps were either shut off or not functioning (this might be resolved); > Some prostitution was present (not really noticeable or even a negative depending on who you are!); > The access to the beach is a bit rocky and overgrown - not a huge deal; you just might want to leave your sandals on until you arrive at the water. Other guests might have an endless list of negative things to say about the Tropicoco. For my wife and I, it's a decent hotel with some flaws. The flaws certainly aren't big enough to ruin a vacation to Cuba.

    Very good nosinglesupplement

    “dont go to Cuba, anywhere in Cuba, unless you have a sense of humour ”
    I've read many of the reviews here, and find I have to comment. this a great inexpensive hotel, not a five star resort. Don't expect Pina colada's served in real glasses, with dainty umbrellas hanging off the side. However do expect a great time, and a few good laughs. the characters around this place are a hoot, and I've made some great friends. I can't wait to go back. note that I've been to some 5 star resorts, and was bored to death, everybody stuffed into their books. all rooms are ocean view, the beach is directly across the road 18 miles of sand. The Mi Cayito beach is walking distance, 30 mins on the sand, or $3 taxi. there is a shuttle that goes downtown twice a day, but I prefer the city bus $3 return leaves every 20 mins, and you can get off at any destination and catch the next bus. You have to be looking really hard or be obsessed to really notice any prostitution

    Very good Ernesto R

    “Vacation with wife and kids ”
    We had a good time, it was cold and we didn't use the AC didn't look good either and the TV was old although was working. The service was good . The food was well prepare for the most part. My family and I will visit again.

    Very good calgary072

    “Hotel Tropicoco is simply the best!”
    Food could be a little better. Tremendous hotel great staff, wonderful guests, mouth savouring enjoyable drinks. A great pool and the beach is right across the street. To sum it up Hotel Tropicoco is simply the best!

    Very good Traveladdict2012

    “It is what it is! ”
    I read the reviews, but the price was too good to not go. The hotel shuttle bus to Havana is awesome. The tour operator in the lobby, hooked me up with a dive guide and driver. The diving was incredible! Ive scuba dived six continents, and think Cuba still ranks in my top 5. These were shore dives, located within 150 km's around Havana. No other divers or tourists, and pristine healthy corals and marine life. I'm not spoiled, so I actually found the food to be decent, yet a bit repetitive. At least I was able to identify what I was putting in my mouth. Loved the rice pudding. I found all the staff to be friendly. You just have to be patient, and smile. Most of the working girls around the hotel and nightclubs in the surrounding areas, are black, and a few mullattos. Not my kind of dream girls, so I just stuck to scuba diving and touring Havana. I would reccomend this hotel as an inexpensive crash pad. Families and couples looking for a nice place should avoid it, unless your somewhat open-minded.

    Very good jim c

    “Picture perfect hotel ”
    Directly across from wonderful Santa Maria Beach. 18 miles of sand and quiet surf, perfect for relaxing, floating in the warm waters or snorkeling if desired. Daily shuttle into Old Havana, for an experience second to none. Quiet evenings with nightly shows provided by local Cuban talent in the theatre plus indoor pool if desired. Friendly staff always eager to please and make your stay enjoyable. Several other Hotels in the area to enjoy including shopps and variety storesfor souveniers.

