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Terrazas Atlantico Hotel, Playas del Este Cuba. 2 stars,

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  • Destination: Playas del Este
  • Address: Ave Las Terrazas e/ 10 y Rotonda, Santa Maria del Mar
  • Phone: (53 7)797 1344
  • Accept child:Yes
  • $ 51Per person
  • Description: Terrazas Atlantico Hotel Cuba

    Surrounded by coconut palms and tropical vegetation, this apart-hotel is a good option to delight yourself with the pleasures of the sea, practice outdoor sports and put aside daily worries. This comfortable hotel is friendly and hospitable, well-located near the sea; a permanent invitation to enjoy. For entire families and for those wishing to enjoy longer stays in Cuba, the facility offers all the necessary conditions in its apartments, such as kitchen equipment. 154 air-conditioned apartments of 1, 2 and 3 hotel bedrooms with private bath, satellite TV, telephone, kitchen and refrigerator. Others: 3 restaurants, snack bar, children’s and adult swimming pools, grocery, national and international telephone service, security box, currency exchange, parking, massage, sport areas, Internet service, tourism bureau, taxis and rental cars. This apart-hotel features daytime and night animated shows and excursions to sites of historical and social interest.

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  • Room facilities
    110 volt power
    220 volt power
    air conditioning
    balcony or terrace
    handicap facilities
    hot and cold running water
    private bath
    safety deposit box
    Satellite TV
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    Review about Terrazas Atlantico Hotel
    Awfull momo198474

    “Don't go there ! ”
    I'm writing this note in English so that everybody avoid going there. This hotel is just a nightmare : prostitution in the corridors during all day and night, dirty rooms, garbage on the beach, disgusting food, tennis court without net, gym room unusable, outside restaurant closed and on top of that : service people and direction totally unhelpful and unpresent !!! This is just a shame to see such a structure in 2014.

    Awfull TruthHawk I

    “Just say NO ”
    My family and I just stayed at this hotel last week for a three-day stay. When we arrived, there were old cigarette butts and piles of long black hair along each wall of our room. Mold covered the bathroom door. Maids bursted into our room without knocking, and since there were no actual locks on the door (only the key card slot worked), this happened every single morning. When I politely asked a maid to sweep the cigarette butts in the room, she came in, cleaned a small two-foot area, pushed the hair against the wall with a mop, and promptly returned to her never-ending smoke break outside our room. I have stayed in plenty of hostels and dirty, run-down places don't scare me. Especially when they don't cost a lot. However, this hotel was definitely overpriced and I will never stay there again. Find a better hotel, or better yet, stay with a family and give your money to them. The Club Atlantico hotel does not deserve it.

    Awfull Sheelagh H

    “Hotel Club Atlantico, Havana, Cuba”
    Jan 2-4, 2014 my husband and I, with 5 other friends, stayed a the Hotel Club Atlantico. We have been asked to give some feedback - so here we go! We were looking for an affordable all inclusive close to Havana so we would explore the beautiful city. Atlantico seemed to be the best option due to location and price. Although the hotel was only a 3.5 star, we thought "how bad could it be?". Well it is pretty bad! We recognize that we were in Cuba, the resort was built in the 1950's, and their standards are not the same as other all inclusive resorts we have stayed at in Mexico for example, but: although the bedding was clean the floors, walls etc in the rooms were filthy, pillows are about 1/2 inch thick, so ask for three. Food was atrocious! Cold food, fruit, veg, meat, cheese, etc was left out for up to 3 hours without any ice or coolant under it. Consequently it had an odd "sheen" as the flies buzzed around and the birds landed to snack and poop. The cheese was literally melting. The hot food, although hot, was slop it was hard to identify what each dish was. Table cloths were never changed, so each day we were greeted to the same grease, food, and bird poop stained table cloths! Needless to say, we all ended up with the trotts! Wait staff were great, and did the best with what they had to work with. Miguel the bartender at the indoor bar was amazing and provided excellent drinks and service. The "bartender" at the outdoor pool "snack bar" was by far the most unfriendly person we have ever encountered. It was a chore for her to serve us drinks, and in fact if you did order any food (the only food offered there was a small bun with cheese and some kind of meat in it), she would serve it to anyone else she knew that happened to walk up to the bar - as you stood by waiting!! We did not feel safe there, and therefor guarded our belongings, as there were a number of men milling about in the lobby and standing in the hallways as the cleaning ladies had our hotel room doors open to clean. Very unprofessional. When our camera got stolen at the pool snack bar, (we were the only ones there besides the barmaid) staff were of no assistance whatsoever...they could have cared less. The only redeeming value this hotel has, is: the beautiful Santa Maria Beach and the free shuttle bus to Havana twice per day. I would definitely upgrade to a 5 start next time!

    Awfull peppe822

    “Sad.... ”
    ... Sad to say we will never return to Hotel Atlantico. We would like to thank the hotel's hard-working staff who go Above and Beyond their duty to support their workplace and take pride at their work. Thank you, all !!! However, hoards of Old Italian men ( a few Russian, as well) paired with young Cuban girls is an upsetting issue for us. Many of the these young women seemed under-aged and, definitely, the friends who join them at the beach were just too young to be out on their own. Why are the Police (present, daily, at the beach) and the Guards and the Staff allow this to happen ? So sad to see exploitation of young people in Cuba...

    Poor Simon S

    “Hotel Atlantico. ”
    There is a limitation of where to eat. Food is okay. Front desk is unaccommodating. Bar/food service and house staff, make an effort. Many suite doors have to be slammed to close and are not well kept.

    Poor KMCLc

    “Hotel Club Atlantico ”
    Jan. 2-4 2014 We spent 3 nights at this establishment and were very glad it was only 3 nights!! At first glance it looked clean enough when we arrived but when we finally got into our rooms (after sorting out which keys actually unlocked our doors!) we could see how dirty the place was. You didn't want to take off your shoes in the rooms, the bedding was very old, and the whole feel of the place was very outdated and broken down. I don't know what they put inside the pillow cases but they were the lumpiest things I have ever slept on in my life. This was a family-run business, not very professional at all. When the maids were working on the rooms, there were old men lounging around in the hallways. We felt nervous that they could enter our rooms at any time while the maids were working. If you have expensive camera equipment or anything of value, I don't suggest you leave it in your rooms. The buffet food looked ok until you noticed that the cold food wasn't being kept cold, and the windows were left open so birds could fly in. There were white smears on all the table cloths that we later realized it was from bird crap! The birds were also eating out of the buffet dishes when none was near them! We were a group of 7 and we all got stomach upset while we were there. The good thing about this place was the free shuttle into Havanna so you could do some sightseeing. It took about 20 minutes. If you don't book a tour from the concierge, find an english-speaking taxi driver and do your own tour. We hired two 50's cars and went all over the city for $40/ each car. Very worth it! Havanna was awesome, you have to be aware of the locals trying to sell you things or begging for things while you walk the streets. The waiters were great and the bar staff were great too. Miguel was the best bartender. The beach out front of the resort was beautiful, further toward the other resort, the beach tended to have a lot of garbage? All in all I would suggest spending more on accommodations, it makes your trip? Their star rating is a lot lower than here in Canada or the US.

    Poor dvr77

    “only if the price is right ”
    Personally I wont go back. It is my second time at a Gran Caribe "resort" and also my last. Total lack of management, actually didn't see any one that remotely resembled a manager. Some staff were great, most are dis-interested. Don't blame them, they have little to work with. Hotel is in need of maintenance. Food was barely passable and definitely the worst of any hotel I have stayed at in Cuba. Rooms are ok but:Mattress was brutal. Furniture is old and broken. The location is this places only positive.

