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  • Balcony of Iberia Nature Trail

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  • Description

    It is a 5 kilometer trekking path, starting at Santa María River. The walk is through a plane zone surrounded by fruit trees (oranges, tangerines, mangoes) and abundant coconut trees, wood trees and medicinal plants. The trail is in areas of Alejandro de Humboldt National Park and in its second part, 740 meter high Monte de Iberia is climbed. During this second part of the trail rainforest sub mountain vegetation prevails, with wood trees and abundances of brackens. We can watch a 25 meter waterfall where Santa María River begins. The visitors can take a bath in its clearwaters.

    • Destination: Baracoa
    • Hours: 5
    • Allow Kids:
    • From: Baracoa
    • Days: 1
    • Minimal Pax:
    • Kind of excursion: Nature
    • From: Pick up time:08:00:00
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