    Very good Mikealoneathome

    “Look no further for a base in Havana, ”
    Hi everyone I have just returned from a one week stay at Hotel Tropicoco and here is my review. I booked this all inclusive package departing from Montreal to Varadero via Sunwing with for $534 in single occupancy. Prior to booking this I had read through Trip Advisor comments on this hotel and similar hotels in the area and opted for this one, I think I chose correctly. All things considered this is great value for your money considering that this is a two star budget hotel. Built by the Russians this older complex type can be found in various places in Cuba. Don't let this put you off, the rooms are fine, free safe, most three or four stars charge a few pesos a day for the use of their safe. Nothing is perfect and this hotel could use a little bit of TLC but then it would become a three star and the prices would rise. Located twenty kilometers east of the capital with free bus rides twice a day and are actually on time is as good as it gets. If you are staying in a city hotel it will cost you twenty pesos a day to go to the beaches and back. Trust me after walking for several hours through Havana the pollution coming out of those 1950 cars will get to you and you will look forward to escape to the fresh Atlantic air of the beaches. The beach in front of the hotel is very long with clear blue water and gorgeous powdery sand, simply wonderful. Locals come here to sell their stuff, there`s always something going on at the beach. The beach gets cleaned every night but the Cubans have not started recycling, so by late afternoon the beach is virtually littered with plastic cups and empty cans. The Cuban government should offer a peso for every fifty cans collected, they need to change their economy. The hotel has plenty of long chairs and has a section reserved for guests only. Just so you know there`s lots of security around the hotel, police presence is plentiful and you can leave your towel on the chair without someone taking it, at least I did all week long. The beach bar has water lemonade and of course rum, but if you want a beer you will have to go to the pool bar or the lobby bar, or you can buy ice cold Crystal or Buccanero for a peso on the beach. The pool is nice, it`s in the basement of the hotel yet it`s outdoors, at lunch time you can have some pretty decent burgers there. As for the food in the buffet, I did not expect much reading the reviews in Trip Advisor. I was under the impression that the hotels had a reputation for bad food practices and not much in the way of flavor or choice. Not so the Tropicocos buffet was always varied. I could always find something I liked. There are a variety of sauces that you can add to each meal to spice it up and make it less bland. Service in the buffet area was great; remember a little tip can go a long way here. Let`s not forget that the tipping system here is used as a supplement to their low income wages, and like in North America or Europe we usually leave hefty tips for the service we get, just because it`s an all-inclusive doesn`t mean that they should get nothing, instead of leaving pesos try leaving goods like razors or Aspirin, those items are hard to find in Cuba. I had also read that this place had lots of prostitution, girls would propose to you as you entered the hotel. Obviously I can`t compare to what it might have been like in the past, but I didn`t find anything different here than in any other hotels I visited in Cuba. My stay here was thoroughly enjoyable and I have no problems recommending this hotel. As always, this is not a four star hotel and should never be compared to that star-rating. Also a two star does not necessarily predict bad food, lack of cleanliness and unfriendly staff; actually I found the staff here threats the guests like they were stars. Chatting with others in the lobby area I found many patrons to be regulars who come here because of the close proximity to the city. When you pick a destination the key element is location, and this hotel is in an ideal location. Havana is a wonderful city to explore; it offers an insight to the Cuban culture, it is decaying rapidly, I was in Havana five years ago and it is progressively getting worse. Havana is quite safe to wonder the streets during the day but care should be taken at nightfall since there`s a lot less people walking around, especially in tourist areas like around the Capitolio or in the old part, don`t show your gold chains and expensive watches, instead try to blend in and live like a Cuban for a few days, this way you will really enjoy your luxury when you return home. So for the final question would I return to the Tropicoco? Absolutely! Just try it, book a stay - you won't be disappointed!

    Very good TolouseKytzia

    “Things are improving at Tropicoco”
    I just spent another great week at this hotel and the beautiful Santa Maria del Mar beach, Since Cubanacan took over from Hoteles C, some changes are noticeable. For starters, property maintenance is a bit better. Most areas are freshly painted. There's a TV in the lobby. "Bocaditos" and such at the pool bar seemed more consistent. I got a cust. service survey and was actually approached by the Public Relations manager personally asking about my stay. The AC in my room was brand new and with a remote control. The TV was also new (large CRT monitor wall-mounted) also with a remote (which was NEVER the norm here). The room was also freshly painted and the king size mattress also seemed new(er). Food at the restaurant was ok and also slightly improved. I'm sure there was an option for everyone to find something to enjoy. The "mystery meat" comments are unfounded, because now the food is described and labeled on little cards placed above the dishes. The salads are really bad... soup was ok, but the black beans were outstanding. The pork, chicken and turkey was always good. LOVE Cuban ice cream and it was always present. Sadly, rice pudding was good only certain days and flavorless others. What still needs to be addressed is the temperature in the lobby bar AND the "Salon Tropisalsa" in the basement where the shows take place. Those areas should either be enclosed, or perhaps get additional fans to mitigate the heat. It gets REALLY hot in the Summer. Humidity was incredibly high. There is a new luggage/wheel chair ramp, which is fine, but is only accessible from the side of the building and not the main entrance. something similar should be addeded in the front as to avoid going up the stairs w the luggage. The tobacco/rum shop is completely renovated and looks really nice. They've created a sitting area and will include a small bar for people to light up and smoke their cigars there. A cigar roller comes in a couple of times a week and makes cigars right on the spot. The cosmetics/perfume shop next door is being renewed or replaced. Everything was torn down. As always, the stars were the staff, especially Odalys and her brother Osmani in the restaurant and Jorge Corona & Noel in the lobby bar. I'll certainly be back. Yes the hotel has issues, but it's CUBA!... enjoy the difference.