    Poor Puma0

    “Honest Review of Atlantico ”
    Stays there 10 days 4-14 January: on arrival, no light in the room, no able to open any drawer. I have to wait two days to get the beach towel. Gym is closed for ever, pool not clean, bar with orange juice and some day's pina colada and cheap beer. Five days over 10 without milk for coffee. You must expect a one star hotel for everything. People are very friendly, but the worst is the food. I did have low expectation, but this was very very bad food. I pay low price and expect to go elsewhere to eat, but I also think to eat there for lunch. You must expect very low quality and very cheap meet (chicken, very small fish and pork). I have been five times elsewhere in Cuba (Holguin, Cayo-coco and Santa Clara) I was expecting low but never that low quality.

    Poor Evan W

    “Honest Review of Atlantico ”
    This hotel is an excellent base of operations for touring Havana. It is not a party resort. The hotel is small, old and very run down. Other than the beautiful Ranchon behind the pool bar, there's nothing to scream about here. Bring low expectations and lots of DEET for the mosquitoes and Noseeum at night. The room was small, dank and dingy. But the AirCon worked! Food quality is typical Cuban all-inclusive. It lacks variety and quantity due to this being a small hotel. The hotel lacks a snack bar for mid afternoon burger. The drink's are also poor quality with low end 'Santera' brand rum being served. I bought my own rum to avoid it. Sometimes they ran out of TuKola to mix with the cheap rum. Bucanero Beer was plentiful, cold, and always delicious. But all drinks are served in 200ml plastic cups. The staff working the hotel on the other hand are very friendly, helpful and kind. They don't hustle and bother you like staff in Varadero. The twice daily bus to Havana is the only reason to stay here. It is VERY punctual and was on time every time. You should make a reservation the day before, but I never did. There was always room on the bus. The beach is always good in Cuba, wherever you go, so you will have no problems with that. This place is for people who want to be close to Havana, not for the beach!

    Poor Matthew F

    “Beware of the street kids! ”
    I have been to Cuba many times, i am a 22 year old male, who is not picky and enjoys Cuba. This resort is very small & outdated, but with that said, It is do-able if you just want to goto the beach and have a few drinks. there was not many people at this resort, it was pretty dead. The resort itself was fine, but the main problem was, the doors to the rooms. We went in a group of about 22 people. We would lock our doors at night, and find them unlocked & open in the morning. Secondly, one night we had a street kid climb to our second floor balcony and enter our room in the middle of the night. If it wasn't for God awakening my friend, who knows what the guy would have done to us. All in all, beware, this area is very sketchy.

    Poor s_crusz

    “Good location, but run down”
    Stayed for 1 night during a 10 day trip. Location was excellent: small quiet beach. The hotel itself was cheap as it was off season, but it appeared run down and therefore dirty: enamel chips throughout bathroom, old furniture in the rooms with wood bowing, stained bed covers, curtains and table cloths, old and dirty looking bed heads to name a few problems. The food was ok (although not much to cater for vegetarians, but then this is a problem throughout Cuba and not just here). Staff were friendly but seemed to have no urgency to serve you! Overall a cheap stay for an all inclusive, but not sure if we would have wanted to stay longer.

    Poor s_crusz

    “Generally run down but good location ”
    Stayed for one night - probably the dirtiest place we stayed during our whole 10 day trip (dirtier than any Casa particulares also!). Food was ok and the beach itself is very pretty and wasn't too busy. Staff are friendly but are not bothered about serving you in a hurry! Whole place is generally very run down.

    Poor kmarz

    “If you can afford Havana, go there. ”
    The ONLY reason I took this hotel was for the all inclusive and free shuttle to Havana. If you can afford food and drink (and Havana is cheap) then go to one of those hotels. This is not a 3 star, even at Cuban standards. It is a 1 or 2 at the most. I stayed at a Veradero 4 star the next week and put this to absolute shame. I have traveled 3 times, in 4 hotels, in Cuba, and numerous in Mexico, and Dominican and this is the worst yet. I will not go on about things, I will just list facts I took note of when I was there 2 weeks ago. There is no ice for drinks unless you ask. Someone stated not purified if you ask for it. Your choice. There is no water in rooms. Fridge but no water. You have to have a container with you and ask at the bar. The drinks are warm, the food is cold. If you do not get to buffet right when opens, it will be cold. No heaters or coolers under food. Repetitive. Same thing 7 days in a row. Seriously nothing changes. Also once the food is gone it's gone. They don't 'top up" things. little cups. If you go bring coffee cup or cooler cup or you get small plastic cups. no "bar menu". You have to know what you want. Once a type of booze is out, it might not be there for a few days. We drank brandy then "none til tommorrow". Pina Colada. " no more til tonight". What???? only red wine, no white at supper. You can buy some at the store but they don't have it to serve. When you flush your toilet it takes about 30 minutes to fill up. Ask your partner if they "went" cause you will have to wait! Shower is dribbly only. No problems with hot/cold water though. Flies and bugs. I have not seen so many flies in a buffet before. The bugs at night are a killer. Bring repellent. (it is thier rainy season so that brings out bugs so take that with a grain of salt) Birds eating right off the buffet table. They fly in and grab a noodle an fly out. I didn't mind the birds so much as the flies. no sweetener. Just sugar. Little thing true, but still there. The pool is filthy. They clean it but I'm not sure what they are cleaning. Flies and bugs floating in it. Don't go to the gym! Seriously! It has black mold growing on the walls and the machines are just rusty machines from about 15 years ago. Only bikes and weights. The hotel is on a flat land with streets in grids. Lots of easy jogging areas. Do that not the gym or you may get some lung disease. The rooms gave you 2 bars of soap on arrival and then the next day they were gone! We had to ask for replacement and then they said "tomorrow" The other bathrooms (not your room) have no soap and/or toilet paper. This is why I believe I got sick. Dirty, flies and nothing to wash with. This is a bad combo. GOOD STUFF ok the shuttle really works well. He leaves on time at the hotel and Havana to return. He doesn't hang around waiting for those people that are always late. You're late, tough! It leaves at 930, 130 and 630 and comes back at 1 and 6. There is no late return. Cost is about 15 CUC to come back (or so they say) The coffee and Cappiccino is good (for Cuban coffee) It's out of a machine for breakfast but really not that bad. The Cappicino's are made properly. They don't chimp on the booze, so that's good. If you go feed the 3 wild cats. One will come to you, the others will only take your food. The beach is nice. The people are nice. The lobby girls are good. The lobby bartenders are nice under the circumstances. Even the "grumpy" pool lady isn't so bad. Gay friendly hotel. Well that's it. Feel free to email if you want more info.

    Poor TheLogLady

    “Grim... ”
    We stayed 3 nights in the Club Atlantico at the end of our holiday, having spent time travelling around different areas of Cuba, staying in lovely casa particulars in Vinales and Trinidad and another hotel in Havana. I'm sorry to say, this was our worst stay. On the positive side, the hotel is very well situated on the beach and the rooms are a good size. The negatives are that the whole hotel needs a complete refurb but more importantly, the food in the buffet restaurant is poor and has flies crawling all over it (most of it is uncovered) and birds flying in and landing amongst it. It is a shame, as given the location and size of the accommodation, there would seem to be a good deal of potential in the hotel.

    Average Pedro999

    “Great location, poor rooms ”
    Atlantico is handy both to the beach and the city by shuttle. The food is okay but not great by our standards. The rooms are poorly maintained in terms of repair and maintenance. Leaky faucets, rusty tubs, so-so air conditioning, hard beds, broken furniture, missing handles, exterior doors unsecured, etc. Nice balconies though and some sea view. Housekeeper and servers quite nice. No elevator, but that was not an issue for us. Enjoyed the beach and the free shuttle into town. For the price, I would go back.

