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    Arrival to Cayo Las Brujas (Whitches Key) to weigh anchor on board of a catamaran in a cruise bordering small keys and neighbouring islands and islets near the coast. The trip is frequently animated by dolphins and sea birds. Approach to the San Pascual, an old and strange ship agrounded in the area since 1933 and among the three of that kind that were built in the world after the first world war. Snorkelling session in our warm and transparent waters, in areas of the second biggest coral reef of the world inhabited by complex and coloured forms of life. Beach time in a secluded area where a lobster lunch can be enjoyed. A second snorkelling session. Sailing back to the port. Open bar and music during the journey.

    • Destination: Cayo las Brujas
    • Hours:
    • Allow Kids:
    • From: Cayo Santa Maria
    • Days: 8
    • Minimal Pax:1
    • Kind of excursion: Trips to Keys
    • From: Pick up time:09:00:00
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