    Very good lroestad

    “Better than expected ”
    Stayed 3 days in Tropicoco late May as a beach & sun break during a 2 weeks stay in Havana. Staff: Mature, friendly and polite. Room: Nice room in 6. floor with a beautiful view of beach and ocean. Roomsize about 25 m2. Air cond worked fine. Bed/pillow ok. (Two single beds). TV with national and international channels. Free safe in closet. Shower, WC, hot water all worked fine. Meals: Simple. Not bad tasting, but dull looking. (And of course, a very nicely set up buffet can be ruined by just one person who doesn`t know how to behave...) Tip: I spent around 6-7 CUC/day. (How can people not tip?) Beach: Hotel has private part of this beautiful beach. With guard, sunbeds, umbrellas. Very nice. Area: Quiet. Most bars/restaurants closed around 22:00. Bus: Obviously a free shuttle to Havana, but also a regular bus-service to Havana right in front of the hotel. Every half hour and very cheap. PS: My ratings are given on the fact that this is a 2 star, low priced hotel. And the fact that the hotel was not more than 30% full. PS: Have pics. Will try to ad them soon....

    Excellent epcanuck

    “Of course I had to go back to my home in Cuba - what I call the good old Tropicoco Hotel ”
    This year, 2014, I enjoyed a month long holiday at the Tropicoco. February 8 to March 8 and enjoyed my stay very much. Weather really co-operated, noticed that our beach is getting much smaller but we did all fit in, somehow! I liked the wooden bridges over the sand dunes but the step off on the north side is a bit steep - believe I need one more wooden step added for my old arthritic knees ;o). It was so nice to reconnect with the wonderful staff and many returning guests that I have come to know as this was my 8th year in a row that I was able to holiday in Cuba. I feel very fortunate that I can make that escape from winter in Alberta which this year, was long, snowy and cold.

    Excellent Michelle T

    “Great location & view ”
    This place was great for my partner and I. We stayed for a week, and absolutely loved the architecture of the place. It's all very open, and right across from a gorgeous beach that has an amazing sunrise. We tipped the maid 1 CUC every day and found her to be helpful and friendly, though the one day we didn't leave a tip, we didn't get clean towels even though they'd been left in the shower as they request. Food was good, though not as good as in other places. However, for a 2-star resort and a buffet, it was good. There were only a couple of days where it wasn't great, and only one meal I had that I didn't enjoy at all. There's a different selection every day/every meal, though apparently papaya and pineapple are in season, and they were fantastic. The bar staff don't have a great grasp of English, and I wish I'd learned how to order some drinks in Spanish as they didn't understand (or have the ingredients for) a pina colada or white russian. People keep complaining about the prostitutes, but all I saw was young women conversing with older men. There was nothing overt about it, and they weren't dressed provocatively. I only noticed, really, because people kept mentioning it so I was on the look out. They never approached me or my partner during our stay. We had no problems with the bathroom or cleanliness of the room, but it is a 2-star and I think it's only fair that I grade it based on my expectations of a 2-star and not the expectations I would have for a much more expensive 5-star resort. We really enjoyed our stay at the Hotel Tropicoco, and though we likely won't be back as we've decided next time to stay in Central Havana next time, it was a great way to spend our first time in the country. It was far enough away from the city that we could ease ourselves into the culture, but close enough that for $15 you could get a cab into Havana directly.