    Average e_r_gToronto

    “Typical Cuban government operated hotel ”
    We rented 8 rooms for a big family reunion. We had a good time, but it could be way better Pros: Location (beach front); Beach is clean, warm and shallow People in general (receptionist, bartenders, maid, maintenance guys, managers) Pool (clean and good for kids) Food was better than expected Clean Rooms are nice and clean. You can see some minor maintenance might be required in all bathrooms but overall is good. Cons: We faced the following issues: - No butter in any meal for the whole week. We were told they had a problem with butter in the area.How hard can be to buy butter? - No Air Conditioned in most of the facilities (restaurants and bars): I was told the "Terrazas" bar is being without AC for more than a year. The one at the restaurant is not working neither. - Restaurant: They complain they have not enough cutlery and you have to wait and hunt spoons and forks when they come out of the kitchen. We were told they had just 8 desert spoons. Also, they keep running out of food and clean plates and you have to let them know. Sometimes what they bring is not the same food that was there before. - Beer was warm on Tuesday morning. We talked to management. I was told the problem was that they had not received the draft beer. The issue was solved. - Non working AC in 2 of the rooms. Non working TV in one of the room. We got new rooms right away. But the issue here is why rooms are not fully inspected before the guest arrives. 10+ for maintenance guys and receptionist. Quick and nice people. - No WiFi at all. You can pay for internet but you have to go to the lobby and use one of their computers. - I would say Recreation was alright for a 3 stars hotel but it is absolutely NOT NICE AT ALL that they pass the hat every time they finish a performance. I strongly believe in tipping but this is not the way of doing it. Anyway, nice vacation but lack of service culture and other problems affected our time.

    Average Shawn W

    “Only if price is right ”
    Stayed at this hotel (don't get this confused with the Aparthotel with same name...) from 18 Feb 2014 until 25 Feb 2014. I'll go step by step of experience... Check in/and reception- no problems there, lady was good there, but there's a surprise that Sunwing or travel agent doesn't tell you: if you want to use the in-room safe, you have to pay 2 peso's per day to use it, cash up front! No real problems if you go to the reception for a question or money exchange. It's in the typical Cuban fashion... when they're done with their conversation, they'll ask what you need... Rooms: regular standard room, nothing fancy. For those who haven't travelled to Cuba before 99% of stuff is dated, but everything worked, and we always had hot water. One can't be too picky down there. I was concerned about 2 things: bugs and hot water. No bed bugs, and always hot water. Maids were great, very friendly and accommodating. Food: smaller dining area, but never had to wait for a seat. No real complaints about food. Ok selection, never got sick. The service in the a la Carte was good, and the food was good too, BUT the service in the main buffet had something to be desired. Almost every meal I was left to try and find cutlery because the waiters would clear the tables, but not replacing cutlery etc. They'll grab you a coffee, but if you don't tip, good luck getting another one from them.... The only real complaint I have instead of the pissy stuff is the table cloths...most often had dirty food all over them from previous meals...often from days ago. Bars: Lobby bar - 'tenders always great, very friendly!!! Piano bar - saw it open only once in a week, but never went, so can't comment. .BUT the Pool Bar...well, that's another story! Saw 2 ladies there working (opposite of each other), each with the personality of a bag of hammers. You tip, or don't tip, you get the same service....a scowl and sloooooow. Ask for something other than a beer or a Cuba Libre and it's a chore. I witnessed the tender say there was no Mojito's to a guy, but 2 minutes later a lady came up (who was a tipper) and she got one! They'll move at the same was very busy, lady just had her back to everybody, and the poor animation / entertainment guy stepped in to serve people while she was staring at some hamburgers on the grill for a while! Pool: not used too much by people, mainly used by kids. Looked clean, except sand, but guess what, that stuff is everywhere! Beach: beautiful....duh! would be nice to see extra grounds people once a day picking up is a PUBLIC beach, so it is NOT the fault of the hotel. BUT it would look nicer for the hotel if it was done. Beach attendants / lifeguards were fantastic, always there to help, and get you chairs and an umbrella anywhere you want it. Entertainment: Daytime staff fantastic! Always have stuff on the go, and if it gets slow, they go talk to the guests and make them feel welcome. Great people! Evening entertainment - good, normal Cuban fashion dancing etc etc. good hang out in evening General: there's a little shop for trinkets, smokes, booze, etc etc, people there great. Grounds are in good order, maintenance and security friendly. There's a hallway lounge area between lobby and rooms, nice spot for a cigar/cigarette and relax with a drink, BUT it would be nice if the cushions were replaced or doubled...hard as rock! Only comfortable if you're drunk, LOL. All in all, it wasn't a waste of money, but I just don't understand why it was so expensive. I paid the same money for a semi-modern resort in Varadero and got way more. You'll get better value if you were to go up the street to the Tropicoco. I'll go back to Atlantico only if the price is right.

    Average Bernie M

    “April 2013 getaway. Great beach and close to Havana. ”
    My wife booked this trip as a birthday present to finally get me to a beach haha. It was an all-inclusive resort about 20 minutes outside Havana. Property is a little old but kind of charming in a 1950's kind of way. The ocean is very close (out the back door, past the pool bar) and it is a beautiful stretch of beach. We went in to Havana 3 times by free shuttle so the stand-out feature of this place is it's location. Having been warned about Cuban resort food beforehand, I found the buffet for breakfast and dinner adequate but if you are a foodie it might be a little daunting. The grill above the pool bar was quite a bit better with bbqed meat or fish and great views. Also ate one dinner in the a la carte restaurant (reservations) but despite the better ambience, only a step up from the buffet. Most of the staff were very friendly (ie O'farrell at the main lobby bar and Graciella in the buffet) but the women at the pool bar were venomous and we generally stayed away from them lol. Lots of Europeans and fellow Canadians at this place and we did notice a cottage industry of older men and their much younger, new, Cuban "girlfriends" going on. Our room was comfy and had all we needed (don't forget to tip your maid) however the air-conditioner was a little loud. Free drinks but tipping is very appreciated and well deserved (except for the aforementioned pool bar lady---she is immune to your kindness). Overall, a fun, enlightening trip. I'd recommend this for the location above all else but not for the travellers who like upscale resorts and haute cuisine.

    Average neilm18

    “If you like pristine beaches this is the place for you! ”
    My partner has stayed there several years ago, so we had some idea as to what to expect, since his last visit, the place needs a bit more upkeep, since he cannot manage stairs too well, he had forgotten that there is NO ELEVATOR plus the pool, and beach are on the main level requiring lots of stair climbing, so for those person walking challenged be prepared, 95 % of the staff members were top notch, but being human beings there are always some rude persons amongst the staff Rooms were very clean,+ working a/c.s towels and bed-linens very clean, and one could get clean ones whenever. the food was just fine, remember this is Cuba We enjoyed a banquet for Christmas and another for New Years, they went out of the way to decorate, provide us wilth a great assortment of foods. They provide a 2 x a day free bus shuttle into Havanna of which we took advantage on several ocassions, as I loved Havana My partner got badly bitten by mosquitos, which after all the research i prior to going i did not notice, he had to visit the Dr, and get an allergy shot. The beach was out of this world, clean, relatively noise free, their pool was great as well, just a little cooler, outside of the tedious and long lines at customs (It was the holiday season) no provision is made for older persons who may need assistance you stand in the line-up just like everyone else, which was a surprise to me, thinking that Cuba would be a country very considerate of humand beings, especially those with special needs,

    Average Oluf

    “Third Stay - Look Forward to Fourth!”
    For us location and staff trump all the negatives associated with the Atlantico. Our first room had frayed drapes and looked like it was used only for emergencies. Water leaked onto the bathroom floor. The next day we moved up a floor to a nicer room that lacked a functioning fridge and TV. It also had only one bedside lamp and one patio chair. Within a day, the staff replaced everything from other rooms. The visual on our TV, however, was never better than a blur. Only one of the two lobby internet computers (6 CV per hour) was really functional. It's still at dial-up speed slow. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any re-investment in upgrades to the property. When it rained, there were leaks everywhere! One had to be extra careful to avoid slipping on the floors. During one storm, both the theatre and the a-la-carte restaurant were closed for leaks. Like most Cuban all-inclusives there is a nightly hour of entertainment. But only at the Atlantico do you get 24/7 entertainment from the elderly men with their young dark Cuban beauties. Or the older guys with their boy toys. The Atlantico probably should be shunned by anyone with a puritanical bent! The staff are what keep us coming back! They welcomed us again with their warm Cuban hugs. Their good service meant that we enjoyed our food and drink. The beach crew had an amazing regime of exercises requiring no specialized equipment. Years ago the Royal Canadian Air Force had the same type of exercises requiring no equipment - it was called 5BX. The ocean was warm and clear when calmer. We enjoyed the beach in the morning, and often in the afternoon took the free shuttle bus to Havana. One sunny day we paid 5 CV's each to ride the open top of the hop-on hop-off bus from "Old Havana" around greater Havana to Miramar and back. Another afternoon was spent at the huge artisan market in Old Havana. Lunch in the Atlantico's open air restaurant on the bluff above the beach, with its colours of the sky and ocean, is a memory we will treasure until our next stay. In our two weeks we met many interesting people. Many europeans and French Canadians plus a few Brits and Anglo-Canadians. We stay at the Atlantico for the experience! The leaks, food and drink are incidentals!

    Average Brokenwing5

    “Close to Havana ”
    Close to Havana. That is the kindest thing that I can say about this hotel. It is not the best hotel in Cuba -- not by a long shot -- but it grew on us as the week progressed. Many people we talked to have also stayed in better Cuban hotels, yet they keep on coming back here. One couple we met has come here annually for many years already, while another couple comes twice a year. They appreciate the proximity to Havana and the beach, as do many other tourists. The weather did not help. Our first impression was when we arrived in the rain. The next day the rain was so intense that the hallways became wet and slippery. The day following that we took a shuttle bus into Havana. We saw part of the old city, especially the back streets, in between showers. When the rain finally stopped we returned to the hotel and enjoyed the beautiful beach for the first time. The water was crystal clear, calm.and great for swimming. Perhaps first impressions should be discounted. The food could be more tastefully prepared, and we sometimes had to wait for plates, cups, and glasses, but we had enough to eat. The drinks are watered down, but this is typical at such resorts everywhere. All in all, it was a hotel that we would not go back to, but we understand why some people do.

    Average ilovecubansalsa

    “Adding to the review "less than I remember!" ”
    I would like to back up my friends opinion on her review. I was there! Clearly the management took it personally and did not look at the review as a helpful facts that could better the quality of this little gem. The management missed the whole point! I want to first say that I love Cuba and the people, and realize that the conditions in Cuba are not that of Hawaii, Bermuda and Vegas, I get that! I have been to Cuba 22 times in 6 years, and at Atlantico 5 times now! I was there in January brought new friends and loved the stay as usual. I mentioned hoe the food was getting better, it seemed they were starting to get this little hotel back to it's original charm, which I love! Love small and more quaint hotels. This hotel has one of the most beautiful beaches, and once you get to know the staff they are very warm and helpful, from the front desk to the restaurant , to Jorge at the beach to the ladies at the pool bar as you would any where else in the world, treat them with respect and tip them, they work so hard for nothing! Having said all that, this time going back just 3 months prior something was different. I would like to say I back up my friends review and reply to the managements point of view. No way was this review written to disrespect the Cuban people! This was about what we saw and what was left on the resort that we stayed at. We realize the beach is free, but at the end of the day , at " Atlantico Beach." , (not the whole entire Territory of Santa Maria) , as management implies ! Was left with garbage. From where we sat to the the surf ! Dirty diapers washing up to the shore, we watched her change her babies diapers on the beach by the beautiful surf, and she left it there!! I put it in the garbage. Cuban or not,,, this is disgusting! This is not a form of maliciousness , or falsehood! This is what I saw! I almost stepped on a huge piece of broken glass by the chairs on the beach!! where would that have come from since the guests of the hotel are served in plastic cups? My girlfriend and I cleaned the beach picking up beer cans, juice boxes paper plates, plastic forks and knives, paper napkins, that were just thrown about! We looked as far as we could see down the beach and all we could see was garbage!! We were so sad! I have not seen it like this ever! We strolled down the beach picking up garbage as we went for our beautiful walk along the shore! This is not to offend our guests to effect their morality and integrity... .?? What?? This is what I experienced! If this is condition that meets the requirements of management and safety standards .... " wow!" Of course you will have many different reviews that don't match, they were not there that week! My stay in January was fabulous, but this visit was not anything like that! The food seemed to go down hill since January, not too sure why? The pork and turkey and chicken were absolutely delicious! The air conditioning in the restaurant was broken all 4 of them, and the door to the beach was locked! I asked why, because they don't want guests walking through to the beach! .? What? It was hot in there. This is not malicious or falsehood.. It is what I endured! Pool was scummy! Something has changed, not too sure what? Many young cuban girls with really old men, grandpa like! Money talks. I know this exists in Cuba, I ask my friends about this. they say " It is normal here in Cuba!" Not anywhere in Canada, Italy, can you get away with this type of behavior! I do agree with my friend, have specific hotels for that! In my country , these old men 75 and up with women young enough to be their granddaughters would be called child molesters! You talk about "morality." .? It gets a little hard to look at after a while! Everyone knows what is happening, I know what is happening! "Money talks! What about the morality and the integrity for your guests that travel thousands of miles to visit your beautiful country? What about the morality and integrity for the tourists that pay a lot of money to visit your beautiful beaches? Tourism is the number one money maker, without that, I would hate to think! Instead of being resistant, and only reading what you want to read and turn it around, this is to bennifit your hotel only! Truth sometimes is hard to swallow. These reviews seem to fall through the cracks, and get managements backs up! This was not intended. All of these things can be fixed. Have more garbage containers on the beach with the bags in them. Keep Atlantico clean! I know the management will not like this review, but it is Truthful and honest. I am very sad that this wonderful little spot is crying for help, and no one gives a damn. Hurt feelings are getting in the way. Love the little hotel, sad to say goodbye forever!

    Average adorocuba

    “Less than I remember ”
    I spent a week at this Hotel 2 years ago and even though it wasn t fancy I didn't mind it at all. I'll start by saying I was happy with the sevice at Atlantico. My travelling companion has been to the Hotel several times in the past which no doubt made a difference with the reception and the all around service we received. Service from us gets 2 thumbs up. I would like to make special mention to Jorge at the Beach who took good care of us. Also Allen, a young man who promotes the shows etc... He speaks english, French and a little Italian. He is a genuine nice young man. Cuban authentico. Our room was as others have described. In need of updating and renovations but fine. Air conditioning worked, bedding clean, hot water and blow dryer. The food on the other hand was sub standard this trip with the exception of the chicken and turkey which was always great. Some days were better than others but on average not good. Sorry cooks. If you want to serve tough beef you need to cooks it for hours and add some onions and garlic. As suggested by others bring hot sauce and black pepper or your favorite spice. NEXT I was not sure if I was staying in a Hotel or a Brothel. This Hotel is full of very old men with Cuban prostitutes. (Jinateras) I'm not closed mined but seeing Great Gramps with girls of 20 was disturbing. All week the hotel was filled with single men 40 and up who were in Cuba for the purpose of buying inexpensive sex with young women. If the sex industry is going to be so open and casual in Cuba then maybe there should be hotels specifically designated for that purpose. Then anyone who doesn't want to see it isn't forced to be exposed to it. If you don't want to see this don't go to this hotel or the other one on this beach. I heard it was worse. I understand that the Hotel doesn't own the beach and Cubans can sit on the beach front. I get that. I'm not going to mince words here. The Cuban people left the beach in disgrace. Garbage everywhere. Beer cans, plastic wrap, cups, diapers, broken glass you name it. When I wanted to go to the ocean I had to step through garbage and people. As well, anyone could cut through the Hotel property to get to the beach. There were two police officers there on the weekend but they were looking out over the ocean or talking. I spoke to some Cubans and they said the usual " es Cuba" with a shrug. It's shameful to see garbage down the beach for miles and from top to bottom. No such thing as a nice after dinner walk. A truck came along on Wednesday ( we were leaving Thursday) to pick it up just in time for the following weekend garbage fest. The pool was also cluttered with plasic cups and straws even though there were garbage bags right there. When the beach is clean this is an ideal location. Taxi into the city 15 CUC. Lastly, If you are single women travelling together be prepared to be harrassed. It is non stop and forceful.