    Excellent Tingna X

    “Family Vacation ”
    My family and I stayed at Hotel Tropicoco for a week from Dec. 26, 2013 til Jan. 2, 2014 and let me tell you that it was definitely a vacation to remember. We flown in from Windsor to Varadaro through Sunwing and we got there around 9pm because we had a delayed flight. The flight wasn't as well as they made it sound and even though we were supposed to get "hot meal", it was still really crappy. When we got out, we switched some money, and then went on a bus which had a few people from the same flight which dropped us off at the hotel. The front desk was really friendly, and we got our room which was 230. It was on the pretty far end of the second floor, but we didn't really mind. When we got to our room, we did find a few ants, and the water of the shower was cold. We went back downstairs and asked for them to fix it, and they did fairly quickly. The services at the hotel is fairly good and there was only one day of the week which they didn't clean the room until 3pm and they did a really bad job at that. We also left some pens and razors and candy on the bed while they cleaned it to show our appreciation. The food at the hotel was very plain, and after a week of eating it, it was really nice to go back home and have a full flavoured meal. With that being said, the meal there weren't bad at all. In the morning, you could have eggs from one of the freshly made areas in the cafeteria. You could have as many eggs as you wanted, as well as the way you wanted served. The food was basically the same though, but I loved the freshness of the fruits. I was there for New Years Eve, so that was exciting because they had a full turkey and a full pig and they handed out little new year goodie bags to everyone. You could have fine wine served with your dinner without a charge, and it was just overall a very nice place to eat. I know there were some days that got really busy and that you had to line up for dinner. The first few days we were there, that didn't happen, so we figured the hotel got busy because people came down for the New Years. One thing was that we didn't know a lot of the services that were being held at the hotel. We didn't know there was a towel service until we asked around about it. You could get tickets from the front desk which will allow you to go downstairs and get towels for the beach so you didn't have to bring it. I wish we knew beforehand because we brought our own towels, and turned out we didn't use them. Also, the A La Carte needed to be booked in advance and only on certain days of the week does it run. Just make sure you ask ahead because even though I wanted to book for the a la carte, it didn't happen because it only opens two or three days a week. The view where we were was very nice, and the beach was a 5 minute walk away. It was pretty wonderful there and you had chairs and umbrellas set up in the morning. There was a little drink hut that you could get drinks from if you are out there. Everyone at the bars were extremely nice and friendly and they always smiled at me when I asked them for anything. Bus came two times a day and brought us to Havana which is pretty awesome. Lots of things to do down there and lots of sights to see. There were just overall a lot of friendly people, and I found a lot of them were Canadian. I made from friends, had a great time, and had a great tan and that's what vacation is all about. There are many activities and tours that people went on, but we stayed at the beach most of the morning and went to Havana in the night time. The hotel is definitely under-rated when it says that it's a 2 star hotel. I mean, some places can be fixed and repainted, but overall, it's pretty amazing and a very good place to stay. I would totally go some time again as the price was not bad at all for the week and flight and buffet meals. Definitely a great place to be. Saw lots of families with children there as well, so don't be intimidated when people say that this isn't a family resort. I mean, I didn't see TOO many young children under the age of 10 because a lot of people do come to Tropicoco to party, but don't let that stop you because even though I didn't drink too much, it was still a lot of fun meeting and talking to everyone there.

    Average Mary

    I always go in vacations
    The Tropicoco Hotel, located in the eastern Havana beaches - in the so-called Circuito Azul (Blue Circuit) -, is just 50 meters from the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea. It is surrounded by indoor and outdoor gardens that highlight the Caribbean atmosphere of the place. The hotel is an excellent sun and beach option for those who want to escape - at least for a moment - from the noise of a city that has a population of two million. The sandy sea bottom spreads to the edge of the insular platform, which is populated by corals and fertile marine life that turn the area into a great spot for scuba diving and snorkeling.

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