    Very good David S

    “Pleasant return to Cuba”
    Last Cuba trip was 2 years ago. Choose Club Atlantico on a trusted co-worker's recommendation and a great last-minute price. If you're the adventurous type, fly with Cubana Air and you'll land in Havana; much shorter bus ride than flying to Varadero. Arrived late because I needed to change my flight (forgot diving cards) but they were expecting me. Room was clean but needs renos, AC worked well, lots of hot water, fridge in room, lots of storage space and the cleaning staff did a very good job. Beds have always been a weak area in the Cuban hotels I've stayed at so it wasn't a huge disappointment. I have back issues now (2 fused vertebrae) so mornings were more uncomfortable. I needed to walk around the resort after breakfast to get the kinks out but I was always able to get on with my day. The first day, I was too late to reserve a spot for scuba diving at the Marina (seperate review) but as I was walking around the resort wearing a diving T-shirt, a hotel employee calls me over and asks if I want to go diving. An hour later I'm on a catamaran heading out do my first dive! Staff were friendly and helped make a great impression. I'm not a beach person but it was a nice place to sit and relax or read. You could take a long walk either east or west but other areas aren't as clean and all the garbage lying around or floating in the water makes it unattractive. Food was plentiful and there were meat and fish choices that were delicious; there were flies as well but a piece of fruit on a plate would keep them away from your food. There was good music during lunch and dinner plus standard resort entertainment every night. Musicians and dancers pass the hat around so prepare to either tip or refuse politely. Pool can use some upgrading but it's useable and is scimmed every morning. The lobby bar and front desk are open 24 hours and the internet is apprently very slow; most users confirmed this. The are young women with and looking for older men but that is a reality of where you are so avoid it or deal with it; didn't affect my vacation either way. Free buses leave the hotel 2 or 3 times a day to Havana or you can buy a city excursion from the travel represenatives in the lobby. If you miss the last return bus, a taxi will cost you about 20 CUC one way. Overall, this was an average Cuban resort that benefits from great staff and good services. I would go back but I'd try to get a better bed just to make mornings less uncomfortable. Feel free to ask me anything I didn't mention.

    Very good lroestad

    “peaceful and relaxing stay ”
    My 3. stay at Playa del Este, and after visiting Tropicoco (down the road), twice I desided on Club Atlantico this time. The hotel has 1 more star than Tropicoco (3 vs 2). This was the beginning of august, and the hotel was not full. The hotel is quite small and placed directly on the beach. It`s hard to beat its location! The room was nice, with good a/c, a refrigerator, 2 single beds, and a balcony with chairs. The hall-way is badly lit, and could do with some (lighter) paint. There is no elevator. Everybody (I met) working there were very polite and friendly. The food? Ok, for cuban standard. So, Tropicoco or Atlantico? I like them both. Atlantico is a little more expensive and a slightly better hotel in some ways, and more families seems to come there. (Don`t think I`ve seen children at Tropicoco). The rooms are bigger and more comfortable at Atlantico. The a la carte restaurant at both hotels are quite nice. There is not much to do in Playa del Este after dinner. Here you have a very peaceful vacation, a beautiful beach and only 2 hotels. Bring your book, sleep well and relax.

    Very good diana k

    “Beautiful beach ”
    Great location, fantastic beach, friendly staff, nice visitors - foreign and cuban. The hotel inside is a bit run down but everything else is great. And it has a free shuttle bus to Havana twice a day.

    Very good Adrian D

    “Amazing beach ”
    We choose this hotel based on the reviews and we knew what to expect. Amazing beach and sea. There were a lot of options to eat but we sticked to fish and rice. The fish was really good. Make a reservation at least once to have some BBQ by the sea. I'm attaching a photo of the BBQ. Always go with chicken or fish as they are fantastic. The waiters and waitresses were always polite and helpful. Musicians were fantastic too. My only suggestion for the travellers who choose this hotel is to bring their own glasses if they do not like to drink with plastic cups. We hope to return to this hotel in the future and I will stop by the dollar store to get some cocktails glasses, beer glasses etc. which I can leave behind. By the way, only a few people were tipping. Please everyone, their salaries are rather low so they DO NEED that 1 or 2 CUCs you will be giving. Also, a small note to the cougars: it is not my business that you pay young Cuban ladies at least $100 per day, obviously you have money. Please give 1 or 2 CUCs here and there so other people serving you may benefit from your wealth as well!

    Very good houghtonl

    “Club Atlantico - bargain for your buck..”
    We've been to Cuba over 30 times so I pretty much know what to expect in every corner of this gem of an island. You have to remember what you are paying at the Atlantico; to be near Havana at an all-inclusive. Having said that here is my review: The trip down: I've heard horror stories about Cubana and they were really good. Decent food, Left on time both ways. Watch though that you have to pay for your drinks (even pop) on the plane (about $2.00) and if you are leaving from Toronto get to the airport really, really early (like 4 hours) because the line-up to check in is ridiculous. Cubans living in Toronto are going home to see family and they bring flat screen t.v.s, air conditioners and such and they all have to be wrapped. Stood over 1 1/2 hours in line. Stopped at Santa Clara to let passengers off. The hotel: Very basic 2 1/2 - 3 star. They are upgrading to a 3 star so things are looking better. We had a room on the third floor, very clean, big fluffy towels, balcony overlooking the ocean. The bathroom needed updating for sure but it was fine considering how much time you spend in there. Always lots of hot water. The buffet again is basic but we always found something to eat and they had the best fresh fruit I have ever had in Cuba and the pasta is always good. They had a grill station for meats at lunch and dinner and great eggs any way for breakfast. There is a nice lobby bar and great bartenders (Juan Migel - all the girls loved him!). The drinks are hit and miss. Sometimes the beer is great and sometimes just so-so. They do run out of some things and some things get broken but hey, it's Cuba, The staff in the restaurant were absolutely amazing. They would save our seat and even remembered what we drank. They have long, hard jobs and yet smiled all through it. Had al la carte and although they only had 3 things on the menu they were good and the ice cream was to die for. The beach is spectacular as is the cool water. The pool is nice too and they have an amazing massage therapist (Fidel). For $15.00 I had the best massage of my life. There is a shuttle to Havana twice a day at 9.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. We stayed for lunch a couple of days in Havana (paladar - lobster $10.00) and came back on the 2.30 p.m. shuttle after taking the 9.30 shuttle in. Havana. What can I say. To me the most beautiful city on earth (and I've seen some pretty spectacular ones). A lot of people say it is in a state of decay but quite the opposite is true. Now that Havana is a world UNESCO site millions are being poured into restoration and preservation. Beautiful Spanish architecture with blues, yellows and pinks. The malecon has pictures of what each building is going to look like when it is done and will contain restaurants, cafes, shops, museums. It will rival any European city. Things to do in Havana: Many museums to see. This trip we went for 2 weeks and spent at least 12 out of 14 in Havana. The revolution museum and Gramma for sure. Museum of fine arts if you like period artwork (I do - hubby was kind of bored). We found, get this, a street all done up and restored to look like Paris (and did it ever). On this street was the chocolate museum. Best chocolate of my life. The hot and cold chocolate especially, Nice little air conditioned cafe is attached. The rum museum is interesting as is the tobacco museum. You can of course take a guided tour of the city but we had a book on Havana with maps and just found our way around (not difficult). Revolution square is very interesting and there are so many parks to just grab a beer and watch the world go by. You will be accosted once you get off the bus for pesos and horse and buggy rides. Just say no graciously and move on. If they are persistent just say no a little louder and they will go away. As long as you keep moving they will think you are a seasoned tourist. Happens in every city. What to bring. Insect repellant, a high SPF sunscreen, something very cool to wear into Havana. Stay away from denim (too hot). Guys can wear shorts everywhere. The cobblestone streets are hard to maneuver sometimes so wear flat sandals. Gifts: I always bring suckers or candy for the kids to give out in Havana. Soap is hard to get but what they really would like are electronics they can't get down here. We usually bring a DVD (portable) player or a hard drive and exchange for trip (this one we went up into the mountains in Pinar del Rio (amazing). Ear buds, kids clothes and toys, pantyhose, cosmetics and perfume, sports equipment, pens, crayons and books, hair accessories, etc. etc. Anything you use at home they can use down there. The embargo is punishing to them but I noticed for the first time that things really seem to be getting better. Wrap-up: If you want an inexpensive, basic hotel a stones throw from Havana with everything included this is for you. If you are a 5 star person where the food has to be amazing and the accommodation spectacular, stay in Varadero. As the Cubans say, "Varadero is not Cuba". Flight home was on time and fine (except we flew in an all black plane - that was weird). Day one back home and I am missing my favorite city and country already. Back in October........ E-mail me with questions:

    Very good Pinkerton65

    “A great place to stay for beach and Havana ”
    This was the ideal all inclusive hotel for our stay. The hotel is right on the beach, which is very clean, attended by lifeguards and regularly patrolled by police. The free shuttle bus into Havana runs twice a day in each direction, so you can spend whole days or half days sightseeing. The rooms and the hotel generally are clean and well appointed, and the all inclusive is 24 hour. The food is plentiful, fresh and with a good choice for all meals. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable experience, with four star service for two star prices.

    Very good David W

    “A great budget hotel ”
    I stayed with a friend April 19th to 26th and this was our first trip to Cuba. Our room (211) was very clean(dirty walls are actually worn paint), the beds were comfortable and we had fresh towels daily. We ran out of hot water at one point but after mentioning this at the front desk it was restored the next day. The food was good (not fancy) and there were always fresh fruit, vegetables and some sort of protein (fish, pork, chicken) Some reviewers mention dirty table clothes. In fact they are changed but do have grease stains which did not bother me. Other reviewers complained of birds in the buffet. There are some and they mainly stick to the perimeter. I did see one bird eating the top slice of bread on the bread pile(don't take the top piece:)) . The beach is fantastic and the shuttle to Havana is always on time. Staff was very kind and helpful. We plan to return in the near future. I would suggest bringing toilette paper if you are "sensitive" as the paper supplied is basic and rough. If you want a hotel that is close to Havana and on the beach I suspect this is your best choice.

    Very good Roa3

    “" Another great stay at the Atlantico" ”
    We came to the Atlantico last year for the first time to celebrate my birthday and wished to return at the same time this year. In my last review I mentioned how much we enjoyed our stay and the excellent service by all the staff. Last year we stayed on the third floor in the building above the store. Odd number rooms have the ocean view and quiet street. We had sent an email to Dayme Rodrigues requesting if possible the same room. He replied immediately welcoming us back and would try to acomodate us per our request. Upon arrival the front desk receptionist had received our request but unfortunately the room was occupied but would be available in a few days if we wished. She gave us a room a couple doors down with exactly the same decor and view which we were quite happy with and did not move. We appreciated it very much that Dayme was so helpful in trying to acomodate our request. We were very impressed with this service. We were happy to see all the staff in the dining room and bartenders that we became aquainted with on our last visit. Graciela, Jose and Submey greeted us warmly. Miguel our favorite bartender was always happy to make us a cuppocino. Liuba, our energetic and lively social organizer was always trying to get everyone to join a salsa class and bingo. She was also busy every evening letting all the guest know about the nightly entertainment which we always enjoyed. On my birthday, Jose presented me with a Birthday cake and a bottle of our favorite red wine. There was often a music band playing in the dining room at Lunch and Dinner and at times we would dance with Graciela which was a lot of fun and everyone joined in. Once again we took the Shuttle almost every day on our two week stay, except on Thursdays when the shuttle only goes to Havana in the afternoon. On that day we would walk the amazingly beautiful Playa Del Este to the town of Guanabo where one can spend a lazy afternoon of sightseeing with good restaurants and outdoor bars for a cold beer. Our beach in front of the Hotel was kept clean, with lots of security. There was always a staff member ready with a wisk broom to clean off a chair or move it where ever we wanted it. A safe place to swim in the ocean and the water a nice temperature. Last year I had a massage by Fidel which was very good. I was happy to see that he was still at the Hotel and booked a massage each afternoon for our entire stay except Sunday his day off. I booked a 20 minute partial therapeudic massage for 5cuc's and a great bargain for the massage he gives. I hope that I will see him when we return next year. Last year we enjoyed the fish dinners very much but not so much this year. The small little tuna they had often were not to our taste and were disappointed that it was not the same. I have never had an allergy in my life but after eating fish for a few days I developed a severe reaction with rash all over my body. A nurse at the hotel was very helpful with an injection of antihistamine and tablets along with cortisone cream which improved it after a week. She would check with me every day to see how I am coming along. The entire staff in Hotel is very helpful. Last year on the third floor we had a lovely chambermaid named Marta but she was working the other side of the floor. She was very happy to see us and when I had some chewing gum stuck to my black capris that some kid attached to a chair in the dining room, she took care of it for me, and was just like new. Our chambermaid this year was Naiby also very helpful and always willing to please. The room was kept clean and always ready for us when we arrived from our Havana trip at 1:30pm. The Hotel was fully occupied which indicates that this is a very good place to stay and will certainly be back in the future. Except I might mention that we won't be flying with Sunwing any time soon.

    Very good judoxca

    “You get what you pay for. ”
    Will never fly on Sunwing again as they have rearranged the seats so that they can seat more passengers; sardine can style. That is my only complaint. My knees were in contact with the seat ahead. Cannot help being in close touch contact with the persons beside you. I strongly suggest an aisle seat. I want to return to this hotel but will find a flight to Havana instead of Varadero via another airline. This is also a much shorter ride to the hotel, approx. 40 minutes instead of 1.5 hours.. The Cuban food at the Tropicoco Hotel is better.. Never got sick until I ate what they said was "Smoked Meat" sandwich on the return flight to Ottawa; spent a couple of days not venturing too far from my home.. They do charge 2 CUC per day for the safe in the room; so what? No bugs or mosquitos around. The hotel sits on the most beautiful beach. Site was chosen by Batista in 1954 and used by him as part of the Bank of Cuba where he and his cronies enjoyed the best beach in Havana. The addition to the original was built in 1974. Very high Security around the whole area as the Cuban Govt. made a clean sweep lately due to some Tourist's complaints about too many "Chicas" They even have National Police patrolling the beaches. Best part is the daily bus transportation to Havana/return, twice a day - free. Great Havana Night shows at the hotel, twice a week. Excellent singers and dancers, however, only recorded and not live music. Local musicians moving around the area. All staff at the hotel were great. As in Canada, a little tip is encouraging for them as their wages are not to our standards. The two women at the poolside bar were great also; one CUC creates a smile. Music is the history of Cuba. Cuban music makes you want to live. Helps them with the USA Blockade problems.

    Very good Kelly N

    “Fantastic way to enjoy the beach and Havana”
    I've been meaning to write this review for a year. We really enjoyed our stay at the Atlantico. The beach was fantastic and the rooms and food were fine. It's actually a lovely resort but like many places in Cuba - it could just use a little tlc. I stayed at a 4 star in Varadero and the food was only slightly better. Obviously it is not the Hilton but we found it to be clean and comfortable. The staff were all pleasant. The best thing though is the bus to Havana they run. If you love art and culture - the city is incredible. It really makes for a well balanced vacation! If you like to party - the hotel is pretty quiet after 10pm. We went to Havana once at night and it was great - but when we went to a club later in the evening - we were pretty shocked by the sex trade goings on. Despite this - I'm sure there is a ton of great spots we didn't have a chance to hit. All in all, much more fun than the isolated mega resort complexes and more economical.

    Very good JohannOttawa

    “What a difference 1 year makes ”
    Sunwing flights were on-time both ways and Sunwing reps were always there at the airport. But to the hotel - we went 1 year ago and again last week. There has been significant improvement in the upkeep, gardening and painting of buidlings and rooms. Ours was freshly painted, clean and comfortable. It clearly is a 3 Star. Food is plentiful and lots of fish, chicken,vegtables and fruit - plus always a 2nd choice. Our only complaint (as last year) was that they keep running out of Red Wine. They have now entertainment in the main dining room for lunch and supper.We always tried to get Graceiela as our server as she is accomodating and pleasant. Our table was waiting and drinks were there. The much maligned pool ladies were great - not mean or grouchy. The pool was used by many and was always clean. In the evening many of the servers dance to the music and it is delightful.Tipping is respectful (given the average wage) but many don't as Europeans assume that it is included as it is in the EU. The Internet access is often down and needs to be upgraded to high-speed but 6 CVs/hour is not too bad. 2 CV for the safety deposit box is a tad high. Regardless, we will go back again next year for 2 weeks.

    Very good RandalB3

    “Great great location. ”
    Well I must say this place wasn't as bad as a lot of people are saying in here. I will start with the bus ride over. About an hour long and one of the shorter buses do to the fact everyone else is going to Varadero. Nice ride. Quiet ride and beautiful scenery on both sides off the road. Ours was a morning flight so our room wasn't quite ready. Easy check in though. They took our bags and got our bracelets and headed for lunch and drinks. The room itself was small and thin but clean and had a decent balcony. The bathroom was fine, lots of hot water. The lunch time offered the buffet which had something on the grill each day or you could reserve a time between noon and two for the beautiful spot up above the pool bar. Just a beauty spot. Great views and they grilled up chicken, pork or fish with rice,salad and squash. Very good. Dinner time we only went twice and it was pretty much the same deal as lunch at the buffet. Did not try the a la carte. Four evenings we took a cab into Guanabo. Five bucks one way. Chicken little restaurant there was fantastic. Really awesome. Best restaurant I have been to in Cuba. Now for the good stuff. The beach!!!!!!! Right in front of the hotel is heaven on earth I tell ya. I have been all over Cuba and I must say this is as good as the one on Cayo largo. But what makes it better is it's just steps away. On a calm day and the small tide is out the water creates a twenty foot pool about one and a half deep and then a twenty foot sandbar with like two inches of water ripple over it. What a spot to sunbathe or just sit and have a drink. On a windy day it is very safe and great waves to play in. The beer at the pool bar is from a fresh can. Very good. Careful with the pool bar lady though. She makes a pretty strong drink. Got the wife loaded our second day there :) The crowd at the hotel were mostly older and quiet. Zero party people. If you are looking to party on the beach just take a walk down to the local area. Lots of garbage though when the Havana folks come to the beach. The free shuttle into town was quick and fun. Great adventure. Over all if you are looking for a beautiful beach and a city adventure full of sights for your eyes, ears, nose and mouth try this place. If you are looking for fancy fancy then spent your money and go elsewhere. We paid six eighty five for the week from Toronto :) Cheers

    Very good Janice B

    “Sorry we couldn't go back this year ”
    Last January 2013 we stayed at the Atlantico due to it's proximity to Havana. Based on reviews we weren't expecting 5 star, but we're ok with that. If the price is right, you just eat out more often. So we were pleasantly surprised when we found that the food, although not gourmet, was quite good. Our daughter, who is extremely sensitive, didn't have any problems with stomach upset while there. The restaurant staff were amazing. When we walked in they would bend over backwards to grab us a table and get our drinks. If you went near the coffee machine or the bar for a cappuccino, they said no, no, I'll get it for you. We did talk to them (sometimes practicing the few words of Spanish we know) and ask about their families and of course we tipped them. Did this make the difference? Who knows, but it was worth it. We didn't end up trying the a la carte while there so can't comment. Our room was clean and quiet and the maids were friendly and helpful. Our only complaint was that the bed was not too comfortable, but the pillows were ok. The beach was great and the beach staff were awesome. As soon as you walked onto the beach, a young man would jump up and get lounges for you, put them where you wanted them and then whip out a little whisk broom from his back pocket and dust off the sand. The lifeguards were great too. We got to know Damien and ended up leaving our binoculars for him, something no lifeguard should do without. The nightly entertainment was very good. We ended up buying cd's from several of the musicians. We did take the bus into Havana about 5 times during the week and got to know the driver and also chatted with the hotel staff who were either picked up or driven home on some of the trips. This year, unfortunately, the hotel was booked, so we ended up in Varadero at another older hotel. Other than a better bed (but pillows about 1 1/2 inches thick) this place was almost totally the opposite. Will not go back to that one, but will definitely go back to the Atlantico.

    Very good got-to-travl

    “second time here ”
    second time here and for 2 weeks. My review doesn't change much from last year. Many say the food is "iffy" however I enjoyed all meals. If you are looking for 5 star food then stay somewhere else. Staff friendly. Hotel clean. Pool fine. Beach fantastic. Proximity to Havana great. Was here for new years eve. The food was absolutely fabulous. ventured out to local restaurants in area and all were great. A good change from hotel buffet food. Food in restaurants is just so good and sooooo sooooo cheap compared to NA or Europe. Ways to improve. All hotels need wireless wifi however hotels in Cuba just does not have the ability to provide. Just make it a non smoking facility and get it over with. That is what NA's are used to and want. Had a great time.

    Very good Gerry T

    “Good Location, Decent Beach, Horrible Food & Drinks ”
    My second time to Cuba. I would describe myself as easy going with low expectations. The Bad: I had fairly low expectations for food, and unfortunately the food at Atlantico was worse then I expected. The drinks are pretty bad too; cheap rum (Cuba Club is extra), mojitos only at the pool bar (worst mojito in Cuba- was that the mean pool lady?), draft beer not great either. Restaurant staff not very friendly. The Good: Room was nice. Overall the hotel is small and cute. Room was quite, no one screaming "you pissed the bed" like we experienced in Varadero last year. New individual A/C unit in each room, you aren't breathing in who knows what from a central system. Kittens near the lobby super cute. Guests are from all over the world, lots of Italians and Germans, not many French Canadians (I count that as a good thing), guest tend to be older not a crazy party hotel. Bar staff is nice, some of the front desk staff are nice. Internet sort of works- enough to check email but not enough to wreck your vacation doing work. Super easy to get to and from Havana. Nice to have a bit of beach and be close to Havana but not in the City. Also nice to not be in Varadero. Take the bus in the morning or afternoon into Havana and then take a taxi back in the evening/night- with a bit of effort or negotiating you should be able to get a cab back for $15 CUC, or if you don't care- you can pay as much as $25 CUC. Hotel felt very safe, definitely did not see anything close to "street kids" or fear anyone breaking into my room. The old men with young women provided a lot of entertainment. Some where super awkward and clearly a short term arrangement, and others seemed more natural and left us guessing whether they were married. Nightly entertainment was quite funny- almost a strip show with a small amount of clothes, men, women and the cross-dresser ensured it was an equal opportunity show. After the show is over, run for the door before they try to dance with you (unless you want to pay for that). The other hotels in the area looked really really scary (Las Terrazas Aparthotel Islazul & Hotel Tropicoco) very glad we didn't stay there. Conclusion This hotel would be awesome and perfect if the food and drinks were better. If you can get this for a good deal, then book it and budget money to eat out and drink out a bit more.

    Very good Luigiworldtraveler

    “It was an extremely pleasant experience! ”
    My wife and I just came back from staying at this hotel for a full two weeks, and have mostly good things to say about this place. From day one, we were gladly surprised to always receive a superb service from everyone there, including the supposedly "mean" pool lady. People there are absolutely awesome! We were given a room on the third floor and I carried all our bags on my own by choice, which could be an issue for some as there is no elevator as others have pointed out. In case of need, there is always a hotel bellman available at the lobby, even late at night, so this shouldn't be an issue. That said, if you prefer to avoid the hassle of having to use stairs, simply ask for a room on the 1st floor. As far as the food, the "oh so boring" Cuban menu at the restaurant was absolutely great for us as we are originally from South America, and pretty much loved it - we don't have easy access to this type of food in Toronto, and having three Latino meals a day without even lifting a finger was heaven :). I admit, however, that it could have been better at times, but overall it was fine, especially breakfast and dinner. Also, coffee is fantastic - don't forget to ask for a cappuccino or an espresso at the bar or restaurant. Also, one great thing about dinner time is the live music shows. We loved them every time. Although we enjoyed the swimming pool, the beach is a breathtaking spectacle of white sands and blue skies with gorgeous views. As a matter of fact, it reminded us of South Beach without the crowds, pollution or stress about the parking meter, not to mention that you can take your beer/drink with you - and even some food if you are courteous enough to the guy who guards the door :) Great and relatively clean beach with police presence most of the time, especially during weekends when there are lots of habaneros. The only one thing that was somehow uncomfortable, for lack of a better word, was the surprisingly large number of old and not so old Canadian men hanging out with jineteras at the hotel. I couldn't care less about it, but whenever they tried to get friendly with us I would quickly mention that we live and work in Toronto, so they would almost immediately run away probably for fear of being identified back home. It was actually funny, but to avoid contact with those almost always liquored-up characters we decided to stay away from the night-shows where they all seem to congregate. Basically, I wouldn?t recommend the night shows for couples or families. In all fairness, the hotel actually offers way more than one can expect for the same money in many tourist destinations. It is, no doubt, great value for your money, and the things that are not so great about it go almost unnoticed by the absolutely great ones that this place offers tourists for their enjoyment. We will certainly go back to Atlantico, although would alternate our stay between this hotel and the Nacional. Once again, the best thing about this place is its people, from the receptionists to the ?guagua? (bus) drivers. We will take the time in the next week or two to acknowledge with the management of the hotel those people who were particularly helpful and courteous with us during our stay. Hope this helps!

    Very good gottagetawaytoday

    “Solid Beach Hotel ”
    My wife and I recently returned from a weeks vacation staying at the Hotel Atlantico in Havana (Playa Del Este Havana east beaches) I have travelled to Cuba extensively over the pat 20 years but exclusively to Havana for the last 10 years. I have stayed at all major large hotels in Havana city and have done my share of Casa particular rentals throughout Cuba as well. Before i continue with my review let me say the following! The reviews people have left regarding this specific property complaining on this site are a joke! I will speak soley to Canadians ( flying from Toronto specificaly )as I have no idea how much it costs for any other parts of the world to travel to this destination. This Hotel and flight package never goes above 1000$ canadian all inclusive. More than likely its less than that. Do yourself a favour. Plan an extra 10$ a day for tipping. Thats only 70$ for the week. Throw a few one dollar bills around and watch the quality of your trip to go from complaining to luxury. I will say the staff does not expect it!!...nor do they make you uncomfortable if you don't. As for the people disgusted with the prostitution. As it may make you feel uncomfortable it is a fact of life in most countries throughout the world. It is not specific to Cuba...nor this hotel... and rest assured it is everywhere in Cuba...all hotels....all cities. TWO CONSENTING ADULTS have every much a right to share the hotel as you!! If prostitution makes you uncomfortable....Cuba might not be for you. You need to look past it because it would be a shame to miss out such a vibrant culture,breathtaking architecture, beautiful beaches and some of the friendliest people in the world I welcome any rebutals regarding the hotel/Cuba and will do my best to respond. Now the important stuff!!! If you are going to this area outside of Havana you have three choices 1. Troppicoco 2. Las Terraszas 3. Hotel Atlantico I have stayed at all three properties and can say by far that Atlantico is the best option. It is directly on the beach. The other two are across the Street....not far but still across the street. The hotel is not brand new.... but it has character...much like Havana itself. The staff are professional and take pride in there work. The front Lobby staff are helpful and speak fluent english. The Lobby bar is 24 hours and the two gentlemen ( Freddy and Ofarril ) are excellent bar men. The rooms are well kept and have pleasant views of the ocean if you stay on the east or west sides of the building. They will change your room with a simple request if availability allows. Safes in room, balconies, cold AC, satelite tv...generally what you need to get by. Buffet restaurant is decent with plenty of options. There is a lunch resteraunt with fantastic ocean views. They ask you to book reservations but My wife and i had no issues going up during the day to request and were happily accomodated The entertainment team work hard during the day to keep you involved but are not overwhelming if you don't want to be bothered. There are nightly shows that are entertaining but not Vegas quality...( go to Vegas for that) The pool/beach bar serves drinks alchoholic & non alcoholic along with sandwiches throughout the day....( Beer served from individual cans is a nice plus!!! ) The beach is phenomeneal....easily the best part of the hotel. Plenty of chairs and umbrellas at no additional charge. There is a shuttle into the city three times a day that will save you a fortune in cabs ( its 15$ each way in a cab) Its on time and efficient. Drops you right into the heart of the city and takes you back to the hotel. Only downfall is that the last shuttle is at 6:30pm and is one way into town. I have travelled the world and return to Cuba beacuse of the warmth of its people and the sheer beauty of the island. Don't let a few shortcomings make you miss out! Be realistic in your expectations and you won't be dissapointed.

    Very good heidizaltron

    “very nice hotel on the beach ”
    We spent a week last year in this hotel... very very nice hotel on the beach! Good structure, food acceptable, rooms clean and in good condition. Hotel near the Habana vieja - the city center with a free bus service, very very appreciated.. bus driver ver very polite! We will come back again for sure!

    Excellent Heather B

    “Amazing! ”
    I have been to hotel Atlantic twice and loved it! Met awesome people and the staff is amazing! All of them! The nurse is so helpful and caring, the entertainment staff are eager and positive and the restaurant/bar staff are lovely! The waitress that the al carte restaurant is incredible! As a server in Toronto, this girl is like awesome! The shuttle is great, but again you will be bombarded by all kinds of offers not only leaving the bus, but as someone who likes to sit on a bench and soak it all in, it's pretty obvious to Cubans who is a tourist. the beach is great: safe! And beautiful! The food is also good! Find the things you like! I was never awake early enough for breakfast but lunch and dinner were good! Remember, you're in Cuba! They don't have the luxury of globalization! So either spend 1000 more dollars and go to a tropical 3rd world country that is controlled by the USA that will have the fine linens, decor and food you desire or experience the unique beauty that is Cuba! Embrace it! Complaining is just taking away from having an amazing time in such a unique and special place! Mucho mucho!

    Average Julieta

    Located in Santa María del Mar Beach, characterized by its thin sand and calm waters. Only 15 miles east of downtown Havana.

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